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During the war between Dragons and vikings, a new girl is introduced to the village and Hiccup is curious at who and what she is, but she holds a secret that could destroy his friend and send him into

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The War

ZOOM! Eden took another sharp turn between the trees, her dark green wings bumping the trunks as she took the risk of squeezing through. She could hear them gaining on her, they were right behind her. The dragon feared that if she looked back now she would most certainly hit a tree. She was especially clumsy with her eyesight shot to the normality of a human. "Ugh!" She wailed as an arrow skimmed her face and struck the tree in front of her.

The shades were close behind her and she couldn't seem to shake them off. She set off in another direction, her feet actually brisking the ground this time. She broke into a gallop as she tried to send herself back into the air without tripping.

Using her back legs to push her, she darted straight into the branches above. She craned her neck to see the black, cloud-like figures following directly below her. Eden's shoulders began to ache as she realized how far she had flown. As much as she longed to soar above the trees where the shades had no ability to travel, she knew there would be another problem. The shadow, the dragon called her. A nemesis with a large grudge against her had joined a group set to destroy and enslave her kind called the Collectors.

Pulling her legs in tightly, she weaved her way through an entanglement of tree branches. What do I do now? I'm running out of forest! Then they'll both be able to get me. The Emerald colored dragon thought to herself. She squinted to get a better look ahead of her when she was shocked to see the familiar orange glow of flame.

"Dragons!" She said aloud. The thought of other dragons, although not her kind, may be her only hope of keeping away the shades. The shades, to Eden, seemed to be much like vampires in a sense, ravenous, couldn't touch light (or in this case flame really,) and would fall into a pile of ash with a stake (or some other weapon) to the heart.

The dragon darted towards the source of light but managed to entangle herself in a mass of branches. "Ugh!" She grunted as she tried to pry herself out of the trap that had ensnared her. With a sudden jerk, she flew out of the wood entanglement and plummeted to the ground as a rope with two stones attached to either end wrapped themselves around her wings.

She broke into a run as soon as she had hit the ground and tried to leap back into the air with no success. "AAH!" She shrieked, gripping her waist. She was still running but her side was crunched together as she struggled to keep herself going. She looked down where the pain was beginning to numb and almost stopped in her tracks when she saw the eight inch knife that had been shot at her sticking out of her side.

Most of it was stopped by what she knew was her now skewered rib. The pain intensifying, Eden broke out of the forest in a burst of suddenly accumulated energy.

She looked to the sky but saw no trace of the shadow and let out a sigh of relief before checking behind her to the shades hissing at her before turning back and running into the forest.

Eden clutched her side and gripped the shaft of the knife with one paw by lying on her side, but couldn't bear the pain as she tried to pull it from her bone. Grunting, the dragon stood back up with much strain and looked to the village where her new future would begin when she was broken from her dream with the sudden shout to her left.

She turned her head and saw just about the largest dragon she had ever seen set ablaze and scaling a flaming pole. At the top of the perch were "Humans." She whispered.

This place was inhabited by humans. As she looked around, the dragon noticed that it wasn't just fire everywhere but flaming buildings. Why are they attacking humans? She wondered. She looked back to the pole which was most likely a watch tower and was shocked at what she saw. A large auburn haired man, made the beast flinch with one swift punch in the jaw.

A sudden humming filled the air and the whistling of wings against the sky stormed her eardrums and a large burst of blue flame sent an explosion through the tower. The Eden couldn't believe what she was seeing. The humans plummeted off of the tower and fell to the ground summersaulting and jumping to their feet only to attack another dragon.

Eden had just entered in the middle of a war

Eden was astonished with what she saw. A war between humans and dragons. And she was standing in the center of it!

She staggered forward to get a better look when there was a large crunching sound behind her. Eden flinched, afraid to draw attention. Unfortunately, this tactic didn't work for long, for when she turned around she found herself face-to-face with a large two headed dragon.

Eden stared up at the beast with wide dark green eyes, her breath becoming short. The heads stared at her with great curiosity as they circled around her. One of the heads began hissing furiously and a green gas spilled from its mouth.

Eden had forgotten what she was, she was unique, she was different, and for that, she was hated. She's one of them. One head hissed. The other nodded in agreement and clicked its tongue, sending sparks flying from its mouth.

Luckily, Eden was able to put two and two together and ducked her head just as the green gas burst into flames above her head. The dragon heads looked at her with anger as the one shot out a stream of flammable gas at her.

Edan turned away and ran as fast as her legs would allow her to go. The two headed dragon did not follow her, but nodded as if to say And stay away!

Eden ducked behind a rock where she hoped she would be safe from the war when she was startled by another shout. "Yes! I hit it! I actually hit it! Did anyone else see that?" A young scrawny boy with short brown hair yelled.

The boy stood next to some sort of contraption made of wood which captured the dragon's attention. But before she could get a close enough look at it, the head of a large red beast rose up from behind the cliff. Its claw rose up to grip the side and the other crushed the contraption with one step.

"Look out!" Eden screamed. Her face dropped as she realized what she had just done. The boy turned to her and his eyes grew wide.

"You- you can-" But his realization was cut short as he turned and saw the giant dragon standing behind him. He let out a wail and began to run.

Eden followed closely behind, ignoring her injury, trying to beat the red dragon to the boy. As soon as she had drawn herself close enough to latch onto the boy's furry vest, her clumsy feet toppled over one another and fell head over tail off the small cliff hanging.

She braced herself for the hard ground but hit something else entirely, and rolled into a summersault with the object down the rest of the hill. She opened her eyes after the rolling subsided and instantly knew the trouble she was in for.

The red haired man who had leapt off of the watch tower was sitting atop her with the same gaping expression. Eden tried her hardest to squirm out from under the man's weight but he had come to his senses much too quickly and wrung his massive hands around her throat.

"GAAAAAAAH!" The warrior turned his head to face the noise of the small boy being chased by the red dragon and let out a grunt of both anger and annoyance. Eden managed to wriggle herself out from under the man's arm and began to maneuver the rest of the way when the knife's hilt clung onto his furry cape which hung down from his back.

Eden cringed and tried not to cry out from the pain but the human noticed her discomfort instantly. "Put this one in the ring! I haven't seen its kind before." He leapt up, the knife clinging and bobbing back with a small tuft of fur stuck to the end.

Eden was instantly leapt upon by two more men in thick leather outfits as their horned helmets clanged together while trying to hold their new captive down. The dragon looked up from her imprisonment between the two men to see the red-haired warrior running directly at the red giant.

As the scrawny human took shelter behind another watch tower, the beast was beginning to creep up behind him the opposite way. The dragon drew it head back to shoot a stream of fire at the boy, but the warrior launched himself at the beast before it could do so.

Eden watched in amazement as the warrior fought off the dragon with punches that threw the beast flying off to seek cover. Behind the boy, the tower collapsed, sending the flaming metal disk sitting atop it toppling over and rolling directly in her direction.

It bounced off the cliff edges and sent three men holding down two dragons in a net fleeing. The dragons seized their chance as soon as they had seen it and took off, one taking the time to gather a few livestock into the net and taking off into the sky.

Take me with you! Eden wanted to scream, but she knew she hadn't a chance, both species hated her and she knew it. So she kept her mouth shut and, due to her recently-even-more-painful-then-before wound, her struggling subsided as she let the two men place a chain collar around her neck and led her into what looked like some large arena.

The dome was made of chains which gave little room for anything to escape and the arena was surrounded by seats of which she guessed the spectators sat as the dragons met their doom. A loud bump against a heavily protected wooden door followed by a roar startled Eden and sent her heart pounding like crazy and her body shaking terribly.

Another rattle shook the second door and through the cracks in the wood, Eden could see flames spitting and sputtering.

The chain collar was yanked at and she flew forward as the two humans approached the last door. Without letting go of their captive, one of the men took a large wheel in one hand and began cranking it. A large wooden block that was meant to lock the door rose up as the chain attached to the top wrapped itself around the crank.

As soon as the block had rose up to the top of the door, the wooden gates swung open to reveal a dark tunnel that seemed to go on forever, but when Eden was shoved in, she slammed hard into a stone wall which she was sure hadn't been there before.

The doors shut behind her, making her jump, and Eden heard the block lowering back into place, leaving her alone in the cold and pitch black room. She shivered and lay down on the side which didn't have a knife sticking out of it. Not knowing how long she would be trapped there, she knew one thing was for sure, at least the shadow couldn't get to her now.

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