My Boy

Chapter 8

Today was an unusual day for baby Steve. He loved his time spent with the Avengers because every time he was with one of them it was all fun and games. Smiles and laughter. Everything was relaxing and full of fun and games. Once in a while, one of them would have to go do SHIELD related stuff, but not all of them that way there was always a reliable person looking after Steve. His days with the Avengers were nothing, but consistent and that’s what he loved about them.

Every morning he woke up alone in his large bed. He’d climb off in his footie pajamas that someone had put on him in the middle of the night and before he can make it to the door, Natasha would walk in with a fresh diaper, and the clothes he were to wear that day. After getting him ready, she’d bring him into the kitchen for breakfast which Clint, Bruce, or Tony would have ready for him when he sat at the table. After breakfast, Tony and Bruce would have an hour of experimenting with/ on him to find a cure to bring him back, but no longer. Than it was play time with Clint, Thor, Pepper or Natasha before lunch time. After lunch was Steve’s 2 hour nap and then Bruce’s time to play with Steve while Natasha works on paperwork for SHIELD. Tony would get an hour with Steve, then dinner and his bath. Natasha would watch a movie with Steve, a child movie of course, before putting him to bed. Steve would always try to crawl himself into Natasha’s or Bruce’s bed, especially on bad nights, but sometimes they wouldn’t let him. On some occasion, Steve could sleep with them, but not very much.

But today was different. The morning was the same and he was grateful for that, but after his time in the lab and during his play time with Natasha, Clint and Tony everything went downhill.

Today it all changed. All the happiness was sucked out of the day because of one phone call...

"'Ony! C'int!" Steve screams before jumping up from his spot, abandoning the crayons he was drawing with and Natasha who's lap he was sitting on. Dropping the things in his hands, Steve makes a dash for Clint his wobbly legs making it difficult for him to keep his balance.

"Hi kiddo!" Clint greets as he catches the child that throws himself at him, one arm snacking around Steve’s waist and the other grabbing under his left armpit. Wrapping his tiny arms around the archer, Steve sits himself on Clint's hip, the child practically buzzing with excitement. He looks like he has something to say, but is waiting for Clint and Tony to ask. "Whatcha doing?"

"'Tasha play wif me!" Steve says pointing at the redhead sitting on the floor next to his toys and coloring books. “I color wif those.” Steve says pointing at the crayons the ground. “An’ I made ‘Tasha a pict’cher!”

“What did you draw her?” Tony asks.


“Can we see?”

“Yeah!” Jumping down from Clint’s arms, Steve toddles over plopping back down into Natasha's lap before grabbing a paper she hands him. He holds it up for the other two to see a large proud smile on his face.

Well, Steve was right it was a spider. If you squinted your eyes and turned your head slightly to the side. But hey, he’s a toddler, you cant expect a masterpiece.

“Did you draw me a picture too?” Clint asks playfully looking down at Steve with a smile.

“Yeah! An’ Ony, Booce and T’or.” Steve says picking up a pile of stacked papers. Handing them to Natasha, Steve pulls out two handing them to Clint and Tony.

“Wow, thanks Steve. I love Hawks.” Clint says both boys grabbing their respected papers from the boy.

“Thanks Steve-o.” Tony smiles at the picture of his arc reactor before he sends a smirk Natasha’s way, the redhead rolling her eyes.

“What Stark?”

"This is an adorable sight.” Tony comments gesturing to Steve sitting in her lap. “Is little Red having fun playing tea parties and dolls with her miniaturized leader?" Tony teases making the movement of drinking tea from a tiny tea cup.

The death glare Natasha sends his way makes Tony take a detour to the kitchen a terrified look on his face. That's when she notices Steve shift uncomfortably in her arms, his face turning into a grimace.

"What's wrong sweetie?"

Steve cheeks turn a bright shade of pink and he buried his face in Natasha's shoulder. Clutching the collar of her shirt, Steve mutters into her shoulder softly and shyly. "Wet." He says shifting even more, his soaked diaper making him uncomfortable.

Natasha instantly breaks out into a smile. "Steve you don't have to be embarrassed. Come on let's get you cleaned up." Turning to Clint, Natasha asks him to make a bottle for Steve before walking past him and into the hallway.

When Natasha's footsteps can't be heard anyone, Tony pokes his head out the kitchen doorway. "She gone?"

"Your safe." Clint assures walking into the kitchen, past him. Following him inside, Tony leans casually against the counter, a couple centimeters away from Clint, a smirk on his face as he peacefully sips his coffee. He continues to stare at Clint while the archer gathers a bottle, and the milk. Clint doesn't notice at first as he prepares the bottle, but just as he's pouring the milk into the plastic bottle does he look up from his task. Any other normal person would jump in surprise when realizing someone was staring at them, especially when noticing his close they were.

But not Clint.

He keeps his face blank and body language neutral as if he was expecting to find Tony Stark staring at him. As if it were a natural occurrence in the Tower. Raising an eyebrow, Clint asks, "what?" starting to get annoyed at being watched. He was expecting a snarky out arrogant comment to follow his question, but what he doesn't expect is,

"Nothing." It's so unnatural for Tony to just hold back from what he was gonna say. Normally whatever's in his mind just comes out naturally because he was no filter to tell him when and when not to say things. Especially at times when he needs to. At the archer question gaze, Tony shrugs pushing away from the counter and heading to the coffee maker to refill his cup.

Clint would've continued to press on him until he got an answer as to why Tony was staring at him, but just as he opens his mouth Bruce walks in currently wiping his glasses on the hem of his lab coat with Thor following closely behind roaring a loud "Good morning my SHIELD brothers!" while Bruce just nods at them as a form of greeting. There's a chorus of "Good morning Thor"s before Thor nods his head happily and makes his way to the cabinet pulling out a box of pop tarts.

Taking a seat at the table, Bruce reaches out and grabs the newspaper right in front of him. "Where's Natasha and Steve?" he asks straightening out the paper.

“Changing his diaper.” Clint answers turning around exposing the bottle he’d finish making.

"Sir, Director Fury is on line 1."

Tony lets out an exaggerated sigh and turns away from his precious coffee for a moment. "Put him on."

A second passes before Fury’s voice barks through the speakers, “Stark, where are the others?”

“We’re all here eye patch, except Natasha and Steve.” Tony says grabbing his cup of coffee.

“I need you all at headquarters. Everyone, including Miss. Potts.” Fury demands as if he hadn’t heard Tony's jab at his eye. Everyone cant help, but notice the anxiety hidden in his neutral, demanding voice.

“Why?” Bruce inquires putting the newspaper down.

“I’ll tell you when you get here, but this is about Rogers.”

“What about Steve?” Bruce questions.

“I’ll explain when you get here. Bring Steve. I’ll get someone to watch him. Just get your asses down here. It’s urgent.”

“Fury what’s going on?” Clint demands, suddenly very protective of his tiny teammate, the others sharing his look of concern.

“Rogers is in danger.”

“Give us an hour.”\

“You have 30 minutes.” The line disconnects.



“All done.” Natasha comments putting Steve’s pants back on. Grabbing him under his armpits, she lifts him up and places him on her hip. “Better?”

“Uh- huh.” Steve says smiling, his head on her shoulder. Soon after he lets out a big yawn which reminds Natasha of his much needed nap. Without it, he’s very fussy. Thor and Clint learned the hard way.

“Come on big boy, it’s nap time.”

“No nap. I not tired.” Steve says another yawn immediately coming forth after his statement.

Natasha rolls her eyes cradling Steve in her arms. “Sure you’re not tired.” Laying down in his bed with him, Natasha swaddles him with blankets and shushes him to go to sleep.

It doesn’t take long for him to knock out and for a few minutes Natasha just stares down at him, memorizing every feature of his tiny face. Trying to put together what Steve lost, gained and kept. It’s very obvious to Natasha or anyone who’d seen the super soldier right before the incident to see what features has changed and what has not. They stick out like a sore thumb and others are just plainly obvious.

His blue eyes darkened slightly, his blonde hair stayed the same, his cheeky bones became less dominate due to his now returned baby fat and his plump lips are a soft shade of reddish pink. He doesn’t look like a child starved like most growing up in his time he did, but he is much too skinny for Natasha’s taste. She wonders idly if baby Steve still has the serum in his body like adult Steve. Was the serum was still running through his blood like the serum in her blood or had it vanished like his adult body. If it had vanished, her and the others would definitely have a much harder time caring for Steve with the sicknesses that would come with the small body. But there has been no sign of asthma, Scarlett fever, heart trouble, ect…

Steve is a just a regular, healthy 2 year old child. Granted he is way skinner than the others, but otherwise healthy and happy.

Natasha imagines him as he grows older back then. Watching him sprout from this rambunctious toddler to this determined young soldier, just like his father. As she watched him grow in her head, it seemed the older he got, the more skinny and lean his body became and also the smaller. It seems baby Steve is in better health than pre-serum adult Steve. ‘Did he get some of his sicknesses growing up? It doesn’t look like he was born with it, or has the serum stayed when he de-aged?’ Natasha wonders to herself, pressing Steve closer to her side discreetly checking for anything wrong. He stirs for a minute, but doesn’t awaken, his head buried in Natasha’s side. Natasha has to remind herself multiples times that Bruce declared him in perfect shape so there was no need to fuss and worry about him.

Natasha always has to pry herself away from the napping toddler when he’s asleep, but sometimes she just doesn’t have the will to do it. Just like today and it was also the fact that when she looks up at the doorway she’s meet with the worried faces of her teammates and the CEO of Stark Industries.

Instantly her body tenses, prepared to attack if necessary and also to protect the child sleeping beside her. Sitting up, mindful of Steve, Natasha looks at them expectantly waiting.

“We need to go in.” Clint speaks first watching his partner carefully.

Her expression stays neutral, but she nods and leans down to scoop Steve effortlessly into her arms. “Why?” She asks securing her hold on the toddler. She doesn’t get an answer right away which prompts her to look in their direction, an eyebrow raised.

Sighing softly, Bruce walks into the room to stand a few inches in front of Natasha and Steve. “Natasha…” he starts, “Fury called us in. It’s urgent and we need to go to headquarters.”

“What’s this about?” She presses standing from her spot.

Biting his bottom lip, Bruce hesitant before sighing defeated knowing that Natasha was going to find out anyway. And if she didn’t find out from them, they’d pay the price. “Steve’s in danger.”

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