Silver desert

chapter 9

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Chapter 9 - shopping and friendship

'what was I thinking to say I wanted to go shopping? This is so boring ...' A bored Natsu thought. They were in Magnolia's Mall, a b for women and a hell for men. That's was just what Natsu thought, but by the looks on the others men faces he wasn't wrong.

'Not even 20 minutes have passed by and I'm ready to kill somebody' looking at Lucy picking an outfit the dragon slayer let out a sigh 'I guess it could be worse, it could be Mira or Levy'

Like it was a curse ready to be casted, Natsu heard Lucy said "hey girls are you also shopping ?"

Finding the courage to turn around, the dragon slayer felt all the color leave is body. Erza, Levy, Mira,Cana, Juvia and Lisanna were all in the mall looking ready to batl... I mean shopping.

Feeling a hand on I shoulder Natsu heard Gabriel whisper in a monotonous voice "I knew karma was a bitch but even I don't think you deserve such punishment"

"what are you talking about, me you are here too" replied Natsu while waving at lisanna who was sending him a kiss.

"but I'm my Hime's slave only, so I mustn't lost any time with others"a smirking Gabriel said before leaving Natsu to go to Lucy's side.

"Traidor" shouted natsu before being glopped by Lisanna

"Come Natsu I just saw a very cute shirt and I want your opinion"

And so the shopping began.


"What do you think of this one" a giggling Lisanna asked.

Natsu only nod his head not knowing what else to do. It turns out he wasn't the personal butler of all the girls, no just Lisanna, and yet he lost count the numbers of clothes he saw. Why do girls need so many cloths? Upside was that he could spend more casual time with Lisanna and in a sense maybe it could help him understand better is feelings. Because lets be real a guy can't think clearly with a girl trying to fuse with him every hour.

Plus for some reason he thought he needed to apologize to Lucy, he just didn't know why. It was like is dragon senses where telling him he did something wrong to Lucy, like he hurt her in a none physical way. And honestly it was making his heart ache, like he didn't like when Lucy was hurt like he suffered too... 'of course I don't like seeing her hurt, she's my friend' thought Natsu while trying to pay attention to Lisanna.

Just as the girl in question enter a room to change clothes again, the fire mage felt a tap on his shoulder.

"If you say you need to go to the bathroom you will probably gain ten minutes of freedom." The sweet voice of Lucy was heard.

Looking at his friend, Natsu sheepish smile and said " You think ?"

"Yeah... Twenty if you say you got lost on your way back" the celestial mage replied. She had seen him with that poor look on his face and decided to help. Gabriel and her were already finished and her shadow spirit had offered to take the things back to her house, plus he said he had to go to his real to pick some scrolls and books on shadow training for beginners. Lucy said that it was best if he stayed in there for the night, because with their mission tomorrow they didn't know when they could use his powers, so he needed to be 100%.

The demon spirit didn't like it but he knew his master was right so he agreed with Lucy in the end.

So here she was talking to the men dragon than made her cry and smile with just his words.

"Will you help me then?" Natsu smiled, he didn't see Gabriel so the weird felling he had was slowly disappearing.

"Sure, but how can I help you" inquired Lucy, it was nice talking with the fire slayer like this, nothing but fun.

"Well you just need to say that you want my opinion to choose something outside this store and that way we can escape the evil torture that is shopping, I mean only girls could like this"

" Hey! What's that suppose to mean? And why can't you just go with my idea?"

"Because this way we will have more time, plus I want to spend sometime with you Luce" finish the fire mage.

It was true he missed spending time with is celestial friend. When he bring her to the guild, Lucy didn't talk with anyone but him. Slowly she start making friends, but even then they were always together. Nowadays he couldn't help but to miss that moments. She was his the second best friend he ever had, the first being Lisanna and he since the first time he saw her couldn't help but being possessive over her. At first he thought it was because he saw her almost like a sister but now...

" So Natsu what d... Oh hi Lucy what are you doing here?" The voice of Lisanna broke the dragon slayer thoughts.

Turning to look at Lisanna, Natsu saw that she was using a different outfit so he concluded it was the clothes she want him to see. They consisted in blue skinny jeans and a orange shirt with a water dragon running around it. They were nice but 'I like Lucy orange shirt better' not knowing why the dragon slayer thought.

"Hi Lisanna, I was just asking Natsu for help, I need to buy a set of daggers and I would like a second opinion" Lucy expertly lie.

"Why didn't you order Gabriel to go with you" retorted a not so happy Lisanna

"First I don't order Gabriel, I treat him like friend. Secondly Gabriel went back to his realm to rest, so I thought natsu wouldn't mind" Lucy didn't like the way lisanna was talking to her. She didn't do anything to deserve that treatment.

Sensing the distress in the air Natsu quickly said "Lisanna, Lucy is telling the truth plus I need to discuss the details of our mission tomorrow"

"Hmm okay then, but Natsu you will have to take me to another date" a smirking Lisanna said.

"Okay then goodbye" Natsu said grabbing Lucy's hand and leaving the store.

The walk out of the mall was quiet almost awkward. Not noticing the fire mage was taking then to Lucy's house.

Half way there the fire slayer tried to break the ice "nice saving the I need new daggers, but why daggers?"

Turning to natsu Lucy said " thanks, but I wasn't entirely lying Gabriel is teaching me out to use them"

"But why do you need to learn how to do that, you have your wimp and your spirits to help you" Natsu couldn't understand why Lucy needed to learn more especially if it involved having to pass more time alone with Gabriel, he could protect her he was a dragon slayer he wouldn't let her get hurt.

"I know what you are thinking natsu, and I can't relay on others, on you forever. I want to be able to defend myself. I don't want to be useless" 'i want to be able to protect you' the young mage added on her mind.

"But you aren't useless! And I will always be there for you, so you will never get hurt" the fire slayer was now shouting. He hated when Lucy put herself down, he didn't think she was weak.

'oh natsu how I wish that was true' thought Lucy before replying "still, you can't be there always Natsu. What about lisanna?"

"What about her?" Natsu honestly didn't know why did Lisanna have to do with this argument.

Seeing the way natsu was shouting and how close they were from her place Lucy said "you are being to loud, we will talk when we reach my apartment"

Not wanting to wait, the dragon slayer grabbed once more the hand of the celestial mage and start running faster to her house. In three minutes they were on their destination.

Opening the door, Lucy enter her house, natsu follow her and pulling them to the couch he said "Now please answer"

"Natsu what I was trying to say, was that now that you are with Lisanna we can't hang out like we used to"

"Why?" A slightly nervous and mad natsu asked

" For instance you can't climb my window and sneak in my room anymore" Lucy was starting to feel kind of sad because even if she never told him, she kind like it when he did that it remind her of a romance story. When the boy would climb a wall just to kiss the girl, not like they kissed but still.

"Why? Why can't I sleep in your room, I like our sleep overs does that mean that me and Happy can't do that anymore" the dragon slayer was starting to lightly panic. He often had nightmares about past battles and more, and being in Lucy's bed made him calmer. He liked her natural scent . And on her bed it seemed he was merge in it.

"Well Happy can still come I he wants to" how can he fail to see that things will be very different now that he had a girlfriend.

"How come Happy can stay and I don't?" Did that mean she didn't like his company? What did Lisanna had to do with their relationship. Natsu wasn't liking where this talk was going

"Because Happy isn't dating someone. Lisanna may be mad and hurt if her boyfriend sleep in another girl's bed" Lucy was donne trying to give indirect clues to the fire slayer

"But she isn't my girlfriend"

"But isn't that why you are going in a date with her, to change your relationship?"

"I don't know... Are you tell me that if I date Lisanna then we won't be friends anymore?"

"I'm not telling you that. We will still be friends just not so close. "

"But I like the way we are now"

" The way we are now is that of friends that are slowly becoming apart. This is the first time we talk in two months natsu, you can't change the pass"

"I know that Luce but can we at least try to make the things go back how they were?"

"Things can never be the same natsu, people change, people adapt, so maybe we will also adapt"


"How about you tell me what is the mission about?" Said Lucy trying to change the topic of conversation. She didn't think she could take much more of this.

Not wanting to finish the talk they were having, natsu reluctantly said "It's just a quest to kill or to capture a group of thefts, it's on a island so we will take a day to arrive there. The mission will take four days tops"

"Good then I guess me and Gabriel will met you and Happy tomorrow"

"So Gabriel is coming, I thought he was in his realm"

"He is but he said he will get back in the morning."

Looking around and trying to calm down the green feeling he was experiencing Natsu said while smiling "Hey Luce can I stay here today?"

Lucy just stared at him with a disbelief look on her face "Weren't you listening of course not!"

"But I'm not with Lisanna now"

"But you want to be! Plus is Gabriel sees you in my bed he will freak out"

"But you said he isn't here now!"

"Natsu please leave I can't take this right now" pushing the fire mage out of her door she whisper "I will see you tomorrow, goodnight natsu" with that she closed the door.

The son of Ignel just stared at the door. So these were how things were supposed to be now.

'Just friends like always but less' natsu didn't know why but the thought of losing even a fraction of the way they were, it was worse than a thousand train rides. Which was saying a lot when he came to him.

The night sky was suddenly darker almost like it was missing a star. But that was just Natsu's opinion.

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