Silver desert

chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – protecting her feelings

"YOU ARE WHAT!"Shouted Lucy's friends. Getting nervous about their reaction Lucy started blushing and sweating. Next to her Gabriel seeing this decided to explain things himself. "As I just said I'm Lucy's slave, but I'm also her spirit so unless you behave like this every time my master gets a new key I ask you to stop freaking out." Waiting for everyone to calm down the demon spirit proceeded "Lucy-sama found me on her mission to the desert if she wants she will tell you the whole story later, for now I'm just gonna summarize, okay?"

Getting nods from all the spectators and a tiny smile from his master the demonic creature carry on "you may not know but I'm not a celestial spirit, instead I'm a demon one meaning I come from hell. If you are worried I'm controlling my master fear not, I was cursed to obey to every will my master may have" looking at the down cast look Lucy had he quickly said "which doesn't mean I'm being force to do anything in fact my key can only be held by a person with a pure and good heart"

Master Makarov walking in front of Gabriel said "young one, if you really are a spirit then why are you here now, did something happen on your way here?" turning to Lucy he asked "my child are you okay did somebody attack you?" Immediately everybody start asking if she was okay, who attack her, when, were they still alive…. Not wanting to keep being nagged, giving a deep breath Lucy answered "guys I'm okay …. No really I am …. No I don't need to go to the nurse … really … WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!" making sure everyone was silence she said to master "I'm okay master, Gabriel just doesn't like to be on his realm, plus demon spirit don't need to spend a lot of time there so he is fine"

Checking one last time to see if her child was indeed okay Makarov replied "I believe in you and I will let you get your rest but tomorrow please come to my office to give me your mission report okay?"

"Of course master, it will be my pleasure" smiling answer Lucy. Making his leave the fairy tail master went to his office.

Snapping out of their shock, Mira, Cana, Erza, and Levy jumped Lucy giving her an extremely tight group hug. Letting a tear fall Erza said "please forgive me Lucy I didn't see I was hurting you, please don't be mad at me, I promise I won't ever make the same mistake again…"

Returning the hug the young celestial mage said "of course I forgive it wasn't your fault, you just wanted to spend some time with your old friend o you missed for more than two years…"

Erza smiled and hugged Lucy harder chanting, thank you over and over. Seeing Lucy starting to became blue Natsu coming to get her out of there said "stop hugging her girls, you are making her suffocate" as the young fire slayer was about to help his celestial friend, all the girls at the same time got up and move away from Lucy, then Gabriel kneel on the ground and pick Lucy up questioning "is Lucy-sama okay?"

Before the young mage could reply, the girls said "what the hell just happened?" looking at her friends and then at her spirit Lucy conclude "that was Gabriel's power, he can control shadow so he probably just control yours, isn't that right Gabriel" not missing a bit he replied "yes it is"

Mirajane not wanting to wait any longer said "Lucy I guess is time to tell us the whole story"

"Okay but can we please sit down its kind of a long story"

Moving to seat on a table the guys and the girls all waited patiently to hear Lucy's story

"So it started when …"

(You already know the story so I'm just gonna skip it)

"… and that's what happened." Finishing Lucy grabbed a glass of water and started drinking, talking sure does make you want to drink.

"Let me get this straight, you now have the ability to use your spirit's powers plus he will teach you how to get better with your weapon?" Erza asked

"Yeah that's right" "well I guess he can stay then" eying the demon spirit up and down the scarlet woman said "but if I see you trying to take advantage of my Lucy-chan there will be hell to pay, got it"

Giving her death stare the spirit replied "you don't need to worry about me hurting Lucy-sama, my role is to protect her and I promise I will succeed on doing a good job"

"That's all I ask from you"

Breaking the ice levy said "Lucy I have a bunch of new books I'm sure you will love, do you what to see them?"

"Yeah sure why not?" turning to Gabriel "I'm going with Levy, do you mind going to buy a couple of things I need, if you don't want to that's fine"

"I wouldn't mind master, it will give me a reason to explore this town"

"Thank you, but again could you please stop calling me master?"

"I'm sorry Lucy-sama it's just a force of habit" bowing Gabriel said

"You don't need to do that, please get up" helping him up Lucy carry on "do you want me to ask somebody to give you a tour of the city?"

"There is no need for that, if I get lost I will just track your scent, Lucy-sama" moving to the guild doors Gabriel waved "when I'm done with may task I will return to your side Lucy-sama" with that he left.

"Well we will be also going, bye guys." Saying goodbye Lucy and Levy went to Levy's house.

Starting a conversation Cana said "this Gabriel guy doesn't seem too bad, one thing is sure he doesn't like people doubting him. Did you see his eyes when he looked at Erza dam that shit was scary"

"I agreed, he look at me with one of the best death stares I have ever seen" eating her cake Erza respond

"Only you Erza to remember and to categorize every stare people gave you" giggled Mira

"It isn't every stare, just the mad an evil ones" naturally said the scarlet woman

Sweatdroping the bartender said "yeah sure" turning to the male side of the table she asked "so what did you guys think of Gabriel?"

The guys just grunted saying "hmm he is bearable". Looking delicately at Natsu who had his head on the table Mira said "are you hungry, Natsu? Do you want some fire chicken?"

Not lifting his head of the table he replied "yeah sure"

Lisanna who was on the girl's side, got up and moved next to Natsu. "Natsu are you feeling sick again, do you want me to stroke your back?" not waiting for an answer, the female mage start stroking the fire mage back.

Said mage was too engrossed on his thoughts to hear what was happening. 'Who the hell does that bastard think he is to touch Lucy like that? He doesn't want to go back to his real, I'll making go. Argg why am I thinking like this Lucy isn't mine, I can't control her life' shaking his head the fire slayer got up and said "I'm leaving, Happy are you staying or are you coming?"

Mirajane who was at the bar exclaimed "but what about your food?" "I'm not that hungry, maybe later"

Now it was Lisanna time to ask "do you want me to come and make you company?". Not caring Natsu just turn to the exit "sure I'm going to the river so if you want to come you can come" not waiting he left, following him were a happy Lisanna and a gleefully Happy screaming "fish!"

At the guild Cana whisper "maybe there is still hope for that fire head" giving a smile she shouted "Gray your clothes".

"Shit. Not again." yelled the ice mage, helping him find his cloths was Juvia with a wicked smile on her face.


Laying on the grass Natsu close his eyes and start listening to his breathing. Next to him Lisanna also laid on the grass but unlike him, she was looking at his face. Happy was trying to catch a fish with his tail.

Breaking the silence Lisanna mumble "Natsu can I ask you something?"

Not opening his eyes he said "yeah ask away"

"Do you remember when we were kids "

"Yes why"

"Well do you remember when we were waiting for happy to be borne? We were always together just like a marry couple, don't you missed that?"

"Hmm, I guess"

"Would you like for us to be that way again'"

"why are you saying that now, what's on your mind?"

"It's just that we have been spending a lot of time together, just like when we were kids and I thought…"

Stopping her Natsu replied "Lisanna but we aren't kids anymore, things don't work that way now, we…" just then Natsu felt something on his lips, opening his eyes he saw Lisanna face with her lips on his, before he could do something a voice was heard "do any of you know which way is the guild?"

Pushing Lisanna aside the fire slayer look up to see none other than Gabriel, stuttering he said "why are you here?" "I got lost and when I tried to smell my master scent I also smelled her friend Levy with her so I thought that maybe it was best if I give her more time alone with her friend"

"ah okay…"

Gabriel noticing the atmosphere and the surprise look on the dragon slayer's face and the annoyed look on the young female mage said "you don't need to help me I think I'm seeing some lights" preparing to leave he felt a hand on his shoulder

"Luce was right somebody should give you a tour, don't worry I'll will be your guide."

"But Natsu we were …"

"Lisanna please go with happy to the guild I will talk to you later"

Giving a 'humph' Lisanna said "Happy is time to go back to the guild" "aye Lisanna, but where is Natsu going?" "He is giving Gabriel a tour around Magnolia"

Smiling to his friend Natsu gestured to the sky "don't worry I'm not going to take long, bye little buddy" "Aye Natsu"

Guiding Gabriel to the streets Natsu sighed "look about what you saw…"

"Don't worry I'm not going to tell master anything" reassure the demon spirit

"You aren't?" surprised Natsu ask. Why wouldn't he tell her?

"No but that's because I will not be the one to deliver pain to my master plus I know that Lisanna girl type, she will want to tell everyone, so tomorrow Lucy-sama will now what you did."

"But I … she … I didn't…" mumble Natsu not knowing what to say

Eyeing him Gabriel said "you may have not start it but didn't you enjoy it"

Not knowing the answer once more the dragon slayer whisper "I don't know"

"In that case, I think you should gaze deep at your feelings a find an answer. Because I can understand that you are confuse, but I will not let you hurt my master's heart did you hear me, Natsu Dragnel son of the fire dragon Ignel?" staring at the sky Gabriel said "it's time I returned to y master, maybe you could give me a tour annoyer day, farewell dragon slayer" and with that Gabriel transform in his wolf form and start running in the direction his master's scent was coming from.

Being left alone Natsu could only walk to his house many questions and few answers on his mind.

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