Silver desert

chapter 16

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Chapter 16 - going home leaving home part one

"What do you mean, you are leaving?" Asked the surprisingly calm dragon slayer. His body rigid and his face was a mask of emotionless. However his eyes betrayed the picture, for they were burning with a mix of emotions. "don't you mean WE are leaving ?"

The celestial mage took a deep breath before looking eyes with Natsu." No I don't mean we. This is something I must do on my own. I will not share my burdens with the guild. " releasing Natsu's hold on her, the celestial mage found enough strength to keep her feet on the ground without falling or passing out.

"But that's why you are in a guild, to find a new family, to share your dreams and your curses with them without having to feel insecure about it" all except Lucy who was still looking deeply into the fragment n slayer's were now staring at Natsu as if he had grow another head. It was Gray who first found his voice. "What the hell, did just happen to you? Were you possessed by a wise spirit?"

Without skipping a bit and without turning his eyes to the other mage Natsu answered "shut it Gray, this is not the time to start some stupid shit." Turning to Lucy "So what is your answer?"

The young mage just rolled her eyes, then with a look of defiance and slight boredom she said "You are being an hypocrite"

It was as if the two of them were alone on the island because they could only see the other.

"Why are you calling me that ?" crossing his arms Natsu took a step towards Lucy

"Because that's what you are being right now. You say I should share my curses, but as far as it goes you never 'share' your search for Ignel did you?" not letting him answer she continue "How many times did you run into a trap because of it? You can't give an advice and then don't follow it yourself it doesn't work that way"

The dragon slayer was almost speechless, the key word being almost, "you cannot possibly think that's the same"

"Why not?"

"Because I'm looking for my father, while you are just trying to collect some rocks"

"That's where you are wrong, I'm not on a wild chase. I'm trying to make my promise come true"

"A promise you made with a spirit you don't even know that well"

"And again you are in the wrong side of the field. I know Gabriel as if he was there by my side since little, the same goes with Klaus"

"They can be trying to make you believe in lies"

"If I were to think that I would never had come to fairy tail"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that if I didn't follow my heart I would never had come to you to fairy tail, hell I probably wouldn't even talked to you in the first place"

That made Natsu shut up, 'what if she didn't? what if she hadn't agreed to come with me ?' those were the thoughts that were plaguing the slayer's mind

Realizing that the dragon slayer wasn't going to say anything, Lucy took another deep breath and said with a more calm and quite voice "this is something that I have and will do on my own Natsu, please understand that"

As if she had realize they were not alone, Lucy turned to the rest of team Natsu's members before saying "The same goes for all of you. Now if you don't mind I need to sleep"

With that Lucy, for the lack of better words, passed out. Thankfully Happy was quick to fly and to grab her before she hit her head on the ground. Lifting her completely of the ground the blue exceed turned to Erza and asked: Aye should I take her to the hotel?"

Snapping out of her currently state the great Titania looked at happy before saying "No, I will carry her, you need to rest" turning to the rest of the team she said " All of us need to rest and to recover our strengths, unfortunately we will have to leave tomorrow so make sure you rest plenty tonight"

The rest of the members could only muster a nod before going in the direction of the hotel.

As Erza said she took Lucy from Happy's paws and put her on her back, like she was given a piggy ride, then she turned to still form of the dragon slayer and with a calm but commandant voice said " you too Natsu let us go and rest" without looking to see if the young slayer was following her the reequip mage took of with her friend sleeping comfortably on her back.

The blue exceed saw that his father figure wasn't moving from his place, in fact he look like a statue just standing there unmoving. Reaching his tail across the right side of his face Happy said " Natsu are you alright ?"

The dragon slayer however just simply but gently took the tail from his face before saying " I need to be alone Happy please go to the hotel"

"But natsu ... "

" Happy don't make me mad and what I said" came the slightly forced voice of the fire mage

" Aye sir..." said the small exceed before flying out

Now alone the dragon slayer could finally let his emotions run wild. Like if it was raining a skin of fire formed around the body of Natsu moving along his breathing. It didn't hurt him because it was his element, in fact it was almost like the fire was showing just how much turned off Natsu was .

He just let himself be surrounded by it, letting the flames calm him down, imagining it was the arms of an angel, his angel that he so stubbornly had made mad again. It wasn't his fault really he was just like his element unpredictable and very easy to push to the edge. So when she started to say that she would be leaving again without him, he just snapped.

How could she even think it was alright to say that! He was suppose to be her guardian not her spirits, he was her dragon and she was her princess, didn't she read any fairy tale books while she was young! She is always reading, she had to know what happens when a dragon makes his claim into something. 'the problem is that she doesn't know of your claim' came a voice in his head ' well I need to change that and soon' thought the dragon slayer finally letting his flames extinguish.

Looking at the now full moon on the sky Natsu let an almost predatory smirk appear on his lips " time to make my feelings known" with that he jumped on the trail running almost like he was a mad man or wild beast


Opening her eyes the celestial mage tried to see her surroundings, just like she was expecting she was back on her hotel room, alone from the looks of it ' they must have carrying me' thought Lucy the reflect of the moon light made her look towards her window, ' It's already night I guess I really needed to sleep' pulling out the keys for both Gabriel and Klaus she summon her spirits.

"You call us Hime" said Gabriel while Klaus bowed in a just of submission

"Please you know I don't like that just call me Lucy" turning to Klaus " And please no bowing am not a princess"

"Yes you are" came a voice from the window. A voice Lucy knew so well, a voice she certainly didn't want hear it right now.

" What do you want natsu " said Lucy locking eyes with the dragon slayer once more

" I just want to talk, calmly if possible" his voice was smooth as he descended from the window and walk gracefully on the bedroom floor

" I'm not in the mood to talk Dragneel" said a furious celestial mage

" Well I am and I know you know we need to talk"

Letting out a sigh Lucy said to Gabriel and to Klaus " sorry to call you but I need you guys to return to the spirit world. Me and Natsu need to talk"

The gorilla was a little apprehensive about letting his master with the dragon boy, but a nod with the head from Gabriel and slightly flick of a hand made him agree. But before he disappeared he moved to natsu and said in a whisper only the slayer could pick up " Remember boy your fire may burn but my lava can make you melt in seconds"

Natsu only crossed his arms before replying in a even tone " I wouldn't dream of hurting my mate it is you who needs to fear my rage"

A grin spread on the face of the demon spirit and with a laugh he said " I like you kid you have guts if my master deems you wordy of being her mate then it will be my pleasure to call you a comrade" turning his voice low and dark again he said " but if she deems not and you try to make something stupid you will see angels sooner than you expected"

Not flinching from the obvious threat the dragon slayer only said with a clear and loud voice " I have already seen an angel and she is the reason why I am here tonight, I just hope she feels I'm wordy of her shadow"

Gabriel who had been quite spoke " then I guess me and Klaus whish you luck for our hime is both beautiful and stubborn" turning to Lucy " Hime my advice is this , please let your heart guide you and do not fear the consequences. Take this for someone who had his soul mate in front of him and didn't see it" with that him and Klaus returned to the spirit world leaving a frozen Lucy and burning Natsu

" I think I'm starting to like those guys" said Natsu

Breaking from her spell the celestial mage exclaimed " Why are you here Natsu and what was Gabriel and Klaus talking about" she didn't like to be left in the dark and the look Natsu was sending her way made her feel a tingly feeling on her body.

Natsu only smile while taking a step closer to Lucy. " well Luce I guess they already noticed"

" Noticed what ?" Backing away from Natsu who only step a step closer

" That I finally made my decision" another step

" Your decision in what and what have I got to do with it?" Another retreat another step closer

" You have everything to do with it in fact it's about you my decision " another step

" What are you saying natsu you aren't making any sense natsu " another retreat and she was stuck between the bed and Natsu

Circling his arms around her body the dragon slayer closed the distance between them, bringing his lips to her hear he said with a almost whisper voice that made the young celestial mage stop breathing " I'm making perfect sense Luce and the thing is I finally see that you are the one Lucy"

Without thinking the words escape the mouth of the young mage " The one what you mean?"

"And here I thought I was the dense one Luce. I mean that I finally see that you are my love, my soul mate, my mate" nuzzling his face against the her the fire mage stayed like that embracing and smelling tha lovely smell that only his angel had

Lucy was trying to understand what she just had heard. 'Natsu likes me, me Lucy Heartfilia am the mate of Natsu Dragneel, that cannot be possible. He mud be playing a prank on me, a stupid and evil one' taking his arms from her, she just seated on the bed before pushing her legs up and resting her head on top of then hiding her face from Natsu.

Noticing her change, Natsu start to walk toward her when she extended her arm as if saying stop. Not liking were this was going the fire mage spoke with a calm but slightly sad voice " what's wrong love"

She said it in an almost inaudible whisper but the dragon slayer could still hear it " don't call me that"

"Why not Lucy, that's what I want you to be. Please I know I can be the one you will love just let me show you "

"Stop Natsu it's not funny anymore, it never was"

" What are you talking about!" Natsu was starting to feel a little mad, did she think he was joking with his feelings? " Do you think I'm joking Lucy I'm telling you the truth I'm letting my feelings out why can you see that"

Lifting her head up she looked at natsu her eyes fill with fresh tears " stop natsu, stop your stupid prank I never believed you were so evil but I guess you are to play with my feelings like that"

Now it was Natsu's time to confuse, 'what is she talking about ? And why is she crying...' Moving closer to her again the fire mage said " what are you talking about Luce I'm not playing I'm telling you the truth, I realm love you"

" No you can't it's not possible, you like Lisanna she is the one who should be your mate"

" But Lucy I don't love Lisanna not like I love you. To me she is like a sister not my mate, that place is only yours to claim"

" But why Natsu she is beautiful and strong while I just a useless mage that got lucky on finding fairy tail. I don't deserve to be in the guild, I don't deserve to be in the team, I don't deserve you" Lucy was starting to cry harder then before, saying those things out loud made them feel stronger somehow and right now she truly believe them.

Grabbing Lucy and lifting her from the bed and on to his lap, Natsu embraced her again with a little force because the celestial mage was trying to escape, then with a soft voice he said " Lucy that will be the last time that you say something like that. You are not useless you are very strong and now with your spirits you are stronger plus you are kind to everyone even when they tried to hurt you. You can smile in the worst times and your beauty is far beyond anyone I have ever seen so please stop denying me and let me show you how much I love you"

With that he closed the last distance between them seeling his lips on her, kissing her with all the love and want he was feeling in that moment. When he felt her lips moving with his on and her small arms circling his torso the young mage just wanted to hoop from joy however the searing kiss stop him from doing that.

Suddenly he felt her tongue trying to push herself on his mouth. Opening his mouth his tongue found hers and together they started dancing with each other in slow and full passion routine.

When they finally needed to breath they parted. Their eyes were locked on the other as if they were in a some kind of trance.

" That was amazing" said Natsu with a breathless smile

" Yeah it was" was the response of the celestial mage

" So is that a yes " said Natsu

" A yes to what ?" Asked Lucy faking a little bit of innocence she couldn't believe that she was Natsu's mate but now that they kissed she was feeling more relaxed more like herself

" To being my mate " said Natsu not picking on Lucy's change of posture

" But you never asked " smiled Lucy before kissing Natsu's nose

Smiling a silly smile the dragon slayer asked " In that case would you mind being my mate ?"

" I will think about it when I can "

" then that's... Wait what ?" Came the incoherent talk of Natsu

" I'm just kidding Natsu of course I would love to be you mate" with that Lucy felt Natsu hug her, 'well more like crushing me' once more

"Lucy is my mate, Lucy is my mate" started to sing Natsu while jumping on the bed

'And here's the dragon slayer/kid I learn to love' thought the celestial mage with happy look on her face. It may have been the fact that she was almost without any magic or the fact that this day was very exhausting but right now the only thing Lucy wanted to do was to sleep. Yawning a little she turned to the figure of her best friend, now boyfriend and mate, and watch him jumped on the bed like he was a kid again that silly smile on his face and his onyx eyes shinning with an emotion she could only recognize as love. She wouldn't mind staying like that forever but unfortunately the sleep was getting the best of her, so against her will she call Natsu "Natsu I really love to see you happy but I'm tired from all the things that happen to day so I need to sleep if you don't mind"

Immediately the dragon slayer stop his dance/ jump routine and came to sit next to Lucy, then he stayed completely quiet just looking at her not moving an inch. Lucy was starting to feel scarred of the reaction Natsu was taking, just when she was about to say something her dragon slayer grab her bridal style then with his arm took of the covers of the bed, finally he laid her on the bed before laying also on the bed next to her. Again when Lucy was about to ask what on earth he was doing, the dragon slayer just smiled and kissed her temple saying "goodnight Luce" falling asleep almost instantly.

The only thought that run on the celestial mage before she also fell asleep was 'I have a feeling things are going to became very interesting'

"Goodnight Natsu"


As usually, the people who build the hotels forget that others don't like to wake up with the sun shining or more accurate blinding them.

" Happy close the blinds" mumble the dragon slayer trying to stay asleep as long as he could. 'I was having such a nice dream, Lucy said she would be my mate, we kissed, then we make out, then I put her to sleep, then…' his trail of thought was broken by the most beautiful voice he had heard in all of his life

"stupid sun… let me sleep.. ugh" those where the almost incoherent mumbles that came from the celestial mage mouth while she was also trying to stay asleep.

Opening his eyes Natsu saw what he later would nominate as the second most beautiful sight in the world, the first … well let's just say Lucy was also on it ….

Lucy was asleep next to the dragon slayer, her head was resting on his shoulder while Natsu had his arms around her in tight embrace, it appear they had subconsciously moved during sleep. Trying to shelter from the sun's light Natsu moved his body so he was serving as a wall between Lucy and the sun.

' I guess it wasn't a dream after all' thought Natsu resting his head on top of Lucy's the dragon slayer started to lightly growl as if he was a dragon protecting his princess ' But you are' came once again a voice in head ' your duty is to protect her and to make sure she lives a happy life' the strange voice said again. 'I know that! Now would you mind telling me who the hell are you?' asked Natsu . 'Who do you think I am, Santa? I am your feral side your dragon side' ' I figured Igneel once told me about you, but why are you only talking right now?' 'because only now did you fully matured as a dragon slayer, not shut it our mate is about to wake up'

Just like the strange voice had said Lucy started to open her eyes, when she saw Natsu looking at her she blushed a tinny blush before saying "Morning"

"Morning Luce" replied Natsu

Feeling bold, the celestial mage moved her head closer to Natsu's giving him a kiss on the lips. The dragon slayer smiled before doing the same. "We need to do this every morning" replied Natsu

"When we sleep together sure"

"Just like I said every morning"

"You do now that I have my own house as you have your own, plus we don't sleep together"

"Well I'm always sneaking in your room so I might as well move" grinned the dragon slayer at the young mage

"Not anymore you are. Not for quite some time" smiled sadly Lucy remembering the time when she was almost a shadow to him

Sensing her sadness Natsu started to tickle her "Well that changes now, no way I'm going to sleep without my mate"

Laughing Lucy couldn't stop the sneaky attack that Natsu had through at her " Stop it ... Natsu… Stop it"

"Not until you say I'm awesome"

"Okay … I'm awesome"

"Hey that wasn't what I was trying to do and you know it"

" Don't care it was what you said" said Lucy with a smug look on her face

They were about to start their little game again with a yell was heard from the outside of their room. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE ISN'T IN YOUR ROOM"

Lucy let out a sigh, turning to Natsu she said " I guess Gray missies you"

With a soft growl the fire mage replied " well that ice cube can go to hell for all I care. Better yet he can go to the north pole"

" Yeah that wouldn't take Erza out of your skin however. I guess you should go through the window so they can't see you" said Lucy while pondering their options

" If you think that's best" kissing Lucy on the cheek, Natsu went to the window. But before he jumped he said " Don't think I forgot you leaving we will talk about it. You are not going alone"

Getting a little ticked off the celestial mage answered " Of course not I will have my spirits!"

Natsu was already in mid air when she said that so he hadn't had time to counter her reply.

'She is so stubborn' the dragon slayer thought ' But we love her for that' said his dragon side. 'That we do, that we do' replied natsu


" Where the hell I he" angrily said Erza " I'm going to skin him alive when I found him"

" Please calm down Erza, Natsu must have overslept while he was walking alone. I'm sure he is doing this on purpose" said Lisanna trying to calm down the beast known as Titania

" Aye sir, Natsu said he wanted to be alone so maybe be still wants to be alone" also said Happy who was worried for father figure

" Well I say we live him behind flame breath can find his on way home. The island doesn't have anymore danger so he will be fine" replied Gray while looking at the reception

Just then Lucy came down the stairs.

" Sorry if I'm late I guess I overslept" sheepish said the young mage

" Don't worry Lucy the human torch isn't here yet so we cannot go" Gray said

" Okay then, I'm sure Natsu is fine" smiling she reached to Happy and said " Don't worry your father is okay"


" Lucy are you feeling better ? Are you still tired from yesterday?" Asked Erza while doing a once over on her friend trying to find any injuries

"I'm fine Erza don't need to worry I was just without magic, the worst I have is little bruises that will heal in no time" tried to reassured the celestial mage

"I believe you but please when we arrive at the guild you will let Wendy see you "

"If that makes you happy then sure, I don't mind"

"Thank you, it does"

"The door of the entrance open, to show Natsu grinning . "Well are we going or not? The boat is almost preparing to sail"

As usual it was Gray who answer "Shut it candle man, we were just waiting for you. Not our fault you decided to disappear"

Ignoring what he was saying Natsu just said "Who are you calling a candle man you walking striper poll"

"You wanna go flame breath!"

"Bring it popsicle "

Clashing their head the two mages started to through insults at each other





And just like always it was the great Titania that made them stop. "Shut it you two before I remove your head from your shoulders" giving then a glare that could break a mountain, Erza started to walk out the hotel

The two mages just said in a quiet voice "Yes Erza" before following their teammate. Lucy, Lisanna and Happy soon following.


After buying their tickets, the group went to their cabin. It looked like a small house really with three beds and a bathroom.

"So there is only three bed so the guys will have to share , while me and Lucy or Lisanna share one as well" offered Erza

"No way in hell am I going to share a bed with this pyro" started to argued Gray

"As if I wanted to sleep with you iceberg" shouted Natsu

"Well unless one of you sleeps on the floor, this will have to do. Plus its is only for one night this boat is much faster than the others mostly because it is run on magic " replied Erza

Gray feeling like he wanted to mess with his rival head said "Why won't Natsu sleep with Lisanna, he wouldn't mind, plus Lisanna would probably like it"

Looking at the blushing face of the takeover mage, Gray knew he a had it the jackpot. However when he looked at the face of the fire mage he wasn't expecting the glare he had.

With a voice full of malice the dragon slayer said " Are you calling me a cheater"

"what are you talking about ?"

With a collective face, Natsu stepped closer to Gray " I said are you calling me a cheater"

"No flame breath I was just saying …"

"Then why are you subjecting that I sleep with another woman that it isn't my mate" the look the fire mage was now supporting could probably melt the North Pole. Inside is head his inner dragon was furiously shouting 'IS HE TRYING TO MAKE US FAIL! OUR MATE IS NEXT TO US AND SHE HEARD EVERYTING WHAT IF SHE BECAMES MAD OR SAD' 'I'm not a cheater' replied Natsu. 'It doesn't matter or mate is still very insecure about our bond, plus you haven't marked her yet if she wants she can walk away from us!' 'That won't happen she is mine I love her' 'then shut the fucking mouth of the stupid mage, before Lucy decides to believe in bullshit'

Natsu was about to strike Gray when a hand touched his shoulder, immediately the scent of vanilla fill is nostrils, and he began no calm down. Turning to Lucy, the fire mage just hugged her will saying "I'm not a cheater I promise you"

"I know Natsu, I know. Now you need to calm down, Gray wasn't trying to make you feel bad he just didn't know about us" smiling Lucy started to run her hands through Natsu's head which seemed to calm the enraged slayer down

When his breathing became even again he let go of Lucy, said to the rest of the group " Me and Lucy are together, try to make us break apart I will show you what happens when a dragon is mad" his yes became red a for a split second scarring the group

Gray who was now feeling guilty turned to Lucy before saying " I'm sorry Lucy I didn't know about you guys, I apologize for my reckless behavior"

"No problem Gray you didn't know"

Just then Happy said "Aye, so where are you going to sleep Natsu ?"

That brought a smile on the slayers face, petting Happy he answered "I'm going to sleep with Lucy of course!"

"YOU ARE WHAT!" yelled Erza

The rest of the trip was spend on explaining to Erza that Natsu was just sleeping with Lucy not having sex with her. Alter a punch to the head the young fire mage was done talking.

What will happen now? What future battles does the future have for our group? Will, Lucy and Natsu stay together ?

Stay tune for the next chapter of Silver Desert

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