Silver desert

chapter 12

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Chapter 12 - mission and love discoveries part 3

Emerald Island was a marvelous place, known by its beautiful gardens. They had all types of plants from roses to bonsais, all of them healthy and strong as they can be.

A strange but curious fact about the gardens was that they weren't made by human's hands. The truth was that when the first group of humans arrived at Emerald they were presented with the beautiful sight that remains until today.

No one knows how it all happen fully but there is an ancient story that has been passed since the beginning of times. The people named it the "Curse of the volcano".

It all began centuries ago, way before magic and mankind walked the earth, during the demons and the angel's time.

The now marvelous and full of Life Island was during that time a lifeless place full of volcanoes with just a few couple of wild animals and plants running around.

In their lived a demon whose name was Vulcon of the gorilla clan. He was as tall as the island volcanoes, his fur was the color of the ashes and is temper was explosive to say the least.

He had exiled himself from his clan, because he didn't agreed with his father's choices. His father was the clan's chief but also the clan strongest warrior, he had rule with wisdom and fairness trough the times, but 250 years ago during an ambush made by the panther clan, more than a quarter of their members were killed, and along them his mother.

After that his father became cold and distance only caring about future wars and battles, leaving only to kill.

Bat Vulcon was used as just another weapon on his father's belt, he was sent to a warrior's school, there he spend the rest of his childhood, training, learning and mastering the arts of battle and emotionless.

When his training was completed he was no more than a puppet, only serving his father and no one else. He killed, slaughter, burned and melted many villages and panthers camps all because his father say so. He didn't show mercy nor pity because he didn't know the meaning of those words. He only knew the meaning of killing and serving his king.

Centuries passed and the gorilla clan became powerful again, the panther clan who was reduced almost to hand full of members run away to the north mountains. And the gorilla king being satisfied with the result stop the war and retire to his palace bring with him his son, who by then knew nothing about being a prince only about being a killer machine.

Even so, in a very twisted way the king showed some pity towards his only son and ordered the most wise of the gorillas to teach him how to proper behave.

The teacher whose name was Orick was very surprise with the mental condition of the teen prince and requested to take him with him to his house on the west forest for a whole year.

The king wasn't sure about the proposal but when Orick claim it was the only way for the prince to truly learn how to fit in society again, the old king agreed.

So Vulcon was once again being push away from his home. The difference was that this time he wasn't being ordered to destroy something in fact he was ordered to create something.

During the time the prince spend in Orick's house, many things were learned and discovered, the most important being the emotions of Vulcon. Understanding the horrors and the abominations he had committed made the prince almost became insane. Every night he would be haunted being nightmares, and every day he would cursed with the voices of the children he had killed. It was then Orick offered a way to calm his ghosts and to achieve piece inside his heart. Thanks to his powers he could create statues of all the things that he was afraid of. So for four months Vulcon created and talk with his statues as if they were the demons and the families he harmed, asking for forgiveness and saying sorry like it was a mantra.

When the time for his staying had run out, the teen prince thanked the old teacher and left to his home, he was a new demon, a better demon.

When he arrived he was told by the guards his father was waiting for him on the throne room. Walking inside the room he found his father talking with a noble from the Lion clan, the only thing he heard was his father saying he would be much honored to give his son as the future husband of the princess of the lions. Immediately he yelled his refusal roaring and hitting his chest with his fists.

His father calmly walk to his son's side and said with the voice only a king could talk "you will do as I say boy or you will no longer be called my son nor a gorilla, remember what's your life purpose which is to serve me and your kingdom"

Maybe the puppet of a demon would blindly obey, but the new Vulcon would stand his ground and looking his father he said "then you are no longer my father nor my king as I'm no longer your son nor your servant"

The king was furious with his son indiscipline calling the guards he ordered them to pick Vulcon and to trough him to where he couldn't escape. The guards obeying their king grabbed the prince bit before they left the throne doors the king said on last sentence "I hope you live a long life my son and if not I hope you find that bastard teacher in the afterlife for he as displease me and he will pay the consequences"

Knowing that pleading for Orick life would be in vain, Vulcon only let a single tear fall.

The guards after days of searching founded a desert island surrounded by sea and far away from any kind of civilization. Dropping the former prince there, they left him but not before giving him his axe and shield plus a hammer and some rope, the oldest of the guards before leaving said "I hope you regain what you lost and that one day you returned to where you belong"

Vulcon only nodded not saying a word, when the night came he let his emotions out of his chest and roaring he cried for his fallen friend. His powers strike the whole island and in the morning seven volcanoes were created.

Their magma run through the island grounds as Vulcon's tears fall. Months after the island was the double of its previous size and Vulcon had finally stopped mourning.

Using the hammer and the axe he build a small house made all from rocks and wood. There is spends most of his days remembering his life and sins.

Sometimes he would go to the beach and build statues of was his way of relaxing. During those times he would hear a beautiful sound surrounding him, later he found out it was the song of a mermaid and the gorilla became curious about who was the face of the mermaid who had a voice just like the angels.

He tried to catch the mermaid, but he missed every time. He tried to write a letter on the sand but in the morning he would come and find the sand smooth because of the waves and no answer from the mysterious mermaid.

One day he decided to build a statue of a faceless mermaid, when he finished he wrote on the rocks beside the statue 'What's your name? Mine is Vulcon'

In the morning he found a shell next to the rock, in it was written 'my name is Oriana, nice to meet you Vulcon'

For months they talk this way and Vulcon had learn numerous of things about Oriana, her favorite foods, her favorite color, the way she thinks ... One day whoever the young mermaid asked a strange question 'do you like flowers?' She had asked. The former prince replied with a 'yes why'

The next day inside the shell was a box full of seeds and next to it was written 'your island needs more life it appears to be the refuge of some kind of evil'

At first Vulcon thought it was very odd, but after a awhile he decided to plant all of the seeds knowing that Oriana would like the surprise, at night he wrote on the rocks a small text it said 'I have done what you request for my sweet mermaid now I also have a request, please be here in the morning and let me see you even if only for a day"

That night Vulcon tried to stay awake but unfortunately was unable to do so. When the morning came he felt someone rubbing his cheek, when he opened his eyes he saw a vision he would always cherish in his heart. Next to him siting was Oriana smiling a beautiful smile, she was for the fire gorilla the epitome of perfection, with her midnight hair and brown eyes she could easily melt his stone heart. The way her hands gently brush trough his face made him almost lose it. His primal senses were screaming to take her as his, to make her his mate, to keep her only to himself and no one else. He was barely hanging on to his normal self. When Oriana moved her hand to his lips, he lost it. Grabbing her face with his hands, Vulcon kissed the young mermaid. This was not a gentle and sincere kiss, it was a kiss that promise many more and a kissed that burned with the passion of two lovers.

Oriana gave herself away as the kissed progressed and when she finally came to her senses she was laying on wood bed with a demon gorilla kissing her neck. Not wanting to be left behind, the mermaid push Vulcon on the bed and gently start a trail of kisses from his cheek to his chest.

The two lovers didn't exchange words because in truth it wasn't needed, and for all the remaining time of that day they made love showing how much they care for the other.

When the moon broke the black sky, the two lovers were laying on Vulcon's bed holding each other and hearing the others breathing.

Looking at the moon, Oriana moved away from her lover' arms and against her heart started to get dressed. Vulcon not knowing what to do could only watch as she dressed herself, when she was done he only muttered a word "why?"

Taking a deep breath the mermaid answered "it's time for me to go home, Vulcon I not just a mermaid, I'm one of Poseidon's daughters and because of that I have duties that I must do"

"Is this your way of saying goodbye then?"

"No my love but I cannot meet with you again soon, only when the summer comes and the moon his full can we meet again"

"What about our talks? Will the cease too?"

"Now that you made me your mate we will be able to communicate even if we are different ends of this world, unfortunately when we are talking to the other we became still and my father would notice that"

"Then I will talk to you only at night when no and can notice us, but please my love talk to me whenever you need because I will forever be at your disposal"

With that the former prince kissed the mermaid princess, it was a brief one because the princess left him in the middle diving into the ocean.

Since that day, Vulcon made himself busy by building gardens with the seeds his love had brought him, sometimes he would found new types of seeds and at night he would thank Oriana for the gifs.

Centuries passed and the former prince grew tired of the loneliness he lived in. One day he made a small boat with the wood of the numerous of trees he had on his now giant gardens. He decided to see how the things in his former home were. When he told Oriana his plans, the princess became worried for her lover asking him to be careful and to return to the island if harmed.

Vulcon promise that if he didn't return to the island in ten years then he would be dead and the mermaid princess could marry someone more fit to be her husband. The princess agreed with Vulcon's promise only that she would never marry another man in her life.

And so Vulcon went to his former home. When he arrived he learned that his father had passed away and that the throne was now being disputed by the strongest of the gorillas.

Deciding he had enough with the way his clan was growing to became, the former prince made himself known and with his axe defeated every single one of his opponents. The people roared with happiness and chants of 'the prince is back' were heard for many days.

But Vulcon knew that it would be a long way before the old ways were broken and the new teaching could be reached, so for nine years he stayed in his clan making changes and bringing the honor of the gorilla to its greatest.

When ten years had passed just like he promised, the now chief of the gorilla clan went to his former prison and there by the beach waited for his mermaid.

But instead of her he found a letter next to him. Opening the letter he read his contents:

My beloved Vulcon I tried to fight my people ways for so long that the nobles started to notice my new emotions. They discovered I was no longer pure, when they asked who was the one I had mated with I refused to tell them your name, and so they asked for a punishment to be brought to me.

My father while being mine, is also the king of the sea and even against his will he had to follow the rules of my people.

So as to punish me, I was stripped of my royal title and thanks to a curse cast by one of the oldest mermaids I no longer have my tail nor can I breath under water and I am forbidden to swim on the sea ever again. I am no longer a mermaid.

I understand if you no longer want me for now I just a shell of what I once was, just know that I will always love you and if you still want me, I'm at your old house waiting...

With love,


Vulcon didn't waist a second after reading the letter, running with all his might he arrived at the house in record time. Kicking the door opened the chief of the gorillas looked around trying to find his lover, when he saw her she was laying on their bed asleep with fresh tears running through her eyes.

That day Vulcon vowed to never let someone make his lover cry for he would die if that happen. They would spend an entire month inside the house without coming outside and during that time Vulcon would show how beautiful and precious Oriana was to him, over and over again...

When the former mermaid was feeling better, Vulcon asked the question every man is never prepared to ask 'will you marry me'. Of course Oriana accepted and a year later the bells on the gorilla's church were playing.

Vulcon had announced to all of his family and people that a new reign was beginning and that the clan would grow with prosperity and with good will, for the gorillas were no longer destroyers but builders.

Vulcon and Oriana ruled for centuries and just like the outcast prince had promise the gorilla clan had grown not only on number but in wisdom.

Even being the rulers, every year Vulcon and Oriana would go to the island and spend a week there, isolated from the world, remembering their time there and creating new ones.

When Vulcon felt his time was near, he alone took a trip to the island and there hide his axe and secret treasure only he and Oriana knew about.

Legend says it's still there waiting to be found out... But only the ones who would been deemed wordy by the island itself would find it.

"It's a beautiful story don't you think Happy?" came the voice of Lucy

"Aye, but it needs more fish!" happily shouted the blue cat.

"You are always thinking about fish, aren't you?"

"Of course! Fish is the fooooddd of the gggggggooooooddddddsssss!"

"Only if you are a cat!"

"Nope everybody likes fish!"

"Why are talking about fish now?" questioned Lucy while adverting her eyes to Gabriel.

The former demon could only sigh and said "we are waiting for Natsu to finish paying the hotel rooms so we can go to the mayor's office and asked for the rest of the mission details"

"Hmm that's why… why is the moron taking so long!" argued Lucy, the island was beautiful and in another time she wouldn't miss the opportunity to see all the sights, but now all she wanted to do was to finish this mission and to return to Magnolia were she could be alone with her thoughts and detached from the fire slayer. After thinking a lot she concluded that she needed some time off from him, mostly to prepare herself about the new relationship they would have, friendship sure, very close friendship just like they had? Not a chance, she don't wanted to be murder by Lisanna.

"It's not my fault the receptionist didn't have change for my bills! And why are you so at the edge Luce, you need to calm down" said the fire slayer. After spending the entire trip alone, he to his surprise thought about ways to reconnect Lucy's and his bond, the answer? Behave like he always does and hope things go back to normal. They couldn't get worse so he didn't had nothing to lose, did he?

"Who are you telling to calm down? I'm calm!"

"Really? Then why are you frowning, did you know that doing that only makes you older, you will get white hairs and started to becoming an old lady"

"Do you have a dead wish Natsu? Because I'm no genie but I sure as hell will grant your wish if you don't shut up!"

"Take it easy granny you know you can't force yourself" said Natsu while faking concern for the celestial mage

"That's it prepare to die salamander!" said before yelling "Lucy kick!"

Sending the fire dragon through the streets down, the celestial mage fail to notice the smile that grow on the dragon slayer's mouth.


After waking up an unconscious Natsu and finding something to eat, Lucy, Gabriel, Natsu and Happy found themselves at the doors of the Emerald island mayor's office.

"Gabriel as your master and friend I'm asking you to knock Natsu out is he behaves badly during the meeting okay?" politely asked Lucy while looking at Gabriel's eyes.

"Your wish is my command, Hime" answered the demon spirit while bowing.

"Hey I'm not that bad! Luce call of your spirit!" shouted Natsu

"You are right you are not bad you are worse, now stop shouting and show some respect!"

Before the fire slayer could reply to Lucy's, the doors of the office open. Trough then walked a male form. The mayor was probably in his late forties with his slight grey hair that barely reach his hears, even though he had a very firm posture proper of a boss or a ruler. He had honey eyes and as he walked to Natsu and the others side his mouth moved to form a smile, almost like a father would to his children.

"Welcome to Emerald Island, you must be the mages we request, well the first group but still it's a great pleasure to meet you. My name is Oz just like the wizard but without the magic and I'm the mayor of this island"

The others smile at the mayor, and one by one introduced themselves.

"I'm Natsu Dragnel and don't you forget it!"

"Aye I'm Happy and I like fish"

"I'm Lucy Heartfilia and all I hope is to do a good job"

"My name is Gabriel and I'm Hime-sama's weapon and shield"

The mayor shook the hands of the males and kissed the hand of Lucy "Now that the introduction are over would you mind coming with me to my office, we have much to discuss and little time to do so"

Entering the office each member seat on an empty chair that was in front of the mayo's desk. The mayor himself seat in the chair behind the desk, taking a deep breath he said "As you know we have requested your assistance to get rid of a group of outlaws that are attacking our homes, the thing you don't know is that the problem got bigger"

"How so?" inquired the celestial mage

"In the beginning it was just small robberies a couple of farm animals disappearing, but now they started to kidnap children and youngsters and the worst is that no one can fight them. That was the reason why we requested your guild to send us more aid"

"Wait you requested another team, we didn't know about that! Who are the ones that were send as backup?" shouted Natsu while dodging a shadow knife the Gabriel send, the former demon wasn't joking when he said he would blindly obey Lucy's orders.

"I supposed you were already on your way here to know that, yes I requested another team they are supposed to arrive this night or at worse tomorrow morning, as to what are their names I think it was, Gray Fulbuster, Lisanna Strauss and Erza also known as Titania"

"Aye the rest of Natsu team is coming, that means that the job will be a piece of cake" happily said Happy (A/N it's only me or it's fun to right that. Happy is always Happy)

"So you know the rest of the mages, well that good. Do you have any more questions about your mission?"

"Yes, could you please tell us where were the attacks located, the families of the missing children and youngsters and a map of the island?" asked Lucy, she wasn't upset with the fact Lisanna would be here at any moment in fact she saw it as a way to be a part of Natsu. A thing she had learned was that mission always come first and she wouldn't risk the lives of others peoples just because she was having a personal problem.

"All of what you asked will be provided to you, now if you excuse me I have another meeting I must attend to. I hope for my people and yourselves you succeed on your quest" With that Mayor Oz left the office.

Lucy, Natsu, Happy and Gabriel all agreed that it would be best to wait for the rest of team Natsu before starting the mission. So while waiting they decided to go to the beach near the port, this way they could see the ship with the others arriving and while waiting they could relax or training.

In Lucy's training was the one she chose. She was currently trying to fight three of Gabriel's shadows while using the shadow style with her daggers. The daggers were giving to her by Gabriel, he told her it was the same daggers he had used during his own training, when she achieved better results in her training she would be given another set. The celestial mage didn't mind the daggers she had, in fact she thought they were beautiful, the handler was purple and in hock kind of way, the blade was smooth but deadly and it almost look like a teeth of Giant wolf. Knowing who had giving it to her, she wouldn't be surprised if it was really a wolf tooth.

The training was going fairly well, the shadows were 'wind walkers' so the purpose of this training was flexibility and speed.

One of the shadows tried to kick her from behind but thanks to her reflexes, Lucy dodge it and with her dagger punch the shadow in the head. Just as this was happening another shadow threw a spear in her direction. Spinning around the young mage moved out of the way while using her daggers as razors and cutting the closest shadow to shards.

The fight continued as Gabriel look at her form and gave her a few pointers on how the get better.

Watching the fight was Natsu who couldn't believe his partner could move like that. To him she look like a dancer in fact the whole fight look like a deadly dance routine. He wanted to know what more had she learned and what else could she do, he always knew she was strong nut know she was showing it to the world. He didn't know how long he stood still watching the fight as if he was in a trance, he only knew it wasn't long enough.

Just as he was about to return to his watching a boat bell was heard, unwilling his trail of thought was broken as Lucy stop fighting and said "I guess the others arrived tonight as the Mayor had said, come on Natsu move your butt or do you want me to tell Erza that the reason why we didn't find them sooner, was because of you"

Immediately Natsu paled like never before "There is no need for that! Come on Luce hurry!" grabbing Lucy's hand, the fire mage started running like there was no tomorrow. Gabriel and Happy who were left behind could only sigh "I guess we should also move out my little blue friend" "Aye I guess so"


Erza and the others were exiting the boat when a yellow and pink blur almost smash against them.

Following that was a "why did you hit me Luce!"

And a "next time think before grabbing me and jolt running like you were Spidy Gonzales"

"Who the Hell is that guy"

"Don't you watch TV? Did you even had a childhood?"

"In case you forget I grow up with a dragon, watching TV wasn't exactly our way of passing the time"

"Then what did you do? Build castle made of fire?"

"I'm not going to discuss my childhood with a former spoiled princess"

"Do you what to die salamander, call me again that name I dare you"

"What spoi…"

"Natsu stop talking before I make you, and Lucy could you please explain what's going on" came the threating voice of Titania

Turning around Lucy and Natsu could only wonder for how long were the others watching them, deciding to answer her friend question Lucy said " we were only joking around no need to get violent, weren't we Natsu?"

"Yeah yeah, we were only playing with each other no need to kill me"

"In that case, Lucy did you guys started the mission" came the reply of Erza

"Actually no, we decided that it would be best if we all made a plan together it appears things have become more dangerous"

"We have heard. At first I thought flame head here had burned the island while sleeping" said Gray

"Who the fuck I you calling a flame head you walking Popsicle" shouted Natsu launching a punch at Gray, in matter of seconds they were fighting.

Ignoring them Lucy went to Erza and Lisanna "hope you had a good trip, it's good to see you guys again"

"The same for you Lucy" "yeah sure" said Erza and Lisanna

Just then Gabriel and Happy came walking to their side. The spirit demon went to his master side and asked "do you want me to stop their fighting Hime?"

"If you don't mind Gabriel, but don't harm them we need them for the mission"

"As you wish Hime" with that Gabriel summoned five shadows that arrest the ice and fire mages with their shadow chains.

Lucy looked at then with sparkling eyes "you need to teach me how to do that Gabriel!"

"I will Hime you just need to train more"

Erza who was hearing their conversation couldn't help but to ask "how exactly as your training been doing Lucy?"

"Good I guess, I still need to learn a lot but summoning shadows it's becoming less draining. The fighting style however is going at a slow pace" softly replied the celestial mage.

Lisanna smirk an almost invisible smile thinking that her rival was beneath her when it came to strength. Gabriel on the other hand didn't missed the smirk and immediately said "I must disagree with you Hime, you are progressing very well on your fighting style, your moves are very flexible and fluid, in a couple of weeks if you keep progressing this way you will be incorporating your wimp on the style I have no doubt of that"

"You are always too kind Hell-kun"

"I'm only speaking the truth Hime, but if you don't believe me then ask Natsu for his opinion, he was watching you very focused when you were practicing with my shadows"

Natsu who had only now escaped the shadows, looked ate Gabriel and said "I heard my name, what are you talking about?"

"Gabriel was just telling us the progress Lucy has been making in her training" replied Erza while helping Gray out of his shadows hold.

The dragon slayer smiled a big smile and said "you need to see her! She is awesome, the shadows were almost attacking her at the same time and she didn't even flitch, she just moved and turned their attacks on them"

"That's the purpose of this style, because I don't have much physical strength I need to take advantage of my opponents fails" lightly blushing Lucy said, she dint like to be the center of everybody attention especial when she felt somebody was trying to kill he with their eyes.

"That's all great and stuff, but can we go to the hotel now, I'm starving, plus I think fire breath needs a bath" lazily said the ice mage

"I think it's best if we do so, the night is becoming darker and we don't need any more problems" replied Erza before Natsu could say something to Gray.

With that all of them went to the hotel.


After checking in and paying for the rest of the bedrooms, team Natsu decided to hangout on Erza and Lisanna's room. Erza was watching Lucy and Gabriel play a game of checkers while eating a slice of cake. Gray and Natsu were playing a game of cards, and Lisanna was just watching them while playing with Happy's fur.

The celestial mage let out yet another sigh, it appeared to be almost impossible to defeat her spirit in this fairly easy game. They were playing for an hour or so and the most she succeeded to do was to tie with him twice.

"Dammit I lost again. Gabriel I don't care you had centuries to practice with your shadows, this is not possible"

"Hime but you are getting better at this, plus you have to remember that the key to this game is patience and persistence"

"I guess… can we play another game maybe one when we have to do others things?"

"Hmm I guess we could train your acting skills, with that you will be able to be better on the assassin way of life"

"And what do you have in mind, I mean I can't just go and torture somebody"

"True that would be most unfortunately, then perhaps you would like to play a game of poker?"

"Now that's a game we can play and not be arrest for. But with only two it's not much fun"

"We could summon our shadows Hime, that way you would be training also your mental stamina"

"You always have great ideas hell-kun" said Lucy while smiling a wicked smile. She didn't know why but somehow the idea of playing a game where she could be another person excited and at the same time confused her.

The former demon saw his master face and calmly said "as I have said before Hime it's normal that with time your personality will change a little, mostly because to control shadows and to perform their magic you must first understand their own personalities. As you studied when you create a new shadow you are taking a bit of a soul personality most of the times it's the part that the soul less used. What it's most likely happen to you is that one of your shadows has a gambler personality and is itching to play and as a result you also want to play"

"Even so it's still weird"

"With time you will get better at controlling and separating your emotions of your shadows"

"I guess…"said Lucy. Looking at her demon spirit's eyes she saw understanding and before she knew it she was smiling again "the lets play" summoning two shadows, a 'wind walker' and a 'blind' , she turned to Erza and said "do you mind being the dealer"

The scarlet woman just put her cake to the side and said "not at all, but I would like to also be able to play if you don't mind"

"The more the better" came the happily voice of Lucy. Without really thinking about what she was doing, the celestial mage turned to Natsu and the others and said "hey do you guys want to play poker with us?"

"Yeah why not, sure Lucy" said Gray

"Great idea Luce!" said Natsu

"Yeah Lucy well thought" replied Lisanna

"Aye can we bet fish" cheerfully said Happy

"Okay but because we are 11 we will play poker with pair okay, happy would you mind being in a team with a shadow?"

"No Luchi!"

"Okay then please chose your partner"

In the end the pairs were, Erza and Gray, shadow with shadow, Lisanna and Natsu, shadow with shadow, Lucy and Gabriel and shadow with Happy. Gabriel made a shadow just like happy to be the cat's partner it even hummed 'Aye'.

They began and it was like instead of friends playing with each other, they were strangers that just wanted to win at any cost.

Glares and poker looks adorned the faces of most of the players. The shadows had all the same unreadable look and Lucy thought that they were only doing that just to piss of the other players.

Erza and Gray were silently talking to each other, stopping to bet or in Gray's case smugly smirk at Natsu.

Natsu and Lisanna were also whispering to each other while looking at their hand. Lisanna and somehow during the game seat on the dragon slayers lap, for a moment you could see a light blush appearing on the fire mage face but with a quick shake of his head, it was gone and a glare present itself in his place.

The duo of Lucy and Gabriel were perhaps the weirdest one. The celestial mage was leaning against the spirit shoulder and at the same time she was humming a low tune. The former demon was also behaving in an odd way, looking at his opponents he would sometimes sneak quick picks at Lucy. Their cards were in the celestial mage hand, which was laying on the table palm down. Gabriel had his own hand on top of hers and just like Lucy hummed a tune he would draw circles and others shapes on her hand.

To the other players they look like a couple playing, but the truth was that all of that was just an act and that the simple gestures were in reality a code to communicate with one another without the others notice.

The game continued through the night and in the end it was surprisingly the pair of Gabriel shadows who won the game. Lucy blame the fact that they were infected with wolf spirit personality, but end up laughing when one of the winners look at her and then at Gabriel and bent much like the demon spirit would do.

Gray start joking around singing with his most girly voice "Natsu and Lisanna siting in a tree, G!" when the dragon slayer jumped on top of the ice mage with the intent of knocking him to dreamland, Gray smiled a wicked smile and loudly said "okay, I will stop messing with you lighter head… instead I will mess with Lucy"

"Don't you dare Gray" said Lucy while getting up from the ground

"But it's so fun! Look, Gabriel and Lucy siting on a tree, G!"

"I fail to see what's the fun in that, why would it be fun for me and Hime to kiss?" Gabriel said unsure

"Hell-kun this is just a way for humans to mess with our friends, it means that we are saying that they are a couple" explained Lucy while glaring at Gray

"Then why was Gray saying that about us?" questioned Gabriel, he and Lucy weren't a couple so why was the ice mage saying that, 'I will never understand humans' thought Gabriel

"Gray was just being a smartass don't mind him. Now I think is time for all of us to retire for the night, tomorrow we will need to think of a plan to catch the bandits so we will have to at our full capacity" said Erza not leaving room for argument.

Lucy got up and saying goodnight left the room, follow by Gabriel.

Gray, Natsu and Happy also left Ezra's room, when they arrived at their own Gray quietly asked "So Natsu I knew you liked Lisanna, finally get the gets to ask her I see"

"What are you talking about Gray?" asked the fire mage faking surprise, 'you doesn't know about the date does he?' thought Natsu

"Don't try to make yourself look more stupid, I'm talking about your date with Lisanna"

"How do you know about that?"

"Juvia told me, before we had to leave"

"And who the hell told Juvia, this was meant to be a secret" whispered/shouted Natsu, he wasn't liking what he was hearing not one bit

"I think it was Mirajane who told Juvia, my guess is that Lisanna decided to tell the news to her sister and then things just flew out of proportion, you know it's near impossible to hide something from the guild"

"I know that, but I asked Lisanna to keep things a secret for a reason"

"And pry tell what's the reason flame breath"

"I just wanted to be sure before saying something to the rest of our friends. I just didn't wanted to rush thing and to screw up like always"

"So let me see if I understand this, for the first time in your life you actually thought before acting? Now I see it all" laughing gray look at the serious look on the other mage and sigh "my advice it's to not get mad about the whole situation, girls like to show what's theirs so its natural Lisanna wanted to show you of"

"But I'm not Lisanna's, we aren't even a couple yet"

"But you are thinking about it aren't you?"

"I guess… it's just … I don't know"

"Ah I see, so you aren't sure of your feelings then. I understand now why you wanted to keep things a secret… but Natsu you need to decide which one you want before you lose both"

"How do you know about that?"

"Please is written all over your face, plus if I had to guess who the other girl is I would say its Lucy" taking the silence from Natsu as a yes Gray carry on "look I'm not expert or anything but my recommendation is to think what you feel when you are around each one and decide who makes you feel more loved and happy"

"Gray thanks for your advice I mean it" said a since dragon slayer

"Whatever…" said Gray while resting on his bed, before closing his eyes whoever he added "just move fast, your aren't the only one who likes sweet celestial blondes, I mean there is Loke, then Sting, possibly Gabriel, then there was this oth…."

"I get it just shut up" came the yell from the fire slayer, he would spend his night dream about Lucy going on different dates with the other guys …


"Master it appears you were correct, these new mages are very unique, they have a celestial mage, an dragon slayer, the famous Titania, an ice user, an strange white haired mage who I can sense is quite powerful and an exceed" finished the voice of a female

"My sweet Vall I thought you told me they were seven, you only told me about six of them" the master said while caressing the cheek of the now named Vall

"The last one isn't a mage master but a spirit, whoever I couldn't find anything about him"

"Hmm so we have a mystery on your hands, that's just makes things easier" getting up from his seat the master start walking "you said there was a celestial mage there… celestial mages are known to be able to open doors that are not from this world, perhaps this mage would prove to be useful for our little treasure hunt " walking a bit more the master found himself in the open, looking at his slave once, he said before turning his eyes to the moon in the sky "Dear Vall please go tell the others that today there will be no hunting we have different bottles to choose plus I need to talk to all of our group"

Vall only nodded and bowed saying "your words shall be passed master Telbur"

Feeling the wind on his face Telbur smirked a wicked smile and whisper in a low voice "soon the treasure of Vulcon will be mine, I just need to keep the entrance to the tomb open, nothing a bit of pure blood can't fix." The night sky was dark with only a start and the moon shining, tracing a strange drawn in the sky Telbur sigh "Just a little more time and I will have the artifact, I will not disappoint father again, his wish will be done"

The single start in the sky seemed to become less and less visible, as Telbur started to murmur almost like a mantra

"They say Angels are liars that lived in the sky

All bastards, who believed in God's lie

They swore to protect the pure from the fall

Forgetting the ones who didn't had a chance at all

That there was one who decided to be a true knight

And end up being cursed to forever leave in the night

So he moved to ground were fire runs wild

And the ones without a chance, ruled far more than a mile

His true name was forgotten in the mouth of the wind

For Satan didn't let anyone know what was once part of him

He just wanted to live in what he had learn to be peace

With the ones that were called the evil and the one he couldn't miss

But god didn't like the new kingdom that was starting to rise

So he order his children to finished the little mice

Nine were sent to bring the fallen knight

But he proved to be just like a growing night

But please don't be scared for the nine hadn't given up their father's request

Believe me for I'm Telbur the one who doesn't need any rest"

When Telbur was finished he pulled a necklace with a white chain and the number one in roman writing from his pocket and put on his neck.

He would be the one who would find and kill Satan, for too long have he and his brothers been searching for the curse angel. But now he had a lead and nothing would stopping him from completing the quest. So a couple of souls would be sacrificed in the process, all would be wordy to prove his father he was the best of his sons.


The day in Emerald Island was starting to appear, the birds awake from their oh so light sleep were singing a beautiful tune while flying, in the sky were slowly appearing various white clouds who seemed to form different forms and shapes. All around the island the waves dance at the sound of the wind, peace and quiet were the rulers of the morning and Th...

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A WALKING LIGHTER, YOU FROZEN PIECE OF SHIT!" Shouted Natsu while punching Gray in the face.

"DO YOU SEE ANOTHER FIRE MORON IN THE AREA" replied Gray kicking Natsu in the stomach



But like always before the real fight could begin, Erza knock the two mages out with her sword.

Lisanna went to check Natsu and Lucy just sighed yet another sigh, this was routine and it seemed it didn't change even after the time she didn't stay with Natsu's team.

"Erza where do you wanna discuss the plan?" Asked Lucy

"I don't know, maybe a quiet and desert place do you know a place like this?"

"Well, we didn't have much time to explore the city but I guess one of the gardens must be similar to what we want"

"You are probably right, didn't the mayor give you a map"

"You are right he did" pulling the map from her backpack she started to search for a nice place to plan their quest.

Gabriel who had been listening to Erza and Lucy's conversation looked at the map and pointed at a specific place "Maybe here Hime, it's a garden full of cactus and other desert plants so people will not be coming to bother us"

"You are right Hell-kun, people normally prefer to go to the more tropical gardens"

"Then its stele we will be going to the desert gardens" finished Erza before turning to Lisanna" would you mind waking them up we need to move"

Lisanna nodded and said to Natsu and Gray "Guys is time to wake up, we need to go to the gardens"

The boys moved a little bud didn't wake up. Lisanna tried again "Natsu Gray I made cake"

In a second the boys were up with a yell of "Where is the cake!"

"There is no cake sorry we just needed for you to wake up" smiling Lisanna said

"So there is no cake" pouted Natsu

"Natsu stop pouting already we will get cake later" said Lucy

"Promise Luce" said Natsu while using his best puppy dog eyes.

"Promise, now we need go to the desert gardens"

"Okay, hey Gray wanna make a race" eagerly said the dragon slayer

"Why not? I love to see your defeated face "smugly said the ice mage

"In your dreams" said Natsu before starting to run with Gray after him

A couples of minutes later and the group was on the desert gardens. Lucy pulled the map with the rest of the information that the mayor had given them.

"There were seven kidnappings, all of the missing are under age and five of them are under the age of twelve" started the celestial mage.

"It cannot be a coincidence, there must be something that connects the missing" said Erza looking at the pages with the information

"Maybe child slavery?" Said Lisanna

"It could be..." Pondered Erza

"We should make teams and interrogate the families of the missing children and teens" replied Gray

"I stay with Luce" happily shouted Natsu grabbing the celestial mage hand

"I will go with Natsu and Lucy" said Lisanna smiling an almost fake smile

"Then me, Gray and Happy will team up" Erza say pointing to the ice mage and the blue cat "I suppose Gabriel will stay with you Lucy?"

"Actually I haven't been in my realm in the last few days, so I if my Hime doesn't mind I will return to my home for an awhile" said Gabriel while looking at his master eyes and bowing.

"I don't mind Hell-kun but please rest and don't start to worry about me, okay"

"That I cannot promise, but I will try" with that the former demon disappeared between a smoke cloud

"Then it's settled, we will be going to the children's families and you guys will take the other families. We will get together in the afternoon to discuss what we discovered" ordered Erza leaving the gardens with her team.

Natsu looked at Lucy and Lisanna and scratching his head said "So I guess we better start then, hmm?"

"We should start with the last teen to be kidnapped... Mary Puppet, she lived with her mother and father on house near the gardens of the north, we should take only ten minutes to reach the house "Lucy suggested while looking at the pages with the information

Taking both of Lucy's and Lisanna's hands, the dragon slayer start running through the gardens, shouting "Let's go!"

Just as Lucy had said, it didn't take more than ten minutes to arrive at their destination.

In front of them was a light yellow house with a small garden on the front. The windows were open and you could see a brown haired woman shaking a carpet in one of them.

Lisanna walked in front of the window and gentle started to say "Hmm, excuse me are you Ms. Puppet?"

The woman looked at Lisanna and the others and smiled replying "Yes I'm. My apologies but I don't know you or your friends for that matter"

"We are the mages that were send to investigate the group of bandits that it's terrorizing the island" answered Lisanna

The smiley face of Ms. Puppet was replaced by a downcast look, she tried in vain to keep the tears from falling but a single one escaped her eye and rolled through her face "so your are here because of my Mary. Please come in the door is open, I'm sure you want to ask questions about that tragic day"

The group of mages followed Ms. Puppet request and entered the house. Ms. Puppet was in the leaving room next to the front door, she had what seemed like a jar with lemonade and some cookies, putting them on a table next to the couch she said "please serve your selves, I'm going to call my husband, he is in the backyard fixing some broken chairs"

As soon as Ms. Puppet left the room Lucy turned to Natsu and said "you can only eat one cookie. We are here to ask questions not to devour their food supply"

Strangely Natsu nodded and said "don't worry Luce, I will be good"

"I'm always worrying about you Natsu, you are like a walking trouble magnet" Lucy said smirking

"Hey! I'm not that bad, I'm just a little easy distractive that's all" a pouting dragon slayer said

"You know that pouting doesn't work on me so stop doing that"

"That's because you are hanging out with Gabriel too much, he is a walking ice cube, no wonder you are starting to became colder"

"I resent that! I'm not starting to became colder and Gabriel is not and ice cube, he can be very sweet when he wants to"

Not wanting to be left out Lisanna joined the conversation "Lucy I can I ask you a question?"

Focusing her attention on the younger sister of Mirajane and ignoring the still pouting dragon slayer Lucy replied "sure, what is it? '"

"Are you and Gabriel an item?" innocently asked Lisanna

"Wait... What? Me and Gabriel? Of course not, we are just friends that's all" franticly answered the celestial mage.

"Really? It's just that yesterday you were very closed during the poker game"

"That was just a strategy to keep you guys distracted"

"But still you didn't seemed to be doing it against your will, you looked almost natural"

"I've been practicing my acting skill for a while now, so I guess I'm improving in that area"

Pretending she didn't heard Lucy reply, Lisanna continued "plus he is very protective of you, and doesn't he sleeps in your house'"

"Yes that's true, but we are not a couple, me and him are just best friends nothing more nothing less"

"But th…"

Before she could continue with her little interrogation, Natsu cut Lisanna of saying "we are here to interrogate the family not each other, plus Ms. Puppet is walking to here right now, I can smell her scent getting closer. So if you want to play twenty questions with each other please do another time"

The two girls nodded and Lisanna murmur a weak 'sorry'.

Unknown to them the fire slayer was burning with rage inside, he had been able to keep his cool for most of the day, hell he even had been trying to be polite and to not rush things like he always does. But the way Lisanna talked about Gabriel and Lucy, made him want to punch something and the worst was that once again he didn't know a hundred percent why.

Luckily for him, Ms. Puppet and Mr. Puppet arrived before the conversation could proceed.

"So Ms. and Mr. Puppet could you please tell us what exactly happened the day your daughter disappeared?" Lucy asked

Mr. Puppet took a deep breath and started "Well it was just another Sunday afternoon, nothing weird or suspicious had happened during the morning. We were at the Rose garden, my Mary loved to smell the roses while she was painting, she loved to paint you know" sniffling a little Mr. Puppet carry on "all of a sudden a very bright light made us blind, a strange shadow appeared from the light and grabbed my daughter hand, me and my wife tried to stop him, but we were also being restrained, as the light dimed so the strangers and my daughter disappeared"

"Could you describe us the shadow or the others thugs" questioned Lisanna

"We couldn't see the shadow, only that he was very tall. But the others who restrain us, were very paled and strong, their faces were covered by a white mask and we could only see their eyes, they were both yellow" replied Ms. Puppet

"Did they say anything?" this time it was Natsu who asked the question, Lucy was writing something on her notepad while paying attention to the answers of the father and the mother.

"Yes, we heard one of the thugs whispering to the other 'another pure, she will help keep door open' we don't know what could significate but maybe you can understand it better than us" Mr. Puppet said

Lucy stopped writing on her notepad and said in a quiet voice "This is the last question, your daughter was 16 wasn't it? Do you know if she was still a virgin?"

"I don't know how things work in your town, but in here 16 years old girls are certainly virgins!" an almost upset Mr. Puppet said

"I'm sorry to question your daughter virginity, but it may be important for the investigation and I just wanted to be sure" politely said Lucy.

"I also apologize for my behavior I'm just a stress out with this situation, I haven't see my Mary in almost four days I just want you to find my baby girl that's all" a slightly calm Mr. Puppet said

"I understand, if you don't mind we will leave now, we still need to interrogate more families" saying that Lucy closed her notepad and got up from the couch. Lisanna and Natsu said goodbye to the family and joined Lucy outside.

When they were out of the Puppet's house Lisanna asked Lucy "why did you asked the last question?"

"I have theory for the kidnaps but I need to get more information" replied Lucy

"Then I guess we need to finish the interrogations" Natsu said while looking at the concentration on the celestial mage's face

"I guess so"


After interrogating all the families the group of mages exchange their discoveries. It looked as if all the attack happened on the gardens and all the attacks happened in the same way. A bright light and the strange shadow. Just like Mary all the other teens were virgin, Lucy reached a conclusion. "I think who however is behind this story is trying to perform some kind of magic that needs virgins"

"I think you are right Lucy but for what purpose, I don't know any magic that needs that kind of ingredients" replied Erza

"Me either" said Gray

"I don't think I have ever heard of a spell that needed that type of condition" answered Lisanna

"Ignel never told me something about that" Natsu said while frowning, he didn't like it when he didn't know the cause of the problems

Just then Gabriel appeared in a flash of smoke and said "I think I may know what is behind this tragic problem"

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The things are starting to get difficult for Natsu and the others, what will happen to them?

See in the next chapter, chapter 13 – The story of the Fallen One

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