Silver desert

chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Sandy lands

"Last call to silver village train!" yelled the ticket inspector "the train will leave in five minutes"

"Five more minutes, and I'll be gone" mumble the celestial mage. Looking at her book, she flipped some pages trying to make the time go faster. 'I guess I'm not used to be alone' thought Lucy while picturing her team on the train, 'my former team now, I guess'. As the train started to leave one last thought come to her mind 'no more team, no more Natsu, no more Luce'


A small blue haired girl had just arrived to the guild. Searching for her best friend and not finding her she went to the bar.

"Mira, have you see Lu-chan, where is she?" asked Levy.

"Levy-chan you're here, I thought the mission was supposed to be two weeks long?" – said the bartender handing her a drink.

"It was but my team finished early" – smiled the bluenete "So did you see Lu-chan? I have a couple of books I want to show her."

"Well you see Levy, Lucy went on a solo mission to the silver deserts, she'll be gone for about a week or so. She actually left yesterday so you just missed her." Mumble Mira while cleaning a dirty glass of beer.

"Ah okay I suppose I cou… wait she went ALONE!" yelled / said Levy.

"Calm down Levy, she has her spirits, she is not helpless, she can take care of herself." Argued Mira.

"I know that, Lucy isn't weak, it's just that lately she's been a little upset and I can help but to worry about her" answered levy quietly.

"I'm worried to, but we have to trust her. It's her life and we can´t go against her wishes." ranted Mira " Believe me if I could I would go to their table and personally bang their heads for leaving her alone, us she asked us not to and master agrees with her"

"Wait, they still don't know?" asked a very surprised levy.

"Surprisingly no. Even Cana and Laxus asked why isn't Lucy with Natsu and the others" replied Mira.

"And here I thought only Natsu was a flame head, but I guess it's contagious" said Levy with a little smile,

"I guess it is, I guess it is" smirked Mira.

Just as Levy was starting to say something, "Mira-nee I'm leaving with Natsu and the others on a mission okay? It's an easy one so don't worry" smile Lisanna as she and team Natsu went to the bar.

"Yeah don't worry Mira I won't let anyone hurt my nakana, she is safe with us" shouted Natsu while laughing

"We to will keep your sister out of danger" said Erza gesturing to her and Gray "yeah you can count on us" replied gray while looking for his clothes.

Closing her fists and trying to stay calm Mira looked at Levy and fake smiling said "okay Lisanna, be safe and you guys to, I know you will take care of All of your nakana"

"Of course that's our duty as members of fairy tail" replied again Natsu "aye, aye" said Happy

Cana who was listening to their conversation spilling her drink start laughing and bagging her fist on the table "hahaha you guys are funny as hell, seriously you should do comedian act, the title "big fat lies and broken promises", featuring team Natsu as the most perfect liars of all times with a special participation of Lisanna enrolling on the part of fake innocent princess"

Lisanna with a sad smile said "why are you saying that Cana? They were only saying that it's their duty to protect all of us, they didn't do anything wrong"

"And that why they are nothing but liars, if they did what they were so-called to do then …"

"Cana shut up, gramps doesn't want us, to say anything about that. Do you want me to tell him you were just about to go against him?" roared Laxus while jumping of the first floor on to the stole next to Cana "They need to find the answered themselves"

"Okay Laxus you are right it's just that I can't believe their stupidity" answered back Cana.

"Neither we" said Mirajane and Levy.

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Natsu

"Nothing flame head now go to your little mission" replied Laxus

"But we…" started Lisanna "Didn't you heard Laxus just go, and maybe you will find the answer for your problems" coldly replied Levy

"We will go but I expect an answer when we get back, come on the train will leave soon" said Erza while walking to the doors. Just as she was about to leave "you can make the others obey you, but remember my child I'm still the master of this guild" said Makarov from the first floor.

"Yes master"


Spending some time walking and seeing the village, Lucy finally found the mayor's office, entering she was immediately brought to the mayor

"Greetings, my name is President Snow, and you must be the wizard that replied to our quest right"

"That's right, my name is Lucy Heartfilia and I'm a Fairy tail mage, at your service" smiled Lucy

"Well then I guess we should come down to business, no" smiled the president "Here is a map with the location of the cave were the statue is and a picture of the statue, a storm sand completely covered the cave so you probably will have some difficulty getting to the cave"

"Don't worry the sand won't be a problem, I have a friend that loves sand" replied Lucy taking the map and the picture.

"If you say so, then all that is missing is your transportation, you don't mind riding a camel?"

"Of course not, if you can please give me the location of my transportation I would like to live as soon as possible, my trip to here has cost me almost a day, and it's still noon so there's plenty of time to hit the road"

"As you wish, I will send a man to get your camel please wait a few minutes" with that the president left the room.

A couple of minutes later Lucy was leaving the town and entering the desert. The sand was mix of yellow and silver, and you could only see a pair of plants growing, no animals, no people no nothing, only the gentle howling of the wind. 'Silver desert indeed' thought Lucy 'now where to go' grabbing a compass she stared at the map trying to find her location 'so I'm here and I want to go there, so I must go west' giving the camel a little kick she started her quest for the statue.

Hours later the night was starting to appear on the desert sky. Stopping next to a tree, Lucy bind the camel to the tree and start preparing her tent, summoning Virgo she said "Virgo do you mind helping me with dinner?" "Of course not princess, I will get right on it" "thanks"

When the dinner was over Virgo said goodbye to her master and returned to the spirit real. Looking at the stars Lucy took the picture of the statue and start mumbling "so I'm looking for a double head wolf statue with red eyes and silver fur, quite pretty but it must mean more than that to the village, maybe it has magic properties or maybe its curse? I guess when I find it I will know…" getting inside the tent Lucy close her eyes falling asleep, listening to the winds melody. It would be another night full with dreams of a certain dragon slayer.


Staring at the night sky Natsu could only think about what the others had say this morning 'why I'm I a liar, what I'm I forgetting? And why do I feel like my heart is missing something? Maybe I can ask Lucy when we get back, she will know what to do she always does… come to think about it, Luce wasn't on the guild today, where was she? Maybe she went on a mission, but with who?" feeling a strange sensation thinking about the celestial mage going on a mission with another person Natsu fall asleep thinking about the young mage. Not knowing that at the same time the other person was dreaming about him.

Breaking a heart its easy piecing it back together it's the hard part. Because the owner may not what it to be repaired. – By me

And that was the second chapter stay tuned for the next chapter: Discoveries and new contracts

Sinaikai out

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