Silver desert

chapter 11

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Chapter 11 - missions and love discoveries part 2

A day had passed since Lucy, Natsu, Gabriel and Happy started their mission. And less than a day since a bond was broken. Silence was the king and loneliness the queen. And with them no sorry's were said and no talk was heard between Lucy and Natsu.

To the people who saw them it almost appeared they were playing some kind of hiding game with each other only. But the truth was that not even their shadows dare to touch the other.

When Gabriel had arrived at their cabin after "talking with the captain", he had found a sobbing Natsu who appeared to be on his dark world not even noticing Gabriel's presence.

Noticing the absence of his Hime, the former demon wasted no time searching for her.

He had found her a couple of minutes later, asleep on a saving boat. Her eyes were red and puffy and he could easily smell her tears. Slowly he took her in his arms, and gently rocked her back and forth, keeping her asleep the demon spirit went to their cabin.

As soon as he walked in there, the fire mage got up from his bed and glassing at the sleeping face of the celestial mage let out a silence sob and left the cabin. Happy follow him, but not before mumbling to Gabriel "Aye, there are fires not even a dragon can eat and be well"

That was the last time, Lucy and Natsu were in the same room during their boat trip. Gabriel had spend at least two hours with a sleeping Lucy on his arms, when she finally woke up it was a little passed midday, the celestial mage didn't wanted to eat so instead spend her time reading and studying the shadow style and the shadow magic. Gabriel said that the trip would take two days because of a storm on the sea, and so they had to wait at leat a day and a half before they arrived at the island.

The celestial mage didn't mind that not even a little, she knew that when they arrived she had to at least see Natsu, so she was gracefully for the time delay.

During her study, the young mage learned a couple of new things about the shadows. For example, she already knew that when summoning a shadow out of nowhere, the mage would need to give a small part of his or her magic to the shadow, if he wanted them to be more stronger. What she didn't know was that, once you do that it wouldn't cost anymore magic to summon that shadow, only mental strength. She also learn about the five types of shadows.

First you had the normal shadow or " Greys", this were the shadow you could summon without giving magic. They were usually used for easy combat or to scare your opponents withe the numerous of shadows you had mostly because they were the easiest to summon. They have grey eyes and their skills it just about everything range from low to medium.

Second there were the "Blind" shadows. They were five this name because they specialize in spying and robbery. And just like their name, people couldn't see them, they were blind to them. These shadows were all black, typical for a shadow, but unlike the other types od shadows, their eyes just like their teeth were pinch black.

Then there were the "Wind Walkers" . They were the fastest of the shadows, the mage would usually use them for retrieving missions or as messengers. They had yellow eyes and their hears looked like Elf's hears. For some reason all of them had a pocket watch on their chest, no one had ever learn why.

The next one were the "Unbreakables", as their name clue at they were almost impossible to break. These shadows where also called the fighters mostly because they were the strongest. A "Unbreakable" could easily destroy a diamond with his hands and lift a elephant with just a hand. The downside was that they weren't very smart. Their eyes were purple, and they could form a weapon with their arms, it was usually an hammer or an axe. Their body was also very large, fit for body to body combat.

Finally you had the "Heartless". These were the most feared of the shadows. They had red eyes, their hands had claws and on their backside rested a single tail that finished with what seemed the end part of a spear. They were used mostly for assassins and torture, but they could also fight and run pretty well.

A shadow mage could also capture the shadows of their opponents for a period of time, in that case the shadows were always "Greys".

The most powerful shadow mage could also upgrade their summon shadows making them stronger, faster, stealthier or deadly. Only them could do that, because it needed a lot of magic control just as it needed mind and body strength.

A peculiar thing that lucy learned about shadows, was that they didn't talk much, instead they prefered to mummed or to just not say anything at all.

Currently, Lucy could summon a "Blind" and a "Wind Walker", and at the same time 5 "Greys".

Gabriel had assured her that it could take months for some shadow mages to summon a single shadow. But the celestial mage was not satisfied with that, saying that she needed to get stronger to help her friends and to keep her promises. When she was all alone, the young mage write on her diary the events of these passing days.

When the first night had came, the door of their cabin opened and for a moment Lucy held her breath thinking it was the dragon slayer, only to let out the same breath when she saw a single blue cat,

Happy smiled a tiny smile before whispering "Good night Luchi, don't worry natsu wants to be alone so he will not come here" and with that the blue exceed went to his little bed.

A part of Lucy wanted to ask him how was the fire mage and if was feeling sick with the waves and boat movements, but the other part was saying that it was best this way. And so going to her bed, the young mage wished to sleep for once without dreaming about Natsu.

The trip for the fire mage was a little different from Lucy's. Right after leaving the cabin, the dragon slayer tried to get away from the celestial mage scent. The only problem was that he could still smell her, even on the end of the ship. It was the first time since he could remember that he truly hated having high senses. Not knowing what else to do, the fire mage choose the only way he knew to stop smelling Lucy's natural perfume, getting drunk. Asking the first person he saw the directions to the bar, Natsu started walking.

It was very difficult for him or any dragon slayer for that matter to get drunk, mostly because of their dragon characteristics. But a couple of drinks and his senses would be weakened. And that was what natsu was aiming at.

It was 13:30 when he entered the bar. Calling the bartender he asked "could you please give me a glass of fire whiskey"

The bartender only nodded once before grabbing a bottle from under the bar and pouring its contents on a glass. Giving it to Natsu and walking away.

The burning feeling trough Natsu's neck was lost to the fire dragon slayer. If anything the fact that it hurt, even only a little, show him that he was still conscious. And oh how he needed to know that, between the lain in his red eyes and his bleeding heart, the truth was that the dragon had more than enough reasons to wish he was asleep. Having the most horrible nightmare but still asleep.

Another glass and another sigh. Replaying the entire conversation between him and Lucy, he could only bang his head on the table.

Another glass. Why did he always talked before thinking? Erza was always punching him because of that, why couldn't he learn his lesson?

Another glass... Plus he let his feelings take over him. At the beginning he was only trying to have a simple conversation with his female partner, to maybe glue the pieces that were broken, but in the end...

Another glass. He lost more than he could possibly gain. And the worst was that he didn't know how to solve any of the problems.

Another glass. He guessed the best he could do now was to give it some time. Maybe when they arrived at the island, then he could apologize properly. He just didn't know how.

Another glass... He still had a date with Lisanna and he couldn't tell her of. Even if his decision was already taken. How can he say to her ? Hey sorry but I kind just realize I love Lucy, lest be friends ! Even he wasn't that dense... But then again ...

Another glass. By protecting Lisanna's heart he was slowly breaking Lucy's beyond repair. If that is, she loved him...

Another glass ... " The check please" to much drinking and his brain started to work to hard.

The bartender gave him the bill and without saying a word took the money and left. If it was another time, the dragon slayer would probably be mad, but right know he didn't give a damm.

Looking at the clock that was hanged in wall, Natsu saw it was 17:30 deciding he had enough of being there, he start walking.

'I should probably sleep elsewhere, Luce is mad at me so I think it would be best if we don't talk for a while, but I still have to get my things from the cabin' thought Natsu while walking to their cabin 'maybe she isn't there, with the alcohol I can't smell her but I can still hear if she is inside'

Arriving at the cabin, the fire mage tried to hear some kind of noise or sound from inside. Not hearing anything he opened the door slowly. Seeing that he was indeed alone, the young slayer started grabbing his stuff. Passing Lucy's bed, he saw something on the floor, deciding to grab it he saw it was Lucy's diary.

Curiosity beat him and he couldn't help but to open it on the last entry.

Dear diary,

Things have been down right weird, crazy and most of all confuse as hell!

I thought that maybe things with natsu were starting to get better but I guess not. I always knew he liked lisanna but to put away my feelings for him and ask me for help to date Lisanna?

I mean isn't it obvious that I like him ? As he no idea of all the times I blushed when he hugged me ? How I get almost to the edge of passing out when he casually walks in my bedroom just because he doesn't like to sleep alone?

But I guess it couldn't be helped... I always knew he belonged with Lisanna , plus now that he kiss her there is no deny it, I lost the battle .

Even if i tell him something now it would be in vane, so I decided to move on, to stay friends with him and to try finding love with another person, maybe focus on my training first before searching for love...

And yet I know now its impossible to do that.

When I thought I could stay friends with Natsu, he did something I wasn't expecting ... The way he talked he almost sounded like a jealous boyfriend ... I know weird right? And then I guess I got upset and left, but can you blame me ?

He gets to have what he wants with who he wants, and I can't do anything without his approving?

Gabriel is my friend I seeing him like my best friend really even if I only met him a little time ago he knows more about me then anyone else, more than Natsu...

And now I'm hiding from Natsu because honestly i don't know what to do when I see him ...

I guess that's it, till next time.

Lucy Heartfilia

"What !" Yelled a surprised dragon slayer.

No more friends ! They couldn't stop being friends he wouldn't allow it!

And he kissed Lisanna, she was the one who kiss him? Who told her that ?

Reading the diary only made him more confused and distraught. He knew now that Lucy had at least a crush on him. He was ecstatic with that, but at the same Natsu didn't know if that crush could grow into something more... For that he needed to do something, like show her love and caring.

But he couldn't do that now, not until he talk with Lisanna and by then it could be too late... 'Grr... Why can things be easier !' Thought the dragon slayer.

Deciding it was time to leave, Natsu carefully pit the diary on Lucy's bed and left the room. Right now he needed to find a new room to stay.

Walking to the boat reception he called the receptionist.

"What can I do for you Sr?" Came the voice of a young woman it was the receptionist.

"I would like to change cabins , I would like to stay on a single cabin" the fire mage normally said.

"okay I will see what I can do, would you mind give me your name?"

"I'm Natsu Dragnel"

The receptionist start looking trough the files a second later she said " you were in a three bed cabin, will your friends also be moving ?"

" No just me "

The woman gave him a small smile and said "can't sleep with their noise?"

"hmm?" Came the reply of Natsu. He didn't know what the woman was talking about, what noise?

"I mean, your friends must want to show their love for each other and in the process they forget you are there to. Young couples are usually quite loud" reply the receptionist with the same smile on her face.

It was like a click and gone trough Natsu's brain. 'she is saying Lucy and Gabriel are a couple?' Just then all around the room a "OH HELL NO !" Was heard.

"They are not a couple, they are just friends"

"Oh I see what's going on, don't worry Sr you will also find someone to be by your side"

"Could you please just give me another cabin?" Came the annoyed voice of the fire mage. His blood was boiling with anger, its that what Lucy and Gabriel seemed to be to other people ? A couple? He just wanted to sleep and to forget all of this shit about the demon bastard be with his partner.

"I'm sorry if I used you Sr here is the keys to the cabin number 65 its on the other side of the ship"

With a thank you the dragon slayer left the reception and went to his cabin, never leaving it during the boat trip.

Thoughts as to who told Lucy about his kiss with Lisanna and pictures of Gabriel and Lucy kissing plague his dreams. In the morning the bedroom would need to be replaced mostly because all the furniture was burned to the ground.


Master Makarov was finished reading some papers on his desk when Mirajane walked in.

"Master the people who request help to get rid of the clan thief's on Emerald island send us a letter saying that they will need more backup, they also said they would pay the double of their first payment." Said the bartender handing the letter to the master.

" I see... As natsu and the others arrive to the island?" Questioned Makarov

"No master they are still on the ship, they will get there more likely tomorrow afternoon" came Mira's reply

"Then tell the people we will send backup, but they will arrive a day or two later" said the master while looking at the letter

"Yes master, who will be going for backup?"

"Well the rest of team Natsu's of course, tell Erza, Gray and Lisanna they have a new mission"

"Do you think its safe to send them?" Said Mira unsure, of what would happen if Lisanna and Lucy get together.

"Don't my child, nothing wrong will happen, now go tell them the news" said Makarov while waving Mira of.

Mira bowed and left the room, she had news to delivered.

When the sound of a door closing was heard the master let out a sigh "I just hope I making the right decision"

After leaving her master's office, Mira started immediately searching for the rest of Natsu's team.

She found gray being hugged by Juvia, it seemed he was becoming more and more used to that.

Walking to their side, the bartender said "Gray master said to send you and Erza with Lisanna as backup for Natsu and the other"

Losing Juvia's hold on him the ice mage reply "what flame head screw up already?"

"No they will only arrive tomorrow, it was the people who made the request that asked for more people"

"okay then, I can't let Lucy all alone with Natsu, the flame head will burned her with all his fire drooling"

"I guess... Do you know where Erza is?"

"She is with Levy they are reading some kind of romance novel"

"Okay thanks Gray, and don't forget to use protection" said the bartender while smirking

"Yeah no problem... Wait what" came the ice mage reply, next to him lay a blushing Juvia mumbling things that oddly sounded like 'Gray-sama not I here please'

When the bartender found the scarlet mage and the bluenette she also found her sister who was playing cards with Wendy.

"Good you are both here, master decided to send you as backup for Natsu's mission, you are to leave immediately" said Mira.

Erza got up and said "I knew I shouldn't have let Natsu go with Lucy alone, come Lisanna we must go now"

"Yes we must Erza" said Lisanna while thinking 'just wait Natsu I will make you fall in love with me and forget all about that banshee celestial mage'

Things were starting to look good for the young mage...


The dripping sound of something hitting the ground, was the only sound that could be heard inside the rock walls.

The sea was unusually silent and the night animals didn't dare to make a sound trough the island.

Pale feet could be seen walking outside the cave, white hands pierce through the night sky.A low whisper echoed trough the night. "The winds are changing a new prey is arriving, the time to feast is coming once more. " The owner of the voice look up to the sky and said " Another head hits the floor, its just waist and nothing more" walking inside the cave the shadow kick a skull that was on his way " how many times have I said to clean your rests"

Another voice was heard "Many times master... But they never learned, do you want me to punish them?" This voice was sultry and almost sensual.

"There is no need for that my beautiful slave, they will learned the hard way another time, now is time to feast and to prepare another hunting" said the male while caressing the cheek of the female

"As you wish master, I will start the preparations then"

With that the female left, leaving the male shadow to his thoughts and plans.

And its done, sorry the delay but with Christmas I was kind of busy.

Who is this person? What does he have to do with the island?

Will Lisanna broke the last bit of Natsu's and Lucy's bond?

All of this on the next chapter, chapter 12 - mission and love discoveries part 3


Sinaikai out

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