Silver desert

chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – I warned you

Morning came and with it, the sun. Trying to enter Lucy's window, the sun let its tails through the opens. Thankfully the young celestial mage was currently being shielded by her faithful slave. Who surprisingly was at the moment bare chested. In his defense it would be unhealthy for both, if they sleep with Gabriel's wet shirt. And why was the piece of cloth wet you ask? Because during the previous night even when sleeping Lucy couldn't stop crying while whispering that bastard name.

Oh how Gabriel hated Natsu Dragnel at that moment. He had warn the boy to not make anything that hurt in anyway his master' feelings, what did the stupid do? He broke in her house just to ask her for help. But it wasn't any kind of help, no it was for how to make is date with another woman, perfect.

The spirit remember when he was a child, his grandfather used to tell him many stories about mighty dragons whose wisdom knew no boundaries. Well now he knew why his father always said to no to listen to his grandfather stories. They were all lies, and big ones if this boy was an example.

Switching his eyes from the celling to the woman that was in his arms, the demon spirit let out a sigh, he knew he should avenge his master even if she didn't want to, but he also knew he couldn't kill the dragon slayer, because in the end not only him but also his master would suffer. Gabriel knew that even after the past events, his master still loved the young dragon, and has she said herself she would rather sacrifice herself then to see her love just a little sad.

So Gabriel needed to think of a way to show the bastard just how much he was wrong! Yes, because Natsu might not have noticed, but the dragon boy liked Lucy if not loved and from what Gabriel had seen that feeling was a lot bigger than the feeling he felt for the other girl.

Lisanna… just her name triggered something on the spirit heart, something he only had felt when dealing with Arya, pure disgust and hatred. The girl knew she was playing a dangerous game but still she chose to be apart. Not only was she trying but successfully to manipulate the young fire slayer heart in her favor. First for what Gabriel could see in Lucy's memories, she separated the two friends from each other, then she slowly replace his master place on her old team, the final drop was when she kissed Natsu. She knew that it would only make the fire mage confuse and playing with his personality, Lisanna knew Natsu would end asking her out.

It was a cleaver and brilliant plant, it had only a flaw. She shouldn't have messed with his master's love interest.

Now all what Gabriel needed to do, was to inverse the roles, because dragons may not be demons, but they still have a beast inside and the only thing that can make a beast get mad is to steal something of his. And what better way to show Natsu how much he likes Lucy than to steal her from him.

It was a win-win situation for Gabriel, he would help his master heart being whole again and in the processed he would make a particularly dragon slayer jealous. Yup that was the best option.

'Now let the games begin' thought Gabriel getting up, after having carefully put his master on her bed of course.

Going to the kitchen, the spirit summon two shadows to help him make breakfast.

While they were doing that in Lucy's bedroom a certain celestial mage was waking up. Feeling cold the young girl started to look for her warm pillow aka Gabriel, not finding him she tried in vane to remain in the comfort of her now cold bed.

But without her spirit shield to defend her, the sun won the battle with his shiny tails fully waking up the celestial mage.

Giving up, Lucy decided to just make the bed and to go take a bath. Not seeing her demon spirit she guessed that he was probably on the leaving room reading one of his books or preparing the schedule of her training lessons, so there was no problem of him seeing her naked.

Going to the bathroom, Lucy turned the hot water on the bathtub while undressing herself. The cold air made her skin shiver and her lips trembled against each other. Once more Lucy wished she had with her the human pillow she used the previous night.

Getting inside the bathtub, Lucy let a content sigh.

Just then the memories of the events of the previous night came rushing trough her head, the reason why she cried, the reason why Gabriel became her pillow, the man o was to blame ... "Natsu... Why..." Whisper the young mage letting a tear fall on the warm water.

A million of thoughts came to her mind, all of then about the fact that the dragon slayer was not in her reach anymore. "but was he ever? Maybe it was foolish of me thinking that I had a chance, that I deserved to be more than a friend, more than teammate, more than nakana... To be by his side, to be is equal" letting another tear fall she let a dry chuckle" I guess my mind didn't want to admit the cold truth"

Since the return of Lisanna, the young celestial mage notice the growing hole that their friendship was receiving. She force herself to smile and to hope that it was only for little time.

She was wrong. It didn't happened that way, and when she finally decided to move on she met Gabriel.

Thinking about her spirit brought a smile on her face. They have met not even two weeks ago and yet he knew everything there was to know about her. Well he did enter her memories without her permission, but Lucy didn't have any doubt that one day he would eventually know everything about her. He was like her protector in more ways that she could ever imagine. Sometimes she thought that he knew more about herself than her, yesterday was an example, he knew that she needed a shoulder to cry on even before she started crying.

The celestial mage knew that if it wasn't for him she would have probably broke down until her tears weren't no more.

And yet, she also knew that she needed to get stronger because when the time called she had to be his shoulder, his shield, his strength.

With that in mind Lucy dry her tears and with a serious voice said " I promise I will help you achieve your goals Gabriel. Even if for that to happened I have to breath my last breath" preparing to leave the bathtub she e whisper " and I promise to forget about you Natsu and to be the friend you need. No longer will I let my heart dream about impossible things instead I will try to be the one who helps you achieve happiness even if I can't be the one to make be that way"

Not noticing the figure who was at the door, Lucy walked out the bathtub ...


The wolf spirit was just finishing making breakfast. Dispelling the shadows he turned his wolf hears to the sides searching for any signs his master was still asleep or if she was awake. Hearing her voice in the bathroom, the former demon thought that maybe her master would appreciate if he made her bed, because as she was Gabriel doubted that she remember that.

Going upstairs the demon spirit continued to listen to his master's talking and he could honestly say he didn't like it one bit.

Helping him ? It was his job to serve Lucy and not the opposite. And Natsu? It would be all right if his master had only a crush on the bastard but the former demon could tell it was more than that... Gabriel had sworn to protect and to bring happiness to his master, how could he do that if she didn't felt happy?

Even if he hated Natsu, he also knew that only with him would Lucy be truly happy.

So after the punishment he would permit the dragon slayer to be by his master side, but if the bastard made her cry again... Well lets just say the dragon race would one step closer to extinction.

Stopping his trail thought, and entering the bedroom Gabriel notice that the bed was already made. Looking at it he saw her master's cloths on top of it, thinking that she had forgotten them in there, the spirit didn't think twice before going to the bathroom.

His master would certainly appreciate it.


Turning the water of the young mage was preparing to grab a towel when ...

"Master , you forgot your clothes so I brought them, don't worry I'm not looking i have my eyes closed"

Letting out an 'eep' Lucy quickly grab the clothes and runing to her bedroom she shut the door. All of this happen in 30 seconds.

Letting out an almost silence chuckle the demon spirit left the bathroom, his master wouldn't take long before she was ready so it would be best if he started to prepare the equipment for their training, but first.

"Master the breakfast is ready please don't forget to eat it you will need all your strengths to today's lesson, shadow puppetry requires not only a good mind but also a good body"

He heard a faint 'I'm coming' before going downstairs.

It took him about ten to fifteen minutes to complete their bags and by the time he was done Lucy and enter the kitchen and with a little blush on her face she said "Sorry about earlier Gabriel, I didn't notice you were there. I must have made you feel awkward."

"You don't need to apologize master, it is my duty to assist you so small things like bringing your clothes are nothing"

"Even if it isn't, it is still my fault for being a forgetful person" reply Lucy while seating on the table

"You have just woke up it is normal especially after the..." Start saying Gabriel only to be interrupted by his master

"Please don't bring that up, I'd rather forget about that, if you don't mind"

Noticing the slightly down cast look on her face the former demon replied "As you wish master. "Turning to the oven he continue" Then would you like to eat toasts or waffles? We have caramel cream to go with the waffles, to drink we have chocolate milk and orange juice"

Smiling a small smile Lucy answer "waffles and milk please, and come eat with me, I like your company and it wouldn't be fair if you didn't eat"

"As you wish master…" setting the food on the table Gabriel stop a minute to admire the choice of his master in clothes. It appeared that even with all the things that happen yesterday, she remember his request to wear something practical. The wardrobe consisted in a dark blue shirt with a silver spiral on the heart, black cargo pants, and a silver belt with a holster for her wimp and dark blue shoes, all in all it was the perfect choice for training. Her hair was all tied in to a ponytail except two bags one in each side of her face.

"Gabriel how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me master? I think you like to pissing me of" playfully yell Lucy while eating her waffle, who knew demons could cook?

"I'm sorry master it's an habit, my former master order me to always call her that" it was true, Arya took great pleasure in humiliating him every chance she get, and by making him calling her, master, it was one more step closer to break his soul.

"I know that, but please I'm not your former master so call me Lucy or Lu, anything except master, we are partners we are equals, I'm not better than you in any way"

Thinking while eating his toast, Gabriel said "then what about Hime? Do you like that Lucy-hime?"

Almost spiting her food the young mage reply "princess, really? Why that?"

"you said I could call you anything except master, and I think you are a princess, only princess have a pure heart even if they don't have noble blood they are still princess"

"I guess then… you probably would call me that even if I said no… so what are we going to do today in training?" eagerly asked Lucy while washing her plate before Gabriel had the chance to do it himself

"We will begin shadow training, I will teach you the first step to controlling a shadow, also we will train with daggers I know Hime wants to train with her wimp, but to control the shadow dance you need to begin with this weapons in the future you may switch to the wimp" responded the former demon in a professor way of speaking

"What's shadow dance?"

"It's the fighting style I will teach you, it involves fighting with your shadows as you were one, but for that you will need a strong mind and a strong body, so we will also do resistance training"

"Sounds hard but fun…" Lucy said while grabbing her back pack "how long will we be out?"

Grabbing too his back pack, Gabriel replied "I've found a nice clearing on the forest we will train there, as to when will we arrive home in the end of the afternoon most likely"

"Good I need some time off"

While they were walking out the door Gabriel suddenly asked "Lucy-hime I forget to ask you, do you have any hobbies?"

"Didn't you see that in my memories?"

"I could do that but I preferred if you tell me"

"Well, I like to write and to read, also I like to sing but I don't do that often"

"Would you mind to sing for me sometime?"


"Well, I would like to hear you and it may seem stupid but my people used to sing when training, we learned that it help to make our movements more fluid, we didn't sang out loud just enough to makes us more relaxed"

"It does sound weird but at the same time it's very cleaver, sure I wouldn't mind singing plus you have already sang to me"

"I only did that because you were feeling sad, and it's an extinct to do so"

"Your race is really different from my but still fascinating"

"If you say so Hime" reply Gabriel while smiling a tiny smile, he couldn't have asked for a better master.


"You did very well, hime. Now please eat something you need to regain your strengths"

"thank you hell-kun, but i still think it wasn't enough I barely could summon a single shadow"

"Most people can't do that in the beginning. It's normal. But why are you calling me that?" A curious Gabriel asked

"Well I thought I would give you a nick name, and you are from hell and your name is Gabriel so I thought it would fit" a smiling Lucy said

"I guess it makes sense" looking to the sky the demon spirit asked "Hime now that we have a little time before we start training again, would you mind sing to me ?"

"Hmm okay do you want me to start now?" A slightly nervous Lucy asked

"If you don't mind. Please don't be nervous I know your voice will sound beautifully" trying to reassured, Gabriel said.

A silence was fowled by his sentence, then taking a deep breath Lucy started:

"Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Oh I'm begging of you please don't take my man

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him even though you can

Your beauty is beyond compare

With flaming locks of auburn hair

With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green

Your smile is like a breath of spring

Your skin is soft like summer rain

And I cannot compete with you, Jolene

And I could easily understand

How you could easily take my man

But you don't know what he means to me, Jolene

And he talks about you in his sleep

There's nothing I can do to keep

From crying, when he calls your name, Jolene


Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him even though you can

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him even though you can

I had to have this talk with you

My happiness depends on you

And whatever you decide to do, Jolene

And you could have your choice of men

But I could never love again

'Cause he's the only one for me, Jolene


Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Oh I'm begging of you please don't take my man

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him even though you can

Jolene, Jolene"

In the middle of the song, Gabriel joined Lucy singing the chorus with her. When the song ended Lucy was smiling a sad smile while thinking "I guess Jolene won"


The guild was it's usual self. Craziness and good humor was everywhere, and between fights and laughs many people found their place in life.

At Natsu's table, the team and the others were relaxing and just plain hanging out. Times like this were rare, there weren't many mission so they could be with each other just like normal people would. Even Laxus was there, serving as a shoulder for Cana to cry on. Apparently somebody broke her beer barrel. The poor mage was crying while mumbling 'why' and 'he was so young' over and over. The blond slayer was whispering comforting words while glaring at the responsible for his Cana crying.

Death would be a blessing.

Mira was cleaning the table full of beer while talking to Levy, who was reading a book.

Gajel was like always trying to read the book Levy was reading while throwing away the flying men who were in their direction.

Erza was cleaning her swords while talking to Gray, who was being hugged by Juvia, while blush appeared on his face.

Happy was trying to give a fish to Carla, Wendy was reading a medical book and finally Natsu was talking to Lisanna while being hugged by her.

Everything was normal except...

"When is Lucy going to show up?" Asked Natsu failing to notice the evil look on Lisanna face at Lucy's name.

"I already told you, she is training with Gabriel. When they finished they will come" reply Mira

"But she could at least tell me where they were training" shouted Natsu

"Stop being a fire head! Bunny girl can do what she wants with who she wants, she isn't yours" grumble Gajel. He knew his fellow slayer was confuse about his feelings, but Lucy was Levy's friend so if she was sad Levy was and Gajel hated when Levy was sad. So regardless of being of the same species he wouldn't let Natsu hurt Lucy, if he was confused he would have to choose, one way or another.

"But I'm her partner so I need to know were she is" argued Natsu

"I wouldn't be sure of that if I were you. Remember that you weren't partner the last two months. She may don't want to be your partner anymore" reply Cana, she was feeling better but she still didn't let go of Laxus. Not that he minded.

"But she said she would help me" said the dragon slayer, Luce had promise to help him with his date with Lisanna.

"Help you with what?" Asked Erza, she didn't want to left Lucy alone not again, but if wanted to be in another team she would accept that, even if it hurt.

"With stuff... Where is she" yelled Natsu once more trying to change the conversation.

Just then the guild doors open, trough then entered Gabriel with a sleeping Lucy on his back.

"LUC..." Before they could shout more, shadow hands closed their mouths. Glaring at them Gabriel whisper with a deadly voice "My Hime is sleeping so I ask you to please be quiet, if not I will make you be"

Breaking the silence Mira quietly asked "why is Lucy in your back, is she hurt"

"Hime is just exhausted, the training was very hard, she just needs to rest for awhile" answered Gabriel seating next to team Natsu's table. Lucy was now on his lap a smile on her sleeping face.

Natsu didn't like Lucy sleeping on Gabriel's chest, it was as Gabriel was always saying she was just his mast... Wait a minute "Why are you calling Lucy Hime?" Whisper Natsu with a hard face

Seeing the look on Natsu's face made the former demon smirk. "That is none of your business, Lucy is a princess so it natural that I call her that. Why dragon are you trying to steal my princess?"

Before Natsu could argued back, Lucy woke up. Opening her eyes she said "Hell-kun, where are we, why did you wake me up"

"Sorry, Hime I was just talking to Natsu, my apologies for waking you up"

Finally noticing her surroundings, the celestial mage said "hi every one, sorry I guess I just called asleep"

"No problem but what's with Hell-kun?" Asked a smirking Mira

Blushing and getting of Gabriel's lap while seating next to Erza, Lucy answered "it's just a nick name I got for him, it was suppose to annoy him but he doesn't appear to be"

"I don't mind the name Hime every word you say is beautiful to me" the plan now was to irritate the dragon slayer till he burst with jealous.

"Stop saying that please you are embarrassing me."

" As you wish hime"

Natsu not wanting to be left out said "Hey Luce, do you want to go on a mission with me tomorrow? Happy will come to! It would be awesome"

Lucy looked at Natsu with an surprised look "you want to go on a mission with me?"

"well... Yes of course I want to"

Not knowing what to say the young mage respond "sure I guess"

"Great! Than come on lets pick one from the board!" Shouted a happy Natsu while grabbing Lucy's hand.

"Wait Natsu, I can't go now!" Said Lucy while stopping Natsu from running.

"Why not" a slight more quiet Natsu asked

"Hime is going with me to a clothes shop, I need to buy more shirts mines are all trashed because of the training and our travel" answer Gabriel for Lucy.

"He is right, I was just going to say that I was finish with training, sorry but I have to go now. Bye guys see you tomorrow" said Lucy preparing to leave the guild

The others said goodbyes and such, Natsu however...

"I'm coming with you then, I also need new clothes"

Not giving Lucy time to respond, Natsu left the guild with Lucy in his arms.

He didn't know why but He would be damed if he let Gabriel get more close to lucy than he was.

Gabriel smirked. This was way to easy, it almost wasn't fun, key word almost.

And that's it hope you like it!

Next chapter is chapter 9 - shopping and missions of love and jealousy

Sinaikai out.

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