Silver desert

chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – the ambush and the angel

The sun was just starting to appear on the sky while at the same time the moon was slowly beginning to fade.

Gabriel has just returned from his realm when he was presented with a very strange picture, his master was comfortably sleeping next to Natsu, her hand was resting on top of Natsu's arm. This was possible because the dragon slayer was in fact spooning the celestial mage, he had one arm circling her waist keeping her from moving, his head was buried on her neck and he had a content and relax look on his face.

It looked honestly like the normal way couples would sleep, but Gabriel knew it was far from it, his master may be a gentle soul but he knew she would have to take some time before trusting completely on the fire mage. Therefore, the obvious conclusion was that Natsu had probably snick in her bed during the night.

The former demon was now pondering two options for his next action.

On one hand, he could easily grab the fire mage and beat him to a pulp for trying to take advantage of his dear mage, hell the noise would probably wake up Lucy, who would with no doubt kick the little salamander butt. The demon spirit let out a chuckle, he wouldn't mind see that happening.

On the other hand, he could just let things transpired naturally, with the dragon slayer no doubt getting his ass kicked by Lucy… However, Gabriel knew that Natsu would never take advantage of Lucy, and for what he had seen in the celestial mage memories it was not strange for this situation to happen in the past. The only problem was that it had stopped happening for almost 3 months now, most likely because of Natsu and the others forgetting about Lucy. Therefore, if his master found Natsu in that position, the dragon slayer would sink deeper in the sand.

So against his best judgment, Gabriel walked to Natsu's side and with enough force to only wake him up and not Lucy shook him. "Wake up little slayer is time for you to return to your cave" but the fire mage only made a weird sound that looked like a small growl and grabbed Lucy tightly. It was obvious the dragon slayer didn't want to wake up.

Gabriel was starting to get a little frustrated mostly because his demon side was screaming at him to just let the bastard of a slayer suffer at the hands of his dear Hime. He was just about to let that side win when suddenly a thought came through his head… 'If doesn't want to wake up, at least he would be doing something productive' with a mischievous smile the former demon summon a shadow, ordering it to grab the legs of the fire mage while he took the shoulders. With a lot of carful and silence the two of them took Natsu out of Lucy's bed.

Gabriel then stop for a moment to think of a place to take the fire mage, deciding the garden next to the hotel was a perfect place, he and his shadow took off.

When they arrived, the shadow and Gabriel let Natsu laying against a tree, seeing that his master didn't need him anymore the shadow bowed before disappearing.

Looking around and making sure they were alone, Gabriel start chanting a verse he knew like the palm of his hand

"If your heart says a thing

And your head says another

I know a way to bring

Peace between each other

Just close your eyes

Your dreams know what to do

They know what's best

And they will show you"

This was just a simple spell that he had once learn while living with his Bear teacher, it basically worked as a dream maze. The person who was under the spell would be force to choose between two things, it could be between his own death or saving a friend, it could be between committing a sin or living a life full of misery, it all depended on what the caster of the spell wanted to do. In this case, Gabriel was forcing Natsu to see which one Lucy or Lisanna did the fire slayer truly wanted by his side.

The demon spirit was not making the fire mage choose Lucy, no that was impossible not even a demon magic could change a heart choice must less a dragon's heart choice, no he was simply giving a push. If Natsu liked Lisanna instead of Lucy that Gabriel could finally start to help his master find a new knight or on this case a dragon to guard her heart. However if the fire mage truly loved Lucy then Gabriel would have to make sure that the two of them lived happily for the rest of their lives. Even if to that, happen the two of them had to be apart for some time.

Looking at the face of the fire slayer, Gabriel saw the symbol of sleep (which was just a grey spiral with golden clouds hanging around it) on his head, with a last look to see if someone was nearby the former demon prince let out a sigh and left the fire mage alone, this was a quest he would have to take alone.

Before however he left a small note on top of the fire mage's torso, it would be bad if he thought that he had gone to the future or something.

The fire mage groggily started to open his eyes, he felt just like someone had punch him with a ten foot hammer on his head, with a small whine he grabbed the pillow who was under him and smashed his head against it hoping that it somehow would make the pain go away.

Immediately the scent of roses and honey rushed through his nostrils. Being now aware that this was not his bed, the dragon slayer slowly lift the pillow. Looking up he only saw a white ceiling with a drawing of an orange dragon (A/N sorry I think if Natsu's was a dragon he would be orange and not pink) and a light blue phoenix. The two mythical creatures were laying together with the dragon cuddling the phoenix with his tail.

Frowning at the thought that he didn't know where he was, the fire mage started to get up only for a hand to grab his arm and a sweet voice he knew too well reach his hears "Natsu come back it's too early to get up"

Looking at the direction the voice came, Natsu came to view with a vision he was not prepare to see. Next to him covered by what it seems to be their bed sheets, was older version of his childhood friend Lisanna. Her hair was little longer and her face show a little of maturity but he could still see his friend. She was smiling a tiny smile and the hand who was at his arm slowly travel to his chest, getting a little nervous the fire mage only blushed and with an amazing speed got of the bed.

Lisanna only tilted her head to the side and said "what's wrong Natsu?"

The blushing mage could only stutter "what a-are…. you do-doing we cannot do-oo that "

The takeover mage only look at Natsu as if he had grown another pair of heads "what do you mean, last time I checked this is what married couples do "

"Wait… what…" 'Married? I'm married with Lisanna, is this some kind of dream' thought Natsu looking at the now distressed face of Lisanna the fire mage decided to just play along and see if he could find what was going on

"Sorry I was just a little confused, I had a strange dream and I guess I thought I was still dreaming" giving his best happy smile the dragon slayer grinned while scratching his head

"That's okay I guess, so do you want to get back to sleep?" a now relieved Lisanna said with a tone Natsu thought he had a slight sensual touch in it

Making up an excused the fire mage quickly said, "Maybe another time, that dream left me a little agitated I think I'm going for a walk on the forest and perhaps a little training"

Letting out a sigh, the takeover mage said, "Okay then but remember you have to be at the guild at midday it's Master Laxus birthday today"

"Don't worry I will be there" not quite hearing the dragon slayer jumped the window.

After a minute, a thought came to his head 'wait Laxus is the new master? Where in Mavis world am I? This must be an alternative future or something, but how the hell did I get here' passing through the streets Natsu could see that the city was pretty much the same with only new cafes and shops here and there.

Finally reaching the forest the dragon slayer walked to the side of a small lake, it was the same lake he sometimes went to think and to just relax, he was glad it still existed. Looking at his reflection the fire mage could only gasped.

His hair was a little shorter barely reaching his hears, he now had a small trimmed beard that run through his chin. His eyes were a little darker and for some reason he had a fucking hearing on his right hear. At least his clothes were the same albeit a little darker than before, he was also at least a foot tall and his body was also more build. Natsu wasn't displeased with his adult self, maybe just the hearing and the … 'where is my scarf!' thought Natsu looking at his bare neck. 'Maybe I left him in mine and Lisanna's house' it was possible he was so focused on getting out of there he could have forget to put it on while he was dressing himself.

"I will just have to ask Lisanna for it," deciding it was best to train fire mage starting scratching.

The sun was almost at its highest peak when the dragon slayer stopped deciding he should go take a shower before going to the guild, Natsu started to run. Arriving at his house the fire mage noticed his wife wasn't at home, grabbing a couple of clothes he jump on the shower.

A couple of minutes later and he was ready to go to the guild, remembering his scarf Natsu started looking for it, not finding it he determined that Lisanna had probably take it with her to the guild. 'she must have noticed that I had forgot it' walking out the bedroom he saw that the decoration of what it seemed the whole house was mostly light colors like blue or dirty white, 'I must have let Lisanna choose the house, it screams her name all around it.' Entering the living room, he saw small paintings of different kinds of birds and a couple of photos on top of the fire place.

Getting closer to it, the dragon slayer saw a picture of his marriage with Lisanna, they were in the forest and the priest who was Makarov was smiling at the two while signaling or Wendy to bring the rings. The next one was a picture of Lisanna grabbing and S-class mission on her hand and pointing at Natsu and the rest of the team. There was also one with just the two of them dressed as Santa Claus and Mother Claus. The final one was the most recently and it was one with the whole guild, they were all smiling it looked like a perfect shot the only problem was 'where is Lucy?' The dragon slayer couldn't find the celestial mage in any photo and it was starting to worrying him. Deciding he needed answers, Natsu bolted in the direction of the guild.

When he arrived at the guild he saw that it had been slightly changed, it appeared to be recently build a slight chuckle came through his mouth "maybe I put the whole place on fire again" garbing the doors the fire mage entered. Looking around he spotted Lisanna's scent next to the bar with Erza, Mira and Levy, but he could not detect the scent of Lucy anywhere. Walking next to the girls, he was greeted with a kiss on the mouth courtesy of his wife. The kiss was sweet and gentle, grabbing her hips the dragon slayer tilted his head to the side feeling the taste of his wife.

A cough of Erza however stopped the act. "if you don't mind I would appreciated if you stop that"

Letting of Lisanna the fire mage just mumble a little 'sorry', he had gotten carried away and it was not time for that. Looking at Lisanna, he asked "do you have my scarf?"

"What are you talking about Natsu? It's been years since you had the scarf, remember that when I told you that it was starting to get old and that maybe it was time to putting it on a box and you said yes" said a now confused Lisanna

'What but a promised to never stop wearing it, how come that happened' making up an excuse Natsu said "I know that, I was talking about a new one I bought, must have loose it or something"

"Don't worry Natsu it's no big deal, I think you look better without a scarf on" said Lisanna while hugging the fire mage

Changing the topic Natsu asked "do you know where Lucy is?" he was hoping she was just on a mission or something

This time was Mira who answered "she is still on the spirit realm learning how to make her magic stronger, you know that since she left fairy tail 3 years ago, Lucy has been trying to became stronger"

With those words Natsu felt his heart breaking into tiny pieces ' she was gone, but why'

"Actually Mira-chan, I receive a message from Lu-chan saying that she finally completed her training and that her and Sting where thinking on getting married" said Levy while pressing her fingers

And his heart just became a pile of dust 'Lucy married to Sting, but why'. The dragon slayer was staring at Levy with a look of pure astonish on his face, before he could say something however the appearance of Cana beat him to it "it's about damn time! I thought she would never accept his proposal, but I guess her heart his finally healed"

Next it was Lisanna who spoke "I'm also happy for them, when me and Natsu started dating I felt a little bad for her, I knew she had feelings for him, but I cannot lie I was also relived to know that Natsu had choose me"

"We know Lisanna and that's why we didn't went against her idea of leaving fairy tail, we knew it was for the best" said Erza with a sad smile, it was obvious she missed Lucy

'So she left because of me' that was the only thought that occupied the slayers head during the rest of the day. He had seen how is friends were now that they were older. He had learned that almost every one of them was married and Levy and Gajell were even waiting for their first child, Happy was also living with Carla and Wendy now for some reason, he had even started a fight with Gray but that lonely thought never left his mind.

The party had gone all day, for it was almost midnight when he and Lisanna said goodbye to their friends.

The walk back to their house was soundless one, the streets were almost desert and the only light were the shiny stars that painted the moonless night sky. Lisanna was obvious to the unsettle look that Natsu had, and without a care in the world the young mage just snuggled against her husband's right arm, hugging him while letting out a content sigh "today sure passed fast don't you think Natsu-kun"

But Natsu could only look at the stars as if they had the answer to the question he didn't even know he had asked, "yeah sure if you say so…"

Finally noticing her husband's weird behavior Lisanna turned her head, looking at him she asked "is something wrong love, you have been awful not yourself today are you sick?"

Trying once again to ease her worries and to not make himself look like an insane person, the fire mage replied, "there is nothing wrong with me Lisanna, I guess I must be tired from the last mission, don't worry tomorrow I'll feel better"

Lisanna just furrowed her eyebrows "but I thought the mission you took yesterday was just a simple retrieval mission, you didn't even arrived drained or hurt, did something happened in Argeon?"

Using the circumstance that the town where the mission took place was in fact the town where he had first met Lucy, Natsu just lied "no, nothing happened there, I guess it's just sort of made me remember Lucy, I missed her she was a great friend"

Believing the lie the takeover mage hugged Natsu with a little more strength "I know you do, but you have to understand that she doesn't want to be with us anymore, it was her choice and we must respect that." They had arrived at their house but before Lisanna opened the door she said "plus she has moved on, so maybe it's time you move too"

" What do you mean Lisanna, are you saying I should forget about Luce?" For some reason the fire mage didn't like to where this talk was heading

"I'm just saying that maybe it's time you stop thinking about the past, and he know I don't like when you call her that. You must really be sick if you are trying to make me mad" entering the house the takeover mage just took a deep breath while saying "I'm going to bed, when you clear your thoughts feel free to join me "

With that Lisanna walked the stairs leaving Natsu alone next to the now closed entrance door.

The dragon slayer could only stare at his supposedly wife with a look of pure disbelief. Was that how things worked? Did he became a leached dog, who did everything she wanted?

He had thought that the scarf was his a joke but now he knew it was not, she really did made him lose it. To Natsu it felt as if someone had ripped him a part of his identity, the very thing that made him, himself.

He couldn't understand how did things and up that way, for he didn't want to believe that Lisanna would make him change his very being.

' I guess I was wrong. But still I married her so I must really love her, I mean it wasn't as if she manipulated me to marry her' in the back of his head, his dragon side was trashing around like a furious beast, it appears he didn't like to be caged, after all that part of him was a dragon and no dragon wants to lose their freedom. ' I guess I learned how to live with it, to be loved you must lose some of your freedom, that's what the guys used to tell me... They usually said that when they where drunk, but still...'

Before is trail of thought could continued Lisanna' voice was heard " Natsu are you coming to bed or not ?"

Deciding it would be best if he did want she wanted, the fire mage could only start to climbing the stairs while murmuring " yes Lisanna I'm coming"

When Natsu arrived at his and Lisanna's room, he carefully walked to the bathroom they had and changed to is pajama. Then he just as quiet and gentle moved inside the bedroom until he reached out he bed. Climbing on it, he covered himself while looking at the ceiling.

Lisanna shifted her body to side, grabbing Natsu's arm and snuggling against it. "do you feel better love?"

Turning his head, the fire mage whispered while looking at Lisanna "yes ...hmm love"

"Then lest go to sleep, tomorrow we have to go on mission, this house won't pay for itself. Goodnight my love" and with that the takeover closed her eyes

"Goodnight..." Came the quiet whisper of the fire mage, drifting to sleep the mage could only hope to learn how to love this new life with Lisanna 'Without Luce'

The sun made its way inside the bedroom sliding through the little cracks on the window, and ultimately waking up the fire mage, who could only force his eyes to remain shut while trying to move his body to the other side. The last task proved to be impossible because he had body on top of him.

'Lisanna probably moved during the night' concluded the fire slayer. 'Lisanna' moved closer to Natsu, burying her head on his neck and sighing contently. Her arms were wrapped along his torso and her legs were resting between his owns.

For some reason the fire mage felt compelled in stroking her hair 'it must be my dragon side kicking in' letting his instincts take over, Natsu moved his right hand until he felt the top of 'Lisanna' head and started petting her hair.

After some time the fire mage became a little confused 'I don't remember Lisanna having a long hair' just then his object of affection made cute noise that almost sounded like a purr. 'That's not Lisanna's voice, it looks like Lucy's, wants going on?' Smelling the air the fire slayer was immediately overwhelmed by the scent that he knew only belonged to Lucy ' vanilla and cinnamon with a lightly touch of strawberries' thought Natsu while unconsciously moving his head next to Lucy's and taking a big whiff.

His suspicions were confirmed when he heard his celestial friend speak with a soft voice "Natsu please just a couple of more minutes, I'm still tired from yesterday's mission"

Opening his eyes the dragon slayer came to face with the angelic face of Lucy. Her eyes were only half open and her lips were pressed in a small pout. Natsu could honestly say that he has never seen something so cute in his entire life. With a small nod he murmur "as you wish Luce"

The celestial mage closed her eyes and once again buried her head against Natsu's head, this time however she moved one of her hands from his torso and rested it on his chest, drawing small circles.

The fire mage felt himself relax against her touch and a part of him wanted nothing but to remain this way for the rest of his life. But the part of him who knew this wasn't supposed to be happening began to question this whole situation. ' what it's happening with me, I thought I was married with Lisanna? Maybe somehow I end up going into another future? If that's the case then I guess in this one I'm with Lucy. I guess I should just see how are things around here, and then think of a way to return to the present. For now I should just pretend' with that thought in mind the dragon slayer felt himself return to his previous activity of petting his partner's hair.

After awhile Lucy began to stir which meant that she was slowly waking up. Stopping her movements, the celestial mage started to lift herself from the bed. Natsu follow suit, rubbing his eyes to keep himself from falling asleep again.

Lucy grabbed a couple of clothes from the drawers, with a small smile she turned to the dragon slayer " I'm going to take a shower do you mind making the bed?"

The way she asked made the dragon slayer grinned, "of course Luce, when you finish with your shower let me know so I can take mine"

"I will, I don't worry today I will make your favorite, fire chicken with orange juice"

"You are the best Luce" said Natsu while hugging the celestial mage, he loved Lucy's cooking especially when she did chicken.

Lucy only smiled seeing the happy face of the fire mage, leaning towards him she lightly brushed her lips with his in a sweet kiss.

When she pulled apart, she kissed his cheek and with a giggle left the bedroom.

The fire dragon was now supporting a blush on each side of his cheek. Shaking his head, Natsu started making the bed.

After the two mage had their showers and breakfast, they decided that watching a movie would be good, after all as Natsu had learned it that today they didn't had any mission to do, so they could just relax.

As they were watching the film, Natsu couldn't help but noticed the pictures that were on the wall. The first one was a picture of their wedding day. Just like with Lisanna they had married in the forest, but unlike his wedding with the takeover mage there wasn't anyone missing, everyone they knew was there and they seemed happy for them.

Moving to the other picture, he saw that it was only him and Lucy and they were on top a mountain. He had some sort of map on his hand and Lucy was pointing to the horizon. That were probably on a mission.

The next one was a picture of all the guild while they were on the beach what made him slight confused was the fact that Lisanna seemed to be glaring at him and Lucy. Next to her was a guy he didn't know and he assumed it was her boyfriend or something.

Before he could see another picture Lucy got from the couch "Natsu it's getting close to midday do you want to eat in the guild or do you want me to make us something?"

While he did love Lucy's cooking, the fire mage was a little curious about how were things at the guild so with a grin he said "you have already done breakfast, so I think we should go to the guild, I feel like going there plus I know you like to discuss books with Levy so I think it would be best if we went there"

"You just want to start a fight with Gray" replied the celestial mage with a knowing look on her face

"I don't start fights with stripper, I start beatings. A fight it's when two people are evenly matched, that Popsicle has nothing on me" answered smugly Natsu

"Arrogant much"

"Just being truthful"

"if you keep that up your head will be bigger that this house"

"You know you love me" without realizing the fire mage had said something he wasn't prepared to know the answer

"yeah I do…" said Lucy while kissing Natsu lightly on the lips. Seeing him with a dazed look on his face the celestial only smile while walking out of the house "stop being weird and get your ass out of the house salamander"

Getting out of his daze, Natsu replied, "You are the weird one Luce" following Lucy outside, the fire mage saw something he couldn't believe. "We live in the forest?" it came out as a whisper but Lucy could still hear him.

"Did you forget we moved to this house last year when we got married, you were always saying that you missed the times when you lived with Ignel on the forest, so I agree with you that a house on the forest would be a perfect way for us to have what we both wanted"

"You let me decide?"

"Of course silly, we are a married couple it's supposed to be partnership, we must live in harmony not in stress. Are you alright Natsu did you bang your head on a rock or something"

Getting over his strange reaction the fire mage only nodded "I'm good, I just like when you tell me about our past"

"If you say so… lets go before master Laxus starts eating I swear you dragon slayer can eat the same as 20 people"

"What can I say we like food! Still can believe that sparky is the new master …"

"Well since he got together with Cana he has been a lot more … normal I guess"

"You mean not like a sugar high Pikatchu?"

"You know you shouldn't say things like that"

"Why not? You always told me that I shouldn't lie"

"Oh just forget it! Come on lest go" with that Lucy started walking in the direction of the guild a somewhat pissed of look on her face

"Oi Luce, don't be mad! I was just joking!" said Natsu before running after his wife things sure were never boring.

When the fire mage arrived at the guild, Lucy was already seated on one of the bar stools chatting with Mira and Levy, Erza was next to them but she was eating a strawberry cake. Walking to their side, Natsu took the seat next to Lucy. "I said I was sorry, can you please stop being mad at me"

"I'm not mad at you Natsu" came the honest replied from the celestial mage

"Then why didn't you wait for me?"

"Oh that, you know I love to see you worried it means you care" said Lucy with a smirk on her face

"That's not nice" said Natsu with child pout on his face "you are a meanie Luce I don't want to play with you anymore"

"But we always play together you promise me that" replied Lucy joining Natsu in his little game

"Well I don't wanna play with a meanie, I'm gonna find another person to play the princess and the dragon"

"Then I'm going to play the spirit and the princess with Loke. He is always saying he wants to play with me"

Knowing that they were joking but still not liking the way she said it, Natsu quickly grabbed Lucy bridal style and with growl said, "but I'm a dragon and dragons don't share there treasures, maybe I should show you how does a dragon takes care of his treasure". With that and almost possessed by his inner dragon, Natsu starts walking out of the guild.

Lucy starts kicking him but she doesn't applies much force so he doesn't move. Cana who was drinking a beer with Laxus says "don't forget to use protection I don't think I'm ready to take care of a mini Natsu running around the guild"

"Be gentle with bunny Girl Natsu, you guys have a mission tomorrow so don't stay up late. And don't burn the entire forest while doing it" said Laxus with a superior look on his face

Before Natsu, left the guild there was a loud yell of "SHUT UP SPARKY"

Walking around town with Lucy still on his arms, Natsu spotted Happy with Carla enjoying a fish together. Hiding behind a flower shop the dragon slayer put Lucy on the floor, but before she could start yelling at him, he put a hand on her mouth and whisper. "You can yell later, now look at that" pointing at the two exceeds he said "don't you think we should make sure their date is perfect"

"You just want to spy them, but I'm in it's about damn time I have something against that blue cat" said Lucy with a wicked smile on her face

So they end up stalking the two lovers for the rest of the day. Lucy had even pulled a camera from god know where and started taking pictures of Happy's and Carla's shy behavior. The celestial mage keep murmuring something around the lines of 'black mail pussycat' and 'payback is a bitch not a cat'

When the two of them finished their date, Happy decided to take Carla home, so Natsu and Lucy stopped stalking them, also going home. It was already night so Lucy prepared something quick for them to eat so they could go to bed.

Natsu was laying on the bed when Lucy got of the bathroom, he had already taken his bath and washed the dishes so now he was just waiting for Lucy to join him so he could go to sleep. Lucy lay her head on to of Natsu's chest and let his arms circling her, with a happy moan she said, "You don't need to be stress about tomorrow. I trust you Natsu, so I don't mind you going on a mission with Lisanna"

Of course, Natsu didn't know anything about that, he was just tense because he was afraid Lucy saw him blushing because of their position, thankfully they had turn of the lights. Not wanting to found out he said "you really don't mind?"

"Of course not, I know where your feelings stand, I know you love me but she was and still is an important part of your life so I couldn't ever force you to choose between my love and her friendship"

Hugging his wife against his chest, the fire mage kissed the top of her head "you really are the best Lucy"

"And that's why you love me right?" said Lucy while slowly falling asleep. Before she completely close her eyes she heard a soft whisper "that and more Luce"

Waking up Natsu felt the smell of grass entering his nose. Opening his eyes he saw that he wasn't with Lucy nor was he inside a house for that matter. Looking around he saw that he was on one of the Emerald island gardens, which meant he was back to the present. Getting up he saw a small paper falling from his chest grabbing it he read its contents:

"Hope you had fun in your dreams little slayer… I thought that a little spell wouldn't hurt you.

Before you start burning the paper, you must know that I was the one who found you in bed with my Hime, so don't even try to make a mess, or I will tell not only to Lucy but Erza too about your little escape.

Calmer are we? Then let me explain this spell. I basically force your subconscious to dream about the future, if I'm correct then you dream about Lisanna and my Hime, well I hope you saw which future do you like because I will not permit that you hurt my Hime's feelings anymore Natsu, so you must choose which one do you want to be with. Or else I will stop being the spirit and start being the demon… got it? Then I guess all I can say is good morning or in this case afternoon, don't worry I told the others you were gone for training so if they ask you have an excuse, now hurry up it must be almost time for our plan to start"

"So it was all just a dream? Them how come it felt so real?" whispered the dragon slayer, the e remembered "not just a dream a future dream, so I guess it can still happened it all depends on which one I choose…" looking at the sky the fire mage took a deep breath.

Seeing the dream he had with Lisanna and the dream he had with Lucy the choice was obvious, even if he loved Lisanna, Natsu now knew that the love he felt for the celestial mage was by far bigger. He guessed that he must have mistaken friendship with love and in the end, he thought he loved Lisanna when in reality his heart had chosen Lucy to be his other half.

He knew that he had to make things right, starting to canceling his date with Lisanna, even if he would hurt her, the fire mage could not let Lucy escape from his arms again. Knowing it would take some time for the two of them to be truly friends like they were and maybe more, the young slayer let out a sigh . "Even if takes the rest of my life I will find a way to earn your forgiveness and that's a promise Luce"

With that, the dragon slayer took off running, the smell of vanilla and cinnamons guiding him.

"It's about time you arrive flame breath, did you get lost on your way here ?" taunted Gray

But the fire mage just ignore him, looking at Erza he asked "where is Lucy?"

The Titania noticed the difference in her friends behavior but let it slide "she is getting ready for the ambush, she is in her room with Virgo and Aries"

"Okay. Then could you please tell me how are we going to do this?" replied Natsu with a neutral face, he knew the first thing he should do was let Lucy do this mission, he knew he couldn't protect her by make it seemed he thought she was weak

"Of course, we are going to follow Lucy as she walks in one of the streets where the attacks happened. If she gets into contact with the kidnapers then we are going to let them show us the way to their hiding and then we are going to disable them"

"That's seems like a good plan, is Lucy taking her keys with her?"

This time Gabriel answered "only mine as to not make it suspicious"

"I understand. Are we going to form pairs to follow Lucy?"

"Yes we are, you are going to stay with Lisanna while I stay with Gray," replied Erza

"I guess I don't have any more questions" turning his look to Lisanna the fire mage said "Lisanna would you mind coming with me to my room?"

Immediately the face of the takeover mage lit up "of course not Natsu"

Before Gray could make some sort of nasty comment, a glare from Erza was send in his direction end with anything the ice mage may or may not have said.

In Natsu's room Lisanna was watching Natsu as he carefully shut the door, turning to her the fire mage said "Lisanna we need to talk"

"About what Natsu'" asked Lisanna with a smile on her face

"About our date"

"Don't worry Natsu, I have everything planned you don't need to think of anything"

"That's the thing Lisanna I'm cancelling the date" said the fire mage with a monotone look on his face

"But why Natsu?" came the almost broken voice of Lisanna

"Because I realize that the feelings I have for you are only friendship and nothing more"

"But what about the kiss?"

"If I remember correctly it was you who kiss me and not the other way around, but that reminds me of something, I thought I had ask you to keep things quiet, but instead of respecting my whishes you went straight to your sister"

"How do you know about that?"

"You should know that news run fast in the guild. However, that's not the point, the point is that even before we start dating you were lying to me, Lisanna I don't want to live a romance based on lies"

"I'm sorry Natsu please let me…"

"No I'm the one who needs to say sorry, because I feel like I made you believe I loved you. The truth is that my heart belongs to someone else Lisanna and I don't think I will ever be able to love another"

"Who is she …" came the dark voice of Lisanna

"Why do you want to know?" replied Natsu with a preoccupied look on his face

"Who is she …"

"I don't think it makes any dife…"

"Is it Lucy?"

"Yes…"-answered Natsu given in

"I see … could you at least tell what does she have that I don't?"

"No Lisanna I'm not going to do that, I'm sorry but you'll just have to live with it"

"Then I guess Natsu, me and Lucy will never be able to be friends again, from this day on we are rivals" said Lisanna while supporting a look of pure hatred when saying the celestial mage's name.

She was about to leave the room when a hand caught her wrist. "Lisanna I don't care what you will do to me but remember this, you hurt Lucy and I promise I will show you what happens when you steal from a dragon" the look that Natsu had was a look of pure bestiality, he resemble a dragon when furious

Without saying a word, the takeover mage only free herself from Natsu's hold and left the room.

Natsu let out a long and tired sigh, things couldn't have gone worse. Exiting his room he had another stop to make before the plan started.

A knock on the door was heard, Lucy was just finishing up the last touches on her cosplay, her spirits had left minutes ago so she was alone on her bedroom, moving to the door she opened, what she saw was something she wasn't expecting to see. "Natsu what are you doing in here?"

"Could I please come in and have a talk with you?"

"If this is about the mission you can forg…"

"I promise I didn't came here for that, now can I please come in'"

Looking at the honest and sincere look on the fire slayer's face Lucy gestured for him to enter before closing the door. "Then what do you want Natsu ?"

"I just want to say I'm sorry for the way I behave Lucy. I know you are really mad at me and that just a sorry won't be enough but still I beg you to given another chance, to prove to you that I can be the friend you need" he didn't know how could he said those things, he wasn't the most smart with words but he always thought that words that came from the heart were better that any poem

Lucy could only stare at the way Natsu looked right now, he looked like a wounded dragon vulnerable and afraid. She knew he wasn't lying and a big part of her wanted nothing more than to go to his side and embrace him in hopes to make him smile. But the other part of her knew that it wouldn't be that easy and the two of them would take some time before going back to the way they were. "I forgive you Natsu, but I cannot say we are in the same stair we once were. You have hurt me and my heart needs time to heal"

"Then I will make sure we climb the stairs together Luce, I will give you the space you need but I won't ever leave, not again"

"That's all I ask Natsu"

Changing the topic the dragon slayer said "Lucy I know you can do this mission, I trust you and don't worry if anything happens I will be by your side before you can say fire" the smile he had was enough for Lucy to forget the part of her who wanted space, walking next to the fire mage, she hugged him while letting out a couple of tears.

Natsu only hugged her back reminiscing the amazing feeling that was being this close to Lucy. Too soon, she parted away saying that it was time for the mission. He could only grin hopping that she didn't see the lonely tear that escape from his eye.

The streets were almost empty and the fog from the sea was starting to cover the entire island. That plus the dark natural colors of the night were enough to provoke a chilling that run through the celestial mage spine. She was walking dressing in a long baby blue dress that stop at her ankles on top of it she had an white jacket that covered all her torso. She had white sandals and a single silver bracelet, all in all she looked like a normal girl going home. She only hoped that the kidnapers would take the bait.

While walking she would sometimes look at her shadow, to the outside world she looked to be only distracting herself be the truth was that she was watching Gabriel. Shadow transformation he had called this technique, he had just transformed into her shadow blending in with the environment, it would be too dangerous if she had his key with her, they could be caught.

Just then, a sound similar to the wind was heard in the matter of seconds a bright light made Lucy lose her vision, when she open her eyes again she came to face with a creature she could only put in the divine category.

He was taller that her, by at least to heads, he was build looking almost like one of those Greek heroes she had heard in legends. His hair was long and tied into a low ponytail the color of it being pure black. He had his chest exposed only wearing some kind of white lose pants, on his right side he had a tattoo of giant stone mountain with the number 3 engraved on the middle, if Lucy had any doubts about who this creature was the moment his white wings came through its back and his voice was heard, any doubts were chartered. "My name it's Telbur and you miss Lucy will be the key to my success"

Going into defense mode Lucy quickly replied, "How do you know my name"

"I have my ways… but I must say I'm very happy with these turn of events I was waiting for you to be alone so I could approach you, but I guess you thought that coming after me would be wise. It's a shame your friends couldn't came with you, I was really itching for a battle"

'Good he doesn't know about the others' thought Lucy before replying "why do you need me for?"

"Well you see I need to open a door, and I heard you had many keys so I thought that maybe you could help me opening the door" Telbur's voice was low almost hypnotizing

"What if I say no?" Lucy knew she needed to go with him but she was going to make this seemed believable

"I don't think you have a choice in the matter my dear, you see I'm a very busy angel, and I need this door open today so if you don't mind" in a second he had Lucy on his shoulder "we are going to make a trip, don't worry I'm not going to make you fall" with that he was of in the sky.

Lucy's shadow transformed into Gabriel in a moment he was surrounded by the rest of the team. Looking at them he spoke with a serious voice "we must move now I can sense my master's magic so I'm going to take us where Telbur is heading"

"Then let's go I promise Lucy I would protect her and I'm not going to break my promise" said Natsu while pushing fire into his legs to make himself faster.

"I agree with Natsu " a transformed in her Black Wing Armor Erza said, thanks to this armor she would be able to move faster and to fly even if for just small distances at a time

"I guess we are going to kick some angels ass, I'm in" said Gray while climb on top of Gabriel who was now transformed in his wolf form

Lisanna just nodded her head and transformed in her Animal Soul: Wings. Happy fly until he was next to Natsu and said "Aye we will rescue Lucy"

With that the team took off, Gabriel's nose following his master scent and magic

Lucy found herself being drop gently on cold floor probably because of the sea waves that were almost touching the entrance of the cave, immediately a woman came and tied her arms and legs with a chain made of sand, she was also an angel or something like that for she had small wings on her back.

When finished the looked at Telbur and bowed "it's done master, and the others are ready for your orders"

"Then it seems it's time to open the portal my sweet Vall" with a shake of his hand a figure entirely made of sand appeared and lift Lucy from the ground "we must hurry we haven't be able to find any more pure blood and I'm afraid these girls won't last much longer, the portal won't stay open for long"

A feeling of relieved washed trough Lucy, 'the girls are still alive that's good'. Looking around she saw they were going deeper into the cave and for some time all she could see was darkness. Then a small light began to appear and the soft cries from the girls Telbur had kidnaped was heard, finally stopping the celestial mage saw a vision she would most likely never forget.

There was a big door made of moving lava, yes moving lava. The door was barely open and not even her hand would be able to pass through the open. The thing that made the mage almost vomit was the fact that chained to giant bolder made of earth were the missing girls. Each and every single one of them was naked as the day they were born, strange tubes were draining their blood and moving it to a strange circle that was drawn next to the door. Lucy conclude that it must be the spell Telbur was using to open the door.

"Don't worry dear Lucy you aren't going to end up like them, no I have other plans for you" came the disturbing voice of Telbur. Gesturing for the five guards that were in the cave the angel said "it's time for us to complete the ritual please someone bring me the dagger made of white gold"

One of the guards moved forward the dagger in his hand "here you have master Telbur"

Taking the dagger in his hand Telbur made the sand figure drop Lucy on the floor, walking to her side the angel cut her biddings but with only an arm, he kept her from moving.

"you see Lucy, what I want you to do is very simple you just need to open that door and to enter it, when you reach inside I just want for you to grab a small black and red chest and bring him to me then I promise I will let you and the others go"

"I'm not that easy to fool" said Lucy trying to get herself free

"I'm afraid that you don't have another choice" with that said Telbur walked with Lucy still in his arm to the door. When he arrived he took the dagger and said "praebe mihi faciam stellas sanguine;et omnes qui ex, ius ostium aperire" (A/N this means: with the blood of the starts I make my offer. May the key that opens everything, open the right door; or in Portuguese: com o sangue das estrelas eu faço a minha oferta; que a chave que tudo abre, abra a porta certa)

Just as he was about to cut Lucy's palm a shouted of "Fire Dragon's Roar" was heard through all the cave following it was a fire that made the sand figure melt. The rest of team Natsu came into the cavern their signature spells ready to be unleashed.

Telbur only let out a cruel laugh " I knew they would find you my dear Lucy , but unfortunately they will have to wait before they can get reunited with you" lifting his head the angel murmur " may the earth be my sword and shield, with the power my father give it to me I Telbur the third will make you shake with fear for I am the lord of the earth"

Suddenly the earth started to move and a wall of rock made its way between natsu and the others and Telbur and Lucy.

"If you don't my dear Vall could you please go with the others and take care of the intruders I need to finish the ritual"

"of course, master you wish is my command" with that Vall gestured for the others guards to attack.

They were all a mixture between an angel and a sand doll, immediately Gabriel who was still on his wolf form said to Gray " they are halfies humans that Telbur transformed into part angels, they aren't as strong as an angel but they are still strong, the woman must be an actual angel not as strong as Telbur but we shouldn't take her lightly"

"Okay I'm going to tell the others, are going to transform back?"

"No I want them to think I just some kind of exceed "

"As you wish" said Gray while making a spear with his ice and preparing to launching it against one of the guardians. The guardian just use one of his wings to defend himself.

"Damn they are strong you weren't kidding"

Just then one of the guardians was thrown against the rock wall courtesy of Erza "they are strong but they are not invincible, I mean they are partially made of sand which means they don't like water nor fire"

" you are right Erza" said Gray as he shouted " ice-Make: Ice Impact" making a giant hammer made of ice Gray let it drop on top of two of the guardians crushing them on the floor

Looking to his side he saw natsu performing the Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade on the woman Telbur called Vall. He also saw Lisanna fighting a guardian using her harpy form. Just then Gabriel came rushing trough his side his two tails grabbing a guardian and lift him above the ground.

He was about to go and help him when a movement from under his ice hammer made him stop. The guardians had somehow survive the impact and they now had two swords made of sand in each hand. " I guess it's time to step up my game: ice-Make: Ice arrows"

On the other side of the fight Natsu was starting to lose his patience.

"Why won't you stay down!" Yelled the fire mage before shouting "Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang" and atacking Vall

The angel defended herself by creating a shild made of stone "as long as my master wishes for me to be alive I will remain by his side"

"Don't you think that a little too much?" Blocking a sand spear and shooting a fire roar natsu asked

"My only purpose in life it's to serve him" sending a rock spear to Natsu the dragon slayer and little to no time to defend before being thrown against the cave wall by a wave of earth. Just as a spear was madding it's way to him a shadow grabbed him and pulled him out of the way.

"Natsu if we kill Telbur we will kill the others for they are his puppets" shouted Gabriel while transforming into his half demon form and summoning five 'Unbreakables' the demon spirit pointed at the rock wall "go and tried to melt the rock with your magic you are the only one may be able to do it"

"I'm one my way, and Gabriel... Thanks for protecting Lucy for me" said the fire mage running with his fist on fire and preparing to strike the wall with them

"Your welcome little slayer" whispered Gabriel before starting to fight Vall

On the other side of the wall, Lucy was current trying to get herself free. Thanks to Telbur grabbing her hands she couldn't perform any kind of shadow magic which made it almost impossible for her to escape.

"I know that kind of magic any where, so my dear why didn't you tell me that one of your friends was a demon?" Said Telbur while smirking a wicked smirk

"You didn't ask" replied Lucy with a smug loom on her face

"You are right I guess I should be more attentive then" grabbing the dagger tightly in his hand and moving it to rest on Lucy's palm the angel asked "do you mind screaming for me?"

Before the celestial mage could question the angel a jolt of pain rushed through her veins letting out a piercing scream Lucy looked at her hands and saw that they were both socked in blood, her blood. Watching it drip on the floor the celestial mage felt herself being pushed against the lava doors, trying in vane to escape she heard Telbur say " I don't forget its the black and red chest and be quick the doors won't stay open for to long" with that she was thrown inside the lava doors who were now opened.

She really hated to be used as a key...

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