Silver desert

chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – decisions

In the middle of the road, a young fire slayer stayed unmoving like a statue, frozen in everything except time, adverting his eyes to the sky the young one saw it was already night. The moon sparkle in all her glory and beside her the stars look like little children seeking the warm and adoration of their mother. Suddenly a shooting star passed through dark blue sky almost taunting him to catch her, just like a children playing catch with her father.

It was times like this that Natsu let himself wander in the peace and quiet of the night, trying to bring himself to think more clearly, to see the direction his heart chosen. Being energetic by nature this times were few and far away from eachother, becoming so rare it practically could be compared to an eclipse or a meteor rain.

But here he was, alone in the middle of the road, he was sure if not for his high body temperature he would be freezing to death by now. And yet he could care less with that at this moment, the words that Gabriel said still plague his head. 'Because I can understand that you are confuse, but I will not let you hurt my master's heart did you hear me, Natsu Dragnel son of the fire dragon Ignel' 'what did he mean, hurting his master's heart? How could I hurt Lucy by kissing Lisanna? And why do I don't want her to know about the kiss?' starting to unconsciously going to the guild he carry on 'I mean I wasn't the one o initiated but still I didn't stop Lisanna, does that means I like her? Maybe not, but I need to be sure' finally seeing to where he was going the fire dragon start think possible ways of answering his own questions 'what if I go out on a date with her, that way I could see what I really felt about Lisanna and if when the date is over I don't feel anything special we can still remain friends right?'

Sniffing the air looking for his longtime friend Natsu start running 'okay it's settled I'm going on a date with Lisanna, it's the least I can do because of the kiss. I hope she doesn't kiss me, I need to make sure what are my feelings first' with that the young mage enter the guild.

Immediately he saw Lisanna with her sister Mirajane talking at the bar, not knowing why but internally panicking the young dragon run to their side, picked Lisanna up and with a quick "be right back" and race to the back of the guild. Making sure they were alone, he whisper to her "did you tell her?"

Pretending to not what he was talking about the youngest Strauss said "Natsu what are you talking about, telling what to Mira-nee?"

Not wanting to play any kinds of games Natsu quietly retorted "you know what, the kiss! Did you tell her about that?"

Smiling and putting a hand on his shoulder blade she replied "I was gonna but then you brought me here, why do you wanna say the news?"

"What news?" question Natsu while looking at the Lisanna, who now had her head on his chest.

"Why the news that we are together"

Pushing her out of his chest, Natsu put his hands on her shoulders and said "what are talking about? We kissed and even that wasn't a full kiss, we didn't say we loved the other, we aren't together Lisanna"

Inversing the situation to her side, Lisanna put her hands around his neck "well I love you and if you want we can make this our first kiss"

Just as she was about to close the deal, the dragon slayer moved from her hold almost making her fall "you may love me but I don't know if I love you, so till I know for certain what are my feelings for you we won't kiss nor will we be in a relationship"

"And what will take to you to decide?"

"I don't know for sure, but I think a date will help"

"Are you asking me out?"

"Just simple date, no kisses, no I love yous, no relationships"

"I accept, may I know when do you plan to take me on this fate?"

"Today is Monday so I think on Saturday"

"Why not early?"

"Because I need to think about what am I going to do, and I need to go on a mission with Lucy"

Natsu didn't the look of hate and disgust on Lisanna's eyes when the word Lucy left his mouth

"Okay then, I agree to go on a date with you on Saturday"

"Great, goodnight Lisanna" without much as hug the fire slayer left

Going back inside the guild Lisanna whisper "I will have you Natsu, even if I have to erase all Lucy's memories from your head"


Many may think otherwise, but Lucy had a secret passion for sweets, she loved making chocolate and cakes, and right now she was giving in to her addiction.

Pulling out an extra chef's hat she called "Gabriel, do you want to help me make a strawberry cake, I was thinking maybe I could give it to Erza, I know she said she was fine but she seemed a little sad with herself"

The demon spirit in question was currently finishing setting up his soon to be new bed on his new room. The room was very simple with only a bed, a closet and a chest of drawers with a lap. But to him it was just fine plus his master had said that when they finished training tomorrow she would go with him to buy a painting set. He had told her when they were on the train that when he was just a demon, his adoptive father had taking him to an old friend of his to teach him how to draw and paint, Norok had told him that with the life of an assassin sometimes an escape was in order, and having a passion for something other than killing would help him getting through the night. At first the younger self of Gabriel hadn't understand why, but as the years and the murders went by, he realize he was very thankful to Norok, for making him go.

Nowadays he loved to paint, and before he became his master's slave, he would pass his time on the spirit realm by painting and drawing his past. At first the paints were all about Arya, even if she did betrayed him, took his heart and made him her unwilling slave, he couldn't stop the tiny space in his heart that still loved her. He was stupid he knew but demons loved differently, they could fell in love again but they could never forget their falls.

After some time his paintings became more dark, and reminiscences from his previously killings became clear, he remember all of them, all the blood all the gore, he had painted every single of his victims before and after his job was done. Someway it had help him find a little of peace with himself, and after that his paintings became more enjoyable.

Memories of his childhood where the happiest, he had multiples paintings of his mother, his father, his siblings and his whole family. Now that he was on the outside world again only time would tell what paintings he would make. But one thing was sure would take his time painting his master portrait, she was to pure not to.

"I'm on my way master" stepping in to the kitchen he was reward with a chef's hat on his head a bowl of strawberries on his hand.

"Great you can start chopping the strawberries in tiny pieces" beaming Lucy said while mixing the sugar and the milk.

"It will be my pleasure" with that Gabriel start doing his task.

Minutes later the cake was in the oven and the two friends/master and slave, were seating on the couch talking about the training regime for tomorrow.

"So when we finish the weapon training I thought master could start experimenting with shadows"

"I agree with you but I promise tomorrow I would come to the guild's bar, if I don't come the girls will kill me" joked Lucy

Not noticing it was a joke Gabriel seriously said "don't worry master they won't even have time to make a threat, I will finish their lives before they can do anything"

"Gabriel! I was just joking you don't need to kill no one"

"My apologies, I'm not very familiar with jokes"

"It's not your fault, sometimes I forget that when it comes to feelings you are just as bad as Natsu"

Seeing the down cast look on his master face, the demon spirit trying to make is voice as soft as possible asked "master do you love the dragon slayer?"

Surprised by the question the celestial mage could only mumble "I don't know if it is love, but the feelings I have for Natsu are definitely stronger than friendship"

"Then if may ask, why didn't you ever say anything"

"I ask that question almost every day Gabriel, why didn't I say something before, why did I let my chance go"

"Master you still have a chance"

"You are wrong Gabriel, my chance was over the minute Lisanna came back. And do you want to know something funny, I know from the bottom of my heart I could never hate her. I guess it wasn't just meant to be"

"Master do you really think you deserve to be sad and hurt, just for your love to be happy?"

"Isn't that what loves is all about? To sacrifice everything you have just for the other to smile, to live in a world surrounded by pain just for the other to be happy. To be left alone like a broken toy just for the one you love may feel what is to love someone else?"

"I guess you are right master, that is the meaning of love and that's what you feel about Natsu"

"I guess I answer my own question than"

Just then a noise was heard on Lucy's bedroom. Gabriel rush to the room a shadow spear on his hand, just as he was about to kill the intruder, the sight of pink hair made him stop.

"Natsu is that you?" Lucy said stepping on the room, seeing it was the fire mage she said "thanks Gabriel, but Natsu likes to enter my house through the window he doesn't know the definition of door"

"Hi Lucy"

"Natsu how many times do I have to tell you to not break in my house?"

"But you know I like this way better!"

"I don't care next time I will kick you out with my wimp!"

"Okay, okay I'm sorry" getting a slight serious face the dragon slayer said "hey Luce I need to talk to you about something"

"Okay fire away but not literally"

Turning to Gabriel Natsu said "would you mind leave us alone, go to your realm or something"

Looking at Natsu Gabriel narrowed his eyes "I obey only to my master's wishes you don't have any control over me"

Sensing the tension in the air Lucy said "Gabriel would you mind go to your room, me and Natsu talk will take just a minute or two, you don't need to worry"

"As you wish, master" replied Gabriel going to his room

Natsu seeing the spirit entering the guestroom of Lucy's house asked "Luce, why is he going to that room? Does he need to prepare to go back to his realm?"

"No, Gabriel is leaving with me"

"He is what?"

"I don't know what's the problem you used to always crash my house at night and you would always ending sleeping on top of my bed"

"But that's different" replied Natsu closing his fists

"How so?"

"We are teammates, he is just a spirit you met not even a week ago"

"I'm not going to discuss what I do with my life with you. Now tell me why you came here" not leaving space for argument the celestial mage said

Taking a deep breath Natsu said "fine, we will talk about that later. I come here to ask you help for my date with Lisanna"

Crash …. That would be the sound of Lucy heart breaking if not for the strength she had. Closing her eyes to prevent the tears from coming, the young mage took a deep breath and opening her eyes she said "sure I will help"

"Really thanks, I was thinking on an afternoon on the park maybe a trip to the cinema and then diner, what do you think"

"I think you don't need my help that is very good"

"You think I don't want to mess things up"

"You won't, you just need to be yourself, I'm sure Lisanna will think the date was very lovely"

"Thanks Lucy, if you think I can do it then I know I can"

"No problem, now please go I'm very tired and I need to sleep"

"Alright bye Lucy see you tomorrow" smiling Natsu left Lucy's house

The minute the door closed, Lucy fall on her knees letting her tears fall. Gabriel hearing everything thanks to his wolf hears, came rushing from his bedroom and to his masters' side.

Transforming on his part human part demon form, the demon spirit pick Lucy up bridal style, and with his tails hugged the crying girl to his chest. Going to his master room, Gabriel laid in her bed with Lucy still on his chest and start singing:

I gotcha ya, I'll be right here. Listen

Come stop your crying,

It'll be all right

Just take my hand

Hold it tight now

I will protect you

From all around you

I will be here don't you cry

For one so small

You seem so strong now

My arms will hold you

Keep you safe and warm

This bond between us

Can't be broken

Said wanna be here

Don't you cry

'Cause you'll be in my heart

You'll be in my heart yeahhh

From this day on

Now and forever more, for more

When the song was finished Lucy was asleep and the last thought that come to Gabriel's mind was 'I warned you Natsu, to not hurt my master, now you will pay'

And done I think this went alright the song is "you will be in my heart "by Phil Collins hope you like it. Next chapter is chapter 8 – I warned you

Sinaikai out

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