Landlord of the West

Chapter 14


Upon the external disturbance, Sesshomaru hid Rin’s painting gift that he was studying for what seemed to be eternity, and placed the parchments upon his desk.


A slightly shaky Jaken came in and said weakly, “Eh…… Lord Sesshomaru…..”

Sesshomaru didn’t turn his gaze away from the parchments. But his demeanor told Jaken that the servant had the master’s attention.

“L-L-Lady Rin requested me to give you this….” Jaken said as he feebly held out a small folded sheet.

Sesshomaru’s eyes widened momentarily, but returned to it’s usual bored expression. But he could not help himself from glancing at the held out sheet for an instant.

“What is it about?” Sesshomaru said, trying to sound as nonchalant as ever.

“Eh!?..... I-I-I do not know, Milord…. She told me, i-it was for y-you….. So I d-didn’t dare to read it…..” Jaken managed to say, but cursed himself for fumbling so much, because he knew Sesshomaru will get suspicious.

Sesshomaru did get a bit suspicious at Jaken’s stutters. But his mind was too busy thinking about what Rin’s message may be.

“Leave it on the desk” Sesshomaru said. Jaken did.

Few seconds passed.

Sesshomaru became impatient and he glanced at his servant.


“Y-Yes, milord!” The imp nodded and scurried away.

Sesshomaru let out the breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding and took the sheet, unfolded it and read:

Please meet me in the garden past midnight”

Sesshomaru blinked. It was night and they were already done with dinner. What is with this girl? Did she really think I will assent to her request? Sesshomaru thought proudly.

Then memory of the casual Rin during dinner flashed in his mind The girl didn’t show any indication as such when we dined….. So how now?...... Perhaps, she must have come up with something only now, that she sent this message through Jaken…..

Whatever that ‘something’ was, Sesshomaru was too eager for the secret midnight meet.

And why ‘past midnight’? why not now?..... Perhaps, she desires for….. our seclusion…. Somehow, the thought thrilled Sesshomaru and he couldn’t help the upward twitch of his mouth by 0.10 millimetre.

“Master Jaken?”

“Er…….” Jaken was relieved that Rin was alone without the nuisance of her fiancé.

Rin blinked, “Did Lord Sesshomaru really give this to me?

“O-o-of course, Lady Rin! What-what ever makes you think otherwise?” Jaken stuttered; his forehead sweating at her enquiry.

“uh….. maybe it’s for my father….” Rin said, forcing a bright smile.

“NEVER!!......uh-er-um-I mean No, Lady Rin. Lord Sesshomaru specifically told that it was for you…..” Jaken was perspiring all over his little body.

“But if you are still uncertain, you may ask him yourself” Jaken said without thinking. Then he immediately regretted saying that. He was partly confident that she will not ask Sesshomaru and mostly praying she should not. Then Jaken will be doomed!!!

“It’s okay, master Jaken! I’ve no doubts! Thanks for taking the trouble to deliver this to me” Rin bowed and left in a hurry.

Jaken ‘whew’ed a long ‘whew’. The kind Gods above answered his prayers. Jaken ran to his room before getting caught be anyone.

Rin rushed towards her quarters, but her curiosity got the better of her. She stopped in the deserted corridors and read the note:

Please meet me in the garden past midnight”

Rin’s eyes widened like a pair of eggs; jaws dropped; breathe caught at throat; entire face flushed red. It took her few moments to compose herself. This message is for her, alright. Sesshomaru’d never want to meet her father in the garden past midnight. What am I supposed to do? Rin bit her tongue as her mind chewed the consequences. Her inner self was looking forward to meet him alone, no doubt. But is it right...? Her engagement is due tomorrow!

Her desiring heart argued, It must really be important, if he wishes to see me alone in the night…. Some sort of secret about the mission which he cannot share with father….. Besides, he is the Heir of the West! Better not mess up with him and incur his wrath…. Hmm…. I wonder what I should do and how I should react w-


“EEK! Father!” Rin let out a cry as her entire being bolted in fright.

She turned around and saw her father who was standing at quite a distance from her.

“I’m sorry, dear. Did I startle you?” asked Kenji worriedly.

Rin ringled to hide her shock and embarrassment. She was relieved he hadn’t noticed her reading the note, as she had had her back to him.

“I-I’m fine, father….. I’m just on my way to my quarters”

Kenji smiled softly and said, “Have a good sleep, Rin. You have a big day tomorrow”.

Of course! I have a secret meeting past midnight with Lord Sesshomaru…. I’ll have great sleep pre and post the meeting! Rin thought sarcastically.

“Yes, father” she said.

Kenji nodded and left.

Rin let out a sigh and went to the window. Bankotsu was standing outside few feet away. She shot him a brilliant smile in her attempt to hide her embarrassment again. He returned the smile, but there was something mischievous about the look on his face, which Rin could not reason why. She waved a ‘bye’ at him with her hand and left quickly before getting even more embarrassed.

“Lord Sesshomaru......” Rin dragged.



“What is it, Rin?”

“huh?!..... Um…… Nothing…” said a confused Rin, as she waited for him to respond.

“……….Then why did you request for my presence?”

“What!?.... What do you mean?.... Were you not the one who sent for me?” Rin was more than confused.

“………” Sesshomaru followed Rin’s reaction. He was puzzled too.

“Master Jaken delivered me your message….. Uh…. Aren’t you the one who sent it?” Rin took out the note which was hidden in her obi and held it out to Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru took out his own note. Same content. Same handwriting. It took a moment for Sesshomaru to grasp the reality.

Crimson red eyes; ragged stripes on cheeks; outsized fangs; face contorted by the malevolent look; devastating demonic aura; horrendous dog demon charging at Jaken at supernatural speed. Sesshomaru bellowing, “JAKEN!!!!”

*SCREECH* (A/N:- Jaken screaming)


Jaken was fiercely rolling on the floor, like a small boulder tossed down a steep hill.

*BUMP* Jaken hit the wall with a loud crash.

“O-O-O-O-O-W-W-W-W!!!!” Jaken’s head spinned in immense pain and he could see stars in that partly conscious state.

Minutes passed. Jaken finally recovered his consciousness, only to find out that he was still in his room.

It was just a NIGHTMARE…..

Jaken realized that it was almost midnight and that Sesshomaru and Rin are yet to meet.

Poor Jaken didn’t know whether to be relieved that it was only a nightmare or to be physically and mentally prepared for the trial he was about to face. He started praying again, to all the Gods of the Universe, that he should at least survive his master’s wrath so that he shall be able to continue his service to him.

He sneaked to the garden only to find his lord already there. The toad demon nervously gulped and hid himself behind a big bush. He must be so eager to meet her that he’s much earlier than needed…. Lord Sesshomaru is going to kill me when he finds out!! The toad mourned for himself.

Then Jaken noticed another figure approaching. Lady Rin….

She’s early too, which means she’s keen on meeting my master too….. Although Jaken was excited at the positive development, he couldn’t enjoy it, as he knew that the sooner she meets his master, the sooner he goes to his own grave.

Rin was shocked to find Sesshomaru waiting for her already. I wonder, for how long he has been waiting….

Sesshomaru noticed Rin nearing. Both knew, both were earlier than stipulated, which confirmed them that they were too impatient for the secret meeting.

“I’m sorry for being late Milo-”

“You are not” Sesshomaru cut in.

The eyes of the demon and those of the human met; locked in a gaze. Those eyes were the features they loved the most about each other. How could they resist the opportunity of a gaze, which they can enjoy alone in the night?

Pregnant silence.

But their eyes did the talking. Of what? Neither the demon nor the human knew…..

Moments passed. The human knew that she has to shatter the silence.

“Lord Sesshomaru......” Rin dragged.



“What is it, Rin?”

“huh?!?..... Um…… Nothing…” said a confused Rin, as she waited for him to respond.

OH NO!!!! Just like the nightmare!!! Oh Gods! Please save me! Jaken perspired from head to toe; eyes blurred by tears…

……….Then why did you request for my presence? Sesshomaru mused. But to the fortune of Jaken, he didn’t voice it out.

“………Rin….. You wish to tell me something…… something significant” Why else would you bother to send a message to meet me alone at this time of the night?..... “What is it?”

Rin was taken aback at those words. Is-is that why he has sent for me!?!... What…. what is that ‘something significant’ which he thinks I ‘wish to tell’ him?.... That too, alone in the night before my engagement?..... It can’t be official, if it is this urgent and private….

Sesshomaru mistakenly interpreted from her expressions that she was thinking hard about how to tell what he thought she wished to tell. So he observed silence, giving her the time she seemed to have needed.

Gasp!!... Does he know that I have feelings for him!?! Is that what he wants me to confess?!.... Oh! Why is he complicating my already complicated life???.....

Rin’s head dropped. NO! I will never again succumb to the charms of this demon in front of me!.... NEVER! Rin resolved to herself, as she took a deep breathe.

Then she felt clawed forefinger and thumb hold her chin. She involuntarily lifted her head and met his gaze. She immediately blushed, no doubt. Somehow the resolution which she had just made very few seconds ago, began to crumble down at the seductive stare of the demon lord.

This woman…. She’ll be betrothed to someone else tomorrow…. She will become SOMEONE ELSE’S….. The thought raged fire in Sesshomaru’s body. He can’t let another have her! He can’t even let another touch her, let alone wed her!

Once temper is lost, wisdom wanes, be it human or demon. Sesshomaru was no exception.

He tilted his head and leaned forward. Rin was as still as a statue, not wanting him to stop what she thought he planned to do to her. Demon’s lips came in contact with the human’s. Rin gasped against his mouth. Sesshomaru didn’t seem to bother. His mouth kept caressing hers fervently. Few moments passed. After having the least trace of her resolution completely sucked away without hint, by his lips, and last fragment of her self-control utterly licked away without clue, by the his tongue, Rin wrapped her arms around his neck, tightly clung to him; the gesture charged up the self-assurance of the demon.

He was tender initially….. Then his lips became fierce as he thought: I will not spare this mouth which consented to the wedding! This mouth must be prosecuted for the offense! He was so dominating that Rin felt she hardly had any role to play.

Rin was yelping and moaning so vulnerably, at the most foreign sensations she was experiencing. Sesshomaru was thrilled beyond words, because it was HIM who hascaused this vulnerability in her, in moments. He could feel her being vapourizing in the heat he caused in her, so he comfortably sat on the ground and settled her on his lap. His one hand was tightly wrapped around her waist, from letting her escape his grasp; the other held her jawline, in suitable positions enabling him to contentedly bestow his punishments….

His fangs wantonly bit her lips and she gasped. Punishment for the sinful lips….. And now for….. he mused as he shoved his tongue into her mouth and assaulted her own tongue.

Rin totally lost it. It’s not fair! This demon is bewitching me! I know he is!.... She was moaning much louder against his lips and squirming against his body, so uncontrollably. She didn’t even care what he would think of her weird noises and gestures.

Sesshomaru was only encouraged by her responses. His head was spinning at the feel of her lips and tongue battling with his. He felt every inch of his body pulse for the female in his clutches as her own body was wriggling against him. He seemed unstoppable, as his common sense was nowhere to be found.

Rin’s head pounded at excessive blood supply. The poor girl couldn’t take the multiple sensations invading her at once that her hands fiercely tugged at his cloth for a rational explanation. Fortunately and unfortunately, that ‘cloth’ she just tugged at was the obi that held his Haori in place.

His haori fell open baring his abdomen.

Her innocent gesture gave Sesshomaru the wrong idea…. HOW DARE SHE!

He got rid of Rin’s obi in an instant….. And that is her punishment!

Totally unaware of the fact that her front had been exposed to the demon, the human ran her hands up and down his shoulders and torso as a consolation to his lack of explanation to her. Sesshomaru’s eyes snapped open; his mouth gasped; his entire body shuddered reflexively. SUCH AUDACITY! …..Deserving serious penalty! Sesshomaru’s hands mirrored Rin’s gesture against her, but with twice the intensity and brutality. This time, it was Rin’s turn to open eyes widely and gasp. Her body jolted like a wild horse at his ruthless invasion of her most sensitive parts. She immediately broke away from the kiss and hid her beet red face against his chest. She couldn’t take it anymore.

Jaken wanted to screech in excitement but thank goodness he controlled it. His devilish plan worked wonderfully, in a way he’d never thought it would!!


GASP!!!! Jaken’s eyes and beaks fell on the ground BANKOTSU!!!
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