The LEGO movie : first encounter


A wedding is being planned, and even bigger ones are brewing. Join Emmet and the gang as they try to make peace; while others watch them from afar, I do not own the lego movie 2 or its characters. All rights go to their respected owners.

Adventure / Romance
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Ch 1: apocalypseburg

5 years ...... 5 years since the aliens attacked. They destroyed everything, city’s, homes, even the coffee shops. And they only kepted on coming. Not only did this affect the town, but also its citizens, it made everyone cold, dark, tough. All except one bright and happy construction worker who just got his two cups of coffee from the barista.

Emmett's POV:

As I walk out of the coffee shop I look around at my surroundings, the sky was smoky, the ground was sandy, and the air oh the air was oh so dusty. People fought in the streets and In nearby buildings while your average beggar pickpocket the person passing by who didn’t give him any money. And some people get run over by some nut job with his custom vehicle going over 50 mph on the sidewalk. Yep, just your average day in apocalypseburg.

As I go on my morning walk I say morning to everyone I meet on the way: the big cyborgs, miss. Nancy and her cats, even the sewer babies. Oh, and as for my destination, the defense HQ, the place that looks for and defends against alien attack’s.


The defense HQ was basically a big cave full of weapons and guns. It also acted as a bunker for the citizens when aliens do attack. The leader was Batman, a “ dark and stormy” person who always acts like he’s the best and the edgiest. True this can be annoying at first but you get used to it after a while. And on top, at a crows perch was a hooded figure dress all in black except for some pink stripes. And its hair was pink and black, this figures name was...

Emmett: “Hay Lucy.”

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