Power Rangers Samurai Secret Santa


Mia and Jayden have sex during their Christmas party It’s Christmas time in the Shiba house and Mia tells Jayden how she feels about him and things go farther then they knew

Joselin Hernandez
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Secret santa

Mia's pov

I watched as he tore open the package in front of him with my breath held. I really hoped he would like it."WOW! A 1988 fender strat plus guitar in candy apple RED!" He exclaimed excitedly as he held up the instrument as if it was made of glass. "Okay I have to know! Who got me this?" Antonio started laughing. "Jayden that's the point of it being a SECRET Santa..." I watched as Jayden's lip curled up into a frown. "Dang it! Come on someone HAS to tell me...I can't stand not knowing who would get me such an awesome gift! It had to have cost a fortune." Try 2 grand...I thought to myself with a grin. He was so cute when he was confused about something. His eyes quickly scanned the room until they landed on me. I was never a good liar, especially to Jayden. Mentor saved me however by informing Jayden quietly, "Jayden the secret Santa will be revealed tonight at the party." Jayden's eyes did not move from my face however and I could feel myself start to blush as he gazed at me with his intense eyes.

I tore my gaze away from him but could feel his eyes follow me as we continued around the room to unwrap our gifts. The longer his gaze lingered on me the more my body temperature began to rise. I was finally saved when Kevin caught Jayden's attention to show him his gift. This was my one opportunity to show Jayden that he was more than my friend and leader. I was completely in love with him. I was always hesitant to tell him though as I didn't know if he felt the same way. When I drew his name for the secret santa I was overjoyed at being able to get him something really special. This was the first year I had drawn his name. Mentor had helped me figure out what he really wanted so that he wouldn't suspect it was me. I opened my gift and gasped when I saw the jeweled hand fan that matched my dress for tonight perfectly along with an adorable ruby and gold hoot owl pendant and pink hoot owl fleece pajama bottoms. I grinned at my friends and wondered who had been my secret Santa to get me such perfect gifts. I sensed that Emily had a hand in it at seeing her obvious pleasure at my joy.

After finishing up gifts we all went to the kitchen to eat our Christmas lunch that Mentor had catered for some reason...I sighed as I thought about the culinary cooking school that I had wanted to go to for so long but would have to wait until after Master Xandred had been sealed forever.

"Hey can you lean over there and grab me the pepper?" Mike asked I assumed me since I was closest to it. I reached over and got him the pepper at the same time Jayden reached to get it too. Our hands touched, electricity sparked and I jerked as if I had been burned. Jayden looked like he was trying to take deep breaths to calm himself. Thankfully no one else noticed our little moment and I slid the pepper across the counter to Mike who was leaned in whispering to Emily. I tried to avoid Jayden's deep gaze, afraid of what I would do if I met his brooding gaze. The temptation to lean over and press my lips to his was so overwhelming that my hands began to shake so I hid them under the table as long as I could until I could get myself under control. What I wouldn't give to hear what he was thinking!

"Mia? Are you ready to go? I've got to go get a few things for the party tonight still."

"Sure! Let's go!" I said, my voice a little too loud and high, revealing my distress.

I could swear I felt Jaydens eyes on me all the way out the door.

That night...

The Rangers Christmas Party was well under way, Power Rangers from all around had been invited. Emily and I had done an amazing job on the decorations if I did say so myself. I adjusted my metallic red one-shouldered dress that molded to my curves. I had decided to leave my hair down and curled it into big thick ringlets that fell down almost to my waist. I tried not to blush as I thought about the sexy undergarments I had on under the dress, black satin garter belts with lace and tiny red bows. Black butterfly designed panties with matching bra that the wings barely covered my breasts...tossing my head and trying to hold onto my confidence as I pictured a certain red rangers reaction, I checked my makeup one more time before leaving to join the party.

I walked down the hallway to the main gathering area and took a deep breath to settle myself before I entered the fray. I stopped at the gasp that sounded behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see Jayden standing behind me, frozen at the door to his room, staring at me with his mouth slightly open.

I turned around to face him, my confidence suddenly shot through the roof. "You like?" I said and started to turn in front of him slowly so that he could see every angle. As I made the final turn I was stunned to find myself suddenly pinned against the wall of the hallway! Sneaky Samurai! I never even heard him move! "I like…" Jayden said hoarsely just before his lips came crushing down on mine. I was so stunned I couldn't move. The guy of my dreams was kissing me! I felt him tense and begin to pull away at my stillness, shocking me into moving my limbs where I could fist my hands in his hair and pull him back to me. I leaned my entire body into his and kissed him with every ounce of passion I had for him. Jayden moaned into my mouth and I felt his hand grab one of my legs and slide it up him to his hip, his long fingers beginning to explore the expanse of my thigh.

POP! The sound of a champagne bottle being opened apparently jerked Jayden to his senses and he was suddenly away from me, standing across the hall breathing deeply and staring at me with eyes so dark they looked as if they were smoldering. Without saying a word, he turned and walked back to his room, shutting the door firmly behind him and leaving me stunned in the hallway. I was about to turn and follow him when Emily appeared in the hall. "MIA! You look stunning! Why is your lipstick so smudged? You need to fix that before you go into the party, here use mine real quick." Touching up my lipstick and trying to act cool while trying not to laugh at Emily's obliviousness, I smiled and followed her out into the party even though my body was screaming at me to go find a certain samurai red ranger and finish what he unexpectedly started.

I was on cloud 9 laughing and dancing with Antonio when he came into the room. Our gazes immediately locked and of course I immediately felt my pulse quicken and my cheeks heat. Darn him for having that effect on me! My lips were still tingling from his kiss. Antonio grabbed me and spun me around, only to find myself landing right in Jayden's arms. I smiled up at him until I saw the serious look on his face. "Mia…I…don't know what happened out there. I am sorry if I offended you or made you feel like I was mauling you. I acted impulsively and it was most inappropriate for me to behave that way as your leader and your friend." I could only stare at him stunned. He was sorry? The best kiss of my life and he was apologizing? Before I could say anything, he spun me back to Antonio and stalked off as I stared after him in shock and hurt. What was WITH him and walking off before I could say anything? The more I continued to think the angrier I got. Even when the secret Santa were revealed he was still nowhere in sight. Excusing myself, I set off to find him. I looked everywhere but he was nowhere to be seen. How DARE he disappear JUST when I knew what I wanted to say to him and had a good mad built up! This is FAR from over Jayden Shiba…..I thought to myself as I decided to rejoin the party.

I finally fell into bed still in my dress around two thirty that morning but I was still so restless I tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Turning onto my side, I saw a shadow come to my door and stop briefly before heading on down the hall, I heard no footsteps which meant it had to be Jayden. I jumped to my feet and slowly opened my door. I tiptoed down the hall towards his room, hearing sounds from the party still going strong. I didn't bother to knock but merely slid open his door. I heard my breath stop at the sight of Jayden lying across his bed, wearing nothing but the tight black jeans he had on earlier. He leaned up on his elbows and stared at me with his eyebrows raised. The muscles in his abs tightened as he sat up. "Mia…." He started but his words cut off as I slowly turned the lock on his door. In the light of the moon I could see his whole body tense as I began to walk towards him. In a move that was much braver than how I was feeling at that moment, I unzipped the back of my dress and let it fall to my feet, stepping out of it and walking right to him. I lifted myself and straddled him on the bed.

Looking him square in the eyes I whispered, "Don't EVER apologize for kissing your secret Santa Jayden Shiba." I brought my lips down to his and in seconds I was flipped over on my back being pressed down in the mattress by Jayden. I soon learned why he was the fire symbol as he turned my body into an inferno of want. Taking his mouth, he trailed down to between my breasts, nipping and biting his way to the lace of my bra. "VERY…nice…by the way." He said to me between kisses, making me giggle. My laughter was soon erased as he continued on down, using his teeth to unhook my garter straps. I found myself stunned at how he knew how to do that. I would have to remember to ask him later….

I couldn't help but tense slightly as his mouth skimmed the top of my panties, Jayden must have felt my hesitation as he looked up at me with his eyebrow raised. "Are you okay?" He said. I felt myself blush furiously and he swore under his breath.

"Mia...have you ever done this before?" I leaned up on my elbows and looked at him through my lashes. "Not to this point before...the farthest has been from the waist up..." I was beginning to feel panicky as I felt him pulling away from me.

"Mia. I won't take advantage of you." he said even as his fingers absently rubbed the tops of my legs above my lace topped stockings.

Sitting up to face him, I took his face in my hands and brushed my mouth to his.

"As long as you are my first, I know I have nothing to be afraid of. You are not taking advantage of me AT ALL...I came to you remember?" My heart rate picked back up at the lopsided grin he gave me.

"True...let's see if I can burn this memory into your very skin..."

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