Silver desert

chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – sins of the past, promises of the future

Arriving at the village, Lucy got of Gabriel and start to see if everything was all right with the statue, meanwhile Gabriel turned to human again this time without his tails and wolf hears.

"Ah, so you can also transform in this form" inquired Lucy, as soon as she was about to lift her backpack Gabriel grab it instead and answered "I thought, this way it will be easier to blend in with the crowd, and master doesn't need to carry her bag, that it's my job"

"thank you for helping me, but don't you feel awkward being fully human" said Lucy while walking into the village, following her, Gabriel replied " it is a little different because it's been a long time since I've been in this form but it's nothing I can't deal with."

"When was the last time you were on this form?" asked Lucy, stopping to look for a café "I mean you don't need to tell me, I was just curious"

"Master, I have no problem telling you about my past, I just ask you to please keep in mind that some of my past actions weren´t the most noble, and that's why I'm in this predicament" slowly and with a low voice Gabriel replied.

Smiling a reassuring smile Lucy grabbed Gabriel's hand and guide him to a small coffee shop. Finding a table to seat down, Lucy order two coffees and two slices of chocolate cake "I hope you like the order, I forgot to ask you if you wanted something else" awkwardly said Lucy while drinking some of her coffee.

"There's nothing to worry about master, you are too kind to even give me something to eat, my job is to serve you, I'm your slave not your employer"

"If you think that way, I don't. I will treat you as a friend, so you better get used to it" smiling said Lucy "and please smile, since I've met you a day ago I only saw you with a neutral face, that way you will never find a girl"

"Master I don't think smiling will help achieve a goal that I don't want to achieve"

"But why, everyone deserves to find someone to spend their life with, don't you want that?"

Looking at Lucy's eyes Gabriel said "master I think it's time I tell you my story"

"Okay, but can you please stop calling me master, people will think that's weird"

"As you wish Lucy –sama" "I guess that will do for now…" mumble Lucy, eating her slice of cake.

Finishing his meal Gabriel asked "so does mast… I mean Lucy-sama wants to hear my story?"

"Oh yes if you please" Lucy said smiling hopefully.

Taking a deep breath Gabriel started taking "to understand my story, I must first tell you the story of my race"

"As you know I was once a demon, what you don't know is that in the demon real there are a lot of different types of races, most of them live together in groups, similar to your guilds, but we called them clans. I was part of the wolf clan, my father Lupor was the chief and my mother was one of the most powerful healers. We lived in peace and harmony witch is hard when you are a demon. Our nature was of an animal, but together we tamed our inner beasts and with that we grow prosperous and stronger each passing day.

Soon the other clans start fearing our grow, thinking that if my people continued to follow our way of life, that one day we would try to conquer the other clans. So 3 of the strongest clans, the lion clan, the bear clan and the tiger clan, got together and made a plan to erase my people.

And so on a winter morning when I was ten, I was awaken by the screams of my family being slaughter. The enemy had used the numbers against us, but even then my people killed more than a half of their warriors. I had to see my mother being stabbed in front me while trying to protect me. My father died on the battle field fighting the 3 clan's chiefs, but before he gave his last breath he order me to run and to never look back. And as the obedient child I was that's what I did. I run never looking back, I stopped 2 days later to mourn and to cry, I think I cried all the tears for my entire life that day, because in the end I was crying blood. I may have grown learning all kinds of things but I was just a child and so I was eventually caught by slave traders, the time I passed there isn't important so I will just skip it.

When I was finally sold I was 12 years old, I had the luck to be given a less evil soul. His name was Norok and he was a polar bear demon, ironic I know that I considered one of same race that killed my people caring. The truth was that he spend his time teaching me how to improve my fighting skills but the most important thing he teach me was how to blend in with the shadows. He used to say that his clan were known because of their assassins' skills, even when they were all white. When I was 16 Norok finally succumb to his long time battle injure. His last words to me were about how sorry he was to be a part of the slaughter of my people, against all common sense I forgive him. One my own again, I traveled to all kinds of places getting assassin requests to earn some money and reputation. At the age of 18 I was known as the silver death because of my fur. The numerous requests I made earned me a lot of money and you could say I lived a pretty high and good life. But all things must have an end, and the cause of mine was like many others before me, love. I fell in love, but the person I fell in love with was none other than the daugther of Lionel the chief of the lion's clan. Her name was Arya and she had a beauty like no other, her hair was white as snow and her eyes were the most beautiful blue I have ever seen. Her limps were red as blood and her skin was a magnificent pearl tone. To my everlasting sadness I didn't fell in love with her personality because my love was the perfect example of one-sided love at first sight, and so no word were exchanged between us, for the brief 5 minutes that I walked next to her. It would be another six months before a laid my eyes on her again.

When I discovered who she was I tried to break the love spell she unconsciously casted on me but I was just too weak, too caught on her image and getting out was impossible. After a while I heard that every night Arya would come to her courtyard and when the moon was at his highest point she would sing. Being who I was I enter the courtyard and hide between the trees. Many others boys and men went to hear and to see her, but I was the only one that was hidden.

Looking back I guess it was my nature that made me do that. When Arya finished singing the others males walked to her side and start giving her all kinds of presents. Gold, jewels, precious stones, statues, books, paints, and more. All in hopes she would marry them. But every time she would say the same answer "I have everything that the world can give me, the one that I marry must give me the one thing he treasures the most but also it has to be a thing that without it he cannot live". Many more offers were made that night all with the same answer. Hidden in the trees I was thinking about my own offer. And then it appear to me, the only thing that was all she said and more, the perfect present … my heart. Waiting for everyone to leave I revealed myself and went to Arya's side. There was only me and her, but she didn't yell or scream. I kneel on the ground and with my most charming and true voice said "the present I give you tonight no one else has it, and it can't be found on this world, without it I cannot live, but I hope you will treat it well, my name is Gabriel of the wolf clan and my present to you Arya of the lion clan is my heart" the seconds that followed my proclamation were the hardest and quiet of my life, but finally she said " I accept" at that time those two word made me more happy than anything ever had made me . I went to hug her and kisser, but when our lips about to touch she whispered "until I see your present my love I will not give myself to you" blind by her smell and face I didn't see the disgust in her eyes or the evilness of her aura, and just like a good slave I nodded.

Days later a wizard cast a forbidden spell on me, ripping my heart of my chest and making mea spirit. When I asked Arya why she did that to me she said "I will never marry a wolf, so be blessed that I considered you good enough to be my eternal slave" with those words she close my gate making me go away. Time passed and I learned that my heart was now a necklace that she wear with pride. Being her spirit even a demonic one I was force to obey her every demand. Felling no emotion without my heart, I was left nothing more than a killer machine. Centuries passed and on one faithful night, Arya decided to go to your world, but she forgotten one important fact, a demon if not strong enough can and will lose his power when walking on your domain. Arya was beautiful and evil but she wasn't strong. Falling prey into one of your traps she was left alone and bitten to death. Her possession were scatter all around the world and that included me. My heart was lost to me and the only thing that it's mine that I have is the statue that Lucy-sama now has. The statue is a safe to my weapons it's a miracle I didn't lost them too. And that's my story, two hundred years later I found a new master and my new objective it's to make my master's life happy."

Lucy couldn't hold back her tears any longer, crying she hugged her spirit, saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Gabriel could only stay still while petting her back, when Lucy stopped crying she said "I will help you find your heart Gabriel and that's a promise" now it was Gabriel's turn to be amazed smiling a tiny smile he said "thank you Lucy-sama, thank you" looking at her spirit Lucy smiled "there is no need to thank me, but before we continued I think it's time we leave, we need to give this statue to the president and then we need to catch the train" getting up Lucy paid for their meals and the two of them start walking to the president office. On their way Lucy stopped and asked "wait you said that this statue had your weapons on it we can't give them to the president"

"Lucy- Sama you don't need to worry, I will just retrieve my weapon and you can give the statue to the president"

"You sure"

"Yes Lucy-sama"

"Okay then… Gabriel I wasn't kidding, we will find your heart"

"I know master, I believe in you"

And that was the 4º chapter next chapter it's about team Natsu's mission and getting back home, also Lucy will get back home, how will the other react to Gabriel? How will Natsu react?

Stay tuned to chapter 5 – getting back

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