Silver desert


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Chapter 13 - The story of the Fallen One (A/N this chapter will mostly be about the legends so if you don't like stories that don't have the fairy tale characters I'm sorry)

"What do you mean you know what the bandits are trying to do?" Shouted Gray and Natsu in unison

The celestial mage whoever felt an uneasy felling starting to show on her stomach, uncertainty she asked "Hell-kun are the bandits messing with demonic spells?"

Immediately the others caught their tongues, playing with demonic things was never a good thing, it usually meant that somebody was trying to conquer the world or exterminate some civilization.

Gabriel inhale some air and with a serious voice said "if what I think they are trying to do is right, they are trying to open a portal"

"A portal to where?" Inquired Lisanna while grabbing Natsu's hand who seemed to be too focused on the talking to make any kind of movement.

"To the demon realm" replied Gabriel

"But why would they want to do that?" Asked Erza

"Hime remember when I was teaching you the story of my people?"

"Yes Gabriel why?" Still feeling uneasily the celestial mage replied

"Remember the story about the nine brothers and their quest?"

"Yeah I remember, they were ordered by their father to kill Satan but they could never find him because he was hidden in the ... Oh my god you don't it's one of them do you" said Lucy with a haunted look on her face

The former demon smiled a forced smile "I'm afraid so, the shiny light, the virgins the mysterious person it looks like it's one of the brothers trying to enter the demon realm"

"But I thought the Fallen One had casted a curse on all the entrees to Hell so only demons could enter but especially to repel any angel or divine creature to enter"

"Unfortunately they are certain ways to overlook the curse"

Before Gabriel and Lucy could continue with their conversation, Erza interfered "Would you mind telling us all about the Fallen One and the nine brothers, and why was Lucy so scared?" She didn't like it when the enemy was trying to do things she didn't understand.

"Of course but we should go to somewhere quieter and where spied cannot listen to our talk" replied the former demon looking around the garden trying to find any signs of an unwelcome company.

"Then I guess we should go to the hotel, we can cast a privacy spell on the walls so nobody can listen to our conversation" wisely said Natsu

"You know if this wasn't a very tense situation a would joke with the fact that you can think" said Gray

"Shut up" was the only replied Natsu could think of

"Even if it's strange, Natsu is right we should go to our hotel" said Erza starting to walk away, followed by the rest of the group


When they arrived at the hotel room, the former demon asked to close the blinds and the door. After that Erza and Lisanna casted a privacy spell around the room, while Lucy and Gabriel summoned 4 "blind" shadows. The shadows melted into the walls and Lucy explained to the others, that this way the shadows would be able to observed the surroundings better.

Gabriel also summoned 3 "heartless", he order them to go outside and to look for possible spies. The room seemed to be hear and eye prof.

"So now that we are definitely secured, mind telling us what's going on?" asked Gray impatiently while setting together with the others on the ground.

"Yeah Luce why were you so agitated, don't worry we will kick the bandits but no problem" beamed the dragon slayer while siting with Lisanna between his legs, she had said that she was not comfortable laying against the wooden table so Natsu offered that she rested on him. He was thinking his shoulder but oh well…

"Aye when they see Erza's face they will run with their tails between their legs" the blue cat say laying on Lucy's lap, ever since he and Natsu brought her to fairy tail, Happy had felt at peace with the celestial mage, he would mess with her but he knew that she knew it was all a joke.

"I don't know if that was a compliment or not" said the Titania while glaring at the exceed

Trying to save Happy who had started to shake because of the murder glare the reequip mage had directed to him, Lucy said "Erza please calm down, now it's not time to full around. If my and Hell-kun's guess is correct, then there is a new problem on the horizon"

"Lucy the truth is that you and he talked but we didn't understand nothing, for all we know we may be getting preoccupied over a little guy trying to playing on the big league" dryly say Lisanna

This time it was Lucy's spirit who answered "then perhaps all of you will shut up and listen to what we need to say before you jump on conclusions, don't you think?" the malicious tone on the former demon voice, showed he didn't like how Lisanna had talk to his master.

The dragon slayer felt his childhood friend tense when Lucy's spirit talked, so on instinct he pulled Lisanna close to himself and growled "watch how you talk, I don't like when my friends get hurt"

"I also don't like when someone is being disrespectable with my Hime, you should know that Dragnel" replied Gabriel while glaring menacingly at the fire mage

Lucy who was next to Gabriel, grab his shoulder and gently said "calm down Gabriel, she didn't meant to hurt me, she is just concerned like all of us. So please let's just tell them what we know for now okay?"

The former demon transformed into his half demon half human form, pulling Lucy between his legs and encircling her with his tails, he nuzzled her neck hand said "Hime always knows what is best" looking at Happy on Lucy's lap he carry on "Little one my tails aren't bothering you are they"

The exceed look at Natsu and saw his furious look, he was about to say yes when Lucy started to petting him, sending a 'I'm sorry look' towards the fire mage he said "no… not at all"

Natsu for is part, only gave the exceed a look that clearly said 'you sold out'

Seeing the more than obvious tension that was on, Erza tried to change topics "then Lucy would you mind starting to tell us what you know?"

"Of course not. What I and Gabriel were talking about, was that there was once a group of brothers that were trying to enter Hell to kill the Fallen One"

"And who the Hell is the Fallen One!" asked Natsu

"The Fallen One is the demon you humans know as Satan or devil or Lucifer" answered Gabriel

"But wouldn't it be okay if he died?" replied Gray

"Not quiet, it would only bring trouble for my kind and yours"

"How so?" asked Erza

This time it was Lucy who answered "think about it, if the ruler of hell dies what would you think would happen?"

"There would be one less evil around, Lucy did Gabriel make you a demon worshiper or something" replied Lisanna

"No Lisanna he didn't. And instead of having one problem solved we would have a thousand to solve" taking a deep breath the celestial mage squeezed one of Gabriel's tails affectionately and continued "I understand that it may be difficult to understand why, but please heard this story and perhaps you will understand my point of view"

Looking around and seeing that all of them were silenced and waiting to hear the story, Lucy touched Gabriel's hand and said "if you don't mind, you know it better then I do"

Gabriel only nodded to his master and say turning to the others "the story I'm about to tell you is a legend told by all the demons to their children, so as to the choice of our ruler maybe known till the end of time. This is the legend of The Fallen One." Taking a deep breath the former demon started speaking with an almost whispering voice as his fingers just barely touched the shoulders of the celestial mage:

"In the time where humans and magic were a word that was not yet been given a purpose, the world was a place for the above ones and for the below ones.

The last ones were also known as the demons, creatures that leaved in the underground and that breath and lived to cause chaos and destruction. That was at least what god had said about them.

The above ones also known as angels were the race that had the most power on the world and above. Their father was god and he like all fathers, explained them how to behave like him and consequently how to hate the below ones.

That lesson was passed has the most important rule to obey when being an angel. Angels would teach their children what their supreme father had said, and for centuries things happened in a very strict traditional way.

But one day god decided that he wanted yet another child, so instead of waiting for his others children to give him a new grandson he himself created a new life.

He was born on a sunny day and god himself cleared the sky so every single creature in the world knew that a new angel had been born. God named him Lucifer and with his powers created a little bed for him on the right side of his throne.

With time Lucifer grow up into a very smart and joyful angel. In his early years he had demonstrate that he could fly and transform little seeds into trees with just his touch. God became very proud of the little angel and just like when he was a baby, Lucifer spend his days reading and learning with his father while sitting on the right side of his throne.

One day the young angel came across a book with a giant wolf with seven tails and wings that appeared to be slaughtering the little angels that were there. Curious Lucifer asked his father about the strange creature and God putting his son on his lap said "that my child is a demon, there are creatures who are part animal part evil, they only live to destroy and to kill, the job of my children is to rid the world from their race"

"Is it my purpose to exterminate their existence then? What have they done to deserve that fate?"

"Lucifer as my son you must live as told you to so remember child you maybe dear to me but don't think that I will not punish you if you go against my commands" strongly said god

"Yes father"

When he was sixteen years old, Lucifer was known all around the world as God's right hand. Follow his father's wishes, the young angel hunt Demons without mercy not ever giving them a chance to redeem themselves. For like his father had told him demons were nothing but soulless bodies who walked the earth only to kill.

They were nothing like the angels, they were not beautiful nor were they smart, how could they? They didn't have a soul. They were beings who didn't deserve to reach heavens the fact that they could reproduced was the only way that they had that made them different then a rock.

That was the thought that plague Lucifer mind for years. One day whoever the now young adult angel was searching for a horde of fox demons when he heard the sound of someone crying, walking to the source of the noise, he found a small baby on the middle of meadow.

Getting a closer look at the baby Lucifer gasped, the baby had fox hears and fox tails, he even had 3 whiskers on each side of his face. How was that possible, had and angel committed bestiality with one of the female demons? He could not believe one of his brothers had betrayed his father like that! Before he could move whoever a clawed hand touched his neck then a quiet but wrathful voice was heard "I suggest you move away from my baby or else I would have to kill you"

Turning around Lucifer was not prepared for what he saw. The voice belonged to a woman with fox hears and four tails just like the baby, the only difference was that the woman only had two whisker marks. Amazed Lucifer asked "what are you?"

The woman only glared at him "you don't know the name of the race you hunt? I'm a demon fox"

Lucifer only looked at the woman like she had grown two heads "but you can't be! Demons aren't similar to angels, father said they were part animal part evil"

"Then I guess your father is wrong we are very similar to you and your brothers, we only turned into our animal forms when your kind attack us"

"But why would he lied to me, to us, father is good, father is wise"

"Your father God is just an arrogant full who wants to rule the world"

"But he already rules it "

"Not completely. God may have the sky but as long as my race lives he will not rule the world"

"But why would he order us to kill your race, why not live as equals?"

"That I can't tell you, for I don't hold the answer to your father's choices"

"What about now, what will I do now?"

"I cannot tell you what you have to do only that you must choose with your mind and heart and not your father's"

By now Lucifer had walked away from the baby, the mother had stopped trying to slash his neck and instead went to grab her son in her arms.

Lucifer not knowing what else to do asked "why not hide from my father's wrath? Why not go underground?"

"Because we may be killers on your race's eyes but we still want what's best for our children, would you preferred to live in a place full of lost souls and fire or in the open between the trees and the flowers?"

Lucifer staid quiet he obviously knew the answer and yet it was like if he said it out loud, he would be going against his own father.

Noticing his state, the demon mother only sighed a small sigh "I see you refuse to speak the truth, maybe one day you will be able to say it without feeling you are betraying you kindred"

Just then a scream erupted through the skies follow by what seemed like an explosion. Red clouds covered the sky and smoke painted the ground.

Lucifer knew what those sounds meant and immediately grabbed the hand of the demon mother pulling her against his chest, but when he was about to open his wings a hand stopped him.

"There is another thing you need to learn about my kind. And that's we never turn our backs on our friends and family"

"But you will die if you go now! My brothers and I were send to kill all of your clan! You will cease to exist what will happen to your baby?"

The mother just smile a true smile and gently kissed her baby in her arms, then she gave the baby to Lucifer and with a voice almost cracking she said "I'm trusting my baby girl to you son of god, take it as your last chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of my people."

"But why? You don't know anything about me, I could easily kill your daughter the second you give it to me "

"And yet you didn't. Don't try and be someone you are not young angel, you may have wings and no tail but your heart isn't as cold as the other from above"

Before Lucifer could say anything the mother transformed into a giant fox, turning her head to the battle she let out a powerful howl and with that disappeared in the trees. The wind carried the last sentence she mutter 'may my daughter Sapphira help you find your answers angel and may the skies open the day you truly born'

Lucifer could only stare at the carefree look the little baby had, after retreating his thoughts, the young angel opened his wings and took off in the sky trying to fly the most far away from the battle possible.

He found a cave and in there made a small bed with some leafs and his tonic for the baby, he soon saw that the baby had fallen asleep and that when she woke up, she would probably be hungry so he started to get up the thought of founding some sort of food in mind. But the moment he got up the baby start shivering, taking notice of this Lucifer closed his eyes and with his hands created a blanket made of fire, it wouldn't hurt Sapphira for Lucifer didn't made the fire violent.

This was another thing that made Lucifer different from his brothers, unlike them who could only control one type of element the young angel could control every single elemental to almost perfection. Whoever it was the fire element that made him the most comfortable, he was so good at it that he could control not only the temperature but also the damage it inflicted to others. His father had said it was his way of saying that his son was special a truly mark of perfection, the shield and sword of heavens.

Lucifer didn't know what to think anymore, he honestly was just trying to understand what was true and what was not.

Hours passed by and finally Lucifer returned to the cave with a bottle of milk in one hand and a bag full of books and clothes on the other. On his way of finding food, he had made a return to the fox camp.

The now desert camp was filled with corpses of demon foxes, what he would brush of in the past like it was nothing, made him now clutch his chest in hopes to prevent the contents which were trying to came out. It wasn't the blood or the missing members

As he walked through the slaughter he found out what he was looking for, the library. It wasn't a big one in fact it was the size of a normal bedroom, inside the angel looked for books or scrolls on how to take care of fox demon, after sometime he gathered the books he thought were the most important. Some were about the story of the foxes, others about the changes during the life of the foxes, some about the styles of fighting the foxes used, the he kept in his small pocket whoever was the one with the title 'early years'.

Searching around he also found a couple of clothes and other utensils he would later return to grab.

As he was feeding the small baby, the young angel couldn't help but be pulled to smile. He felt incredibly at peace in that moment, there was no tests he had to pass, no things he had to excel, just the quiet and comfort of the small cave.

He knew he had to leave in the morning but in that instant Lucifer put all the questions and all the problems to the side and just focused on the tiny sound the baby girl would make as she drank her milk 'fate sure as a way with things, don't worry Sapphira I will keep my promise'

When the morning came, Lucifer got up and gently put Sapphira on the small bed. With his powers he created four copies of himself.

The first looked like Lucifer but he was completely made of water wit eyes the color of the sky, to him Lucifer said "you will make a pound inside the cave, because the baby will need to bath"

The second was also like his creator but he was covered in flowers and grass, his body was made of wood and his eyes were hazel, to him the angel said "you will make a forest inside this cave, you will fill it with butterflies and birds so that the baby has something to play and to see"

The third was all made of fire and his eyes were the color of the sun, looking at the replica of him Lucifer said "you will illuminate the cave while keeping it harm, for the baby shall not became sick"

The last one also looked like Lucifer whoever he was all made of stone and his eyes were black as an obsidian. To him Lucifer instructed "you will make a house for the baby to live, but first you will close all the entrees with a stone wall, when I returned I will say 'open from above' and you will open the front wall but only when I say that, for no one shall harm Sapphira"

All of the copies nodded before going to do their respective tasks. Kissing the sleeping child Lucifer left the cave preparing to return to the heavens.

When he arrived at the house of all angels he was immediately called to his father's throne. Walking inside he found his father with a thoughtful look on his face, bowing he waited for the question God was sure to ask. "My son, your bothers told me they didn't see you during the assault?"

"That's true father I was hunting a small group of foxes who thought they could escape" came the cleaver lie of Lucifer

"If the group was so small then why didn't you return earlier?"

"Because one of them bite me on the shoulder and I thought it would be best to sleep on a cave instead of flying"

"Very well then, but remember to bring someone with you next time you decide to disappear I was starting to became worried" God seemed to believe in the lie, so Lucifer nodded while sitting on the seat that was on the right side of God's throne.

Years passed and soon little Sapphira was starting to became a curious child, asking questions after questions.

Lucifer kept all of what he had learned on the last years for himself. He had told God that he felt that he should spend more time learning about the philosophic part of life instead of the war part, his father end up agreeing with him and so the now adult angel stopped going hunting and started teaching. Occasional he would have free time and during that time he would visit his little girl.

He would teach her all about her clan and her traditions, when asked why was he so different from her he would say he was just another demon from a different clan, to mask his image Lucifer made his wings became black and a single red tail appear on his back. That seemed to make Sapphira believe in him.

One day whoever his father called him. God was never different and unlike his sons and daughters he kept the same appearance trough all these years, Lucifer was also the same in fact he hadn't change since he became an adult which could only mean one thing …

"Do you know why have I called you my son?"

"No father I do not"

"Lucifer I think is time I tell you all about how angel met their soulmate"

"But why now father?"

God only looked with a hard stare at Lucifer "are you question my decisions?"

"Of course not father" said the angel in all but a whisper

"Then please reframe for seeming like to"

"Yes father"

"Now… when an angel is born is soul divides into two and a part of it travels to the body of another angel and that angel would be the first's soulmate. Whoever there are times the soul doesn't find a body of another angel in the same year the first angel was born" God paused and looked at Lucifer seeing that he was very concentrated he continue "it could take years for a soul to find a body and in those cases the first angel will stop to age, until his soulmate is born and with the same age as him"

"Father are you saying that my soulmate hasn't been born yet?"

"I don't know my son, the truth is that maybe she isn't born yet or maybe she is just a child, the point is that until you find yourself aging you must not try to pursue any kind of relationship"

"Of course father, I will do as you wish" true be told Lucifer didn't mind the order in the slightest, he didn't felt attracted for any of the female angels he knew so there was no problem in that.

"You can go now son"

"Thank you father"

More years have passed and sweet Sapphira was now a beautiful girl. She was almost an adult and Lucifer knew she needed to find a life of her own.

Through the years the angel had learned the truth about the demons. They weren't soulless creatures in fact they could laugh and smile if Sapphira was an example. They seemed to be also quite smart for he had hear rumors that the demon clans were hidden in a place were angels dare not to enter, hell.

It was a place full of fire and wandering souls who were sent there for punishment. Angels didn't dare to enter that place to it was said that in there you would lose you good side and your dark one would consume your soul making you a demon.

Lucifer didn't believed in those stories and was planning to go there with Sapphira. There was clan of foxes she could stay with. She could finally met someone like her and maybe find her mate.

It had been an unpleasant talk but one day Sapphira just bluntly asked if he was an angel, and after a lot of explaining Lucifer told her all about her mother and some of his own life. Sense that Sapphira would make him tell her all about the heavens and the other demons.

During that time, Lucifer had yet to age which meant that his soul mate had not been born or with the same age as him, well at least in aspect like.

In the back of his mind he had a small thought about the possibility of Sapphira being his soul mate, those thoughts were kill whoever when she had call him brother three years ago. Plus in a small amount of time she would be gone from his life.

She would be with her kind, with demons like her who could understand her, who she could relate to, and maybe she will find her own soul mate within their own kind. That thought brought an unknown feeling to enter the angel's eyes, an evil and bad feeling.

Like always, Lucifer brushed of the feeling to the side. Entering the cave he shouted the young maiden name and in seconds was tackled to the ground by a half transformed demon fox. One thing Lucifer had to admit in the years that passed by the beauty of Sapphira and only grow. Her hair was black with a single line of red going form her right eye to the back of her torso. Her eyes were a light brown but when in her full transformation they became red. Talking about her transformation she had six tails all of them the color of gold with the tip being red, her fur was also gold. She had a slender figure and a small blush on her check for since Lucifer could remember.

"I can see you are excited that's good" came the always calm voice of the angel

"Why is it good? You always says it's impolite to jump on other people." said Sapphira tilting her head in a cute way

"Because that means you aren't afraid of going to a place you don't know"

"Wait… that's today! I had forget about that, are we really going to hell?" almost shouted the young demon girl

"Yes we are but only you will be staying"

"But why can't you stay with me, I need you angel-kun" confused and slightly sad said Sapphira

"Because my place is in heaven, I still have duties to preform"

"But you are always saying you hate that"

"Regardless of what I want t still have a duty, plus I will have to find my soulmate I think I'm starting to age again so that means my soulmate is waiting for me"

"But you don't even like the female angels, you say they are very full of themselves and only care about beauty and perfection. What if your soul mate was not an angel?"

"So you are saying that my soul mate is a demon and that I should go to hell to search for her is that it?"


"You seem to forget that demons don't like angels, the only reason I'm being allowed to enter hell is because I'm returning you to your home. You also seem to forget that I would probably have to search through all the clans so I would not be by your side like you are trying to be"

"But what if your soul mate was inside of my future clan?"

"And how could you be so sure about that?"

Not knowing how to respond with words, Sapphira let herself be guided by her instincts. Leaning forward she connected her lips with Lucifer's in a tender yet passion kiss. The kiss was brief for the angel broke him with an incredulous look on his face "why did you do that" he asked

"To confirm my doubts" replied the demon girl with slightly dazed look

"What doubts?" asked again Lucifer while looking directly at Sapphira's eyes

"The doubt I had if you were my mate or not"

"What made you think about that?"

"Because I always felt secure and happy when you were around also I had this strange feeling whenever you talked about the female angels your father made you know, I found later it was jealous"

"That doesn't mean we are mates"

"The fact that you only started to age when I reached adulthood is also another certain"

"Even so we can…" he was interrupted by the sound of Sapphira whimpering, "what's wrong Sapphira why are you crying?"

"because you refuse to believe the truth, is it so bad to be my mate am I not beautiful like the angels or is it because I have evil in me" the girl couldn't stop the small tears that reach her eyes from leaving.

Lucifer embraced her and with a soft voice said "you are wrong is it me that doesn't deserve you, you are not as beautiful as the angels for they are nothing compared to you. And you have no evil inside your body only love and perfection"

"Then why won't you accept and be my mate "

"Because I'm afraid that when you reunite with your clan you will find that you have a lot more to choose and that you don't want me anymore "

Sapphira kissed Lucifer again and this time the angel didn't resist and let himself go. When they parted, she said, "I promise I will not leave you for my place is with you and only you"

"Then I believe you and I to promise to never let you alone, I will protect you even if for that I must lose my own identity as an angel"

And so the two of them left the cave and went to hell. Thanks to his fire magic Lucifer gained the respect of the fox Chief and in only a month of their staying Lucifer and Sapphira married in the eyes of all the demons.

During their consummation whoever a strange thing happened, for instead of Sapphira became a half demon half angel, it was Lucifer who changed.

No longer could he have white wings, they were now black with red lined across the feathers. When transformed he had now two long black horns on top of his head and a single red fox tail on his back, his nails where now claws and his teeth were as sharped as a dagger. He could not unfortunately transform on any kind of animal.

While Lucifer was learning the ways of the demons he was also preparing for his future confront with his father.

And as he had predicted god send a single angel with an ultimatum. If Lucifer didn't returned to heaven he would no longer be considered an angel but a demon, and so if he encounter another angel he would be hunted like the demon he had become.

Lucifer answer was a wall. Using his powers, he lifted a fire wall who would burn any angel who tried to enter hell. Close to the walls was river made only by lava and cursed stones. This was his answer, he was no longer an angel nor was he a demon, he was new being, he was a devil.

Not wanting to have to see the children grow up in a place full of death, Lucifer pushed his powers to his limits and just like in the cave, he created numerous of forests who didn't need the sun to live, just the life force of Lucifer.

Seeing what he had done for them, the demons made Lucifer their king and to him offered their owns lives.

Lucifer took only a small portion of every single demon, and with that made a life tower he later named 'hells heart', because as long as the tower was alive the little paradise Lucifer had created would be intact and the demons could live in peace.

Lucifer spend a lot of his life trying to unite all the demon clans, whoever there were some that refused to live as equals. It was on that times that Lucifer showed why he was king, for he had learn to control a new element during his time in hell, the element of darkness, he had become the opposite of his father the light.

He treated the demons as if they were his own sons, and to each clan head he given a special gift as way of showing that he would always be by their side.

It has been said that after centuries of ruling Lucifer had retired with his wife to hidden place only he and her knew about, only returning occasionally to see who were the things between the different clans.

To my people he would be known not as Lucifer the son of god, but as Satan the father of demons. He was the one that had fallen not by obligation but by choice.

And thus it ends the legend of the Fallen One" Finished Gabriel.

By now, all except Lucy were looking at him as if he had grown another head. Natsu as usually was the first to say something.

"So the Devil is in fact a good guy?"

"You could say that," replied Lucy

"But demons are evil creatures you cannot deny that" argued Lisanna

"You cannot judge a race by only a couple of its population, yes there are evil demons but there are also good demons who tried to live as Lucifer had teach them to" countered Gabriel

"But Lucy, the legend said that Lucifer was hidden on a unknown place, how could the bandits find him, plus Gabriel said that hell had a barrier against unwelcome people, so why are they even trying" asked Erza

"Well there is also a legend that says that the gifts that Lucifer had given to the demon chiefs were in fact the ingredients to open a portal to hell and not any place but the hidden location of Lucifer" explained Gabriel "But if the ones looking for the gifts are the 'Nine From Above' then we may have problem"

"Who are the 'Nine From Above' ?" Asked Gray

"They are said to be the angels that God made after the departure of Satan, they are all brothers and each one has different kind of power. Legend says that God gave them the task of killing Lucifer, but the Nine could never find him mostly because of their relation with each other" answered Lucy

"How so ?" Asked Erza with a raising eyebrow

"They were always fighting and it was rare to find a time were any of them agreed with the other. Legend says they end up going in different ways, all of them convinced that alone could kill the king of hell" finished Lucy

"So you are saying that a freeking angel is now trying to find all the presents to some how open a portal to hell?" Asked a surprised ice mage

"It appears to be so, yes." Replied the former demon

"But why so they need the virgins ?" Asked Natsu while scratching his head

"There are stories about a way of breaking into demon vaults using pure blood, you basically used the blood to keep the vault portal open, but even of they open the portal they cannot enter only demons can" said Lucy while glassing around the room and resting her head on Gabriel's shoulder.

"Well whoever is their plan we need to stop it, we can think about the 'whys' later, right now we need to form a plan to rescue the missing ones" said Erza with her tone leaving no room for discussion.

"You are right, we should start by searching for their hidding place" offered Lisanna

" But how are we gonna do that ?" Asked Natsu

" Easy if they want a virgin, then they will have a virgin" said Lucy while getting up. With a look of pure determination she said without any kind of stutter or fear "I will be the bait"

Immediately a loud growl was heard, looking at the source of the sound, the celestial mage saw the face of a very enraged dragon slayer.

"OVER MY DEAD BODY YOU WILL" yell Natsu. He was furious, how could she even think about doing that!

Lucy took a deep breath and looking only at the fire mage replied "It's the only way, we cannot lose anymore time the life of others are on the line"

" But you might get hurt and none of us will be there to help you" tried to reasoned Natsu

"I will be there" replied the demon spirit

"Why are you supporting her? Aren't you supposed to be her guardian" argued Natsu

"Because I'm her spirit and so I must obey her wishes. Plus I also think that my Hime's idea is the only one who will succeed in little time."

"But she can, she will get hurt, she ..."

"Do you have so little faith in me natsu? Do you think I can't even defend myself against a couple of bandits?" Lucy let out a sigh "it doesn't matter if you can't think of a better plan, we will have to do it my way"

The group became silent as if to answer the celestial mage question. They all knew it was the only was but it didn't made things better. Finally Lisanna said "Lucy is right it's the only way, we just have to make Lucy seemed like a virgin"

"What do you mean make? Do I look like I'm not a virgin to you ?" Replied Lucy a little taken back

Trying to cover up the take over mage (A/N I think its right like this) said "I wasn't trying to say that I was just saying that maybe you should dress a little more conservative"

Lucy was going to answer but her demon spirit put a hand on her shoulder silencing her. "I would appreciate if you didn't say those kind of things about my Hime, you may not like my respond next time"

Natsu looked at Gabriel and said "I also don't like when people threatened my nakana especially my friends, so you should also be aware of the consequences, you might not be able to take the heat"

"You forget I was born in hell, your small fire cannot hurt me little slayer" mocked Gabriel

"Maybe I should show you" said Natsu while making fire cover his fists

Sensing a fight Erza pulled Natsu aside and said "I think it would be best if we stop for today. We should go outside and relax a little , maybe go eat something what do you think?" her tone as always left no room for arguing.

Immediately Happy said "Aye I want fish, can we go fishing Natsu can weeeeeeee"

"We could try and see if we find a sea food restaurant, does that sound good" replied a slightly calmer slayer, he did always had time for food

"AYE fish!"

"I'm also coming, I could eat something" said Gray

"Me too" replied Lisanna while snuggling against Natsu's shoulder

"I think I'm gonna see if any of these shops sells strawberry cake" said Erza while looking at nothing in particular

Looking at the celestial mage Natsu said "and you Luce are you coming with us?"

Lucy just looked at Natsu as if he had grown another head, finally she said "sorry I will have to pass, I think I'm going shopping it looks like I will need other cloths to attract the bandits"

Without thinking, the slayer replied "want me to go with you"

"Natsu you already said you would go with Lisanna and the others you cannot be at two places, plus Hell-kun is going with me so I will be safe"

"Oh yeah you are right" quietly replied Natsu while staring at Lucy and glassing at Lisanna

Feeling uncomfortable the celestial mage just said "well see you guys later bye" and with that left the room followed by Gabriel

Natsu just stared at the door not hearing Lisanna saying something about how this was almost a date. His legs just worked on automatic much like the rest of his body, because now he couldn't stop the weird feeling that came in his heart.


The diner had happen normally for the fire mage, he had almost killed Gray and at some point he had devoured an entire table full of food, nothing out of the ordinary. Erza had come to eat with them complaining about shopkeepers who didn't know how to bake. When she saw him and Gray almost destroying the build, she had threatened them with her swords, needless to say the slayer and the ice mage were very friendly the rest of the meal.

Lisanna had spent the entire course of the meal attached to him, it wasn't as if he was uncomfortable it was just that he was little upset with her.

It was true he had jumped without thinking and almost got into a fight with Gabriel, but it was mostly because for some reason he didn't like the spirit one bit. Maybe he was allergic to spirits? He didn't like Loke and Taurus, but he didn't mind Virgo or Plue, maybe it was something else, but he didn't want to think about that now.

The point was that his childhood friend shouldn't have said that Lucy wasn't the best example of a virgin. Natsu didn't have any doubts about that, hell he could smell it! So he was little upset about that, plus the celestial mage was probably now mad at him for not sticking up for her. And to make things worse he had once again said that she was weak, well that was what she thought he had said, but it didn't matter she was surely mad as hell at him.

The truth was that he was afraid of leaving her alone, not because she couldn't protect herself, no he knew she was strong very strong, but because he couldn't be there to protect her. He was supposed to be her partner, but lately he was starting to think he was being replaced.

They hadn't been together in a lot of time. He didn't even sneak to her bedroom anymore. And he loved to do that, it help him feel more at peace when he was with her, even if in the morning she would kick him for sleeping with her without her permission.

Deep down he knew that she also like it when he slept with her. Natsu remembered the times she would have nightmares after her father's death or when it was close to her mother's death anniversary. During those times he would sneak in her room and watch as she quietly whimpered even when she was sleeping, and every time he would go to her side and hold her while gently petting her hair, and as always she would slowly stop her cries and gently sleep.

He would leave in the morning without her knowing, but every time she would smile to him and say thanks for being he friend. He had thought in the first times it was coincidence but he now knew she had known about his deeds all along.

But now he didn't even know if she was having nightmares or not! And he hate himself for it, so without really knowing what he was doing, the dragon slayer got up from his bed and slowly left his room succeeding in not waking up the ice mage nor Happy.

Walking along the hallway he found the door of Lucy's room, hearing he could only hear one heartbeat meaning that Gabriel had probably went to his realm. Opening the door he slowly as to not make any kind of sound close it and tiptoeing went to the right side of the celestial mage bed, who was currently empty.

Laying on top of the covers he slowly breath in the sweet and soothing scent that Lucy naturally had. Closing his eyes the dragon slayer let himself fall into complete bliss even if in the morning he would probably be chomped to death by the celestial mage. Right now he didn't really give a damn about that…

And it's done. It's not my favorite chapter but it had to be done.

Hope you like it and please review, if you have any ideas for the story please tell me I would love to hear them.

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