The Prisoner (BTS ff)


His voice drops from silky and smooth to dark and foreboding "You have no idea what is coming for you. My love." A pathetic treaty is all that's keeps demons and humans from an eternal war. However this treaty is not always followed and when that happens, hunters and huntresses are called in to either capture or destroy. You want to be one of those huntresses but before you can even think about joining the academy, you need more experience under your belt. That experience comes as the opportunity to work as a cook in a demon prison, where the captured are brought to live under the mercy of humans. A year or two was all you figured it would take to gather the experience with demons you would need but that could be an awfully long time to try and survive when one of the most dangerous demon prisoners has his eyes on you.

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Meal Time

You look to the large iron doors beyond the heavily guarded gates and swallow. Sealed shut with the intent of keeping creatures in, creatures so vile they make your skin crawl from one glance. But it wasn't because they were actually hideous, in fact they were beautiful beyond comparison. Demons who had the appearance of the most attractive humans you could even dream of but they acted like rabid animals, committing heinous crimes like the one that took away your brother.

Most treated humans like nothing more than toys to use as they please even though there was suppose to be a treaty between them and humans. Demons would lure people in with promises of wealth, power and pleasure but would instead torture them in unimaginable ways and that was why you wanted to be a hunter even if you had a very intense fear of them. When demons went against the treaty and attacked humans, they were tracked down by human hunters and thrown into prisons where they are under the mercy of those they deem beneath them. In return, if humans went against demons, they would suffer a similar fate.

With wanting to be a hunter, you need more experience with demons themselves in order to be accepted into Artemis Academy. This would be a good work opportunity, but also a true test if you can be around the dangerous beings without dying of a heart attack. You were a great cook and working as a chef in the demon prison will certainly look good on your application.

You are shy just a few weeks of turning sixteen and your tender age was originally a barrier between you and working at the prison but your family name and reasoning was enough to convince them. You never finished high school since you felt it was unnecessary considering you want to be a huntress and that involves a different kind of schooling. Two more years and you will be eighteen and old enough to join the academy.

Sucking in a deep breath you approach the gate guards and inform them of your new position. One looks you up and down with judging eyes and with a slight sigh they move to the side, allowing the gate to open for you.

"You're gonna get eaten alive in there missy." One guard warns with an ominous tone. "I'd go home now."

You look back to the taxi that dropped you off heading down the road, your last chance to turn back now gone. Hiking your backup up on your shoulder you look to the guards and thank them. "I appreciate the advice but I'm determined to make this work."

With a smirk he nods his head. "Good luck then."

"And this is your room. We don't like people coming and going a lot for security purposes so I'm glad you are comfortable with staying in our dorm." The assistant manager in the kitchen was showing you around your 'new home' and it took everything in you not to freak out. You knew you would be staying in a dorm while working at the high security prison but when you were finally placing your bag down on the rickety bed, the actual reality of it hit you like a ton of bricks. You were in a side building just off of the main prison, no more than fifty meters away from deadly demons and you would have to sleep with that in mind.

"Thank you." You squeak as you sit down on the bed, flinching at the way it squeals beneath you.

Your manager smiles at you warmly. "I hope you like it here Y/N." He was an odd sort but had Handsome features you've never seen before with broad shoulders and a slim, tall figure. His eyes had a gentle sparkle that made you feel comfortable and slightly smitten.

"I hope so too. Thank you again Mr.Kim."

"You can call me Jin. Don't worry about formalities here. It's a prison after all." He chuckles. Like you needed the reminder.

It wasn't long after you settle yourself in that you quickly have to run to work. As you run to the kitchen, you fasten the safety tracker around your wrist, a necessary precaution for your new job. All the demons in the prison were well guarded and any powers neutralized by the small implants embedded in the back of their necks but the wrist accessory was an extra security measure. One you were thankful for.

"Just in time Y/N." Jin ushers you over to your station and helps you get started with the evenings menu. Demons survive off of food just as humans do but it always has to have some type of blood mixed in. You had never cooked with blood before and your stomach was already protesting when Jin pulls out the large container from the fridge.

"Alright you demon fodder! Make it quick as the savages will be down any minute now!" The kitchen manager, Jin's boss, was a well built, loud and terrifying man. His head was balding but his face found the excess hair as he sported a long beard he kept tucked into a hair net. He clearly didn't like any one as he roars orders rudely to all the cooks. "I don't know why these damn creatures get such good meals when they deserve shit. Slop is the best I'd ever give the fuckers but sadly I'm not in charge here!" He bellows ferociously and it makes you jump a little. "What's this tiny thing?" You hear his voice growl loud and clear behind you and you turn to greet him with quivering eyes.

"This is Y/N. Your new cook sir." Jin explains for you.

The manager snorts. "Ah yes, another thing I didn't have a say in. You sure are a small shit. Haven't you noticed you are a little out of your league?" He glares down at you and you bite your lip in response. It was indeed something you noticed. Everywhere you looked, all the men and woman who worked in the prison, wether it was guards, janitors, or cooks like your self, everyone was strong looking and not easy to take down. Probably because you wouldn't want someone weak working around demons, and you were determined to prove you weren't a weakling.

"I think I'll catch up sooner than you believe sir. Let me prove it to you." You voice as much courage as you can and hope it is convincing.

He snorts in response and walks away mumbling something along the lines of you being ripped to shreds. He continues his rounds of demands and Jin gently nudges you. "Well done Y/N, But be careful. He is not someone you want to mess with."

You nod in response and quickly get to work with Jin showing you the ropes. Just as the food was finished, a buzzer was heard from out in the hall beyond the kitchen and a door slides open, allowing prisoners to flock in. You suck in a deep breath and watch as truly mesmerizing creatures flood the room. Their attractiveness was not something one could easily describe. No human you had ever seen could even come close to touching their beauty. Well none but one. Your assistant manager had an ethereal persona himself and it made you awfully curious about him.

When your name was shouted by the kitchen manager you flinch and snap to attention. "Yes sir?"

He walks over to you with a covered tray and places it roughly in your grasp. "You want to prove to me that you are more than you appear, then go take this to Prisoner 1995."

The cluelessness couldn't be more obvious on your face and your manager frowned with displeasure. "Prisoner 1995 is on lockdown right now. A time out if you will, for being a bad boy. He still needs his damn meal though so you are going to take it to his cell. Got it?"


Jin quickly walks over to your defense. "Sir Prisoner 1995 is extremely dangerous. It's not right to send Y/N there by herself on her first day. Let me go with her at least."

"No!" He barks in retort. "This little thing wants to prove what she can do, then she can take this meal and give it to the freak on her own."

Before Jin can try and argue more in your defense you agree to your managers orders. "I'll deliver it sir and I'll make sure he eats it all while I'm at it." You smile brightly with an inner determination to really show you have what it takes to be here. Not only that but You have what it takes to be a huntress and keep the world safe from the vile demons that plague the world. But first you had to feed one...

The hall is eerily quiet as you make your way to Prisoner 1995. A guard opens up the large door to the criminals room and you step in a little hesitantly. Once you are in, the guard closes the door behind you, another precaution to keep down any chance of escape of the Prisoner, even at the cost of an employees life. Each prison room is sound proof since demons can make an awful racket when they want. Beyond the thick doors is a dark room, three quarters is barred in, leaving a little area for staff to walk in and still be decently safe out of reach of the prisoners.

The room was dimly lit as a bulb flickered on the ceiling. At first you almost thought no one was in the room until a smooth voice spoke like a sinful lullaby. "What do we have here? I've never seen you before my love."

From the corner of the room emerges a shadow which soon evolves into a man that could only have been sculpted by the gods. His dark silver hair seems to glow and his piercing blue eyes make you feel like ice had frozen you in place. His lips were plump and tempting and a tongue gently slid across them as he eyed you. From where you stood, you could make out several ear piercings and a bottom lip hoop. He had no shirt to speak of which clearly showcased the lightening patterned tattoos riddling his chiseled body. You were sure muscular arms and well defined abs were not the only strong things about his body but you had a sickening urge to retreat instead of further explore.

"What have you brought me?" He purrs with curiosity, more so of you than the food as his eyes refuse to leave yours.

Finally you manage to swallow and tear your gaze away from him. You look to his bare feet instead and hold the tray out before you. "Supper." You state matter of factly. "I was told to bring it to you."

"Were you now? What if I want to eat something else?" You didn't have to look at him to know his eyes were traveling your body.

"Not on the menu." You spit. How could he! You are way too young for the demon to be looking at you the way he is... but he is a demon and they aren't above this sort of thing.

The demon laughs and it makes your heart start stop for a few beats before erratically starting again. "Bring it to me." He commands.

You take in a deep breath and lock eyes with him once more. You kneel and lay the tray down on the floor before gently pushing it under the bars for him. He looks down at you with a cocked eyebrow and smug smirk. "I like seeing you kneel."

Immediately you stand to attention and glare at him. This demon makes your blood boil and you have no idea why. Something about him just flusters you but at the same time, pisses you off. "Enjoy your meal." Your growl before turning on your heels and banging on the door to be let out.

"Come back soon love!" The demons calls after you as you hastily exit. You never want to see him again.

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