My Boy

Chapter 6

Even when reassured by the small smile their friend gave them, nothing calmed their nerves more than those three words. The three simultaneously sighed in relief. Clint’s shoulders visibly drop and Thor breaks out into a huge grin.

“This is wonderful news!” Thor exclaims happily and loudly making Bruce cringe. After being gestured to lower his volume, Thor’s voice comes out soft and soothing surprisingly for someone his size and strength. “Miss. Potts and young Steven will be so relieved!”

Clint smiled, “So what happened? How was the surgery?”

“Surgery was successful.” Bruce says with a relieved smile. “We were able to get the two bullets out without any complications. We stopped the internal bleeding and blood transfusion were helpful or else she’d have bleed to death.” Bruce peeks a glance at everyone’s pale faces and stiffen body. “But,” He emphasizes “she didn’t. She has a breathing mask on at the moment due to the bullet grazing her lung slightly, but not dangerously so. She’s awake, but a little out of it now because we had to give her more doses of anesthesia than normal because of the serum.”

“Can we see her?” Clint interrupts eyes glancing back and forth from the door to his friend.

Bruce nods his head anyway shrugging. “Of course, room 241. Level 2, but it’s a two person limit in the room.” Clint walks away from the others, past Bruce and into the hallway towards Natasha’s room completely ignoring him.

“Well it looks like birdbrain is one of the two people. Thor do you want to see Little Red?” Tony asks. Thor is about to reply when Bruce cuts him off,

“Actually I think someone should go relieve Pepper off of baby duty. She really wants to see Natasha.” Bruce looks over at Tony, but Tony just shakes his head backing away slightly.

“Don’t look at me.” Sighing, Bruce rolls his eyes and looks over at Thor a pleading look in his eyes.

“I shall go retrieve Miss. Potts.”

“And stay with Steve.” Bruce adds as Thor walks towards the entrance of the hospital. Nodding, Thor leaves the hospital without another word. Bruce watches him leave out of sight before turning his attention back to Tony.

“Well Dr. Banner, lead the way.” Tony says gesturing for Bruce to walk. Chuckling, Tony and Bruce walk through the double doors leading into the hallway.



“Miss Potts,” JARVIS’s voice speaks throughout the floor startling Pepper slightly. It had been so quiet on the floor that she’d forgot that JARVIS could speak to her at any moment.

“JARVIS please lower your volume, Steve is still asleep.” Pepper requests in a low voice.

“Of course, my apologies. I’m not really accustomed to having a child in the Tower.” JARVIS replies, his voice much lower than before.

“What is it?” Pepper asks turning her attention to her task before JARVIS scared her.

“Mr. Odinson is outside your door. Shall I just let him in?” Soon after there is a harsh knock on the penthouse door that alerts Pepper of his presence.

“No it’s okay. I’ll let him in.” Walking out of the kitchen, grabbing her stuff on the way, she walks up to the door. Opening the door, Pepper offers the man standing on the other side a smile. “Hello Thor.”

“Why I bid you a good morning Miss. Potts. How did you sleep?” Thor booms entering when Pepper opens the door even further.

Placing a hand in front of her lips indicating him to be quieter Pepper replies, “Well, very well. Thank you so much for watching him Thor.”

“It’s no trouble.” Thor replies modestly waving away her thanks. “Steven and I will have a great time together. Give Natasha words of encouragement for her recovery for me.”

“I will. I’m just going to check up on Natasha, make sure she’s okay. I’ll only be gone a little bit.” Pepper says, a smile on her face as she stands by the door, bag in hand and phone in the other.

Thor beams at the smiling women, clapping a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Do not worry Miss. Potts, Steven and I will have a swell time together.”

“I made breakfast. All you have to do is serve him it. Diapers are in the cabinet. Clean clothes are in the dresser in his room and Steve had a nightmare last night so he’s going to be a little clingy. Don’t forget that you cant be loud and hyper, you’ll scare him because of how big you are Thor.” Pepper reminds the god as he nods his head understandably. “Tell him I will only be gone for a little bit. He gets scared when you tell him I went away and he’ll start crying.” Nodding Thor gives her a gentle nudge towards the door.

“Goodbye Miss. Potts.”

Giving him a sheepish grin, Pepper nods her goodbye before turning and heading towards the elevator. Shaking his head Thor goes to check on Steve whom is currently curled into a tight ball, blanket wrapped securely around him and pillow tight against his chest fast asleep. The child’s face has a small smile relaxing Thor slightly of his concern for his young teammate. Walking into the room, Thor adjusts the pillows and blankets around him before pressing a light hand on Steve’s shoulder. “Sleep well Steven. You will be able to reunite with Lady Romanoff soon.”

Unbeknownst to him and Pepper, Steve was already awake and had been for a couple of minutes. He had seen the entire interaction between the God and CEO and ran back to his room before anyone could see him.

‘Peggy gone to see ‘Tasha. ‘Tasha back fom being ‘way.’ Steve thought. Rubbing his eyes tiredly, Steve takes a deep breath and is out like a light again with the thought of seeing the pretty redhead lodged deeply in his mind.



“Hey little Red.” Tony greets when Bruce and him join the two super spies in Natasha’s recovery room. The redhead lays on the bed with a few wires attached to her arm and breathing mask on her face. She flicks her hand up as a sign of acknowledgement and nods her head in greeting. “Cat got the tongue, huh?” Tony jokes. “Or should I say, mask got the tongue? Get it? Breathing mask, you cant speak so you…” Tony trails off at the glare he gets from said women and just nods his head, opting to stay silent.

Chuckling, Bruce walks past him and towards Natasha’s files and machines checking over his patient. “How you feeling Natasha?”

Natasha mumbles something under the breathing mask earning three confused glances. Rolling her eyes irritated, she raises a hand to lift up the mask slightly knowing if she removed it completely she’d get hell from the others in the room. “Torso hurts like hell, but nothing like I’ve never felt before and my arm feels a lot better than hours ago.”

“Well it’s going to hurt for a little longer. But anyway, you have to stay here for about-“

“Nope. Not going to do it. I’m leaving now.” Natasha says trying to get out of bed, but Clint and Bruce stop her.

“You still need to recover.” Bruce starts, but Natasha cuts him off shaking her head.

“Recover my ass. Barton help me.” Natasha orders, but before Clint can touch her Bruce injects something into her water bag. Staring up at him in disbelief, Natasha asks with a clenched jaw, “What did you just put inside me?” Bruce just smiles at her and writes a couple of notes down before gesturing for Tony and Clint to leave. “Banner? What did you-“

“Have a nice nap Miss. Romanoff. I will be back to check on you in a little bit.” Bruce says watching as Natasha’s eyes start to get droopy, her body starting to go limp beneath her. Natasha would’ve said something back, but the lack of energy she possess only gave her enough to flick off Bruce before everything turned dark.




The next time Natasha opens her eyes, she’s alone and it’s quiet unlike before she fell asleep. The room is dark and silent and the only light in the room are the monitors on either side of her. She welcomes the silence greatly, but soon her happiness turns into annoyance. Natasha’s taken back by the horrible condition her eyes are in. For almost three minutes her eyes are hazy and unfocused and she cant help, but growl irritated as she tries to get her vision back together.

She reaches a hand out to grab onto something to steady and ground herself. Natasha hates this feeling, this feeling of weakness, and right now, without any vision and wires hooking into her body, is the most vulnerable she’s ever been when awake. As a normality for Natasha after getting injured, she goes into a coma for a few days and wakes up to find one or two wires still inserted in her. She leaves the same day she wakes, but it doesnt seem like this time will be like the others.

Once she gets her vision back into place, after a quick look around the room, a single word escapes her lips subconsciously. “Steve.”

She looks around instantly for the familiar blue eyed, blonde hair child. She frowns when she finds him missing.

A thought comes to mind immediately and a mischievous smile spreads across her face. She’s alone and it’s empty. No bodyguards to make sure she stays in bed and no one to stop her from leaving the room and going back to the Tower. That part will be easy, getting out of the room, but making sure not to pass anyone on the way out of the hospital and getting a lift to the Tower posses a problem.

Panting slightly, Natasha struggles to get into a sitting position without hurting herself or ripping her stitches. Once she's seated, her hands immediately rise to touch her face and are relieved to feel that there is no breathing mask anymore, unlike when she was first drugged.

Drugged’ The word instantly flares up into her mind. Along with another, but instead this one is a name. “Banner.” She growls shaking her head.

Tossing her feet off the bed, Natasha slowly gets to her feet gripping the wall for support. Making her way around the room and into the corner of the room where she finds her old clothing, she grabs them and heads into the bathroom. Minutes after, she walks out of the bathroom after peeking into the room and finding it still empty. She slowly makes her way to the door, using the wall for support. Taking a deep breath before letting it out and opening the door.



It takes Natasha approximately 30 minutes to escape SHIELD’s medical quarters and a couple more to get a taxi. 20 more minutes than usual if she wasn’t wounded and if she didn’t have to pass a few guards guarding the elevator and front door. She didn’t hurt them, just knock them out so they wouldn’t give away her location.

But she’s finally here. At the Tower, inches away from holding the two year old child that has been occupying her mind for the past week and day. No matter what she was doing or where she was, blue eyes would always enter her thoughts and she couldn’t help, but think about the child waiting for her at the Tower.

Riding up the elevator, leaning against the wall, Natasha takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. ‘First a quick shower than I’ll go see him.’ Natasha says repeatedly in her mind ready to head to her room first. But as soon as the elevator doors open she catches a sight of Thor sitting on the couch watching TV. He turns at the sound of the elevator door opening, but Natasha had slipped out and into the hallway before he could see her. Staring at the elevator confusedly, Thor looks up at the ceiling,

“Man in wall,” Thor starts. “Have the others arrived back?”

“No Mr. Odinson.” JARVIS replies smoothly after Natasha sent the closest one of JARVIS’s camera the most heated glare she could conjure up at the moment with the message and threat clear on her face. ‘You tell him I’m here and I’ll cut your circuit board short, just like I did last time.’ “Malfunction in the system. Nothing to worry about.”

Nodding in understandingly, Thor turns his attention back to the TV. “And what of Steven?”

“Young Captain Rogers is currently still asleep in Miss. Pott’s and sir’s bedroom.” Smiling in relief, Thor gets caught too much into what he’s watching on TV, happy with the reply he got from the AI. Sighing in relief, Natasha walks down the hallway heading for Tony’s and Pepper’s bedroom feeling too exhausted to go and take a shower.

Stopping right in front of the room, Natasha glances down the hall for anyone before slipping in without being noticed. Closing the door silently, Natasha turns around and her breath hitches in her throat as she looks at the small figure occupying the large king sized bed. “Steve…” she whispers, the wind having been knocked out of her lungs. It had so long since she’d seen the toddler and she hadn’t realized until now how much she had missed him. Walking slowly up to the bed, Natasha hesitantly reaches a hand down to brush back Steve’s blonde curls from his face. Steve’s body jerks upward at the sudden touch of Natasha’s fingers which makes Natasha halt her motions.

He doesn’t push her hand away or wake up which encourages her to continue the swift motion. The corner of Steve’s lips turns upward as her finger’s touch making her smile despite the pain she’s feeling in her right shoulder. “Your so big.” She whispers even more softly now that she’s only a few inches away from the child. She bends down and presses a kiss to Steve’s forehead. And, because she cant help herself any longer, she slips in between the covers laying right next to the child.

As if Steve already knew who was laying next to him, he turns onto his side and presses his tiny back against Natasha’s chest. Smiling down at him, her arm immediately encircles his waist pulling him even more closer before pressing a kiss to his cheek. Resting her head on the pillow beneath her, Natasha fall asleep laying right next to the sleeping toddler in her arms.

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