21: Mission Accomplished

England woke up at a record ten thirty that morning. He was safe and sound. Light streamed in through the window. The atmosphere of Russia’s house had changed from 'creepy horror film' setting to 'Christmas movie' setting, with the snow falling delicately outside. He rolled out of bed and made himself presentable for the outside world. He walked out of the room and stood in the hallway, where he heard voices further down the hallway. He walked along and saw it was Russia’s room.

They had a lot of discussing to do, but a doctor had arrived late that night to look at Russia and America's wounds. England hadn’t been awake to see that, but he’d been told beforehand by Germany that that’s what had been planned. The voices sounded like America and Russia.

He brought a hand up to the door and knocked gently.

“Hello?” Russia called.

England pushed open the door and walked a little inside. Russia was still in bed, and America sat beside him on a chair he’d pulled up beside the bed. The pair of them still looked battered and worn, but their peace of mind made all the more difference. Although his arm was encased in a sling, and his leg bandaged in several places, Russia seemed his usual, cheerful self. America's forehead was bound, as was his hand, and his nose was covered in white, clinical bandaging.

“Hey,” America smiled and England nodded.

He glanced around the room and found another chair which he took and pulled beside America’s. Sitting down, the three of them contemplated for a moment.

“Russia was just telling me what I’d been like,” America awkwardly laughed. “He said he thought I had a fever.”

“You did look like a madman,” England replied.

“If I got fevers that easily I’d be doomed,” America shrugged. “Healthcare isn’t free…”

“What was the verdict?” England asked Russia.

“I was passing in out and of consciousness whilst they were diagnosing me,” Russia shrugged. “But I did catch that my arm was broken, I’d lost a lot of blood from the knife wound, when we pulled the bullet out I lost even more blood, I also fractured my hip apparently when I jumped from the building, two ribs were broken when you landed on me with the ladder and the nerves in my little finger have been temporarily severed from the skimming gunshot of America’s, but because I’m a country I’ll heal and be fine.”

England glanced at America, with the bandage round his head.

“Mildly concussed, alongside some other minor stuff a hero like myself can handle, but I wanted to see if this dude had made it,” he laughed. “I can’t believe it was Sealand this whole time… And I was telling you to go easy on the little guy…”

“It was France pulling the strings,” England said.

“I can assure you that Latvia won’t be doing anything for a while,” Russia chuckled.

“But, hey, I just wanted to clarify that there’s no beef between us?” America looked at him.

“Oh, there is,” Russia nodded seriously. “I might currently be one step down from a full body cast, but let’s both of us remember that you were the one accusing me of this from the beginning to the end, as well as smuggling a gun into my house, only to then use it against me. Ought I also to remind you that you weren’t psychotic when you brought the gun into my house?”

America’s face fell and he grimaced. “Right.”

The day progressed slowly at first, but then meetings began, held in Russia’s room, because he didn’t want to be left out. The only person unable to attend was Japan, and that was because, according to China, he was suffering moderate hypothermia from the low temperatures of the meat hangar. France, Sealand and Latvia were present, and the next three days were spent organising what was to happen to the offenders.

Sealand willingly took responsibility, and was forced into service towards the countries to make them more accepting. He would take two weeks with each of his victims as repayment. That gave him a total of twenty weeks service. He was prohibited from organising contact with Latvia for the next month or so.

Latvia’s punishment was something Russia insisted on exacting, and although he wouldn’t explain what he intended to do, he was insistent and didn’t want Latvia straying far from home anyway. He said something along the lines: “Latvia understands his errors, but at least the magical stick can settle our dispute!” He was put on a two month restraining order from both Germany and China and was also prohibited from handling medicine and drugs. Like Sealand, he would face a month of not speaking with the former.

France? France would be at the will and mercy of all other nations he had offended for thirty weeks. He would also be the one paying Russia’s medical bill due to the fact that it was his idea to orchestrate this in Russia’s house. He was placed on a restricted restraining order from Sealand and Latvia for the next two months.

Lithuania would be spending the next few months with Russia, attending to him and making sure he was alright. He also found it very difficult to be near Latvia, and found friendly conversation wasn’t the first thing on his mind whenever the two happened to chance upon one another. Although he knew it was unfair to seemingly accuse Latvia of everything, he was still cool about the thought of Latvia being the one attack him and drag him into the storage room, a place which he chose to avoid.

Estonia took it a little more responsibly. Whilst his attitude towards Latvia was not what one could call friendly, he did the sensible thing and put the past aside, still on speaking terms. He did, however, catch up on all his missed and most beloved sleep (perhaps taking advantage since Russia wasn’t in the position to say or do anything against it).

Ukraine easily relaxed once the danger was gone, and instantly forgave Latvia despite everything he did. On the fourth day of his punishment, she ended up comforting a terrified Latvia who felt the need to watch his back, providing him with a fresh batch of tarts she’d made.

Belarus was much less forgiving, and although she sought out Latvia, he did his best to avoid her as much as possible, especially after he saw what she did to America with the crowbar. The only good thing that came out of this was that Russia, who was incapable of being able to move about the house, was subject to Belarus’s company. She was very happy to tell him that Latvia would be constructing her a new vase and a new photo frame.

Italy returned home to a very surprised Romano, who half listened to his story, but didn’t care that much. Italy took it as a low blow, and chose to stay with Germany for the next three weeks or so, suddenly unable to take anything from his brother due to the “stress and fear of being held in the basement of a sociopath’s servant and a bad cook’s little brother – they tried to feed me English food! It was torture!

Germany accepted Italy staying with him, and had better company from Austria, who enjoyed bossing Sealand around at his every bidding when the boy was there. It made Germany wonder whether Austria was abusing his position within the household, but there was little he could do, as he had been the one who helped construct the terms Sealand had to follow. Fortunately for Germany, the tea had no impact on his health, and the blow to his head had not been enough to have caused considerable, worrisome or even significant damage.

The final member of the Axis Powers was not so lucky. Japan almost reached a severe stage of hypothermia, to the point where he stopped feeling the cold and became delirious. As a result, China deemed him unhealthy to travel and asked Russia to allow them to stay until Japan seemed well enough to return home. Russia allowed that, and the poor Japan spent his days bedridden with China as his only company. However, when he did heal, he was grateful to both, and just as grateful to return home.

China was glad to spend some quality time with Japan, even though most of his contributions to conversation were delirious. On the other hand, he didn't have to return home, either, and have Korea pester him about what happened. He didn’t suffer from the sleeping tablets either, but made sure to strictly avoid Latvia during his prolonged stay at Russia’s house. Upon returning home, he was bombarded with questions, but his answer was: “It was so traumatic I can’t speak of it.

America was a little bit luckier than Japan. Although he was suffering mild concussion and couldn't drive his own plane, the fact he was walking around indicated he could travel. There was also the fact that he didn't want to stay in Russia’s house any longer, especially as the other was still bitter about him having brought a gun into his house. As a result, Canada arrived with some of his air force, where he gave America a lift back home, as well as brought America’s plane back. He was glad to have been included, although briefly, and although he was barely noticed when he came for America, it was difficult for America to not acknowledge his presence when they were on their way home. America sent a letter of apology to Russia, as well as a new faucet pipe.

Russia received the said letter and burnt it after reading it, smiling and watching the fire as he did so. However, he treasured his beloved faucet and had Latvia smelt the new one down to repair the old one. Despite his injuries, Russia recovered extremely quickly. “I'm Russian” and “It was the vodka I have as a medical remedy three times a day” were his excuses for the extreme health. Once he was up again, he made sure to distance himself a lot from Belarus. Although he attempted to acquire the photo album, she banned him from entering her room for a period of time, and she took it with her when she returned to her own home. Although that night had seen him enter there the most ever, Russia got Latvia to rebuild his entire library, as well as organise general repairs all over the house. Once fully recovered, he spent the next few days comfort knitting and wondering whether his friendship with England was permanent or temporary.

England spoke little to Sealand as usual, intending to send the message that his younger brother was still not considered a nation. He decided to enter a rock climbing course, having mildly enjoyed his escapade along the side of Russia’s house, but memories of falling returned to him during the first week and he refused to continue that. To comfort himself, he baked a huge plate of scones and got France to eat them with him, much to the horror of France. It was safe to say that, when Sealand was at his service, England was not shy to get his brother to do whatever he wanted. It was one day when he realised that Russia might expect to receive a letter as they were “friends”. However, England was in the mood to cut that “friendship”, especially when he dwelled on what would've happened if Latvia had confessed without him being present. Luckily, Russia didn't seem to make an effort either, and England put that down to being forgetful, and was very grateful for it.

He also decided he would never celebrate Halloween again.

A long time passed after the events of that dreaded night. Latvia found himself in the kitchen, relieved that the nightmare was over. Lithuania and Estonia had gone out to deal with cars, Ukraine and Belarus were long gone by now and Russia said he was out doing something.

“Hey, Latvia.”

He turned and saw Russia standing in the doorway.

“O-oh,” he froze. “H-hello, M-Mr Russia. I-I thought you’d gone out.”

“That’s what I told you and the other two,” he smiled. “I wanted it to be just us today, so we could spend some quality time together. Do you remember that Halloween night all that time ago?”

“Y-yes?” How could I forget it?

“I think it’s about time we spoke about what happened,” Russia beamed, taking out the new faucet pipe Latvia had constructed for him. “Let’s settle the argument.”

Latvia decided that was his cue to start running or die slowly.

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