The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Marriage Ceremony

Walking to school was a bummer. I didn’t have anyone to talk to.

Today after school was Erza and Jellal Marriage ceremony, and I hadn’t asked any of my new friends to go with me yet.. It was horrible. I mean, it would be late notice, but I really want a friend to talk to at it, besides Erza and Jellal, because, well, they were probably wanting to talk to everyone else once they are married. It will be a challenge, so I will stay out of it, and only say congrats-

My mind just kept complaining about how much I really wanted to talk to someone, but couldn’t. Finally I arrived at the school, still wondering who to invite.

I walked through the door and the first person I saw was Levy. She was talking to Gajeel. “You know, it would be nice if you called me by my real name, which is Levy, but I guess I can deal with Shrimp for a little bit.” It appears that those two are getting along well. Levy’s giving him the lay down on her name, but being a little lewent.

As soon as Gajeel walked away from Levy, I went right over to talk to her. “So, what was that about?” I giggled, and poked her. She really tried to hide it, but I could tell that she liked Gajeel so much, because she was pure red at the moment.

“Stop it.” I laughed and she sighed, continuing. “He decided to start calling me Shrimp. I guess it is kind of cute, but still. I really want to hear my name in his muscular voice.”

I burst out laughing even more. “Since when has Gajeel had a muscular voice?”

“Oh, never mind.” I stopped laughing, so she at least would talk to me.

“So, Levy, can I ask you a favor?” She turned her face towards me.

Hmm. I wonder if that is a yes, or a no. “I guess. What do you need? Books?”

I smiled. “No. If I remember correctly, you should know Erza and Jellal, right?” She nodded, giving a slight 'uh-huh' after I paused. “It seems they are getting married today after school. Could you PLEASE come with me. I have absolutely no friends at all.”

She smiled brightly back at me. “Sure. I don’t mind. I mean, I was going to read, but going with a friend sometimes beats it.”

“Thanks a lot.” The bell rang. “See you later.”

In no time at all lunch break came with an unexpected twist.

After getting my lunch, I got distracted by Natsu sitting alone again. Poor Natsu. “Hey, Levy. I am going to go sit somewhere else, okay.”

She gave me the crazy person stare, but I could tell that on the inside she was worried for my own good. “Well, I just feel bad. I wish I could do what you would do, but what if it was you and Gajeel? What would you do?”

Her face went to the same goofy smile Happy had done before. Sheesh, is it contagious, or something? Motioning for me to get closer to her, I came over and leaned down.“So, do you like him? I mean that one guy?” She whispered it in my ear, so no one could hear.

My face turned red as I looked over at her, a slight smile crossing her lips again within a few seconds. “I-I guess. Maybe a little.”

She poked me and started to do the same stuff I did to her. Now I understand how she feels. My face turned into a slight blush. “Anyways, I am going now.” I quickly went off to Natsu’s table before Levy could make it any worse then it already was.

I can’t believe that I am doing this. I sat next to him. “What do you want? Leave me alone.” He was looking away from me.

“I wanted to be friends, even if you don’t think that I am your friend.” He didn't’ complain.

He spoke up. “Leave me alone now. I don’t want to talk to a girl like you ever again.”

I began to get a bit irritated. “Look, I was trying to be nice. Couldn’t you ever be the person I meet on that first day!” I was almost yelling by then. I hadn’t lost my temper in a long time, and it wasn’t that normal for me.

He didn't’ speak for a while and I ate some of my food in between glances of him. Suddenly he spoke up. “Why. Why won’t you listen to me. And don't’ you ever bring up that day we meet. It was never me. You just caught me on one of my odd days, that even I don’t understand. Now leave me alone.”

I got up quickly and walked away, feeling a bit unsettled inside, not knowing what else to say. The bell rang soon after, and the rest of school went by in a flash.

I stepped outside to see that Natsu wasn’t waiting for me. I felt down all the sudden. Why would I expect it anyways.

I sulked home. “I wonder what I will do next....” I whispered to myself, remembering something. Marriage....Marriage? The marriage! Erza and Jellal's marriage!!

I started to sprint home, so I could get ready as fast as I possible. Good! I think if I hurry, I can get ready with extra time to spare.

I pulled my dress I was going to wear out of my drawer and put it on. It was a pink flannel dress. There was frills of white around bottom, and on the top around the top of my breasts. It was a perfect fit on me. I put my hair up into a side ponytail, using a white ribbon. My dress sparkled, and I felt like a princess. It’s so beautiful. I love this so much. Must be careful not to have more fun than the two love birds.

I laughed as I walked out the door, going towards the cart station. I made sure that I didn't’ trip over anything at all as I walked. Especially since I was such a nice dress and attire.

Since it was close to my house I arrived there in minutes. Looking at the cart station brought back memories.

‘Yeah, as a matter of a fact, I am going to ride there now......even if I don’t do that well with anything that moves at all.’ Bumping into him last time. It was funny.

‘Now which way do we go to get to Fairy Tail?’ ‘This way. Here, I will show you.’ His hands were so soft and bony. It was nice.

“Miss, would you please get in. We must leave there if you want to get there soon.” I was pulled out of my mind as I heard the cart controler talk to me.

“uh, yeah. Sure.” I got in. Another flashback.

Are you ok?’ ‘Yeah, I am fine. Just don’t speak anymore, because otherwise I may get sick.’ Then there is the time that we rode inside it together. It seems that I really miss the Natsu that was kind and goofy to me.

I sighed as I looked out the window. The scenery was nice, and I could tell we were nearing the park that the marriage ceremony was happening at.

The cart stopped, and I payed him on the way out. “Thanks a lot.” He then drove off. I probably could've walked, but it’s just that this dress is too puffy and nice to get any dirt on.

I walked over to see that Jellal, Erza, Gray, Juvia, Levy, and Gajeel were all there already. “Hey, guys!”

They all turned to me. “Hi, Lu-chan.” Levy started.

“It’s been so long, Lucy.” Jellal said as he smiled. As he did that Erza and him both hugged me gently one right after another, followed by everyone else in the group.

“Ah. Thanks you guys.” I smiled at everyone. “Oh, and Congrats Erza and Jellal. I was curious, though. Who’s last name are you taking?”

They laughed. “Well we were thinking that we should take my last name that Jellal gave me himself. I mean, nothing wrong with having our last name as ‘Scarlet’, right?” Erza said it very cheerfully. Erza’s as happy as ever. Glad she isn’t in range mode. Can’t wait to see her first, first picnic. It ought to be funny. Especially since all of her other ones were destroyed by some guys at our old school. She would always teach them a lesson they would never forget. That was why she had the nickname Titania, if I remember correctly, that is.

“That’s good. I think that I will go get refreshments. Levy, would you like to come along?” I looked over a Levy with a smile.

She stepped over to where she was right besides me.”Sure.”

We walked off to get refreshment for the group, and also to chat a bit. “So, how do you like my other friends?” I wanted to know what she thought of them, because she was the same year as me, meaning she hadn’t met them yet.

“They seem pretty nice. I like them. I even bought them a book as a marriage present. I don't’ know why, but I felt compelled to give a picnic book. It is so odd.” I began to laugh. “I know. I know.” Her face became a little complicated.

“No, it’s just that Erza has wanted to have an actual picnic in ages, but she hasn't’ been able to have one. That’s all.” I calmed myself down.

I grabbed some of the glasses with juice, as did Levy, and we started to walk back. We talked a bit more on the subject of Erza and her picnic problems on the way.

Once we arrived back at the group, we gave them all their glasses of juice. “Here you go. You too. And you.” I handed all but one, which was mine, out. Going to take a drink I heard a voice I didn’t want to hear.

“Oi, Gray, Juvia, Erza, Jellal! How you doing!” I looked over to see the exact person that I knew was a pink haired boy. I dropped my cup of juice, and it shattered on the ground. N-natsu! What's he doing here. He was just mean to me earlier.

I suddenly realized what I did and crouched down, picking up the glass off the ground. “Lucy. Are you okay? You want help?” Erza and Levy were crouching down, while everyone was staring at us. “Don’t mind Luce, guys. Everyone does it every once in awhile. No big deal.” Levy winked at me after saying that.

I smiled and mouthed ‘thank you’ as they both helped me pick it up. I pricked my finger, but no one noticed as I winced at the pain. I looked down to see that I had more than a prick, but a cut across my palm. Not alarmingly deep, but it was best to clean it anyways.

Getting up, I dashed to the trash can, throwing my portion away, then sped walked to the river near by, because that was the only water source around, besides the cups of water. I don’t really want to draw attention to me, so I will go to the river instead.

I looked back down, wincing again after seeing the cut, suddenly remembering the pain it was giving me. Arriving at the river I sighed and sat down on it's rocky bank. It’s a little relaxing.

I cleaned my cut up and put a white cloth around it a couple times, and lucky me, I had brought white gloves with me, so I put them over my hands to cover it up, yet again, wanting to avoid attention.

I got up and stretched a bit, ready to go back. Turning around only gave me a shock. “Natsu!” I jumped in surprise and fell backwards on my bottom. Owwwww..... I groaned. “What are you doing here?”

“Be more careful.I was invited by Gray. He’s an old buddy of mine. Now back to you. How much was it that you have hurt yourself now? Including your cut on your palm....” He stopped there, looking at the gloves.

He walked over to me. Why is he suddenly being so nice. “Let me see.” He grabbed my hand, taking off the glove and cloth wrapping around the cut. “It looks like it hurt.”

He wrapped it back up and looked up at me. “I want to talk to you later. Meet me after the marriage ceremony. I need to talk to you. Please.”

Walking away, I saw that he looked almost normal. What has gotten into Natsu? I mean, this is almost like he treated me the first day we meet. I kinda like it. I guess that I will see him later.

I closed my eyes, taking in the air. Images flashed into my head of Natsu. At first I didn't’ mind, until one image flashed in front of me. Oh, yeah. Natsu kissed me. What was that about? I never understood.

I sighed, getting up. No use in fussing over it now.

I loved walking back to the park, because it was beautiful. Flowers were everywhere. I got back just in time for the end of the ceremony, too. “You may kiss the bride.” Both Jellal and Erza kissed each other. They looked so happy.

I am happy for them. I said congrats one more time before saying goodbye and walking to the exit.

I saw Natsu outside with his head hanging low, waiting for me.. I jogged over to him, stopping right next to him. I panted a little until I caught my breath. “Natsu. Are you okay?”
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