Silver desert

chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Discoveries and new contract

Two days have passed since the beginning of Lucy's quest. She was almost certain that she was on the right location, the only problem was ... "Sand, all I can see is sand!" yelled frustrated Lucy "I guess president Snow wasn't kidding when he said that the sand storm had covered all the cave", pulling out her keys she called, "open the celestial gate – Scorpion"

Greeting her master scorpion said "my lady for what do you need my assistance?"

"How many times do I have to tell you to call me Lucy instead of my lady?"

"Many times my lady, many times"

"So why do you keep saying it?"

"I don´t know my lady, I don't know…"

"Oh forget it! Could you please help me find a cave, it is underground (or it's undersand?) because of sand storm"

"Your wishes are my command … my lady" and with that Scorpion started digging through the sand. Minutes later a "son of a bitch" follow by a "found it!" was heard. Pushing the sand away Scorpion bowed and said "my lady, I have accomplished your task, do you want me to retrieve to the spirit world?"

Looking at the now sand less cave Lucy smirking said "Thank you Scorpion for your help, you may go now. Oh and say hi to Aquarius for me okay?"

"Of course my lady, wait what …" stutter Scorpion

"You don't need to try and fool me, you are not a good liar" laughing Lucy" but seriously you can go now"

Stopping the blush that was about to make itself visible scorpion waved and with that left to the spirit world.

Turning around, Lucy start to entering the cave, the young mage tried to look for some old torch that the people who build it or were here before could have used. Finding one she carefully light it, immediately the darkness disappeared. Looking around Lucy marveled with the beauty and precision of the walls, strange but striking drawings were scatter all around it. Some were reenacts of numerous battles between two unknown countries, others were about mythical creatures like giant wolfs and tiger, angels and devils, powerful wizards and witches, mermaids and dragons… 'Dragons… Natsu I can't help but miss you, why did you have leave me, why did you let me fall…' sadly thought Lucy petting the dragon on the wall. It had silver and black fur with a scar going from his temple to his nose, passing through his right red eye. The painting showed the dragon fighting an army of human warriors, below the painting was a poem, whispering Lucy read:

"Reckless men

Walking in the night

Leaving their trail on the sand

The perfect calling for the beast to fight

Fake tears paint in red

The silver desert

Like it was their own bed

A silver night paints the desert sand

You may win the fight but you will never be the same again"

Finished the poem Lucy turned the torch to the front and start searching for the statue.

Among various things were different swords and bows, all of them were made with expensive materials such as gold and precious stones, other weapons, rings, hearings, crowns, different coins, diamonds, rubies… basically the cave was like a mini bank/museum, the young mage was very tempted to keep some of the things to herself, but she had a strange felling not to. Going deeper in the cave, Lucy found an old stone chest with the statue that she was looking for on top of it. Lifting the statue she saw that in the top of the chest it was written:

"Here lays Gabriel

The one that lost his heart

To the one that he lover just to see it fall apart

Now he leaves just with is soul

But what's a man without his control?

So he's waiting for someone with a good heart

To be is master and to give him a part"

Giving in to temptation, Lucy open the chest, inside was a small red key, on top of the key were two silver wolf heads with red eyes, the downside had a silver tail going around it. Picking it up Lucy started to examine the details when… one of the wolf heads moved and bitten Lucy on her finger, the blood went to the mouth of the other head. When that happened the key lift from Lucy's hand and start to morphed it to what look like a human with two wolf hears and two wolf tail. When the transformation stop, the creature kneel on the ground and with a deep voice said "My name is Gabriel and I give you Lucy Heartfilia my soul and my body, please let me help you with your plights and with your combats"

The creature now named Gabriel stood up and extend his hand. Not knowing what to do Lucy shake it, losing some time to completely see the stranger. He had spiky red and silver hair, his eyes were grey and his skin was a little tan. On his left hear he had a black hearing that look like a raven, he had a slight beard on his shin. He was at least a head and a half taller than her. He wore black torn pants, with darker shoes, a red t-shirt with a moon print on it, and long black coat with grey chains coming around his arms. On his wrists he had broken grey handcuffs that look like bracelets. His hears and his tails were like his hair a mix between silver and red. He appeared to be in his mead twenties.

Finally finding her voice Lucy said "hm sorry but I don't understand are you saying that I'm your master? You mean like a spirit? But how?"

"It's natural that you had questions. For the top, yes you are my new master, I'm a spirit but not a celestial one like you have. And the last one, as the message on the chest says only a person with a noble heart can became my master, and when your blood touch the key I saw your memories and deemed you worthy of being my new master."

"So if you aren't a celestial spirit, what kind of spirit are you?" asked Lucy relaxing a bit

"I'm what you could call a demon spirit, I was once a demon o lived in hell but a particularly situation made me into what I'm today…"

"I'm not going to ask you what was the event now but do you think someday you would be able to tell me?"

"You truly are a kind person master, even when just told you that I had seen all your memories you say that it's my choice to when to tell you mines"

"About that Gabriel, did you really saw all of my memories, just with a blood drop "

"Yes master, the curse I was given let me choose a person I judged to be worthy has I had told you, and that was the way to do it, by seeing your memories, I understand that even when the darkness comes into your doorstep you will find a way of destroy it, and only a noble heart could do it"

"My heart isn't that noble, in my life I had to make choices that I'm not proud of"

"But it was the way that to deal with it that shows what a good person you are. " bowing on more time Gabriel said "I'm may not be able to erase the pass, but I won't ever let anyone break your future, and that's a promise master. I may not be capable of being you knight or your dragon but I will try to be your guardian demon, even if it makes me face my own end"

"Please don't say that, I may not fully know you, but if what you say it's true and you are my spirit then you must know that I treat my spirit just like they were my nakana, and I won't ever let my nakana get hurt" smiling Lucy help Gabriel stand up "so now that we are introduced when are you available? Friday and Sundays, the weekend…"

"Master I'm always available, unlike the celestial spirit I don't need to go to my realm to revive my strengths, so when master needs me I will be here"

"Okay, well I think it's time to go home, do you want to go back?"

"If you let me I would like to stay here, think that if I take you it would be faster for us to reach the town"

"Don't get me wrong but I don't think Gabriel that you are faster that the camel with me on your back, your legs will became tired"

"Master you forget that I'm a demon, I'm not easily tired plus…" just then Gabriel started to transform into a silver and red wolf with two tails, Gabriel was now the size of a horse, kneeling he said "would master mind to get on my back?"

Stunned Lucy could only nod getting on. Gabriel began at the speed of the wind as they were leaving the cave all that Lucy could think of was 'all it takes is a moment to turn our life upside-down, but maybe this was what I need it' grasping Gabriel fur in her hands Lucy let the howls of the wind consume her mind.


Five days have passed since the departure of Lucy, team Natsu was still on their mission so they were currently missing a mad and worried levy ranting about her missing best friend.

"But what if she got herself lost, I mean the desert looks the same to every side you turn, or maybe there was a group of bandits and they attack her, or maybe…." A male voice stop her "will you please stop walking in circles you are making me sick, and don't worry bunny girl is fine"

Stopping levy turned to the iron slayer and hitting him with a book she said "but you don't know that, Lucy could be in real danger"

"But she also could be fine, didn't you heard Mira when she said that the mission was supposed to be for more than a week, she left five days ago so please be calm, and stop hitting me with that dam book" grumble Gajel

"Oh stop being pussy cat, aren't you made of metal or something!"

"It's not my fault that your books are diamond shielded"

As the two mages were fighting Mirajane and Cana were watching with knowing smiles on their faces.

"The sheep becomes the wolf and the wolf becomes the sheep, who would have thought that these two would make such a cute paired" mumble Cana.

"Me and when they became one, prepare to pay me because you will lose the bet" smiled Mira

"Dammit I thought you have forgotten about the bet, I guess I need to go on I high paid mission the soon as possible" grumbling Cana went to the quest board, all the way cursing a certain bartender.

And that was the 3º chapter, next is chapter 4 – Sins of the past, promises of the future

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