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I Have A What?!

By Klista Gillean

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1

Severus Snape was by no means a man who particularly liked children. He was a teacher because he needed a job and because not may people wanted to hire an ex Death Eater. Not that anyone knew he was a spy. No one but Dumbledore. Dumbledore and Lily.

Lily. Pain went through him every time he thought of her. His first love. His only love. The pain he felt after losing her was to much. He almost ended his own life, but the old man kept him from it. Dumbledore. The man he looked up to. He had been right in saying that Lily wouldn't have wanted him to kill himself. She'd have wanted him to carry on living, live and make her proud of him. But it was just so damn hard, he missed her so much. A sudden flash of green in his chambers brough him out of his thoughts, he grasped the glass of firewhiskey and turned.

"Severus." Dumbledore said kindly, "How are you this evening."

Severus simply stared at him, how did he think he was doing?

Dumbledore smiled, "I thought so. You know its been a year since her death, I was thinking-"

"I'm not going anywhere Albus." he said sharply

Dumbledore fixed him with a pointed look, "Severus Snape you will listen to me and left me finish what I am about to say. You will not interrupt me at all until I give you permission. Understood?"

He nodded, Dumbledore took a deep breath and started his story.

"You remember almost two years ago when Lily first found out she was pregnant?" Severus nodded, "There is a secret that you need to know about that pregnancy. Lily and James...they see Lily had been unfaithful. It was a one night thing. She told James that it was...that it was.."

"It was me." Severus said softly, "I know this Albus."

"She got pregnant. She and James didn't know what to do. They didn't want to put you in an position. So they decided to try something. Something unheard of. Something that could have ended horribly. They cast the stasis charm on the child."

Severus stared at the man in horror. They did what? And what did he mean that Lily got pregnant. She had two kids with James. They were a year old! This was nearly two years ago!

"They went to a muggle doctor and they had another embryo made and inserted into her womb. They confunded the doctor so he wouldn't think she was already pregnant. After a few months, with the children around the same size, they look the charm of the first. Both children grew normally and the pregnancy progressed."

Severus stared at Dumbledore uncomprehending. What was the old man saying?

"I knew this from the beginning, they had come to me for help. Severus, this isn't easy for me to say-"

"Are you insinuating that I have a child?" Severus asked, astonishment clearly found in his voice.

Dumbledore nodded, "A one and a half year old daughter."

"But the timing isn't right-"

"Were you even listening to me?" Dumbledore asked exasperated, "Lily and James put the stasis charm on the girl and then had another child with her."

"Why would they-He hated me."

"THey named you the boys godfather no?"

"Well yes but still-"

"I left both children on Lily's sisters doorstep six months ago."

Severus looked up sharply, "You did what?"

"I had no where else to send them."

"I'm his godfather," Severus snapped, "You could have placed them with me."

"You wouldn't have liked it. He has her eyes."

Severus glared at the man, "That woman you placed them with will not be kind to those children. She hated Lily and I. What makes you think that she will be any sort of nice to her children?"

"It's the only family they have left."

Severus sent another seething glare at the man he looked up too. What she so deluded into think Petunia wouldn't hurt them?

"Unless you would be willing to take them in?" Dumbledore said

Snape saw the old mans plan immediately.


"Would you take them in Severus?"

He stared at him, had he lost his mind? Since when did Dumbledore think he was good with kids?

"Well then they will stay with their Aunt."

Severus shook his head, "I'll go check on them in a month. If they are not in a safe home I will take them."

Dumbledore smiled and nodded, "I'd hoped you would take them in."

Severus rolled his eyes as the old man left him. Of course that was his plan. He always has a plan. Severus turned his thoughts to the Potter children. Well, technically the Potter CHILD and his daughter. He shook his head, It didn't make sense. Lily would have told him, wouldn't she? She wouldn't have hidden something like this from him. Would she?

He shook his head, no she wouldn't lie to him. They were friends. They had gotten over his misspoken words from school and James was somewhat cordial to him. They wouldn't lie to him like this. No, they were good, honest people.

Severus sigh angrily and grabbed his cloak, Dumbledore knew he would stir his curiousity and he would go tonight. Damn that old man! He appirated just outside the block and walked to the door. There was screaming behind the door, Severus frowned. If it was one of those two kids he was not going to get along with them. He knocked once on the door and was met by the horse herself. Petunia gasped and called for her husband fearfully.

"Vernon! Vernon, come quick! It's one of the freaks!"

He stepped into the doorway, the screaming noise was coming from a rather portly child, one who thankfully wasn't one of the children he was after. Petunia's husband, at least we knew the child got his portliness from him, came in holding a raven haired girl by the back of her neck.

"What did that one do?" Petunia asked

"Stupid freak turned the couch purple!" he hissed tossing the girl into the cupboard under the stairs, Severus heard the girl start crying.

"I came to check on Lily's children." Severus snapped

"Why?" Vernon roared, "What do you need them for? I demand you answer me sir!"

"Shut you mouth you fat pig." Severus hissed, "Show me the children."

Petunia Went to the cupboard and opened the door, "Get out here you freaks!"

Two small children, both sporting various bruises crawled out, the girl clung to the boy staring at the three of them in fear.

"'Arry." she whimpered, "'Arry scared."

"What have you been doing to these children?" Severus asked calmly

"Teaching them how to behave!" Vernon yelled causing both children to jump and hold each other tightly

"Do not yell around these children." Severus said, "Can't you see how afraid they are?"

"It doesn't matter! They're like their parents! Freaks!" Petunia hissed

"No! Ana no 'reak!" The little boy yelled

Vernon lunged for the boy, Severus immediately took his wand out and shoved the man back before he could reach the children. Vernon turned on him.

"How dare you touch me! I demand you ge tout of my house at once! Get out!"

Severus turned and looked over at the two children, they stared at him fearfully. One with Lily's eyes, the other with his.

"Harry, Anna." He said softly, "Would you please come with me?"

Petunia screamed, causing both children to jump and look at her. Petunia went back to the cupboard and grabbed a few things, tossing them at him.

"Take them!" She demanded, "Take them and never come back!"

Severus took his wand out and shrunk the clothes putting them in his pockets before kneeling in front of the children. They backed away slightly from him.

"Harry," he said softly while he held his arms out to him, "Come here."

Severus had a little voice in the back of his head that was swearing up and down and throwing a huge fit that Dumbledore had tricked him into coming here and knowing full well he would take them in. Dumbledore knew he didn't like kids that much. What possessed the man to give him this charge?

Harry stared at Severus and shook his head, Vernon bellowed at him. Severus, who was throughly fed up with the man, scooped up both children and turned to him.

"You'd do well to shut you fat mouth Dursley." Severus said calmly, "Or you'll find I can turn you home upside down. Good luck explaining that one to your neighbors."

The other man went purple in the face, but before he could say anything Severus slipped out the door. The two children in his arms were squirming and pushing away from him. Severus went to the park and set them down for a moment.

"No." he said sternly, "You have to come with me."

"'Arry." Ana said, "Want 'Arry."

Severus sighed and called for the Knight Bus before picking them back up. Stan stared at him confusedly when he stepped off the bus.

"Whatcha got there Snape?" he asked

"I need to go back to my home." Severus said ignoring the question.

"Well alright mate, but still, you taken to kidnapping little ones now?"

Severus took money out and paid the foul smelling man before going in and setting the kids on a bed. They huddled together, staring at him fearfully. Severus reached out and petted their hair awkwardly, they didn't moved and continued to stare at him. At least until the bus took off. Then they toppled over into his lap, letting out squeaks of surprise and trying to right themselves. Severus set them upright in his lap, both children stared up at him.

"Do you two ever make any noise?" he asked, "You've been silent for a while. Don't children make noise?"

Stan laughed, "Not used to kids eh?"

His question, again, went unanswered. The rest of the hour journey was made in silence. Severus, when the bus had stopped, looked down at both children and realised they were sleeping. He carefully picked them up, not at all easy to do, and walked back into his home, laying them on the couch before placing a spell so they wouldn't fall off. He sent his portrunus out to Dumbledore asking him to come immediately. But Dumbledore didn't come immediately. Instead he left Severus waiting, and after half an hour of waiting, Ana woke up. She opened her eyes sleepily and rolled her head to look around before sitting up and trying to get off the couch. Severus let the spell down and helped her get off the couch. She didn't look at him but at the floor, Severus looked at her confused.

"Ana." He said causing the girl to jump

"Sowwy." she said looking up frantically, "I sowwy."

Severus was so confused, what was she sorry for? Severus walked over to her and knelt next to her, she stared at him scared.

"Are you hungry Ana? Would you like some food?"

At this she stared at him uncomprehending. He picked her up, causing her to squirm and whimper, and walked into the kitchen. He set her on the counter, because he had no clue where else to set her, and told her to stay. He grabbed a pop tart and handed her a piece of it. She stared at him with wide, black eyes.

"Eat." he said

"'Arry too?" she asked softly, as if she were afraid of his answer.

"Yes." Severus said nodding and picking her up, Ana looked relieved.

Severus carried her out to the living room again and set her on the couch, she poked Harry until he woke up. He smiled at her and babbled something in baby talk, she handed him the pop tart in her hand. He stared at it and shook his head, Ana pushed it towards him.

"Eat." she said, "'Arry eat."

He looked at Snape and he nodded, Harry started eating. Severus handed them more bits of pop tart, watching them as they ate. They smiled at each other and talked animatedly, everyone and a while they would look at him and quite down for a moment before talking again. The fireplace flashed green and both children froze, Dumbledore came out smiling.

"I see you went earlier than you planned."

"You knew full well I would. I had to see if they were safe."

"You didn't at all go to see if what I told you about the girl was true?"

Severus smirked slightly, "Well that was part of it."

"I see you've decided to take them in."

Severus looked at Dumbledore, "I don't have a clue on how to raise children."

Suddenly the fireplace flashed again and Minerva stepped out, "That's why I'm here."

She walked over to the kids and sat next to Harry, Ana stared at her before shouting, "Cat!"

"It appears Miss Anastasia remembers you Minnie."

"Anastasia?" Severus asked

"Her first name. What have you been calling her?"

"Ana. Harry called her name."

Minivera looked at Severus and stroked Harry's head, "Where did these bruises come from?"

"I'm going to guess Mr. Dursley." He said, "When I arrived he had ahold of Ana by the back of he neck."

"You better have done something to the man." Minerva said angrily

Harry and Ana pulled away from her and inched backwards towards Severus.

"What did I-"

"Be careful with your tone." Severus said softly as he tried to sooth them, "They frighten easy."

"What did they do to them?"

"I don't know. But what I do know is that they need to eat some more." Severus picked Harry up, Ana instantly made a noise of protest, "Will you bring her Minnie?"

She nodded and picked the girl up, following Severus to the kitchen, Ana reached for Harry when Severus set him on the counter.

"That's hardly safe Severus!"

"Where do you suggest I put them? I'm not exactly set up to take in children."

She nodded and set Ana next to her brother, standing in front of them so they didn't fall. Dumbledore was smiling in the doorway.

"You'll make a good father Severus." He said

"What about my job?" Severus asked turning to face him, The bread on the counter forgotten for a moment.

"You still have it. We'll come up with a plan for when the time comes."

Severus nodded and turned back to the bread, putting peanut butter on it and cutting it into pieces. What in the world would happen to the children because f his job? Where would they go during the day? I'm already attached, Severus groaned inwardly.

Severus handed a plate full of bread prices to the children and watched as they started eating. Minerva watched Severus as he watched the children, the ghost of a smile that appeared on his face was all she needed to see to know that they would be in good hands.

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