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The Blessed RAEM


In the World of Remnant, bloodshed and despair filled the land. Sometimes, a little rain is needed to it away. Follow Team RAEM in their adventure of self-discovery and atonement and perhaps romance.

Action / Fantasy
Age Rating:


Rain is a blessed shower, washing away of the sins and guilt of all. But sometimes, it just covers them up.

A young teen walked in the heavy rain, his feet splashing into many puddles within the misty forest. His face shadowed by a light-blue hood, showing only his mouth, a sapphire blue jacket left opened with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbow over a white vest with black rims, black pants with blue flames design covering the left leg, black fingerless gloves and black boots. A white symbol of a spiral with lightning bolts spread like a star stamped on the back of the jacket, a white belt with a metal buckle with the same design engraved to the buckle and a katana with a plain light-blue handle and a silver cross-guard designed like a metal band an inch thick with a silver pommel in a grey-metallic sheathe with a tanto sheathed on its side tied on his left side, the smaller weapon having the same design on its plain white handle.

He carries on walking deeper into the forest as dark creatures, Beowolves start to come out from the shadows of the trees and within the mist. Their eyes glowing red as they slowly stalked the teen, he having no knowledge of their presence, deep in his thoughts of his mission as he soon arrives into a large clearing.

He then took notice of the large amount of Beowolves around him, they slowly ganging up on him with snarls and growls echoing among them.

“Huh… so there is a large amount of Grimm here…” He muttered, “No wonder the village is getting attacked all the time…” He rummaged his pockets and take out a piece of paper, “Let’s see…”

The Beowolves launched themselves towards him, “Defeat the many Grimm in the forest. That’s it then.”

They slashes at him, only to slash the note instead, the ribbons of paper slowly dropped onto the wet ground. The teen is now in the air, the hood dropped off now revealing his golden-hued brown eyes and black well-maintained yet shaggy and spiky hair with a blue streak on one of his bangs. He smirked as he drops down, and smashing down his fist into the ground hard and creating a large shockwave that sends all of the creatures flying off.

The wolves around him growled and roared at him, he simply draws out his katana, revealing a sapphire blue blade, “Raine Aoi Sapphire, beginning mission!” He smirked as he launched himself at the Grimm, slicing the first of the Beowolves in front of him, as the rest of them charges at him.

He swings his sword and slicing the wolves one after another with precise and sharp swings, taking down one Beowolf with every step he took towards one as the blue blade spins around in the rain. One wolf slashes at him, only to have him dodge by ducking and turning around before stabbing his blade into its eye and penetrating its skull.

He pulls out his sword before he round house kicked another wolf away and slicing yet another down. He dodges under a slash, slashing at it and revealing another wolf coming at him. He reaches and draws out the tanto, and with one strong swing beheaded the wolf. Re-adjusting his grip on the dagger, revealing its darker blue blade, that extents to double its length and its handle on the pommel area extended slightly for easier gripping.

Seeing all the Beowolves coming closer, he readied himself again before launching forward at them. Dagger and sword working in harmony as their blades spun around in expert work cutting through Grimm after Grimm with every swing. One by one, the Beowolves are dropping dead. Raine stabbed both his blade into one of the creatures, swinging the dead body at a small group before rushing and cutting through them all in two swift cuts.

He looked around, noticing the remaining countless Beowolves now ganging up on him yet again with lack of any openings for him to exploit. Deciding to end it, he sheathes his sword, got into a drawing stance with his dagger still in his hand.

All of the Beowolves lunged at him, only for Raine drew his sword at blinding speeds. Rain is halted as countless of slashes are seen cutting through the air and cutting down the Beowolves, the dark creatures cutting down into smaller pieces with each slash. The rain restarted as the countless of Grimm dropped onto the wet ground, slowly dissipating into nothingness. He sheathes his sword and dagger, and walks off back where he came.

“Time to pick up the cash.”

In this dirty world, there will be cleaners that clean up all the scum, by any means necessary.

A young girl stood on the rooftop of the large skyscraper, the broken moon shining down on the night sky. Her dark red shoulder-length hair fluttering in the wind as her blue eyes looked down on the buildings below her. A black sleeveless turtleneck with a white cross in the centre of her well-endowed chest under a scarlet red sleeveless jacket, two red detached sleeves with black rims around her forearms, a white short pants with a black belt and black stockings with white boots. In her hands, a scarlet sniper rifle with a cross insignia on the hand guard.

She took on a prone position, resting her gun on the ledge while she aimed at the apartment building opposite her. From her scope, she can see her target. One mob boss sitting down with two girls in both his arms and a smoking cigar in his hand, wearing a white dress shirt under a black blazer with black pants and black dress shoes. He laughed out loud as one of the hookers poured an alcoholic drink into his mug, then chugging it down with the two hookers clapping and cheering when he finished, giving out another laugh.

She took aim, the crosshairs of her scope aligning well to his head as she cocked her gun. As her hands steadied, she squeezed the trigger, sending the projectile flying. Thanks to the silencer on the end of the muzzle, only a slight pop was heard as the bullet flew towards its intended target. It whizzed through the air, smashing through the window and hitting its intended target, the metal projectile hits and pierces his skull, killing him instantly.

The girl cocked, discharging the smoking casing out as she saw the girls screaming in fear and panic due to their customer now dead slumping on the sofa. She pulls out her scroll and dialled in a number.

“Mission completed. Target Eliminated.”

After reporting, she kept her scroll and slung her rifle over her shoulder and on her back, got up and walk towards the exit. It was then that the door was slammed right opened and a gang of man in black suits rushes out and surrounds her, pistols and rifles out aimed at her.

“Give it up, assassin! You’re surrounded!”

“You will pay for killing the boss!”

She looks around her, unable to find any openings for her to take. She sighed, before raising her hands up as if in surrender. Some of the gang members lowered their guns, believing that they have won, and she took that chance. From within her sleeves, two pistols slides up into her hands and she pressed on the triggers rapidly, raining metal at them in machine gun rate fire and effectively killing several men in the front rows.

The white guns are small, semi-automatic pistols with the muzzle just half-inch from the trigger guard, a white cross on the back of the black handles and a cutlass guard on the handle from the butt of the gun to the trigger guard.

Taking into a dash, she punches the man in front of her in the face with the cutlass guard of her gun, knocking the first man out and causing panic among the remaining members. Using that confusion, she moves in and hit another man in the jaw. Going into a boxing momentum, she dashes forward and hits every man with each step she took, landing straight, hooks, uppercuts and side punching to her left and right, all the while firing rounds with each punch, knocking and killing every man in the vicinity.

Soon, more than half of the men are either dead or knocked out. One of the remaining man immediately realized who she is, “Y-You’re…! Akai Scarlet!” She lands one knuckle to his face, knocking him out as well. The rest of the members took a step back, Akai looking at them with a glare and her gun ready for combat. From behind those people, two persons walks up to her, one male and one female.

The male is an orange haired man with a buzzcut with green eyes wearing a white jacket left opened up to show his chiselled abs, black pants with a white belt holding it up tucked inside white metallic boots, white metal gauntlets on his hands.

The female is a curvy woman with long orange hair with blue eyes wearing a blue shirt left opened to show her bandaged chest with white pants held up by a black belt and metallic high-heel boots, a sheathed katana with a red wrapped handle in a black sheathe in her hand.

“Time for our debut huh, Juno?” The man stated.

“Of course, Herx. Let’s show her the strength of the Romanic Siblings.” The woman said.

Akai unloads magazines from her pistols, two magazines slide out from inside her jacket and into her guns and she clocks them before taking aim and firing. The two dashes forward towards her, dodging the bullets left and right before Herx got close enough to slug her with a strong right. She rolled and dodges that strike, before taking a defensive stance and blocks all of the attacks that he threw at her. Juno took this chance and jump and slices down at her with her sword, Akai dodging it with a backflip.

She jumped forward and shot backwards, sending her flying in an arc before landing a two feet stomp to Herx face before tripping Juno and landing one right hook to her face, knocking her out. The man growled before shouting a battle cry and lunging at her, Akai leaped up high in the air while dodging him, twirling in the air as the moon illuminated on her before dropping down and knocking him out with hit to the head with her gun.

Her guns slides back into her sleeves, and pulls out her scroll and dials the same number as before.

“Need cleaners.”

Justice and evil, sometimes they are as obvious as black and white. But sometimes, justice is just as evil and evil may be the one called justice.

Footsteps are heard, echoing down the corridor being lit up by small lights powered by small Dust crystals. A single male person runs down within that same dark corridor, his steps eradicate and his panting breaths with each step taken.

He possessed grey, almost white well-maintained yet spiky hair, a pair of fox ears sticking out of his head with brown-tips with sharp red eyes that looks like fox eyes. He wore an amber-coloured coat with a logo of a fox head with two arrows crossed behind it in black on the back over a white turtleneck and black pants with armoured breeches and boots combination, a grey belt around his waist that ties the coat around him while leaving it open. Two wakizashi swords with orange-brown gun handles strapped on both sides of his belt in their black sheathes.

His armoured boots making clinking sounds with every step he took. He got to the exit that enters in a large open area, large windows near the rooftop allowing sunlight to enter.


At the entrance to said clearing, several men in white military vests with a panther logo with a claw mark behind it imprinted at the back and wearing white Grimm masks stood by and ready to fire their assault rifles at him. His red eyes scanned around the small army, seeing even turrets and miniguns are deployed against him.

“Ember Schutze! You are charged with the destruction of plans and blueprints of the most importance! Surrender now, and your sentence will be light!”

Ember sighed, “Sorry, but I have no plans of doing so. My brothers and sisters, I’m going to make things right, even if I have to kill all of you to do so.” His hands grabbed onto one of his swords’ handle, drawing it out in one swift movement, revealing the pistol guard that looks like a white 10mm Bren Ten pistol without its handle but kept the trigger guard with a black blade. Seeing the sword drawn, they started firing at him. Bullets rain down at him as he twist his body and swung his blade around, hitting away the bullets while dodging the one he couldn’t hit away, before running forward and swishing left to right to dodge the Dust bullets.

Approaching the first person in front of him, he swings down and cuts the soldier down. The others quickly turn to aim at him, only for the fox boy to swings his sword at them before they could react, cutting down enemy after enemy within a rush of slices. Turrets starts firing down at him as he dodges and blocks off as many bullets as he can before running back a mile and switching his sword to its gun form, its blade slides within itself before turning and placing on top of the gun and its handle moves down to its proper position, and fires several shots at the people manning the turrets, killing them with shots to their head or through their eyes.

The ones holding on the miniguns starts firing and raining metal at him, Ember rushing forward dodging bullets and firing few precise shots and hitting their cables, putting them out of commission. In their own confusion and panic over their malfunctioning weapons, he used this opening to switch his weapon back to sword form and cuts them all down in fast pace.

The large area is now littered with bodies of the dead soldiers, all in their own pools of blood. He sheathes his sword and ran towards the exit as fast as he could, before he heard a gunshot and stopped in his tracks as a bullet hits close to his feet. At the entrance, there stood a brown-haired man with streaks on his many bangs, in a black trench coat with some design around the left shoulder area, black pants and shoes as well as a much more detailed version of the Grimm masks. In his hands is a chokuto with a back handle and red blade while pointing at him is a black rifle.

“Adam Taurus.” Ember mutters as he drew out his sword.

“Ember, never thought that you would be the traitor.” Adam said.

“Traitor? That’s funny.” He stated, “Isn’t the real traitor this organisation? What happened to the peace-loving White Fang that I joined so long ago? I can’t stomach this new White Fang, not anymore.”

“What it has become, Ember, is more efficient!” Adam shouted, “We have accomplished what the old White Fang would have taken many decades within a few years!”

“Thought what? Fear?” Ember cried, “The White Fang isn’t a terrorist group, Adam. We are supposed to bring peace and respect between humans and Faunus, not to get the latter feared to the other! I have seen what we have done. There has been no change at all, and those Faunus that didn’t support our cause are discriminated and extorted even more thanks to us! The White Fang is the criminal, but they saw every Faunus as one of us!”

“Faunus who doesn’t have the resolve deserve it.” He stated, “Like you, Ember. Deserting the White Fang because you can’t stomach it? You’re a coward! In order to change the world, sacrifices must be made. You know that well, Ember.”

“Shut up!” Ember shouted as he dashes towards him, his sword strikes down on the red blade, both weapons grinding on each other creating sparks.

Adam pushes him back, Ember skidding along the concrete before switching his weapon to gun form and starts shooting at him. Adam dodges left and right, avoiding bullets aimed at him, before swing his blade down at him, the fox Faunus blocked it with his weapon in mid transformation, just as its handle switches to its gun position and the blade is still on top of the barrel.

He draws out his other sword with his other hand, the same sword but with a white blade and black gun, and swings upwards at his opponent. Adam moves his head back, and his sword off the gun blade, to avoid the attack just as Ember slams his foot into his gut hard. The impact of the kick sends him flying across the room, the red haired teen skidded to a stop as he saw Ember standing there with both his swords out.

“White Mist and Dark Fog.” Adam smirked, “Never thought I’ll be facing those two one last time.”

Ember dashes forward, his swords readied as he cross-slashed at Adam, the red haired teen blocked the attack with his sheathe. This was only the start as Ember unleashed a fury of slashes none stop at him, one sword clashing into the red sword one after another. Adam blocked and countered as much of the attacks as he could, both of them barely making any progress as both aren’t wounded at all. With one last strike, the three swords clashed against each other hard, sparks flew with the three blades grinding at each other.

Ember pushes forward on the blade while he backflips over Adam, kicking him away at the same time. The red haired teen skidded to a stop, noticing that Ember is now at the exit with Dark Fog sheathed, and White Mist in gun form pointing at him.

“Sorry.” He said as he fired, the dust bullet hitting one of the miniguns which is still laded with Dust ammunition, creating a large explosion that engulfed the entire area. He switched it back to its sword form and sheathed it, turned around and runs down the corridor.

The moon can be a charming mistress of the night, seducing everyone with its cool light.

A young lady stood in the middle of a large green plains, its green grass swaying in the wind all around her with the moon illuminating her pale skin. Her long silver hair flowing down around her and fluttering in the wind, her bright green eyes staring into the starry sky.

She wore a blue jacket over a white/light-blue kimono with white flower patterns around the skirt area that reaches to her knees and white boots with silver armoured breeches. A white flower accessory clipping part of her bangs to her right with a symbol of a five petal flower with a crescent moon under it, a silver bangle around her right hand with dark brown fingerless gloves.

“Lady Moon.” A young man in a black suit greeted the girl, bowing in respect to her, “Lord Schnee wishes to speak with you.”

“I’ll be right there.” She tells him, turning around to walk off. She then heard a slight rustle in the grass. Looking around, black creatures, Grimm as she recalled, rises out from the grass in forms that resembles lioness. These creatures were known as Leone, lion Grimm. They growled as several more rises up from the grass, only a handful but their size is something unordinary. Compared to normal lioness, Leone are twice as big with Sabertooth fangs.

The man in the suit stepped back a little, as he reaches for his gun in his blazer. The Leone senses this and dashes straight at him. Moon leaped forward and lands a kick on the creature, sending it flying off in a distance. “Go! Get to safety!”

“I can’t leave you alone, Lady Moon!”

“This is nothing but a new training exercise.” She tells him, pumping her fist out with the bangle extending to form a cylinder gauntlet that forms into a short silver bow, “Go!”

The man nodded before scrambling to get to safety as Moon pulls on her bowstring, an arrow of bright light-blue aura forms in between as she aimed at the Leone. They growled out and dashes towards her. She releases and the arrow shot through one’s leg, pulling back again and fire, hitting another in the head.

Pull and release.

Pull and release.

The same process repeated for every arrow shot, each hitting different parts of each Leone. The head, front legs, hind legs, its torso, every area that are fatal were pierced through by the aura arrows. But due to the size of the small arrows it didn’t do much against them, the Leone pack rushing towards her. She leaped over the first of the pack, her bow drawn and the aura arrow aimed at the head at point-blank, shooting through the head and killing it with ease.

With another, she ducked and slides under it, kicking it up into the air before leaping after it and carries on with a combo of a roundhouse kick, straight up kick, reverse roundhouse and a finisher of a heel drop on its head, sending it crashing down on another Leone. She twists her body to her upper body facing downwards, the broken moon illuminating her from behind as her bow aimed down with a white glyph appears near the arrow head. Releasing the bowstring, she released dozens of aura arrows down at them.

Most of them missed their targets, only a few hitting the Leone and killing them. Landing on her feet gracefully, she kicked away one Leone charging at her towards another and crashing it to each other, and fired her arrow straight through both of them. Seeing the steadily growing number of Leone, she changes her stance as glyphs appears near at the back of her ankles. With a leap, she flashes forward with a series of spinning kicks, low kicks, high kicks and several aerial and land combos.

Each hit at the strength of a full force hammer strike, she destroys the large pack through crushing their skulls, spines and their body in general. With a skid, she slides past them as they are sent flying, before raining down on the ground like a twisted form of rain. All the bodies slowly dissipates into black wisps of darkness, except for one that struggles to get back up.

Moon sighed in relief as her bow-gauntlet collapsed back into its bangle mode as she stretches out her arm and back, “That was quite a workout~” She groaned out in bliss with a slight pop from her shoulder joints.

She didn’t sense the last Leone creeping up on her, before baring its fangs and leaping towards her with its jaws wide opened.


A flash was heard, a straight cut through the dark creature splitting it in half down the middle. Moon caught by surprise as she saw the dead body of the Leone passes by her from behind, turning around to meet her saviour.

Right there, stood a boy around her age with black shaggy and spiky hair with a blue streak on one of his bangs, gold-hued brown eyes and wearing a sapphire blue jacket with a light-blue hood with its sleeves pulled up to just below his elbows with black fingerless gloves, a white vest with black rims under it with black pants with blue fire pattern going up the left leg. In his hand is a sword, a katana with a sapphire blue blade with a silver metal band for a guard and silver pommel that he is sheathing into its mechanical sheathe that seems to have a tanto as part of it.

“You alright, Milady?” He smiled.

“Why… Yes, I am.” Moon giggled, “Thank you, Sir Knight.”

“Knight? No, no, no…” He smirked, “I’m more of a Robin Hood myself. Name’s Raine Aoi Sapphire.”

“I’m Moon Bellflower Schnee, heiress of the Bellflower Arms Production.” She greeted, “Well, Mr Robin Hood, may I ask of you to escort to my home?”

“If that is what you wish.” He bowed in grace to her.

Four souls, each of their own special past and wishes. Their lives, very different from one another, and very different in heart. But what they did not know is that their fate are crossing and gathered at one path, that one path that might be their greatest desire, or their greatest nightmare. They are in a story that will play out their lives, in a world filled with darkness, and they will be the cleansing rain that washes away the darkness in this dark, bleak world.

Welcome, dear readers, to the world of Remnant.

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