The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Father's and Mother's memories

I saw Natsu outside with his head hanging low, waiting for me.. I jogged over to him, stopping right next to him. It took me a minute to as I panted a little until I caught my breath. “Natsu. Are you okay?”

I stared at him for a second, and he responded. “Please. Don’t make it harder then it is for me.” I could barely see his face since he was wearing a hooded jacket and had the hood on over his head. How is it hard for him?

“Natsu, how am I making something hard for you? Even thought you say that you are not the way you were the first day we meet, and all, I believe that a part of him is still in you.” He lifted his face and I saw a few tears swell up. Natsu, what have I done? What happened to you?

“Okay. I will make a deal. But first, sorry for what I said. I really do have a good reasons, and it would be best if we weren't friends, it doesn’t mean we will be friends, but I will meet up with you saturday. I will be nice and show you the other side of me you like so much.” I could barely see it, but his tears began to slip out of his eyes a bit. I can’t believe that he is crying.

“But...” He continued. “The deal is, that after I hang out with you that day, you can’t talk to me, until I say it is okay. Please, understand. We really can’t be friends, or anything more, right now.” He pulled his hand up to his face, wiping the tears off his face. “Now, I guess I could give you a proper smile, though.”

He pulled off his hoodie, and I saw the one smile that could not beat any other. I love that smile so much, and that was really why I like him so much. I love his smile. It is so carefree, when it is real. I smiled back at him. I do wonder what his sudden change in heart was about, though. He has so much that I don’t know, and all.

“It’s a deal.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him along. “But I have my wager, too.”

“What is it?” My mind had a perfect idea, but I planned to save it for Saturday after he left.

“How about you do something for me that way it will be memorable, okay. I don’t want to forget the moment, even if it kills me.” I laughed at myself. That isn’t my true wager, but I really want to see his reaction when I ask him to be different, in a certain way.

I laughed to myself as I arrived at my house, realizing that Natsu was still with me. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to pull you along.” I smiled, and yet again, laughed at myself. “I guess it doesn't’ matter. You could come in and visit for a minute. Would you like to?” What are you doing, Luce. I mean, inviting a guy into your house!

“Yeah, sure. I mean, I was going to invite myself in anyways.” He laughed as I noticed that my face had turned red.

“Natsu!” I crossed my hands, but soon after calmed down, letting him in.

He looked around. “Wow. Good size house.” Looking up at my pictures, he pointed towards a photo of a family picture. “Who are those? Are those your parents?”

I faked a smile. “Yeah. My mom, she used to take care of me so much, and my dad did too, but in the end, I am living alone.” Not knowing until I felt my cheek, I noticed that I was crying.

“Luce, are you okay? Here.” He pulled me in. “If you want, you can tell me anything. I don’t mind.” His hug, unlike last time, was with both of his arms wrapped around me, and I felt comfort fill me a little. His chest was well built up, from what I could tell, and I could hear his heart. His heart. It is beating fast.

I smiled a bit, with the tears still falling. “Yeah, I guess I will tell you.”

We sat next to each other on my bed. “It all started after my mother died. I was traumatized. I wanted nothing to do with it. All I could do was keep crying. Every mother's day, or someone mentioning about how their mother did this, or that, it would bring back memories of her.”

“ I didn’t have many friends back then. I would just sit alone at lunch, with no one to talk to. Then one day, a group of people invited me over. There names, and I am sure you will recognize them, were Jellal, Erza, Gray, and Juvia. They were my best friends. I loved them dearly. All of them went to my school, so I was glad. Sure, they were all a grade above me, but I did not care.”

I looked down at the ground. “Then one day they told me that they had decided to go where I am now. Fairy Tail. I was so upset, but glad for them at the same time. It pained me to see them go, but not as much as what happened next.”

I paused as the memories flashed into my head. ‘Dad!’ I yelled for him to stay.

‘You can’t be my daughter. Never.’ He blamed it all on me, saying I couldn't be his daughter because of how I acted all the time.

‘I am sure that mama would never want this!’ I wanted to have my mother, but she was dead.

‘Don’t you ever talk about your mother! I don’t care what happens. Just go! I am too busy anyways!’ My father hated me talking about mother. He would always yell at me if I ever brought her up. He even pushed me.

‘Dad....’ Tears fell on that day. I hated it when I woke up one morning after he said he wouldn’t go and he was, just, gone.

“Luce! Luce!” I came back, realizing I had spaced out. “Sorry. After that my dad basically abandoned me. Even after he told me he would stay, he left.” I looked at the ground.

A soft, calming, husky voice suddenly talked me. “You want me to make you feel better?” I looked him in the eyes.

“How can you do that? I mean, you already did enough.” My eyes widened at the possibilities.

He laughed and got up. “If you can last till saturday, I will show you. Until then, though, you have to trust me. Okay. I will be leaving. You take care.”

Natsu walked over towards the window and opened it. He isn’t going to....? He got up on to the rim. “Natsu, don’t!”

He jumped out as I tried to grab him. Natsu! I looked out the window and looked down to see in surprise that the Natsu boy had landed on the ground perfectly unharmed.

I leaned out the window as he looked at me, while I went and raised my voice to speak to him. “Way to go and worry me!”

He looked as if he laughed, but only walked away. That....Natsu. I went over and plopped onto my bed. “ug.” I closed my eyes, trying to relax, making me move a bit to get comfortable. I should get undressed and into my P.J.’s, but I am so exhausted.

Because I was so tired I climbed into my covers, and unexpectedly felt something brush up against my hand. What was that? I jumped up, surprised, seeing something white and scaly like peeking out of the covers.I grabbed it and pulled it to where I could see the thing. Natsu’s scarf? No. His white scarf. I only saw this once, and it seems that he adores it.

I felt it and looked closer to it. “Is it made of scales?” I continued examining it. “Yeah. I think it is.”

I snuggled back into my blankets with it in my hands still. I have an odd feeling I want to smell it. I gave into the feeling I went ahead and took a small sniff of it. It smells like Natsu. Sweet, crisp, kind of like honeycomb, except way better and way more unique. It even has a small hint of cat hair.

I fell fast asleep with what felt like someone holding me tight as I remembered Natsu’s grip on me. It was so warm and calming. I hope I can hug him again some time. Just to hug him one more time, I would do anything in the world.

I dreamt about a world with Natsu.The Natsu that I knew as kind and thoughtful. We went and did so much together. It was wonderful.

What caught me off guard was that the ‘Rebel’ side of Natsu was in my dream. It kind of frightened me at first, but in the end, I was thankful he was there. I didn’t care who he was, but also noticed how much I liked both sides of Natsu. After thinking about it, I came to one realization. Weather it be one or the other, I do know that I had fallen in love with....

‘Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep, Be-’ I yawned, after stretching to reach for my alarm. Why did I wake up now? Oh, yeah. School. I looked around my room, feeling warm and not cold like I normally did.

Why am I so warm? Remembering last night, I thought of both Natsu and his scaly white scarf. I looked down at my neck which it had conveniently wrapped itself around me. That’s right. Natsu’s scarf. Maybe I will wear it, and be a little bit of a tease.

I giggled, slugging myself out of bed, yet again stretching really big. I walked over to the mirror to look at myself. My hair's a wreck. Grabbing a comb, I sat down and started to brush out all the annoying knots that had somehow accumulated by sleeping in my bed.

I sighed, wanting school to be over for the week. “At Least it it friday.” I whispered to myself combing out the last knot in my hair.

I then picked up my blush and eyeliner. Most people wouldn't’ believe me, but I wear very little make-up. I just didn't like being the same as all the other girls. There. All done with the make-up.

After realizing I was way too comftorable for my own good, I looked down at my cloths and saw that I was still in my P.J.'s. Probably should of done the close first. Too late now. Moving my close around, I found a nice shirt and skirt that my mom gave me way back when she was still alive.

‘Wear this when you want. The best boys will like a girl who is motest. Remember that, Lu-lu.’ Smiling, I giggled, remembering what the nickname my mother had come up with for me was and why she gave me this set of close.

I quickly put them on. The shirt was a long sleeve one. Ocean Blue covered the whole thing. There was only one part without blue, and that was the cute, wavy, jellyfish like, cloth at the end of sleeves plus the bottom of the shirt.

My skirt was a simple knee-high black one. It too had the ruffles, but only at the end of it. the skirt was a lace pattern and I loved it. It was the way to be modest, without looking too ‘out of the group’ per-say.

Grabbing my Black, white, and Ocean blue rose Ribbon, I put my hair up in my natural ponytail.

Looking in the mirror, I noticed that the shoes where all I needed. The shoes I had were fuzzy brown with waves at the top of the shoe too. They were shortly under knee-high boots. Personally, I thought they were... Cute.

One more touch, than I am off. I grabbed Natsu’s scarf, wrapping it around my neck. There.

I looked in my full mirror I had. It looks like I am a winter type girl, or something of the sort. You look cute, Lucy.

I smiled at the reflection in the mirror, then picked up my baggage, heading out the door.

I couldn’t wait for today, but there was one thing for sure. Tomorrow I would be talking to Natsu, because it was Saturday. I was prepared for the most of it. The Most of it.
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