Landlord of the West

Chapter 10

The last thing he wanted to see at that moment of hurt and embarrassment was Rin’s face. But due to her confused tone, his curiosity got the better of him. He turned to face her.

Then realization struck Rin, “OH!”. Then she broke into laughter.

Sesshomaru was puzzled.

Rin eased herself from the laughter that erupted and said, “Kohaku is not my ‘lover’; he’s my close friend. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, Lord Sesshomaru”

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes as his intelligent brain began processing. He recalled the scene he had seen. Rin and Kohaku seemed to be talking sincerely; seriously; they even seemed close to each other – Kohaku laying his hand on Rin’s shoulder and Rin resting her head on his arms; they looked intimate……. But not intimate enough to be called ‘lovers’. No-one who had already knew that both were only friends and nothing more, would have found their intimacy that suspicious.

Only God must have known the feeling of relief, Sesshomaru had felt at the moment. His lips upturned by 1.50 millimetres, which was too minute for Rin’s eyes to be noticed. Several moments passed. His physique was so magnificent that Rin was struggling to keep her eyes and mind off his bare torso.

Sesshomaru finally replied, his tone as cold as usual, “Tell me the location where you stay. I will take you there”. Sesshomaru had to take her back to the village, before her absence worried her hosts.

Once she told him of her whereabouts, Sesshomaru lifted her bridal style and took off towards the village.

Rin’s hands held his bare shoulders for support. But only Sesshomaru was beginning to feel weak at her gesture and he controlled himself from a jolting. Rin felt so cold that she was shivering outwardly. Sesshomaru felt so hot that he was shivering inwardly.

Rin’s teeth were trembling. She tightly held onto him and cuddled like a kitten, against his body for warmth (A/N:- Hahaha! XD Imagine! Kitten cuddled up with a dog! LOL!). Sesshomaru felt thrilled. He mildly quavered at the sensation of her skin against his. He was having the hardest time in trying to keep control of himself.

They arrived at the destination; Kohaku’s house.

“Lord Sesshomaru…” Rin began; her face flushed.

“Thank you for saving my life…. For taking me to that place…. For the ride…. For everything…..” Rin said with her eyes grazing everywhere but Sesshomaru’s eyes.

“……..” Sesshomaru was amused but chose to remain silent.

“……er…. It’d be a great honour if I get to see you again….”


“If your time permits….” Rin said at last, but with the least hope of his concurrence.

“……… I have a business to do in your village. As a consequence I may have to stay there for a while”

Rin’s eyes shot up to meet his. She was glad to hear the unexpected good news.

“What it is about and other details will be shared with you, once you return to your father. I have already spoken with him about this. Our next place of meet shall be in village Edo.”

“Yes….” Rin said as her eyes faced the ground.

Kohaku rushed out of his house when he saw Rin and Sesshomaru from inside. The flustered Rin was facing downward, while Sesshomaru caught the eyes of Kohaku. Kohaku was so shocked at the sight in front of him, that he couldn’t even speak. Both males stood as stone glaring at each other with defiance.

So it is him, is it? Sesshomaru mused.

What!?!.... What is Rin doing with a half-naked demon?!?..... and she’s not even wearing her own clothes!!.... What has happened to her!?! What did that demon do to her?? Kohaku’s mind was in turmoil.

As Rin was not even looking at Sesshomaru’s face, she failed to notice the silent war that was taking place between the human and demon.

“I must leave now” Sesshomaru said as he diverted his eyes towards Rin.

Rin looked up at him; she was a bit disappointed that their moment of togetherness had to end. But she smiled cheerily and said, “Take care, milord”

If it was anybody else Sesshomaru would have scoffed at it and would have given a cold reply such as ‘This Sesshomaru is in no position to be told to take care of himself!’ or ‘mind your own business’ or no reply at all, depending upon his mood.

But this time, he slightly nodded and “Hn”ed a reply!

Sesshomaru took off the very next moment.

He was not happy about having seen that Kohaku boy. Although the boy was not Rin’s lover, and that she didn’t seem to harbour feelings for him, it doesn’t have to mean that it cannot be other way around. It is highly probable that Kohaku has feelings for Rin. Still Kohaku was a potential rival to Sesshomaru.

Rin turned around to find a baffled Kohaku.

“Rin…. Where have you been??? Who is that demon? Did he hurt you?..... why are you….oddly clothed?” Kohaku asked, out of anxiety, after he gained his composure.

Rin began with a brief explanation about Sesshomaru being the heir of the west and how he was associated to Kenji and her politically; then she explained that she was taking a stroll in the fields, when she met lord Sesshomaru. She didn’t tell him about the crow demon’s attacks….. at least, not now. Then she briefed about their visit to the waterfall (omitting the part where she sang sadly); her fall into the river; her drenched clothes and cold body; Sesshomaru’s offer to wear his clothes. Rin did her best to refrain from blushing by keeping a straight face and by speaking in a casual, unaffected tone. She did fail a couple of times in her efforts though. Kohaku noticed, no doubt.

Kohaku was relieved but he was still mad, “But why did you run off alone? without even telling me….!! Have you any idea how worried I was….??... what if something happened to you? What would become of your parents?”

Gasp! How did he guess!?! Rin nervously chuckled and scratched her head, “Aw! C’mon, Kohaku! I’m safe and sound now, right in front of you, aren’t I?”. Rin did her best to divert him from the topic.

“And you call that an excuse???”, Kohaku yelled. Then he let out a defeated sigh and said in a soft, caring tone, “Promise me you’ll never do that again”

Kohaku’s stare pierced through Rin.

“……..” Rin blinked.

“WELL?” he yelled again.

Rin smiled warmly and said, “Yes…. I promise….”

Kohaku was satisfied but he rather enjoyed teasing her, “and don’t break your promise like you did the last time”

Rin blinked in confusion. Then she shot back at him, “Hey, you LIAR KOHAKU!! I’ve NEVER broken my promises in my LIFE!!!.... Unlike you….”

Kohaku flinched.

“Remember when you were ten years old?”

It was Kohaku’s turn to make nervous chuckles and head scratching. When a sudden thought struck him, Kohaku paused.

“You made a promise to me that you’ll-” Rin went on till she was interrupted.

“Hey……” he slowly dragged as if he realized something, “wait a minute…..”.

He paused again, lost in deep thoughts. Rin also fell silent at his interruption.

Then he looked at Rin teasingly. Rin had no idea what was running in his mind.

“So, the guy we were talking about earlier, was him?”

“wha-!?! WHO?!?!”

“Lord Sesshomaru stole your heart” Kohaku declared confidently.

“Hey! He doesn’t steal!” Rin’s face went red at her own words. Indeed, she should be denying what Kohaku had just said; but not in this way.

Kohaku raised an eyebrow and his lips curled into a teasing smile, “Right! So you generously presented your heart on a platter to the demon, not even giving him the trouble of stealing”

Those words made Kohaku imagine the picture:


Rin extracting her heart out from her chest, placing it on a decorated platter and presenting the same to Sesshomaru with her brightest toothy smile; an angel’s halo above her head.

Sesshomaru who is with fangs, red horns on his head and a red tail with a pointed, arrow-like tip and a red trident in his clawed hand, taking the heart with his other hand and tucking it under the folds of his Haori near his left chest.



“An angel and demon in love!!! *HAHAHAHA*” Kohaku was laughing hysterically.

Rin’s face flushed with anger and embarrassment, “HEY! STOP THAT!”

“O-*hahaha* O-Okay! *hahaha* I’m sorry!”

“Kohaku! You’ve a lot of imaginations!” Rin huffed; but she was still blushing though.

Kohaku finally recovered his composure.“and that confirms it, Rin” he persisted, still wearing his teasing smile.

“ ‘THAT’ WHAT!?!”, Rin glared and flared at him.

“The fact that you haven’t denied till now, that you’re in love with him” Kohaku said.

Gasp! That’s right! I haven’t denied yet! “and what makes you think so?” Rin argued. Ooo! This Kohaku! He always makes the right guesses as far as I’m concerned!

“ ‘cause you’ve become talkative again!” Kohaku teased.

“HEY!!” Rin flared again.

“Your face and demeanor give you away, Rin. I noticed the expression you had when you were with him. It was as if, a forlorn lost puppy dog had finally found its master” Kohaku kept teasing.

“HEY YOU MEANIE!!!”, Rin pushed the laughing Kohaku and turned her back to her; scowling face as red as tomato; lips pouting; hands stiffly crossed.

“ALRIGHT!! I’m sorry!! It was as if the life which had been missing from your soul, from the time I saw you yesterday, seems to have returned and safely settled in”

“I don’t love him!” PROMPT! Rin didn’t want to participate any more in this hopeless talk and get carried away, like a love-sick fool.

Kohaku chuckled as he replied, “I can’t see why you still choose to lie to me, when you know I can read you so well…. What is your problem, Rin? If you love someone, why deny it?... What’s stopping you?”

This time Rin couldn’t give a prompt reply. In fact, she couldn’t give any reply. She fell sad again.

Kohaku felt himself eaten up by guilt. “Rin…. I’m sorry…. I didn’t bring this up to hurt you…. I just wanted to help my friend find herself true happiness” Kohaku said, in a soft tone.

Rin was able to recover from the depression for the sake of Kohaku, although the pain kept nagging her at the back of her head. She smiled warmly and went on to speak of anything other than what they just discussed.

Kohaku was glad she changed the topic of conversation; he was also glad that she was acting normal again. He wouldn’t bring up the issue again with her, at least for a while.

Jaken blinked with his beak fallen open; his forehead sweated; his small frame frozen in shock.... at the queer sight in front of him. Sesshomaru naked upto his waist. Even Mazi was taken aback at the queer sight. Sesshomaru ignored their stares, not to mention the servants’ stares.

After refreshing and tidying himself with proper clothing Sesshomaru settled under a tree, in the garden; his head leaning against the tree’s trunk; his eyes fast shut; one leg bent with one hand resting on it; His mind reminiscing the pleasantries of the day.

She denied that they were lovers with such self-assurance. She even laughed at it, which implies she never had such a thought before…. when I made suggestive hints about their romance, she found it hilarious…. It is very clear that they are only friends and nothing more. Rin doesn’t feel anything special for this Kohaku boy…. Sesshomaru pondered; relief and contentment filling his insides.

“Thank you for saving my life…. For taking me to that place…. For the ride…. For everything…..”

“ It’d be a great honour if I get to see you again”

“If your time permits….”

“Take care, milord”

Sesshomaru’s lips moved upward by 1.75 millimetres as her warm words flowed from his memory and caressed his cold heart.

He has many gorgeous demonesses and beautiful human women as admirers; Many of them pursued him to win his heart, with their sweet talks and sugar-coated words; some even with their physical charm. Among them, there were few (mostly of human kind) of great character, virtue and status. While Sesshomaru detests all women, he accepted such virtuous admirers, as ‘tolerable’.

But none were even close to winning his heart, which proved to be cold and unfeeling.

And now, Sesshomaru was pleased at such a simple expression of Rin’s gratitude; of her eagerness to see him again; her concern about his well-being. He keeps replaying those spoken words in his mind, enjoying the warmth they gave his heart.

Jaken noted that his master’s bad mood no longer persisted and in fact, his mood seemed to have lightened. Sesshomaru was at bliss. That much Jaken could deduce with certainty.

But how? Such an impossible task, achieved within a day!!! *GASP* …….That must mean, he must have met Rin…. She’s in this village, right now, after all…. But how is he happy even after seeing her alone with a young man?.... what must have happened between them!? Jaken raked his head, and his beak cracked in shock when he recalled the memory; that Sesshomaru was half-naked. B-B-But….. How?! What could have possibly happened between them?!?....
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