Silver desert

chapter 17

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"normal talking"


'inner dragon talking'

Chapter 17 – Going home, leaving home part 2

God made a lot of good things in this world. He made the sea blue and clear for the fishes and the mermaids, he made the sky blue for the birds and the unicorns, he even made the land full of different plants and beautiful rocks for the animals and the humans. But the most important thing God put in this earth was without a doubt, the magic pill who put a stop to any kind of motion sickness… well at least that was what Natsu thought.

You see, after waking up earlier that he was supposed to, and after making sure his little celestial mage girlfriend was asleep, the dragon slayer decided that it would be a wonderful idea if he went to pick up breakfast for them. Lucy would certainly appreciated and maybe he would get a kiss in return.

With a silly smile on his face the fire slayer left their bed, carefully for not waking up Lucy or the others. He was about to leave the room when a wave slapped the ship and just like that his worst enemy appeared. Closing his mouth the dragon slayer tired to reach for his pocket pants where the pills were, he had to thank Erza for not letting him sleep with Lucy in only his boxers.

Taking the pill, Natsu started right away to feel better.

Finally leaving the room, he decided to follow his nose, and to find the ships food room.

'What should I get? Lucy likes sweet things so maybe a cake? That way we can share it! Yup, I'm going to get a big slice of cake! Now what flavor…' Natsu's thoughts were broken by his inner dragon 'Did you forget that crazy red head demon that loves cake ! do you want to die because of a slice of cake?'

'Hmm, you are right, maybe I should get a slice for Erza'

'If you are going to do that, then you should also buy something for the others'

'But why'

'Ugh.. sometimes you are slow'


'Shut it and let me finish' when he saw that Natsu was indeed silent, I.D (Inner Dragon) continue ' What would you feel if Gray arrived with two cones of ice-cream, one for him and one for Lucy?'

' That's easy I would be furious and angry, then I would kill that stripper for even thinking he could do that' just thinking that was making Natsu subconsciously heat up sensing that I.D said 'Calm down .. well the same goes for Lucy. If you only gave a slice to Erza, your mate would feel extremely jealous and maybe even sad'

'I think I get it now'

'Good now anymore questions while we are at it?'

Natsu thought for a little while then 'Actually yes I have. I already know the when but I don't know the why are you here'

'That's an easy one. I'm basically what separate you a slayer from a dragon'

'How so?'

' You will probably not believe it, but the chances of a slayer finding his mate are very low. Most just live a perfect life with a girl that it's not their soul mate'

'But how can they? Don't they feel sad or unhappy?'

' Actually no, because they simply not know better. Because they never felt it, they aren't sad of not having it'

' I see but why are you telling me this?'

'If you shut it I will explain… you see a dragon only becomes truly powerful when he finds his or hers mate. The same happens with slayers, the only difference is that slayers gain the ability to transform into a dragon' Natsu couldn't believe it he would be able to be just like Igneel! 'Also you will again a bigger life spam. So big that you could almost say it is immortal'

Natsu was about to say how great that would be when a thought went to his head ' but what about Lucy and the others ?

'I'm afraid they would eventually die'

'What? But I cannot be alone forever, Lucy is my mate'

' In her case you would have to wait for her to be reborn, then you would have to became her lover again'

'But how can I do that? I would be too old for her, she would be so young'

'Actually you will stop aging normally in less than a decade from when you bite your mate. After that one year to them will be 150 to you'

' What! But even with that it has to be a way for me to not lose them'

' If there is a way the path is not easy and you may only succeed to save one' wisely said I.D

'In that case I will save Lucy' Said Natsu with a fierce look on his face

' Very well then I guess we will have a lot to find'

'I guess so'


The morning was finally making its presence known inside the fairy tail mages' cabin. First it was Lucy who woke up. Feeling quite cold without her dragon as her personal blanket. Her movements woke up happy who was asleep on the end side of the bed.

Almost only seconds after those two, the rest of the members opened their eyes.

"Morning" said Erza getting of the bed she shared with Lisanna.

"Hey" "Aye sir" "Morning everyone" and "Good morning" were her answers. Noticing that there was a voice missing, the Titania was about to say something when Lisanna cut her of "Where is Natsu ?"

Finally noticing it, Gray and Happy made their own assumptions

"I bet he finally burned himself to death" spoke the ice mage

"Aye, it must have been Lushi! She must have eat him!" dramatically said the blue exceed

"You stupid cat, I didn't eat him!" just then her stomach made a weird noise.

Hugging Lisanna, Happy said "Look she is still hungry! Don't let her eat me please"

" You lousy cat! Wait until I get my hands on you" angrily said Lucy while marching to Happy's side. She was about to grab Happy when Lisanna transformed and from her back wings appeared. Lifting herself and Happy she said "Sorry but I cannot let you hurt my son"

"I'm not going to hurt him, I'm just making sure he learns his lesson"

"Well I would like you see you try" smugly said Lisanna while flying a little higher (A/N the ceiling is really really tall)

"Really than I should show you" replied Lucy narrowing her eyes

Gray was about to step in when Erza grabbed his shoulder " Let them be, there is a lot of tension between them, plus we shouldn't take side"

Nodding the ice mage stood quite besides Erza watching Lucy and Lisanna.

Closing her eyes, Lucy took a deep breath before saying "Shadow stealer" lifting her hand towards Lisanna, she received a dry laugh in return.

"Maybe you should train a little more"

" You are right, Gabriel can do it without having to shout the name and to more people" replied the celestial mage

"Do what , nothing?"

"No do this" shaking her hand to the left then to the right, Lucy smiled as Lisanna moved in the same direction as her hand.

Widening her eyes Lisanna said "Why can't I move? What did you do to me ?"

"To you nothing, to your shadow lets just say I can control it now"

"But How?"

"With training of course and good teacher" moving her hand down Lucy made it touch the ground "Now will you please give me Happy2

Struggling trying to get free Lisanna said "No and free me now"

"How about a no" Lucy

Just then Natsu entered holding 5 small boxes and a tray with 6 mugs of coffee (A/N I once did that so I know it is possible)

The first thing he saw was Lucy holding her hand towards Lisanna who had wings and was hugging Happy, next to them but at safe distance was Erza and Gray who were looking at the girls with surprised looks on their faces.

Opening his mouth he said "What the hell is happening in here"

Hearing her boyfriends voice made Lucy lose her focus and in the process she let go of her hold on Lisanna's shadow.

Seeing that she could move, Lisanna pointed a finger at Lucy "She was trying to harm Happy so I tried to protect him, but she controlled my shadow"

"First of all did I hurt you? No I didn't. Second, if you tried to use your magic you would probably free yourself I still need to work on this spell. And finally it was Happy who started" said Lucy while pouting.

The thought that come to everyone's heads was ' one moment she is scary the others she is like the picture of innocence'

Putting the food on a table Natsu said with a sigh "Happy what did you did this time"

The blue exceed just flew to Natsu before saying " Natsu you weren't here so I thought that Lucy ate you, then her belly made a strange noise so I thought she wanted to eat me too"

Turning to Lucy the fire mage said "And you freaked out because of that"

"Well you know I'm grumpy in the mornings" still pouting and crossing her arms the celestial mage said

"I guess you are right. Plus you Happy shouldn't have said that" said Natsu turning to Happy.

"Aye sir. Sorry Lushi" said Happy

Deciding to intervene Lisanna said " What you are going to let her go, just like that? She tried to harm our son"

"I know Lucy and she would never truly hurt him" replied Natsu

"But you should still punish her" said the take over mage "Happy is your son too you should protect him"

Closing his eyes the dragon slayer started tapping his finger on his chin "Well I guess you are right Lisanna" turning to Lucy he said "So what would you want your punishment to be"

The celestial mage just moved her head side to side, giggling she said "that's not how it goes Natsu, I'm supposed to not like it"

"I know but, I don't want you to be mad at me"

" Then say a small one. I promise I won't get mad "

"Okay let me think …" after about five minutes of thinking the fire mage sighed in desperation "Arg I can't think of anything"

Just Then Gray said "Well why not no kisses until we reach the guild. It is a harmless one"

"I agree with Gray on this one. It is just of couple of hours" Said Erza

" Yup that's a great punishment" happily said Lisanna while thinking 'it would be better if it was for life'

The dragon slayer looked at Lucy for a while before saying "I guess that's it then, no kisses until we arrive at the guild"

"Okay I agree accept my punishment" said Lucy smiling

Remembering the food Natsu said "oh yeah! Guys I brought coffee and cake"

He wasn't even finished with the sentence when Erza shouted "Cake where is it! I want my cake now!"

Not wanting to die by the hands of a cake deprived Titania, Natsu said " Calm down Erza, I have them here" taking one of the boxes he said " This one is for you"

Grabbing the box Erza smiled like a child in a candy store "thank you"

Grabbing another box and giving it to Gray he said "One for ice princess"

"Why thank you flame breath" grinning Gray said

Another box "This one is for you Lisanna"

"Thank you Natsu" a smiling Lisanna said

Another box "Happy I'm sorry buddy but they didn't had fish so I hope you like cake"

"Aye sir, fish is the food of the gods but cake is very close to it"

"I agree with Happy" said Erza while eating her slice

Grabbing the last box Natsu said " And this one is for you and me Lucy"

"Hmm Natsu… why did you only bring one for us" asked the celestial mage while grabbing two mugs of coffee

"Because I thought we could share, isn't that what couples do? Plus this slice is bigger than the rest"

"That's so sweet of you, I would kiss you if I could"

"Yeah well can I still get a hug" a hopefully Natsu asked

" Sorry but no, touching can lead to other things such as kissing and I don't want to break my punishment" with an innocent smile Lucy took a piece of the slice and put it in her mouth.

Inside the slayer's mind the only thing that was coming to his head was ' No Lucy touch for how much time !' 'Sorry to say but you are screwed' said his inner dragon. ' What have I done' was the last thought that came to his mind


"Will you please stop whining you walking ash tray" an irritated ice mage said

"Shut up ice princess you don't know how I feel" angrily replied Natsu

"Oh please it's just a couple of hours, stop being a cry baby. Plus we are almost at the guild"

"Yeah but she is went with Erza to buy more equipment to her training"

"Yeah well at least she is not leaving" Said Gray

"We still need to talk about it" replied Natsu

"What is it to talk? She was pretty certain in her choice to leave " said Lisanna stepping in the conversation

" You know, she is right flame breath . Lucy did say we couldn't make her stay" said Gray while looking at the fire mage

"Well I remember she saying that she still needed to train so I guess that will make her stay for a couple of weeks if not months"

"But what happens when she is finished. I know she is will take a lot of time to became even a little stronger but still…" said the take over mage

"When she is, if she wants to leave then I will go with her." Turning to Lisanna " And Lucy is very strong even if I don't want to happen I know her training will be very short she is very smart and brave"

"What ? but what about the guild, what about your family?" asked Lisanna ignoring the slayer's last sentence

" You guys are very important to me . but she is my ma… I mean girlfriend and I cannot leave her alone"

"I guess you already have all thought out isn't that right pinky"

"I guess I have popsicle I guess I have"

Seeing the guild doors Happy shouted "Aye, I can see the guild I'm gonna ask Mira for a fish the I'm gonna give it to Carla" flying to the guild he lest the rest of the group behind

"Hey buddy wait for me" shouted Natsu running to cast the blue exceed

"Hey flame breath I bet I get to the guild doors first"

"No way ice cube"

Seeing the boys running, Lisanna transformed herself and flew with Happy.

Busting through the guild doors Natsu and Gray yelled at the same time

"I win"

"No I win"

"What do you mean you "

"Stop talking at the same time as me" glaring at each other they were about to fight when Mirajane said 2It's good to have you guys back, but where are Erza and Lucy'"

Immediately Natsu stopped glaring . Seating on a bar stool the fire mage started to sulk.

" Oh dear did I say something wrong" asked Mira while looking at the now sulking mage

"It's just that flame breath here misses his girlfriend"

"Ah okay then… wait what? Natsu as a girlfriend?" asked not believing her hears the older sister of Lisanna

"I know it was hard for me to believe too" said the ice mage

"So who is she ?" asked Macao who was listen to the conversation

"What do you think it has to be Lisanna" said Wakaba to his old friend

"Then why is he sulking if she is here" this time it was Alsack who asked

"Maybe they got into a fight" said Biscay seating with her partner / lover

After that the entire guild started to argue back and forth as to why was their fire slayer sulking.

No one noticed the smirk Gray had nor the slightly angry and troubled look Lisanna supported.

Natsu was to busy sulking to even hear what his friends were saying.

This was the state that Lucy and Erza found the guild in when they arrived. The Titania was about to yell when Lucy said " Wait pleas I need to talk to Natsu first, you see he is all alone and quiet for some reason"

"Okay Lucy but only because you asked"

"Thanks Erza for this and for helping me with my training material. I will buy you a cake later"~

"No problem Lucy it was fun to go shopping even if it was for weapons and stuff I also found somethings to myself"

"But seriously you can expect a big strawberry cake tomorrow"

"I will count on that"

"I know you will"

Walking through her guild mates who were too busy to notice her, the celestial mage stop when she arrived at Natsu's side. Touching his shoulder, she said "What wrong Natsu?"

Hearing her voice made the dragon slayer lift his head. When he saw her he started to smile a silly smile " You are here"

"Of course I'm here. I did told you I just had to buy a couple of things with Erza"

"You took too long" mumble Natsu

"What! But it was like only half an hour tops" replied Lucy

"Still to long" said Natsu while getting of the stool. Grabbing Lucy the fire mage crush her against his chest, hugging her "Now this is better"

"Can't argue with that… wait you were sulking because of me ?" asked Lucy while hugging him back

"Of course what else would I be sulking about?"

"You really are silly"

"No I just don't like to be without you"

"You are also becoming a romantic, who knew you had it in you?"

"It's my job to make you happy, so everything you want I will give you"

"Then I guess it's good we are at the guild"


"Because my punishment is over and I want a kiss2

"That I can give"

Closing the distance between them the mages started to kiss.

Gray who saw it yelled "Finally you stopped whining flame breath! Hey Lucy thank you!"

Hearing the ice mage the entire guild turned to Natsu, what they saw made their jaws it the floor.

"WHAT!" "NO WAY" were the shouts that followed

Breaking the kiss Lucy started to blush because of all the attention. Hiding her face on Natsu's chest the celestial mage started to whisper "Oh I'm so embarrassed"

Not liking to had been interrupted and not liking to see his mate embarrassed Natsu shouted "Will you guys stop making Luce fell embarrassed! For Mavis sake you are behaving like school girls"

Turning to his eyes to Lucy, he said in more calm voice "Are you okay Luce do you want to leave?" brushing her hair the fire mage hugged her against him tightly as if to shield her.

The girls from the guild couldn't stop herself and said "Aw that's so sweet"

Make his voice heard Elfman yelled " True men protect their girlfriends. That's MAN "

" Who knew that dense fire breath would find a girlfriend" said Gajeel while glassing at Levy 'Maybe I should also make my move'

"Finally there is a god after all. Even with all that stupidity Natsu steal our little Lucy from the singles market" wisely said a drunk Cana "Now let's all drink to it"

"PARTY FAIRY TAIL'S STYLE" yelled the guild drinking and shouting as only fairy tail mages knew how to do.

Getting over her embarrassment Lucy freed herself from Natsu and said " I think I better go talk with the girls"

"But I don't want you to go " said Natsu pouting

"I know but they are definitely waiting to know all the details and it's better if I do this now, plus I know you want to go fighting"

"I guess you are right …"

Kissing his lightly on the lips Lucy said " now go before they bring the fight to this side of the guild"

Doing the same thing Natsu said "okay but don't forget we have to talk about your leaving later"

"You won't forget it won't you ?"

"Not really… no"

"Okay I will promise we will talk about it after this"

"That's all I ask" said Natsu before jumping into the fight

Not even a second passed when Lucy was pushed into seating in a table with all the girls from the guild.

"Now tell us everything" said Mirajane

"About what" innocently said Lucy

"You know what we are talking about so stop faking it . How did you two got together?" said Evergreen

"Well we were fighting and then … "

"I knew it all that fighting was just hiding sex tension" said Cana laughing

"What … we didn't do anything like that! We just kissed that's all " said hurriedly Lucy

"Well we are talking about Natsu so I guess that's progress " said Bisca

"But Lu-Chan how did he asked ?"

" Well we were in my hotel room and then Gabriel and Klaus went to their realm, so he turned to me and say he like me. At first I didn't believe so we argue a bit more then suddenly he kiss me and I kiss him back. I guess that was it" said Lucy leave out the part were they went to sleep on the same bed

"Well I'm happy for you Lucy" said Erza

"Yeah first he kisses you, next thing we know we will have babies running through the guild " Yelled Cana

Mira fall on the floor with stars in her eyes and mumbling something about pink haired and brown eyed babies and blonde haired and onyx eyed babies

All the girls started to laugh when suddenly Loke appeared from nowhere, turning to Lucy he said " it is true Princess are you really with the dragon"

Smiling Lucy said" I guess so Loke"

"Well I guess it could be worse. But remember when you get bored with his I'm your knight will always be at your service" said the lion kissing her hand

Unfortunately Natsu chose that moment to look at Lucy and what he saw made him quite mad " LOKE you bastard I will kill you" said the dragon slayer running with fire on his hands

"Sorry princess but I got to go" kissing her one more time the spirit went to his realm

Arriving at Lucy's side Natsu started to said " That son of a bitch wait until I get my hands on him"

Touching his hand that was now free of fire Lucy said "Calm down Natsu he was just joking"

"I don't care no one can touch you like that" said a still piss of slayer

"Well aren't we being a little over protective" said Cana

"Really Natsu he was just being friendly" said Mira

"Well he has to find a new way of showing that, Lucy is mine and no one else" said Natsu kissing Lucy on the cheek

"I definitely approve this one for our master" came a low voice from behind the group

Walking to the table Klaus and Gabriel appeared. Noticing the unfamiliar face Mirajane asked "And who are you?"

"Well I'm Klaus from the gorilla demon clan and I'm Master Lucy's spirit" said Klaus bowing

Cana started to laugh loudly "Well Lucy are you trying to form a harem. Girl you are surrounded by handsome men"

Answering for her master Gabriel said " Hime as only eyes for slayer here and as long as he treats her well me and Klaus we only be her tools to command"

This time it was Lucy who spoke " Even though I have say it many time I will say it again, you two are my friends and now my teachers so if someone is going to show respect it is me"

"Ma… I mean Hime me and Gabriel are very happy to serve you believe us, it is just that tis was how we were raise so don't feel like we don't like you" said Klaus

"I know guys" said Lucy while giving a small smile "Why are you here now I thought you were resting"

"As you know we don't need to rest a lot to feel 100%. Me and Klaus are here to discuss your training regime and how do you want to do it for our search" said Gabriel while he and Klaus took a seat on the table

"Well I was going to summon you guys later to talk about it but I guess we can do it now"

"Lu-chan do you want us to leave" said Levy

"No not really there is no need for that, I just ask that you guys don't interrupt us "

"Of course Lucy" Said Erza eager to know what Lucy was going to decide

Lucy took a deep breath before saying " Well Erza and Lisanna plus Natsu already know that but I was thinking on leaving the guild for some time" that brought gasp around the table but no one said anything "You see during our quest we had to battle a mystical creature because of a powerful crystal. That creature was an angel, his name was Telbur and he was one of the nine angels that god send to look for the demon crystals. Yeah I know you are probably thinking angels are good so why were we against him, right?" getting nods from the table she said "The problem was that they were planning to open the door to Lucifer's secret castle with the crystals, then they would try to kill him"

This time Levy lift her hand to talk, getting a nod from Lucy she said "But if she Lucifer was killed wouldn't that mean that the balance between good and evil would be broken"

" You are right Levy and that's why we cannot let that happen, if Lucifer is killed the demons would want to get revenge and a war would start and the one who would be most affected would be the humans" said Lucy "That's why I'm going to train so that I can get strong enough to defeat the rest of the angels"

"But little one you don't expect me to let you go all alone" said Master Makarov. He had been listening to all of the conversation from the balcony and now he decided to approach Lucy

"I'm sorry master but I cannot let the guild be a part of it. You guys don't deserve that"

"Well then I guess you will have to defeat all of us because I found hard to believe that my brat will let you walk away just like that especially this one" master said pointing to Natsu

The dragon slayer just grinned while hugging Lucy " Not a chance"

" You guys don't know the dangers you will be facing if you chose to be a part of it. You cannot find the crystals because you cannot enter demons chambers, only celestial mages can" said Lucy

"But we can help you Find them" said Levy

"And we can help you fight them" Said Erza

"We are your friends Lucy you cannot get rid of us that easy" said Mira

"And if you try my card will tell me were you are" Said Cana

Gabriel started to smile a tiny smile " I'm happy to know that our Hime is loved, but for now known that we will not go into battle, because as my Hime said it is time to train"

"Gabriel is right we will spend at least an half year to train our master in the different styles, then we will do some research. It is foolish to just rush into battle" said Klaus

"Spoke like a general" said master

"Thank you that was what I was before becoming a spirit"

"Because of that Hime will not be able to do any kind of missions" said Gabriel

This made Lucy let out a sigh "I was expecting that but it would be hard to pay the rent that way"

"Don't worry Luce I will pay it for you" said Natsu

"Sorry but I can't accept it would be fair to you" said Lucy

Before the two new lovers could start arguing Klaus said "There is no need for that Natsu, I brought I couple of jewels from the chambers so we have plenty to get by."

"If I know you brought all of them" said Lucy smiling

"You know me too well Hime, plus the thing about demons being greedy is not all wrong" said Klaus with a wicked smile

That made everyone laugh.

Kissing Natsu Lucy said "To a new adventure that is to begin"

"To the new Adventure that we will with no doubt win" said Natsu returning the kiss

And it is done! What did you guys think ?

What will happen to our heroes? Will Lucy became strong enough ? will the training be to hard for our celestial mage'? Will Natsu find a way of being with his friend forever ?

Find all the answers in the next chapter of 'Silver Desert'

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