Silver desert

chapter 15

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Chapter 15 - fire rage


"You are right I guess I should be more attentive then" grabbing the dagger tightly in his hand and moving it to rest on Lucy's palm the angel asked "do you mind screaming for me?"

Before the celestial mage could question the angel a jolt of pain rushed through her veins letting out a piercing scream Lucy looked at her hands and saw that they were both soaked in blood, her blood. Watching it drip on the floor the celestial mage felt herself being pushed against the lava doors, trying in vain to escape she heard Telbur say " I don't forget it's the black and red chest and be quick the doors won't stay open for too long" with that she was thrown inside the lava doors who were now opened.

She really hated to be used as a key...


Running with all his might the fire slayer dodge the sand blasts that were being thrown it to his direction courtesy of Telbur's sand minions. However, Natsu didn't dare to stop, not even to retaliate, because he knew that right know Lucy was more important. 'Now and always' thought the dragon slayer before looking to the front and seeing the enormous sand wall become closer and closer.

Just as he was about to reach it, a painful scream broke the battle tune. A cry of agony and pain but a cry from a voice Natsu knew too well. "LUCY!" yelled an enraged dragon slayer, using all his strength he shouted "Fire Dragon's Sword Horn"immediately Natsu lighted his entire body ablaze and with high speed blasted the sand wall.

The crack that started to appear on made the dragon slayer try harder and with more strength. Thanks to his amazing hearing the fire mage could hear the conversation that was happening on the other side of the wall even with all the noise from the battle and his own blows.

'please be alright Lucy just a little longer I'm coming i promise'


After being pushed by Telbur, the celestial mage felt like someone had turn the heat on, a hundred times to much. Opening slowly her eyes she saw what could only be described as a volcano chamber of some sort. The walls were the color of lava and on them were drawings of volcanoes and oceans, in the middle of the room was a drawing of what Lucy conclude to be a gorilla demon some kind and a mermaid cuddling together while seating on a rock by the sea. The demon was supporting his hand on the back of his head and if you look closely you could see that inside of his hand was an engaged ring. If it wasn't for the clearly stressful circumstances Lucy would stop and admire the painting.

In the middle of the pile of gold was a wooden table,on its legs were crafting's of different kinds of fishes and sea plants, the wood was painted in grey and all the crafts were painted in different tons of gray. What caught Lucy's attention however was the things that were on top of it. A simple black chest with red flames on it and a letter that rested on the right side of the chest. 'found it' thought the celestial mage before walking to the table.

Sensing some kind of mysterious force pulling her, the young mage grabbed the letter and started reading its contents:

To whoever is reading this letter, my name is Vulcon of the gorilla clan. You may not know this but if you are reading this letter then I am dead. I did not had the easiest life in the world, however I wouldn't change it even a little bit for it brought me to my love. My only regret was not having the strength to break the curse that was cast on me when I was first banished from my clan, because of that I wasn't able to be a father nor was I able to truly feel like I did a good job as a perfect mate for I didn't gave her a son to care and to love.

Moreover I didn't had someone to pass the responsibility of protecting the 'Red Moon', so I had to make this chamber to keep the jewel from getting in unwanted hands.

The jewel I'm talking about is one of the nine jewels of path given to all the first superior clan's chief by the only ruler of all hell, Lucifer. It was his way of saying that he trust us to keep peace in hell when he had to retire to his palace, he had given us a part of his life as a present. And I mean it literally when I say part of his life, for the nine jewels are the keys of the portal who guides us to Lucifer's palace in the land of nowhere. Only when the nine are together will the portal open, so we each superior clan, the gorillas, the lions, the bears, the tigers, the turtles, the wild boars, the wolfs, the serpents and the eagles, have the duty to protect the jewels from getting in the hands of the above ones.

As you can see stranger this isn't very easy to do when you don't have anyone you trust to protect it.

If you are a demon who betrayed our kind for a couple of gold coins then I curse you with the most agonizing death that the nine circles of hell have to offer together.

But if by any chance you are a 'start walker' that was forced to enter my chamber to grab the jewel for the above ones then I beg you to be brave and to protect the jewel from them.

Inside the small chest that is next to this letter is the 'Red Moon' but also a red and orange key that I have no doubt you will know how to use. His name is Klaus and he was one of my most trustworthy generals, he was strong but with a clear head. I know that he will be very helpful in your future journey if you decide to protect the jewel.

If you accept my proposal then just summon Klaus and say these words: I was ordered by the silver gorilla to protect the bloody moon. You Klaus prince of fire and lava are by now ordered by your mighty lord to serve me as my shield and sword. May the volcanoes be fair in their judgement.

He will know if you are lying or not.

Goodbye stranger the destiny of demons and humans are on your hands, choose well and may Lucifer be merciful and a guide on your journey if you choose to pursue this quest.

I Vulcon seventh ruler of the mighty gorilla clan , master of lava and war lord wish you stranger all the luck the starts can give you for no matter the path you choose this moment you will need it.

Finishing reading the letter Lucy put it back on the table carefully. Turning to the chest she open it.

Gasping the young celestial mage lift the small jewel. It was an oval stone not bigger than a baby's hand, it had a blood ton to it with small darker red spots, all in all it looked like a red moon 'since the name red moo I guess' thought Lucy.

Just like Vulcon had there was also a small red and orange key. The red covered all the key but the orange came as a spiral going from the top to the bottom, 'Just like hot lava' thought Lucy. Taking a deep breath she drew the key in her while focusing her magic and said "I was ordered by the silver gorilla to protect the bloody moon. You Klaus prince of fire and lava are by now ordered by your mighty lord to serve me as my shield and sword. May the volcanoes be fair in their judgement."

Just as the the last word left Lucy's lips a bright orange light covered the room. Seconds passed before a tall figured could be seen appearing.

Klaus was as tall as Elfman, Lucy concluded. He had black short spiky hair with stripes of orange, his eyes were green and he had three red piercings on each ear. He only had a pair of orange pants on him which left his broad and chiseled torso exposed to the eye. On his arms were golden combat bracelets and on back was a hammer the size of Lucy strapped along his back with a ledder belt (A/N I don't know what to you call that sorry). He didn't had any kind of tattoos on his body only a scar that went from his heart to his neck. All in all he was a scary looking demon. When the orange light disappeared the now named demon Klaus spoke with a smooth and grave voice " I can see in your eyes that you speak the truth so I commit myself to your cause may your enemies be crushed by my hammer or burned and melted by my hands"

" Thank you for believing in me" said Lucy " My name is Lucy I already know yours Klaus so I guess we will skip the introductions. Right now I need your help to protect the 'Red Moon'"

" Lady Lucy only needs to tell me who is trying to get it and I promise I will crush them or die trying" came the serious reply from Klaus

"His name is Telbur and he is a angel one of the nine especial sons of god"

"I know who you are talking about in my time we knew him by the name of sand storm for he was able to control sand like it was a part of his body it wont be easy but I will at least try to make him bleed"

" I have my friends with me so we will only need to break a wall of sand that is between me and them to be able to get out of here" said Lucy while they thinking in a way to destroy the earth wall

"If it is something that needs to become dust that you don't need to worry lady Lucy because my hammer is ready to make your wish come truth"

"Then I trust you just as much as you trust me " came the reply of the celestial mage

Klaus was about to say something in the lines of ' nor even an son of god will make my fearless crumble' when a strange but at the same time familiar smell entered his nose. " my lady where you by any chance in contact with another demon spirit?"

Lucy just tilted her head to the side and said " don't you already know that ? Don't you have all my memories?"

" I'm afraid bot my lady, we didn't do that kind of summon but I guess you already did that with a demon spirit if you have that knowledge"

" As a matter of fact I did, he is a wolf spirit by the name of Gabriel"

"Hmm I see... Gabriel from the wolfs clan, son of Lupor the master of shadows. I have heard of him and his unfair predicament. I will be an honor and a pleasure to fight along his side"

"I'm sure he will too... But Klaus we can't lose anymore time we need to get out of here"

" You are most certainly right my lady, I guess we need to put this door down" contemplated the gorilla spirit while looking at the chamber's door

" we don't need to so that" grabbing a small golden knife that was on the pile, Lucy cut her palm " my blood let me in and my blood will let me out" touching the door with her bloody hand, she started to slowly put pressure on it, the then started to open.

" Hmm there will be plenty of things to destroy so my hunger for blood and destruction will be satisfied" seeing that the door was open enough for them to get out, the demon spirit lift his master on his back and with his hands took his hammer of his sheath. " hold on thigh my lad things are going to get wild" with that he pushed the door open with his feet and with a yell of "FOR LUCIFER" jumped with a celestial mage grabbing for dear life while trying not to scream bloody murder.

With Natsu

Seeing that he he couldn't smell the scent of his partner made the dragon slayer more furious than ever. The only good thing that came from a furious beast was that his attacks were stronger, the wall was about to fall down just one more punch " Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist" with all his strength and rage on the attack the wall of sand lost the one side battle, falling on the ground and reveling the silhouette of Telbur.

Not caring for a plan the dragon slayer just run in his direction, a fist of fire and a look of pure rage on him.

"TELBUR YOU WILL PAY" came the growl of Natsu

But the son of god only smirked while calmly saying " and it's you who will make me pay, don't put yourself in higher places little boy you are just a verm compared to me" summoning three sand beasts he continued " I wish we could play a little but I'm afraid that the time for playing will need to wait a certain friend of yours is about to give my present" with that the sand monsters were ordered to attack and with a roar the dragon slayer saw himself being surrounded.

"You will not hurt her! I will protect her!" With being said the dragon slayer started a furious assault on the sand monsters.

Fire kicks and punches were seen everywhere, shouts of hot and burning spells were cast and less than a quarter of a hour the monster's were defeated.

Or so a certain dragon slayer thought. Looking at the loose body parts of the now almost burned to the crisp monsters natsu had to try really hard not to gasp. They were latching together and crating a bigger monster.

The sand giant had four arms, two legs and a head with two horns. On is back was a spear tail and if this wasn't alarming on each arm he had a weapon. A sword, a spear, an axe and a shield. The beast roared before sending a ball of sand from his mouth to Natsu.

The dragon slayer was caught of guard and so was almost hit spot on. Thankfully he dodge on the last second and the sand ball only hit his arm. Grabbing his arm in slightly pain, Natsu grunted before shouting 'Fire Dragon's Roar' immediately a large quantity of flames came from his mouth to giant beast.

The beast used his shield to deflect the flames but even with it he was pushed almost to a kneeling form because of the power behind it.

As the beast and Natsu keep fighting, a certain angel was staring at the massive door which was slowly opening.

Licking his lips Telbur started the rub his palms together while murmuring "the time is now the smarter and strongest son of god will be crowned today"

Then with an almost maniacal laugh he said "Come little mage your work is done I can feel the power of the stone, come to see your prize"

He was about to say more when I roar was heard "PRIZE I WILL GIVE YOU A PRIZE" just then a wave of lava stormed out of the chamber.

Telbur was quick to dodge it but he didn't have such luck with the flying hammer that came next. The hammer hit him on the left side of his chest, efficiently sending him a couple of steps back.

The hammer just like a boomerang went backwards after hitting his target. It was grabbed by a strong and big hand and for the first time Telbur and everyone who was on the cave saw what had caused the lava wave.

Lucy was glaring at Telbur while getting of Klaus's back.

The gorilla spirit just grunted while examining his hammer. Suddenly he let out a heavy sigh " My lady told me I would be fighting a angel not a weakling. I'm most disappointed"

The angel looked at Klaus like he was something from another planet then he started to chuckle "your stupidity amuses me I will give you that. But I afraid I will have to end your existence just because you thought that you were stronger than me"

"Bring it on fly" said Klaus while smirking and letting his hammer be covered by lava.

Lucy grabbed him before he could jump into the fight however " be careful Klaus I'm going to help the others try to stay alive until the others and I come to help you"

"you wound me my lady, you don't think I will be victorious in this battle? I guess I will have to show I'm wordy of being in your presence"

"I'm not doubting your strength its just that telbur doesn't play by the rules"

" Neither do I don't you forget Lady Lucy that I'm a demon" smirking Klaus jumped to Telbur's side while trying to hit him with his hammer.

Telbur just block it with his sand before sending a blast of sand to Klaus.

Lucy quickly went to the nearest battle which was Natsu's. Seeing that he was battling a giant sand monster but seeing that he was almost winning made Lucy smile for some reason. Shaking her thoughts the celestial mage grabbed the daggers she had brought from the chamber and focusing summon two shadows, a 'Wind Walker' and an 'Unbreakable'. Ordering them to go and help Natsu, Lucy took a deep breath, summoning an 'Unbreakable' took much of her energy.

Sensing that she was better the young celestial mage run to the fight, the diferents stances of the shadow dance style on her mind.

The moment the dragon slayer sense her presence he couldn't help the relief and the butterflies that started in his stomach. But that feeling was quickly substituted by the feeling of possessiveness and dread giving a powerful fire kick to the head of the monster, Natsu let the shadows fight the beast and focused his senses to find Lucy.

Well it was all for nothing because the moment he look up he saw his partner jumping with a daggers on each hand with the intent of joining the fight. 'oh hell no you won't'

Also jumping in her direction the fire mage grabbed Lucy in a somewhat bridal style hold. Then he put himself and her on the ground and with the most serious voice and face he could muster he said. "what do you think you are doing?"

The celestial mage only looked at him weirdly before saying "what do you think? I'm going to fight that monster"

"Sorry but I cannot let you do that"


Now the dragon slayer reached his peak, holding Lucy a little more securely he shouted/said " Why you ask? You just got out from Mavis knows where and you want to go fighting? I can smell your blood Lucy and I don't like it"

"Natsu you can't keep me from helping my friends" now it was Lucy's turn to yell. 'who does he think he is to ordering me around' thought the celestial mage before trying to get herself free from Natsu's hold.

"Then I guess you will have to kill me, because there is no way in hell that I will let you go"

"Stop trying to protect me!"


"Let me go!"


"I call this kidnapping"

"Don't care"

"What about the others? They need our help"

"They can take care of themselves, Erza, Gray,Lisanna and Happy are just fighting of the last of Telbur's minions and Gabriel is fighting Vall don't worry in no time they will be with us"

"But we can't just stay here and do nothing"

"watch me"

"Arg natsu stop being stupid"

"If with stupid you mean caring for your health that I'm the most stupidest guy in the world"

"What if Lisanna gets hurt don't you want to protect her" playing her last card Lucy hoped that hearing the name Lisanna, Natsu would drop her because his love was in danger

"She can protect herself the others are with her too. I'm not her knight in shiny armorer"

'I wasn't expecting that' thought Lucy "you aren't mine either remember that I'm still kind mad at you"

"I know and we will talk about that after all of this but right now you have to rest your strengths you don't have your keys and your magic is pretty drained I can feel it"


"Will you two please shut up!" came the voice of Gray, behind him were the rest of the team minus Gabriel, they were a little beat up but nothing to worry about. "Damn you look like a married couple or something"

Lucy blushed and hid herself in Natsu's chest, the dragon slayer well "shut it stripper before I make you!"

Looking at the blushing mage he could help but to smile. Gently dropping her on the ground, he asked "where is Gabriel?"

"He fooled Vall, she suddenly stopped fighting and started running in Telbur's direction" answered Erza

"He must have called her, we need to go and help them" said Lucy starting to run

Natsu knowing he wouldn't be able to stop her this time just follow her, the rest other team behind them.

When they arrived at the battle they saw Gabriel and six shadows battling Vall and Telbur battling what looked like a distant cousin of King Kong.

"WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY !" shouted gray voicing the question that was in everyone's mind

"He must have transformed" murmured Lucy

"You know that thing " asked Natsu

"Yes his name is Klaus and he is my new demon spirit, he was inside of the chamber"

"Don't you think he would be evil?" asked Erza fearing for her friends health

Natsu was about to say something similar but then remember that he should not trust Lucy so instead say "Lucy would know if he was evil, plus he is helping us so we don't have nothing to worry"

Lucy smiled a tiny smile when Natsu said those things. Her smile however dropped when Lisanna spoke " but what if she is being controlled by him , demons loved destruction and blood so maybe he is fight Telbur just because it was the first creature that he saw"

Natsu looked at Lucy and then at Lisanna, the celestial mage couldn't help but think 'here we go end good Natsu start stupid Natsu'

But then Natsu did something that shocked Lucy barely not growling he said to Lisanna "do you really think that wouldn't know if my partner was being possessed ? do you think I don't know her!"

"I didn't meant it that way I was just…"

"You we just nothing . I don't like when people disrespect my nakana even if its other nakana, so you will apologize to Lucy now "

With fake smile and crocodile tears not that anybody could see that Lisanna turned to Lucy and say, "I'm sorry I didn't meant to offend you. I was just trying to protect the team"

"I know and I forgive you" said Lucy while smiling

From nowhere came a giant black ball that collided when the wall next to them. The giant ball now identified as Klaus grunted "now that's what I call a punched"

"Klaus are you okay ?" asked Lucy

"I will live my lady but you need to move"


"Because that angel got two hands and my dear spirit partner is going on this way" rolling them to the left they barely missed the red and grey ball that hit the wall "so how is it going partner?"

"I could be worse" came the low voice of Gabriel

Lucy quickly went to his side checking if he had any injuries "are you okay what happened"

"I'm fine Hime. Well that angel Vall sensed that her master was losing the battle and so went to his side and basically sacrificed herself to give more power to Telbur"

"She must have one hell of an energy drink because the guy just got 10 times stronger" rudely said Klaus while helping Gabriel on his feet

"Do you think we can take him down ?" asked Erza

"If we attack at the same time we have a very big chance to win this" said Gabriel

"Then we must form a plan" said Lucy

Natsu however had other ideas " Gabriel you are tired from your fight please satay here and take care of Lucy "

"What are you sayin…." Started to say Lucy before Gabriel interrupted

"I can still fight but I will make a shadow to stay with her"

"But you can't…." once again she was interrupted by Natsu this time

"Thank you for agreeing with me"

"Stop talking as if I wasn't here. I can still fight so you will not make me stay in the sidelines" said a very mad Lucy

Before Gabriel or Natsu could say anything it was Klaus who spoke " my lady you should stay out of this fight, summoning Gabriel may not cost you barely anything but I'm a different and until we make the right contract it will stay that way. You also entered a demon's chamber which was made for only demons, you were able to enter but at the cost of your magic supply and if this wasn't enough I know because of Gabriel that you summon shadows. To me it's a miracle that you haven't passed out yet"

"But I fell fine really, and it isn't fair for you guys to fight and I don't"

"Lucy you did enough already please listen to them" said Erza looking at the celestial mage with a gentle face

"Yes Lucy please for once the walking torch is right so listen to him" said gray while smirking and dodging a fire ball

"Stop calling me that ice cube"

"Aye Luchi I will stay with you so you don't have to worry" said Happy flying to Lucy's side and giving her a hug

Lisanna just nodded

"Thank you guys and I guess I will stay out of this one" said Lucy while petting Happy's head

Before anyone could say more a growl was heard. The person which the growl belong to was Telbur, a very piss of and mad Telbur. Looking at the group he smile manically " you didn't have to make things easy but I appreciate, now I can kill you all at the same time" bring his hands together he shouted "Desert tempestas" (A/N it means desert storm" )

When he said that he opened his hands and from there a blast of sand got out. The blast divided it self in smaller sand hurricanes before going in the direction of Lucy and the others.

Grabbing Lucy again Natsu jumped out of the way just like the others calling Happy he said "take Lucy out of here now !"

"Aye sir" with that the exceed lifted Lucy of the ground and started flying

Lucy could only look at the rest of her team, she saw them defending themselves against the hurricanes and trying to hit Telbur with there own attacks, seeing that they were starting to look smaller that celestial mage turned to Happy "find a spot near by and land"

"But Natsu said …"

" Happy I'm begging you to do as I say, I cannot stay totally out of this. At least let me see they battling"

The exceed looked at the hopefully eyes of the celestial mage and with a sigh said "aye Luchi we can stay here"

"Thank you Happy when we get back home I will cook you a table full of fish"

"Aye thats a deal of the heavens" exclaimed Happy well happy

With the rest of team Natsu's the feelings weren't that great.

"you will beg to be killed when I'm done with you, nor even father will be able to recognize you" said Telbur before launching another attack "Arena Hastam" (A/N it means sand spear)

Opening his wings hundreds of sand spears were thrown from there to Natsu and the others.

Klaus made a a wall of lava deflecting some of them while Gray and Natsu were preparing their own attacks.

"Ice -Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance" almost two hundred ice swords were shoted in the direction of the angel

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame" a enormous fire ball cut the wind his target, Telbur

"You need to try harder little angel because my home will be drowned in water before I join your stupid father's realm" smirked Klaus

" How dare you insult father you will die now you ungrateful monster" clenching his fist Telbur deflected the coming attacks with only a murmur" deus spiritus" (A/N God's breath) a wave of what look like golden sand covered the the form of the angel and when the swords and the fire ball reach its target they were simply engulfed by it, no explosion no nothing.

"How is that possible ?" Asked a bewildered Lisanna looking at Gabriel for an answer

"We are battling one of the famous nine from above this kind of thing was to be expected"

" Then how are we going to defeat him?"

" We are going to have to kill him" said a very serious Gabriel

" But can we do anything else? Fairy tail doesn't believe in killing" said Gray he looked at Natsu waiting for his agreement but the look on the dragons slayer told him otherwise

" Sorry kid but its the only way to get rid of this guy. If it makes you feel better he will not die permanently he will only be forbidden to come to this world for some time, maybe a decade maybe more it depends on gods punishment" said klaus while looking at Telbur with an anger look 'shit this spears just keep on coming at least it looks like he was somewhat hurt by their attacks' thought the gorilla spirit

"But isn't he one of God's favorite? Would he not punish him?" Asked Erza preparing her swords

" Well he did the ordered the death of his supposedly number one son so who knows" answered Klaus

" Still it must be another way" said Lisanna

" If there is, we don't have time to think on it plus we cannot risk him go. We need to kill him and that's final" the way Natsu's voice was low and fierce spoke volumes of his intentions 'he hurt Lucy he needs to pay' thought the dragon slayer letting his beastly side take over his mind.

"Natsu is right we don't have time to think on another way, we must kill him for the sake of Fiore and the world" said Erza

Lisanna and Gray nodded their heads feeling still a little unsure but knowing there wasn't another way.

Before anyone could say more Telbur spoke with a voice so smooth it was hideous " now you anger Telbur and Telbur doesn't like to be angered he likes to be happy now how come you aren't making me happy. I know you can make me happy by ... DYING" "Apocalypse terra" (earth apocalypse)

At that moment the earth started to shake and the top of cave started to fall but instead of crunching team Natsu or even Lucy and Happy, the rocks when to rest by Telbur's side. At that moment with a slow circling of his hands Telbur made the rocks form into three giant looking warriors.

The first one had the appearance of an roman centurion with a shield and a sword.

The second looked like some sort of Viking with an axe .

The last one looked like an he belong to some kind of tribe with only a spear.

One thing that they all had in common was that their eyes were white, a clear and almost transparent white.

" Go and make them bleed all their poisonous blood" said Telbur and as he lifted his hand the warriors took of " hope you like my guardians they are used to fight in a moving environment you peasants I'm almost certain that not"

Lisanna looked at Natsu expecting to see him nauseous on the floor because of the earth moving, but instead the dragon slayer looked fine if not from the murderous looked he had on his eyes

Gabriel analyzed the warriors and with a steal voice said to the rest of the group " we need to separate in groups of two, we will fight the warriors separately, they are being controlled by Telbur so by making him having to focus on more than one battle will make him more tired and confused"

" And when we see he is starting to lose his strengths we all attack him at the same time" said the fairy queen Erza Scarlet while eying the warriors that were coming in their direction

"You took the words from my mouth" said Gabriel

" I take the ice kid over there, you can take the dragon boy and the girls can stay together" pointing at Gray offered Klaus

" I agree with your choice, then me and Natsu will the sword guy"

"we will take the one with the spear he appears to be the fastest one" said Erza while Lisanna agreed

" Then I guess we will take the axe one" conclude Gray with Klaus grunting before saying " well at are we waiting for lets fight this bastards"

With that each team took of in a different direction.

With Telbur

" It appears they want to make this more interesting. Well I guess i must also bring something new to the table" putting his hands on the floor he said "harena fluvio" (A/N sand river) a river of covered all the cave ground " lets see how fast they are now"

With Erza and Lisanna

Seeing that the ground was now covered in sand Erza looked at Lisanna " It will be difficult to move with all this sand, it will be best if you transform in something with wings"

" Got it" replied Lisanna before shouting "Animal Soul: Harpy" where was once a human girls now stood a mix between an harpy and a human.

Flying Lisanna tried to see there target " He is on our left "

" Then lest go get him to follow us to a desert area"

" I can fly to his side and making him go this way as he tries to catch me" offered the take over mage

" That's a good idea but be careful and try to bring him here" said Erza

Lisanna took of flying all the while screaming trying to get the warrior's attention

As the take over mage was doing this, Erza switched armor.

"Flight Armor" this new armored was animal like. It was cheetah printed, the outfit had a large collar around Erza's neck, a tail was hanging from the back of her shorts, both made of bushy fur, plus a pair of large cheetah's ears adorning both sides of her head. Erza had also a pair of short swords with elaborate hand-guards similar to a rapier's, shaped like rose's thorns.

Sensing the ground move more rapidly the Titania knew that Lisanna was close, as if on cue there was shouted of " Here it comes and he his angry" was heard

Before the silhouette of the take over mage and the spear warrior was seen.

" Good Lisanna now try to hurt his head it looks like his weaker side"

" Understood" with that she tried to slash the warrior with her claws but he was fast and simply moved to the side.

Moving his spear up the warrior made the sand lift of the ground in a serpent kind of way. The sand then started circling the body of the warrior like a rope not really touching him but very close to him.

Lisanna tried to strike him again on his back but the sand just deflected the attack and the warrior didn't even moved from his place.

" The sand, he is using it as a shield" said Erza also trying to strike the warrior with her swords

This time however the warrior used his spear to counter her attack. They stay like that slashing spear against sword for some time.

Erza was strong but the warrior was strong and fast and it was proving difficult to keep up with him.

As she was doing this Lisanna was trying but in vane to overthrow the defense sand serpent that was still moving around the warrior.

The sand simply mimicked Lisanna's moves, so I she went right, the sand would go right and if she decided to attack from above the sand soul met her half way, efficiently annulling her attack.

The young take over mage was starting to get not only tired but also frustrated. " why can't you lose"

Looking at Erza battling the warrior, Lisanna could see that her fried was likewise starting to get exhausted. Just then she had an idea.

Flying next to the warrior's spear, she made the sand collide with the spear, knocking it out of the warrior's hand.

"Now Erza while he is vulnerable" yelled lisanna pointing at the now exposed torso of the earth warrior.

" Thanks Lisanna, I will make sure to grab this chance" putting her hands and her swords to her side she shouted " Sonic Claws" with an amazing speed the Titania slashed the warrior with her swords multiple times over.

When she was done, the left arm of the giant warrior fell, a perfect cut in its place. Next it was his right leg, follow by his left foot and right hand. Finally his head also fell with a perfect cut.

"Don't you think you went a little over the top Erza"asked Lisanna looking at her friend's work

" Not in the slightest, no" came the serious answer of the Titania

The take over mage could only sweatdrop at her friend's personality


" It looks like the girls, Gabriel and Natsu already took their fights to another place. So we can fight here" said Klaus looking at the giant Viking looking sand warrior.

" Guess so ... How do you want to do this ?" Asked Gray

"It would be best if we ..." Just then a river of sand covered all the cave ground. " Shit things just got harder "said Klaus stepping on the sand

"You can say that again ... Look !" Exclaimed Gray pointing to the giant.

Klaus looked at the warrior and with a sigh said "For the love of Lucifer"

The warrior had lifted the sand with his axe mold into five small version of himself the size of normal humans.

" You take the mini Vikings and I take the big guy" said Klaus preparing his hammer

"Sounds fair, I will try to help with yours when I finish mine"

" Haha, don't get too cocky ice princess. This big rock will be a mountain before you finish two of those mini ones"

"Wanna bet ? Or is King Kong afraid of losing?"

"In your dreams stripper boy"

"So what do you wanna bet?"

"Hmm... Whoever loses as to be the other slave for a week"


"Then let the games begin" with that Klaus launch himself at the giant

"May the best win, which will be me" said Gray before making a sword with his ice and going for the mini warriors

Looking at the giant earth warrior, the demon spirit could only say one thing "Hell! You are an ugly one ! That Telbur doesn't know how to make a good statue, and here I thought beauty was an angel thing" making his hammer grow, almost the same size as himself, Klaus laugh in a somewhat crazy way " Don't worry uncle Klaus will make you look better. How does headless sound?"

The warrior lift his axe and swing it down, Klaus head in its sight.

The former gorilla general just block it with his hammer, before sending a ball of fire to the warrior.

The warrior also blocked the upcoming attack by stepping out of the way.

Smirking Klaus said "Well play time is over, lets dance mother fucker"

And with that started another exchange of powerful blows .

"Ice-Make: Freeze Lancer" shouted Gray summoning five ice lances that went towards the mini warriors. He had been fighting with them for quite sometime and for what he understood they were really good at close combat, so the ice mage changed his battle plans and started to attack from distant.

One of the warriors was slashed half way by the lance, unfortunately the others succeeded in defending themselves.

Swinging their axes the now four warriors throw them at Gray.

Yelling "Ice-Make: Shield" the ice mage could defend himself, getting only a small scratch.

Then gardening his strength he launched his attack "Ice-Make: Floor" freezing the surrounding floor Gray makes it difficult for the mini warriors to walk. "Ice-Make: Ice Impact" creating an giant hammer made of ice, Gray smashed two of the mini Vikings.

However during that, the other two combine theirs forces and attack Gray. The ice mage didn't had time to completely get out of the way and ended being slashed in his leg. The cut wasn't to deep but the blood pouring out of it was somewhat alarming. Using all of his strength he yelled his final attack "Go to hell. Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance" creating six swords Gray like a puppet master makes them go to the warriors cutting them in smaller pieces.

"At least I win …" murmur the ice mage

"If I were you I wouldn't be so sure…" came the voice of Klaus. Walking to Gray's side he lifted his hand and carefully touch the wound "we need to close this. Stay with your mouth close because this is going to hurt like a bitch" with that the former demon lighted his hand on fire before burning Gray's wound and closing it.

The ice mage smashed is teeth against each other "thanks… but how did you defeated the big guy"

"Simple Sand and rock don't make the best opponent against me, I control lava after all" said Klaus while pointing at the now black statue of the warrior, who for some reason was missing his head

"Gotta love art" said Gray while subconsciously thinking in his upcoming future ' I'm so screwed' thought Gray

"Come on Ice boy we need to meet with the others, and don't forget your ass is mine for a week, prepare for a world of humiliation. Hell style" laugh Klaus

"Just my luck" grumble Gray


The two guys had successfully lured their warrior to a desert area of the cave. They were trying to form an attack plan, when suddenly a river of sand came there way making the grown full of sand. But to make things worse the warrior moved his hand to the ground and touched it, in a flash the sand covered him, and he now had four hands, two with a sword and the others with a shield and an armored that covered him from head to toe made entirely of sand.

"I supposed things are never easy when dealing with angels spell" said Gabriel

"You got that right, how do we kill this thing ?"

"We could try to cut of his legs but with that armored, that wont be easy" explained Gabriel "my shadows can help us but I'm trying to save my energy for Telbur"

"Same here, maybe I could try and melt it with my fire" said Natsu

"You wouldn't be able to melt it, but the sand would became like clay and it would be easier to destroy maybe if I attack with my …." Before he could say more the warrior decided to attack and with a powerful swing launched himself at Gabriel

The former demon was able to get out of the way but in the processed of doing so forgot the warriors shield and because of that was thrown to the side and against the cave wall.

Natsu attacked the warrior with a fire kick "are you alright Gabriel ?"

Dusting himself of the spirit replied "yeah I'm fine. Look I'm going to distract him, while I do that you will attack him with a powerful fire wave ok? Try to aim for the neck if possible" with that Gabriel summon a shadow sword and started to battle with the warrior

As he was doing this, Natsu prepared his fire before going behind the warrior's back. When he found a good position he shouted "Fire Dragon's Roar" with that a large quantity of flames flew from his mouth to the warrior's neck.

When it hit the warrior the sand that was around his neck started to crack, exposing the neck.

Gabriel took that as his cue to attack. Transforming in his wolf form, Gabriel run to the warrior and with a powerful jump bitten his neck, crushing it between his jaw.

The head of warrior rolled to ground before braking in tiny pieces.

"Awesome work " said Natsu

"Thank you, you also did well" said Gabriel transforming into his normal form

"Guess we need to meet with the others, I can smell them they have also finish their battles" said Natsu taking a deep breath and catching everyone's scent

" Then we must go, we need to attack now while Telbur is weaker" reasoned Gabriel, as he and Natsu run to the others

The six of them meet themselves about twenty meters from Telbur.

"It's good to know that we succeeded in eliminating all of our opponents. However we must now join forces and attack Telbur at the same time " said Gabriel

"I agree but don't you think he will have something on his sleeve" exclaimed Erza

"Most likely but we have to take the chance" conclude Gray

"Then what are we waiting for lets go "shouted Natsu

"I think I'm gonna like you kid" said Klaus "well the kid is right lets move our asses" with that the team started to run in Telbur's all the while preparing their magic

When they reached the angel, they could only look at him. He had sweat coming from his eyebrows and yet he was laughing like there was no tomorrow, his laugher was a mix of craziness and insanity. "I was really hoping you would all die there, but I must have underestimated you"

"You don't have almost any more strength you should give up now" said Lisanna

Erza and Gray looked at Telbur and nodded their head, as if to say that they also agreed with their friend. The spirits and Natsu however were looking at Telbur with an angered expression.

"But there is no fun in that, no glory" turning his eyes to Natsu and the spirits he said "You can see my point can't you, a battle is not a battle with there are to winner, two survivors"

"You are wrong a battle doesn't have to end with a death" said Natsu

"Then why are you looking at me like that little boy" smirked Telbur

" Because you hurt one of my most important people, and you must pay for that"

"I see an eye for an eye…" Telbur was interrupted by Gabriel

"A Blood drop for a blood drop" said the spirit

"You mean that little celestial mage? I must say she was a fine specimen to bad she won't live to know it, after I'm done with you guys I will personally see that all her blood is out of her body"

"I will kill you for even think about it" said Natsu, his eyes burned with rage.

"Big words for little dragons without wings. You amused me enough now is time to say night night" with that Telbur closed his eyes, when he open them, they were completely white, lifting his arms above his head, the angel yelled "poena terra" (A/N earth punishment) and earthquake started from the bottom of the cave, this time however the cave started to open with big rifts coming from the end of the cave until the very beginning,. The top of the cave started to fall and yet Telbur simply stood his ground that maniacal smile forever printed on his face.

"We need to attack now, with all we got" shouted Gabriel before yelling "Punishment of the shadows – shadow ripper" a back flame was shot from his hand, it quickly formed into a shadow ripper with an sickle, the shadow than formed a giant black ball at the end of its weapon. It slashed Telbur's chest making him bleed

"Hell's price – volcano eruption" shouted Klaus , from his hands a lava explosion was thrown at Telbur very similar to a volcano eruption only that the lava melted everything that it touched in seconds

"Ice Devil's Rage" yelled Gray releasing a large beam of cold air, ice and snow from his mouth.

"Moon Flash" reequipping into her Black Wing Armor, Erza launched herself at the now disoriented Telbur slashing him in cross pattern

Still on her harpy form Lisanna attacked the angel with her claws slashing him multiple times before retrieving

Finally it was Natsu and with a growl the fire slayer shouted "Hidden Fire Form - Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade" igniting his entire body with fire, the dragon slayer charged towards Telbur , sending him into the air with a sharp uppercut. He then, headbutted him.

Telbur crashed into the caves wall, breaking it, he was buried with his own element.

"We need to move the cave is going to collapse at any minute" yelled Gabriel

Erza grabbed Gabriel and Klaus and with her wings started to fly them out of the cave. Lisanna did the same with Gray, but before she could reach Natsu, the dragon slayer started to run dodging the cave selling that was falling and the rifts. "Natsu were are you going " yelled/ asked Lisanna

"Don't worry I'm just gonna go get Lucy, I will be fine , now go" said Natsu

Before Lisanna could say more Gabriel said " they will be fine, I trust him with Hime so you shouldn't worry"

"Gabriel's right you need to believe in all of your teammates only that way will a team be steady" said Klaus

"I guess" exclaimed Lisanna while looking at the figure of her childhood friend

Natsu was running like a mad man while looking for Lucy's scent. When he saw her and Happy he started shouting " Luce , Luce ! are you okay?"

The celestial mage only smiled before saying "yeah I'm but we need to get out of here"

" I know… what do you think Happy can you take us both out of here" asked Natsu looking at the blue exceed

"Aye that will be possible, we are very near the exit so I think I'm strong enough for that" with that he grabbed Natsu, who had lifted Lucy in his arms and started to fly them out of the cave.

The minute they got out the cave collapse, fortunately the others were already out and so there was no one injured.

"We did it" said a breathless Gray

"Yeah we sure did" exclaimed Erza before looking at Lucy " are you okay Lucy ?"

"Yes Erza, just tired there is no need to worry" smiling Lucy looked at Natsu and say "you can put me down now Natsu I'm fine really"

"Nope not a chance, you are still tired and so you need to rest that means to walking" came the answer of the dragon slayer

"I'm not going to argue with you again, especially if my own spirits take your side instead of mine"

"But Hime he is right, you need your rest" said Gabriel

"My Lady as I told you should have fainted by now with all the magic you used, you need your rest" a polite Klaus said

"Very well but you also need your rest. You should go back to the spirit realm to recovered, there is no immediate danger" reasoned Lucy

"We cannot argue with that" said Gabriel while Klaus nodded, before they started to disappear Lucy exclaimed "wait ! I forgot to give you this" reaching for the Red Moon jewel she continued "I think it will be best if you keep this in the spirit world"

"I agree with you my lady, we must not let the jewel reach the hands of any above being" said Klaus taking the jewel from Lucy and disappearing

"What was that stone?" asked Erza

"That was the reason why will need to leave" said Lucy with a serious look on her face

Next chapter – chapter 16 – going home, leaving Home

What will happen to Lucy? Why does she have to leave? Will she be alone or will a certain slayer follow her? Stay tune for the next chapter of Silver Desert

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