Evil inside


The young detective , Mevis Hammond who joined Sebastian's investigating team in Beacon Mental Hospital. Unknowingly, she would uncover its dark secret. Guaranteed for horror, gore and madness...

Horror / Adventure
Marco Polocolosu
Age Rating:


Author's note : This is my very first fan fiction of Evil Within. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.

Warning : English is my second language so, tell me if I made some grammar errors.

Summary: The young rookie detective female, Mevis Hammond who joined Sebastian's investigating team with Kidman. After she have just came off the case, Mevis have to investigate the crime scene at Becon Mental Hospital along with Sebastian and his team. However, there was something told her that it was just the beginning of the journey to her nightmare that she only hope that her hunch was wrong to think that there was more to that problem than meets the eye.

Genre: Horror, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Family, Friendship

Pairing : Ruvikx OC ( maybe...), SebastianxOC ( Stay tune to see how it turn out..), Joseph x OC ( friendship)

AAA = Flashback

"AAA" = Normal speech

' AAA' = Character's thought


Emergency Call

Standing among the sunflower's field, the woman took the deep breath to smell the sweet scent of those flowers. Sunflower was one of her favorite flowers. It reminded her of her grandparents' home where she used to spent her times during summer break.

Suddenly , she smelled smoke. She snapped out of her thought and looked for the cause of that until she saw group of people walking toward to her with the torch in their hands.

' They might be the farmers' She thought when she noticed how they dressed before they went through her body like nothing. The woman shuddered before she sighed. Of course, she was in her dream – actually it was more like a hunch or maybe a déjà vu to her that sometimes it really told her what happened next but sometimes it was just a delusion .

Her thought was snapped when she heard the scream of the girl from somewhere. The woman ran toward to the sound when she knew the direction where it cam from but, her path was blocked by the same group of farmers. Some of them held the torch and marched to her slowly as the skin of their faces came out and rotten and their eyes turned in the white colors like dead people. The woman tried to stepped away but her arm was caught by one of them tightly. Expecting that she would be hurt, she closed her eyes but nothing happen. She slowly opened her eyelids to look at those monsters questionably. The monster that grasped her arm walked back to its group and stepped aside to let someone walk through but before she could see him or her. Her head was numb and she was black out..

" Soon, the world will feel my pain..."


" Wake up, Mevis!" The woman woke up with a fright when someone called her by her name. After adjusting her eyes with a few blink, she found herself in the police car and sat in between with Joseph and Kidman. Mevis looked down and found herself dressed into her usual clothes for her work- black shirt, dark blue jeans with her police badge on her belt similar to Kidman, and she wore her dark brown army boots. On her lap, there was a small sketchbook that she usually used to draw the crime scene whenever she found the clue.

" Don't sleep on your job. Once we got back to the station, you have to write the report about your misbehavior." Sebastian scolded with the dead glare. Mevis gulped before nodded her head guiltily.

Sebastian Castellanos is a very strict detective that Mevis hate and respect the man at the same time. His skill in investigating and solving the case is very impressive if you don't count his alcoholic. Although he is very strict, Sebastian bends the rules sometimes to break the case. Mevis didn't know Sebastian very well since the man talked to her only when they are on the crime scene. He didn't like her idea to use the sketchbook instead of the small notebook with police emblem but as long as it didn't affect to the work, he still tried not to mind about that. Mevis understands him that he wants her to take this job seriously but she felt that using the sketchbook help her see the full picture of the crime scene clearly better than using the small notebook. She knew her bad hand-writing can make her confuse when she tried to read what wrote and it happened to her during her college years.

For her misbehavior, she had just punched one of police officers at the crime scene when he made fun of the victim's body – well who wouldn't be mad when someone joked about dead people.

Kidman sighed boringly before looked at the view of the car's window while Joseph gave Mevis a soft smile and nudged her shoulder gently. Mevis looked at him with wounded puppy eyes.

" Don't worry. It's just twenty pages of the report." Joseph cheered her up but Mevis groaned.

' twenty pages of report?! I would rather stay in the morgue than this!" Mevis thought with her hatred for writing the report.

Joseph chuckled at Mevis's pout. Joseph Oda is Japanese- American man as same as her. He was her only best friend since they studied together at police academy. Unlike Sebastian, Joseph is not mind about her sketchbook – maybe it is because he saw her use it since they were in academy and he knew it is very useful for her. Joseph is the definition of gentleman and the guy that most women in police station wished to have him. Too bad, he had married already. Mevis used to meet Joseph's wife and somehow she felt bad for her friend. Joseph's wife is a very scary woman and she is the only one who can make Joseph never have a second thought to cheat on her with another woman. Joseph became the detective before Mevis could make it with the impressive skill of investigating and marksmanship.

Juile 'Kid' Kidman is the rookie who had joined in after Mevis. Mysterious and cold are the only word that Mevis could describe about her. Juile always acts distant and watch people include Mevis whenever they are around her. Sometimes Mevis caught that Kidman looked at her when she draw her picture about crime scene with unreadable eyes which cause her feel insecure and careful about what she going to talk.

" All units, all units; 11-99, expedite cover code 3. Beacon Mental Hospital." Mevis bought herself from the train of thought when she heard the voice from police radio. It seemed that they need a back-up at Beacon Mental Hospital.

" 184 copy; code 3. ETA 3 minutes" Connelly said before changing the direction to the hospital.

"Copy 184." Mevis sighed at those words. Look like her plan to sleep in a warm bath has been canceled. But look on the bright side, she didn't have to write the report...for now...

" Sorry detectives, I know you just coming off a case but I'm afraid that we gonna have to make a detour." Connelly apologized.

" Sound serious. Is it riot?" Mevis asked. Code 3 is generally known as the serious situation. She hoped that the other officer at there still okay.

" Call went out just before I picked you up, Said it was " multiple homicides". Half a dozen units already on-scene " Connelly stated while driving and looking at her through rear view mirror before focused back to the street.

"Maybe it's the ghost of that doctor who went schizo and chopped up all those patients" She rolled her eyes at Connelly's joke about the case. Connelly is a few good officer that she like but sometimes he can be a little bit jerk. And right now, his voice is bothering her as she is trying to listening for the progress at Beacon mental hospital.

" 131 please advise.." that what she heard before Joseph's voice cut it off

" That's not what happened. Some patients disappeared. Some kind of scandal?" Joseph argued back calmly.

" Still give ya the creeps, doesn't it?" Connelly seemed to ignore Joseph and continued. Kidman eyed at him blankly before watched the view again.

" 127,124, please response..."

" Joseph, you think there's a connection?" Sebastian bunged in which Mevis felt thankful because she felt the tension between Joseph and Connelly that told her that Connelly's non sense theory about the case angered Joseph.

" It's a possibility. I believe the records were sealed." Mevis nodded in agreement.

' Joseph's right. We still miss some clues about that case.' Mevis opened her sketchbook to the recent page which drew the picture of the crime scene. In that page, she drew the victim's dead body with small rough note about the detail on that body like how they were killed, what weapon the murderer used. However, she still couldn't find the connection between the murderer and victim.

" Anyone on-scene, respond" the radio was cut off when Sebastian picked the receiver up.

" Dispatch this is Detective Castellanos in 184 , what's the situation? Over."

" 184 be advised, some problem..at Beacon Memorial...radio"

" Is there any-" Sebastian was cut off when the shrilled noise came out, hurting everyone's ear. Mevis plugged her index fingers into her ear, blocking that unpleasant voice.

' No one can escape...' That familiar voice that she heard from her dream whispered in her head. It made she feel the chill in her spine.

' That voice again..what does he mean? ' Mevis thought. Looking around to check on everyone, she noticed that only Kidman didn't feel her ears hurt like the others. Mevis narrowed her eyes suspiciously at her.

" Goddammit" Connelly covered one of his ear before controlled the car not to crash with wayside, causing Mevis bump with Joseph before she said sorry to him.

" Mevis, any thoughts?" Mevis looked up and met the pair of sebastian's eyes looked at her by rear view mirror. It took her a few second to realize what Sebastian asked her before she understand what he talked about.

" Nothing yet, sir. I'm sorry but, I think we will know more when we get there. Hope that they are alright." She replied politely. Sebastian looked at her as if he's processing the answer he got from her before he gave a small nod- he is satisfied with her answer a little.

" What about you, Junior Detective Kidman?" Kidman turned her head and looked at Sebastian's eyes before she answered.

" Nothing yet but I agree with her." She looked out at the window again.

When they have reached the front gate of Beacon Mental Hospital, everyone gets off the car except Connelly who decided to wait inside the car and pull the car handbrake. Mevis tailed after Joseph with Kidman as he walked to Sebastian.

" What do you make of it?" Joseph asked when they saw many police car were parked inside the hospital's gate. Mevis tried to keep her cool as she tried to look for the sign of life.

" Connelly, contact Dispatch and let them know what's happening." Sebastian ordered at him before look at Joseph, Kidman and Mevis.

" Joseph, Mevis and Kidman, you're with me. We're going to have a look around. "

" Yes, sir." Mevis answered before she followed him.

" There are no weapons left in their cars." Joseph said when he inspected one of the police cars.

" Yep, he's right. All of them.." Mevis murmured when the car that she had searched for the weapon or anything was also empty.

' This is bad...most units had already dispatched here but no sign of any officers or anyone' Mevis thought.

" No blood or shell casings out here." She quickened her step to Joseph and Sebastian when they are at the Hospital's entrance.

Once Sebastian opened the door, the smell of dead thing coming out from it. Mevis turned her head away not to throw up by the scent of it. Sebastian closed the door before signaled Joseph to prepare his gun.

" All right, stay sharp." Sebastian warned before opened the door widely, revealing the bloody massacring scene.

" We're going to check it out . Don't let anyone else through this door." Sebastian ordered Mevis and Kidman.

" But we can be an extra set of the eyes." Mevis protested. Two detective against one carnage may look like they have the advantage but it's still dangerous.

" We don't know what's happening here. You're our back up"

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