Silver desert

chapter 5

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Chapter 5 - getting back (you should also listen to song once upon a December from the movie Anastasia, it will appear on the text)


On the town of Serenade , the sun rise to welcome one more day, the birds were singing a beautiful melody, children were playing on the parks, old people were gambling, lovers were saying promises, the…

"Oi popsicle you lost your cloths again, dam stripper" yelled Natsu while walking out of the hotel.

"Who the hell are you calling a stripper you walking lighter" retort Gray looking for his cloths

"See anyone without clothes? You, you stupid fridge!"

"Do you want me to freeze you to death you pink torch!"

"Ah! When hell freezes over"

"I can make that happen" said Gray preparing to strike Natsu. Just as Natsu was starting to spit fire… "You two will stop making noise, if not I'm going to skin you with an old spoon and a tooth brush got it" said Erza glaring with a sword on both men necks

"Yyyeess…. Errrzzaa…" in unison stutter Gray and Natsu

"Good now move your lazy asses we have a boat to catch in five minutes"

"But where is Lisanna and Happy?" asked Natsu

"They left before us, happy said he wanted some fish so Lisanna said she wouldn't mind going with him" answer Erza

"Hmm okay"

"Why flame head, are you missing Lisanna already? Are you having naughty thoughts about our team mate? Should I be worry about having to take care of little baby dragons…" teasing Gray said. Natsu was now blushing "of course not"

"To which one? The baby part, naughty part or the missing part?" Gray was having a hard time stopping his laughs, the fire slayer's face was so red it could probably be a new tone, pretending to be serious still walking he continue "can't find an answer, did happy eat your tongue, you know silence is the shy yes"

Just has Natsu was finding the words to say "Aye, I eat what tongue, was it a fish tongue, hmm fish" flying to them Happy said, Lisanna was walking behind him, when she saw Natsu she asked "what's wrong Natsu are you getting sick? Do you want me to get you something for the pain? "

But instead of Natsu Gray answer "maybe if you give him a kiss, he will feel better, isn't that right Natsu…"

Finally finding his voice Natsu shouted, "No to all the question, and I'm not sick!"

Confused Lisanna said "what questions?"

Deciding she had enough Erza said "they are not important, Natsu is fine, now it's time to go to our boat, and you Gray, if you say one more stupid remark, well I guess your face will be the color of the sea, got it!" giving no room for argument Erza start walking to the boat entry. Natsu left a breath he didn't know he had, thanking Erza in his mind. It wasn't like he was embarrassed by Gray question, okay maybe a little, but he didn't know how to respond, to him it seemed that any reply would be bad. If he said he missed Lisanna then gray would say he liked her, if not them Lisanna would be sad. 'Dam Gray and his stupid questions' thought Natsu seating on one of the boats cabins.

When the boat started running it was like a click had ringed in Natsu's head, and just like that is motion sickness attacked again. "My head it hurts… I think I'm gonna puke…"

Lisanna petting Natsu's head said "if you want you can lay your head on my lap, maybe it will help" not having the strength to reply Natsu just nodded and laid his head. Lisanna kept petting his head and while doing that Natsu got a wind of her scent. 'She smells like Jasmin and a sweet perfume I can't get a name, it different from the strawberry scent of Erza and Lucy's scent. Lucy, she doesn't use perfume often, and I think I prefer her natural scent better', she had natural vanilla and cinnamon scent that he thought was very lovely, when she used perfume, the smell with be masked and he didn't like that 'maybe I can get Lucy to stop using perfumes?', distraught thinking ways of getting the celestial mage to hear him. The young slayer didn't notice he was slowing falling asleep.

When he woke up it was already night and the others were fast asleep on the floor of the cabin, laying Lisanna also on the floor and putting a blanket on her, the young mage decided to go outside. Surprisingly the move of the waves didn't make him sick nor green. Looking at the moonless sky Natsu began to think about her childhood friend, since she came back they have been spending a lot of time together, in a way it was like he was trying to compensate the lost time, on the other hand he feared that if he lost sight of her even for a second she would disappear again. So to make sure, he was always on her side, today with Gray he didn't know how to explain that to his friend or to her, he feared they would think he was possessive of her like a boyfriend or something. 'But do I want that?' thought Natsu 'sure me and Lisanna are close but do I love her?'

Contrary to what the others thought Natsu wasn't completely dense, he knew that Lisanna like him more than a friend, how could he not the girl was always hugging him, kissing his cheek snuggling with his arm, hell when they were kids they promise to marry eachother. But the young slayer wasn't sure how to feel, he loved Lisanna he knew that he just didn't know what type of love he had for her. 'And then there is Lucy' lately the young mage could stop comparing the two girls they were very similar but yet the completely opposite. When Lisanna laughed it made Natsu feel warm inside, when Lucy laughed it made Natsu want to keep that laugh to himself, to make sure he was the only one to hear it.

When Lisanna hugged him it made him hug her back. When it was Lucy, well she didn't hugging him often but when she did he always felt fire in his belly.

Lisanna was beautiful like an angel walking on earth, everyone could see the innocence that she carried her smile was like cup of spring and she could make even the saddest people smile. Lucy she wasn't an angel nor did she had an aura of innocence, to him Lucy was the prove on earth that goddess exist. Her golden hair that surpassed the shine of the sun itself, her brown eyes could melt even the stone hearts, her… 'Well everything about her is perfect really' thought Natsu. To Natsu the idea that he and Lucy could be one day together was impossible, to him he wasn´t worthy of being with her 'but then there is no men on this earth that is'

For the past years every time Lucy had a date with someone, which were just a couple of few, it was Natsu job no make sure it stay one date and one date only. He didn't thought those guys were worthy so scarring the shit out of them was easy and a task he enjoyed.

When her father request she married another man, he was an extremely close to kidnap Lucy and to trap her on a tower 'just like one of those stories she is always reading, the dragon and the princess…' smiling Natsu thought 'But if I get together with Lisanna I won't be able to keep the horny bastards of Luce back. Get to think about it I haven't see her for almost a week, and even then I only see her sometimes on the bar, what if she is seeing someone?' not noticing Natsu start to slowly pouring fire from his mouth, looking at the ground he saw his shoes burned, taking a deep breath, the dragon slayer decided to returned to the cabin and to stop thinking about Lucy 'when we get to the guild, the first thing I'm gonna do is to find Luce'


Because they get the train at afternoon, Lucy estimated they would arrive at Magnolia in the morning. The president had been very happy with her work, paying her the total amount, she didn´t think he was gonna notice the missing weapons, and according to Gabriel only he could summon them. Looking at her spirit she smiled, he was extremely kind even though he was a demon. He was also very handsome and Lucy didn't think it would be very hard for him to get a girl, but as he had say he wasn´t looking for one. On the beginning of the train ride before the night came he explained to her that he had the power to control shadows and dark magic, he even show her some of the things he could do, and Lucy was very amazed with his strength, when she told him that he said that he didn't mind teaching her his magic, Lucy then said that she had celestial magic and not dark magic, almost giving a laugh but not to Gabriel explain that now that he was hers she would be able to cast dark spells and to control the shadows she would just need to train. Lucy was very happy with that and promise that when they get to Magnolia she would train with him. Now that she thought about it she would need to buy another bed, she could order Gabriel to go back to his realm but she didn't want to, I mean if you were imprisoned for centuries you wouldn't want to go back to your prison either. And Lucy didn't mind Gabriel was a very good listener plus he had a lot of good stories to tell her. She was fascinated with the demon realm, and even though she knew he didn't tell her the whole story, Lucy also knew that when he scarred his ghosts he would. She just hoped the others won't freak out when they see him. 'Would Natsu even care? Will he be jealous or will he not even notice like he has not noticed me' thinking about the dragon slayer made Lucy drop a tear.

Smelling salt coming from her master, Gabriel open his eyes and immediately a frown formed on his face. "What's wrong master?" quietly asked the demonic spirit, with his thumb he cleaned the tear away "why are you crying?"

Smiling a tiny smile the celestial mage answer "it's nothing I just had a bad dream, that all. You don't need to worry go back to sleep"

Knowing that her master was lying but choosing not to say Gabriel replied "I cannot sleep without my master being pleased, would you like to hear a song my mother used to sing when I had nightmares?"

"Why not, if you don't mind that is" "it will be my pleasure" lifting Lucy out of her train bench and to his lap the demon spirit start singing while stroking her head:

"Dancing bears, painted wings

Things I almost remember

And a song someone sings

Once upon a December

Someone holds me safe and warm

Horses prance through a silver storm

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory

Someone holds me safe and warm

Horses prance through a silver storm

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory

Far away, long ago

Glowing dim as an ember

Things my heart used to know

Once upon a December

Someone holds me safe and warm

Horses prance through a silver storm

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory

Far away, long ago

Glowing dim as an ember

Things my heart used to know

Things it yearns to remember

And a song someone sings

Once upon a December"

When Gabriel finished the song, the young mage was fast asleep with a smile on her face. Letting a smile appear on his face, Gabriel also went to sleep. As long as his master was happy he was happy. He had seen her memories and although she had a lot of good times, there were also sad and miserable chapters in her life. 'No more, I won't let anyone hurt my master, not as long as I breathe'


The guild was its usually loud and crazy place. Chairs were flying, punches were being deliver, beer was being served and the voice of Elfman shooting "that's manly" could be heard for miles.

A young mage was reading her book like it was quiet and peaceful. A iron slayer was seating next to her switching from picking at her book and deliver a kick to the flying wizards that came to the young mage way.

Next to them was the bartender taking some break time and talking to the mage who was currently drink from a beer barrel.

"So Cana, do you think team Natsu realized what they did, I mean they are arriving today."

"I don't think so Mira, most probable is that your sister found a way to make Natsu hers and they are now celebrating their love"

"I doubt that Lisanna did that, my sister likes to take things slow she doesn't like to leave any lose ends"

"But is that a good or a bad thing?"

"Honestly I don't know. I know that my sister loves Natsu, but since Lucy became a member Natsu has been more happy even if doesn't see it. And it's obvious that our Lucy likes our dragon"

"That may be so, but she doesn't have a steal heart and the more it takes to Natsu realize that the more difficult it will get to the two get together. She won't wait forever, a bandaged heart it's better than a broken one"

"You are right. If Natsu doesn't step up Lucy will fall in the arms of another"

"But maybe we are too late to do anything…"

"Why do you say that, Cana?"

Pointing to the guild doors, Cana said "I guess you don't know your sister very well"

Looking, Mirajane saw the members of team Natsu entering the guild. What made her freeze was the fact that her sister was comfortably being carry bride style by none other than the fire slayer, while he blushed. The other members were smiling knowing smiles, and Gray was also trying not to laugh. Happy flying while shooting "theyyyy llllliiiikkkeeeee eachother"

Running to their side Mira without saying hi or anything similarly asked "are you two together?"

Stuttering Natsu replied "of course not, why would you say that"

Not being completely assured the bartender continue "then why are you carrying her like that?"

"Because on our way to here, Lisanna fell and hurt her ankle so I offered to carry her to the guild."

"You sure is that it?"

"Yeah I'm sure"

"You are not lying no me?"

"Why would I do that?"

"I don't know, I don't know you that well"

"We know eachother since we were kids"

"So that's not a long time"

"Mira-nee Natsu is telling the truth" said Lisanna not wanting to hear more of this little conversation

"Okay then I believe you, would you guys want anything to eat or drink"

"Fish!" "Strawberry cake" "a cold beer" "a fire whiskey" "a tea" were the answers of team Natsu

"Go seat on a table and I'll be right back" with that Mirajane went to the bar to get the food and the drinks.

Meanwhile Natsu and the others decided to seat next to levy, Gajel and Cana. Saying hi, Natsu not being able to smell Lucy asked "Levy would you mind tell me where is Lucy?" not giving time to the young bluenete to respond Lisanna said "Natsu, she must be still on her mission, maybe she got stuck somewhere and will take more time to get back"

For some reason the thought of Lucy being stuck somewhere alone didn't felt right to Natsu, but before he could freak out "Lu-chan, went to a solo mission and she is supposed to arrive today, so you don't need to worry"

Letting out a breath he didn't know he had Natsu said "that's good… wait she went on a solo mission, as in by herself"

"That's the definition of solo isn't it fame head"

"Shut it iron marble, I wasn´t talking to you"

"Do you wanna go human candle!"

"Bring it paper clip"

"Will you shut up already" intervene Cana before things start to get crazy between the two dragon slayers. Stopping there bickering Gajel and Natsu turned to eachother and said at the same time "whatever"

Bringing the food Mira said "so how was your mission?" Deciding to answer Erza said "it went well the job was an easy one so there wasn't any problems. Mira Levy said that Lucy went on a solo mission could you please tell us where?"

Mumbling a "maybe they aren't completely lost" Mira responded "she went on a mission a week ago to the silver deserts, the request was to find an old statue that got lost on the desert"

"So she went alone to the freaking desert! Why didn't you stop her!" shouted Natsu, 'Luce could be stuck on a sand storm, or worse some desert bandits may have found her and now are taking advantage of her' not thinking clearly the fire mage punch the first thing he saw which happened to be gray.

"Hey why did you do that?" yelled Gray rubbing his now black eye

"Didn't you hear, Lucy could be in danger!"

"You need to calm down fire brain she isn't late. Bunny girl is supposed to arrive today so until the day is over you don't need to be preoccupied" said Gajel while looking at Natsu's eyes

Calming a bit the slayer said "okay but you shouldn't let her go"

"Well she needed money to pay the rent and we were already on missions, plus you guys said that it would some good to her to train to get stronger, or don't you remember?"

"When we said solo mission I meant one who was simple not a trip to the desert"

"Natsu calm down Gajel is right Lucy is probably fine, there is no need to be worry" stroking his hair Lisanna continue "plus maybe this trip helped Lucy get stronger, so she will receive more than the money"

This time it was Erza who talked "Lisanna, Natsu his worry about Lucy because she is nakana, for the past few weeks we have been unconsciously ignoring her so now that we know that, we will try to apologize and maybe she will forgive us"

"Yeah, Lucy didn't deserve the treatment we gave her, even if we didn't notice" said too Gray

"Aye Lucy will forgive our stupidity" said a flying Happy.

Natsu who had calmed murmur "we have to say sorry even when sorry isn't enough because we can't lose Lucy, I can't lose Luce"

Smiling Mira, levy and Cana said "she has a big heart so you won't lose her"


Getting out of the train Lucy and Gabriel start walking to the guild.

"You will love fairy tail Gabriel, they are crazy but they are all my family. But you probably already know that with my memories, isn't it"

"Lucy-sama you are right, and your guild does look like …. What's the word... fun"

"I guess when you pass your life killing people you forget simple words"

"I guess so Lucy-sama, I guess so"

"So Gabriel, you told me you would show me your weapons when we start training but I'm curious, will you teach me how to use them?"

"Master, I was thinking that I would only help you with your wimp because you already use him and with the magic, but if you request I will teach everything I know"

"No you are probably right, I will let you decide my training regime. Oh here are the guild doors ready to enter?"

"Of course master"

"Gabriel, would you mind not calling me master in public at least."

"As you wish Lucy-hime"

"Why are calling me princess?"

"Because you have kind heart and a pure soul"

"I guess there is no problem with that" opening the guild doors Lucy said "morning everyone I'm back"

Just then shouts of "morning" and "Lucy you are back" rang trough the guild. Erza, Levy, Gajel, Natsu, Gray, Lisanna, Mirajane, Cana, Happy and master all come to greet the young mage personal when they saw a stranger behind her.

"Who is he?" asked Gray making the question all wanted to know

Steeping next to Lucy Gabriel said "my name is Gabriel and I'm Master Lucy's slave.

And done! Hope you liked the chapter, next his chapter 6 – protecting her feelings

Sinaikai out

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