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The Dragon Slayer and the Knightess

By Krian Strawhat Ikki

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 1

Natsu Dragneel stood in front of the request board for what was the third time that day. He was checking if there were any decent jobs that were worth going to, since for the two times he had checked earlier that day, he termed the ones which were already there as 'lame'.

"Still reading through the jobs, Natsu?" Natsu was startled and turned around to come face-to-face with MiraJane. "Oh, it's you, Mira-San. Yeah, there's not one job that's worth doing." "Why don't you just go out for a stroll and when you come back, a worthwhile job will have popped up?" Cana, who was seated on her favorite seat in the hall while holding a barrel of liquor, suggested.

*sigh*"Okay, Guess I should," Natsu replied( He almost considered sneaking up to where the S-class request board was and steal a job from there if a decent job didn't appear within the next few minutes, and gave a slight chuckle at the idea) . Just as he was about to open the door, a sound appeared on the request board and Natsu recognized it all too familiarly. It was the sound of a job being posted on the request board. Natsu leapt for joy, "Yes! Finally, " Natsu raced back to the request board. The job involved saving a kidnapped boy. Natsu did not like the description of the job very much but when he skimmed through the sheet of paper and reached the bottom where the reward was written. He opened his mouth wide in shock.

"Wow! That's a lot of zeros!" He exclaimed. The price at hand was 200,000,000 jewels. "Then it's decided. I take first dibs on this mission." Levy, Jet and Droy, who had gone to see what the job was, sighed in defeat. "Not again," Levy said.

"Just hope that this time things don't go awry like they did last time," Macao told him. Natsu gulped and knew that he was referring to the time that he, Lucy and Happy had gone to retrieve a book named Daybreak for a client called Zekua Melon. The reward for the job was 200,000 jewels but due to Lucy, they never got the reward.

"Don't worry. This time I won't be going with Lucy. She went to see her dad in Acalypha and won't be coming back till after tomorrow. I'm thinking that I should do this job al…."At this point a feminine voice interjected, which Natsu knew all too well, "Then I'll come with you," Erza interrupted, before Natsu could complete his sentence.

Everyone in the guild was surprised at this sudden declaration, but none more so than Natsu, who in his wildest dreams had never imagined Erza volunteering to go on a job with him. He was about to ask why, but a stern glare from Erza and a concerned Mira shaking her head made him reconsider his decision a few minutes later.

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