Landlord of the West

Chapter 25


His attention focused on his sword with was pulsating hard against his waist. His right hand sought the hilt of Tenseiga.

The moment he touched the hilt, he felt that his demonic instincts were triggered and that Tenseiga was somehow communing with him.

He gently placed Rin’s corpse on the ground and stood. He unsheathed the sword that flashed against the reflection of the sun.


Sesshomaru’s eyes widened and his breathe got held at his throat when his gaze fell on Rin.

Some weird-looking minions with grim reaper weapons in their hands were surrounding Rin’s corpse. They were small and green like Jaken but looked even uglier than him.

He glanced once at Tenseiga. His instincts prompted him to launch his attack on the minions with his sword. And he did. Kenji and Misao could only see Sesshomaru swaying his sword aimlessly in the air.

The pallbearers of the underworld disintegrated into dust, and stirred Sesshomaru’s anticipation. He knelt down and cradled Rin’s body on his right arm. Seconds passed which seemed like hours for the dog demon.


Sesshomaru’s eyes widened.


His mouth fell open when he felt Rin’s heart beating again. Her body recovered the warmth and her face was no longer pale.

Brown orbs were unraveled to captivate the demon lord as the butterfly eyelids fluttered open.

*BLINK-BLINK* Rin blinked blankly.

“Rin…” Sesshomaru choked out.

“….Lord….. Sesshomaru…..” Rin’s voice was hoarse at the soreness her throat was suffering. But her facial expressions told Sesshomaru that she was at the peak of joy to see him and to hear him utter her name.

The dog demon and frail human were lost in a gaze as the former lifted the latter to a sitting position on the ground.

“RIN! MY DARLING!” “RIN!” Before he could react Misao and Kenji called in unison and flung their arms around her Rin.

Sesshomaru let go of Rin reflexively. The doting parents are now crying in joy at the resurrection of their daughter. They surrounded Rin and held her tightly against them….as if she’ll disappear again if they loosen their grip on her. They were showering endearments on her.

Sesshomaru could not believe his eyes. Rin’s alive!!


Kohaku who had just recovered from unconsciousness threw himself at Rin. Thanks to God, Rin did not die again, at the pampering of her parents and fiancé.

Sesshomaru watched the whole scene with a bittersweet feeling in his chest. My Rin…. I…..I am…..pleased….

He was indeed the happiest demon on earth, having the love of his life resurrected…. that too by himself…. For once in his life, his deadly demonic powers have resulted the opposite: bringing back the dead. But, he felt as if, he was a piece that really did not fit in at the moment as he studied the happy family in front of him. He felt unfit for the perfect girl, Rin.

Perhaps….perhaps, she is better off this way…. Sesshomaru mused as he felt a sharp twinge in his chest.

Several moments passed and the family was celebrating that all turned out well.

“huh….?!” Kohaku looked around, “Where’s lord Sesshomaru…?”

Rin felt the reality pounding her head. Her anxious eyes frantically grazed around her only to find her beloved lord gone. The immense joy she was feeling at her mother’s recovery, at the wellbeing of her father and fiancé and at her own survival, dissipated. Where did he go…? Why did he leave me behind….? Did he come just to save us so that his past efforts for the mission will not be spoiled?!? How could he be so unfeeling!! Her lips pouted and eyes burnt with fresh tears.

“Why I haven’t even expressed my gratitude to the lord, for resurrecting our Rin!” Misao exclaimed.

“WHAT!?!” Rin was shocked, “What-what do you mean, mother?! ‘resurrecting’…?! Does that mean that I….I…” died…!!

Misao nodded with hurtful expression on her face. Kenji’s face also told Rin that it was true.

“Wha…..?!”, Kohaku was flabbergasted.

Rin felt guilty for misunderstanding him for a split second. Lord Sesshomaru!

Tenseiga had only been a mere weapon with no special demonic powers till the day Rin was resurrected from the underworld. It was made out of Inu father’s fang in order to constitute an heirloom to the heir of the West, Sesshomaru.


“This is merely a weapon, fit to incise weaker enemies….. Nothing more….” Sesshomaru said in an icy tone. But Inu father did not fail to notice the complaint tinted with it.

“and is that a predicament?” Inu father asked in his calm, cold tone.

“………” Sesshomaru took few seconds to piece together his thoughts so that he may voice them out.

“This is made from your fang. However, it does not possess demonic powers, in fact, it does not possess any power as your other fang, Tesseiga which you have thoughtlessly bequeathed to your half-breed of a son, Inuyasha” Sesshomaru charged.

“You are in no position to disparage my decision to bequeath Inuyasha of Tesseiga” Inu father chided his older son and went on, “He is a half-demon, and so, he is physically weak” Inu father said as he mused: although his strength at heart is ample….. “He deserves greater protection…..naturally he is bestowed with the more powerful and destructive fang”

“…….Perhaps…..” Sesshomaru answered not minding his father’s rebuke as much as he should have, because the father made some sense as far as Inuyasha’s weakness is concerned, “But……that does not provide sufficient exposition as to why you have not bequeathed me with a powerful fang as Tesseiga” Sesshomaru paused for a split second as he glanced at the sword Sounga that was firmly hanging behind Inu father’s shoulder. “or even Sounga, especially when it is I, who is your Heir and is to succeed you to the status of the Landlord of the West”

Only the sound of twittering insects and the breeze that toyed with the dog demons’ long hair and regal attire filled the silence that prevailed before Inu father responded “………. Sesshomaru….” Inu father uttered in a soft tone without turning around and meeting his son face-to-face. “Have you someone to protect…?”

Sesshomaru only kept staring at his father from behind not having the least clue of what he meant. Still he managed to make a ridiculing scoff and answer, “The answer is ‘No’. This Sesshomaru has no need of such!” If a life-form is so pitiful that it could not even defend itself from external threats then it deserves nothing of this Sesshomaru’s attention. Then, where is the question of ‘protection’…? Ridiculous!

“Tenseiga is a fang with the most exceptional powers….those which cannot be found in any other fang on Earth, Hell and Heaven…..In order to unleash its demonic powers which dwell within it, the one wielding the fang must trigger them using his own demonic powers from within himself….”

Sesshomaru was not particularly interested in Tenseiga, yet he could not help his curiousity, “…..and how do I ‘trigger’ the fang’s demonic powers with those of my own?”

“Time will tell you….” Inu father gave the most uncertain and non-committal answer. “Till then you are to exploit this fang like any other weapon against your enemies.”

And before Sesshomaru could ask anything to get more clue of the prophecy, Inu father concluded diplomatically, “A most shrewd, competent demon such as yourself shall require no further explication”

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at his father, inwardly loathing the elder demon’s pointless resolutions.

But what does having someone to protect has anything to do with triggering Tenseiga with my own powers….? How absurd! Sesshomaru cursed inwardly.


Finally it all became clear to Sesshomaru. Tenseiga is a healing fang, that which is capable of bringing the dead from the underworld. Once Sesshomaru lost someone he valued the most in his life.… someone whom he had wished not to have died….someone after whose death he would have set out to the underworld, just to retrieve the departed soul…..someone whom he truly protected, cared for and loved….. Tenseiga’s true powers were unleashed as Sesshomaru’s own powers triggered the fang.

Sesshomaru only felt grateful to his father for having bequeathed him with the healing sword. Not even Tesseiga or Sounga could have brought back Rin’s life to him.

No wonder Inu father declared that it has the most unique powers as there is no other healing fang than Tenseiga. All other fangs are only destructive.

“Why don’t you visit his palace and talk with him again?!” Kohaku argued.

“What..?! What are you talking about, Kohaku..!?” Rin said, blushing.

“Don’t pretend. You understood every word I said” Kohaku said with half-closed eyes, arms crossed.

Rin huffed and said, “Why should I? I mean, what’s the purpose?!”

“To pursue your lord Sesshomaru, duh!” Kohaku said as if it was the most obvious thing he had ever said.

“Why-I…” Rin let out a sigh, “What’s wrong with you!?! Don’t you love me anymore?!?” Rin tried to divert him from the uncomfortable topic.

“Of course, I love you! I’ve always loved you! That’s why I’m telling you to go to him!”

Rin’s eyes widened and jaws dropped. She was mute for few seconds, unable to utter anything.

“You’re crazy, Kohaku!”

“NO! Only you are crazy! Refusing to believe that you’re still in love with him!” Kohaku retorted.

“……..” Rin was at loss of words. Which means she was sad again.

“You’re heart has always belonged to him, Rin….” Kohaku said in a soft tone.

Rin knew that too well that it had not required the mention by Kohaku.

“Don’t give up! Why do you think he came all the way back to Edo? I’m sure he had come for you, when he had realized that he was about to lose you to me…. and after which he came for your rescue and revived you back to life….”

Rin’s parents did not specifically tell Rin that Sesshomaru confessed his love for her. They had thought that Rin already knew it, considering how Sesshomaru and Rin were gazing at each other during Rins’ final moments. Eventually Rin never came to know of Sesshomaru’s confession.

“What about you, Kohaku….?” Rin dragged in a melancholic tone.

“Me?! What of me?!” Kohaku asked her in a confused tone.

“Oooo! You little ninny! Have you totally forgotten that you’re in love with me and that we’re engaged?!” Rin retorted.

“Huh..!?”, Kohaku did react as if he had just recalled something he should not have forgotten at the moment.

“Oh! *LAUGHTERS* Do you mean THAT!? *CHUCKLES*”

Now it was Rin’s turn to have her eyes half-closed and arms crossed. Her friend of a fiancé has lost his mind, it seems. Poor fella!

“I’m sorry, Rin. I’ve completely forgotten that you had bought it!” Kohaku said as he recovered his composure.

“ ‘bought it’? what do you mean?” Rin a confused.

Kohaku blushed, “Well…uh… don’t get mad at me but…. er…. I do love you, Rin… but um…. I’m not really in love with you as how I earlier claimed to be…”


“Well, you see…. You’re parents fell ill recently. Their health was failing by the day….. Their apprehension about your wedding and uncertain future was haunting them throughout….. I couldn’t stand to see you suffer at their misery any longer….So I…..I….” Kohaku’s blushed only got deeper.

Rin finally understood.

“you pretended as if you were in love with me…. and you agreed to live in our mansion for my mother’s sake…. To marry me…. all to alleviate my parents from their physical and mental illness” Rin completed what Kohaku struggled to convey.

The gentleman would not hesitate a moment to sacrifice his life for his best friend. But to brag about how he sacrifices for her, was one area in which he was no expert in.

“But… you were…. you were blushing when you made the marriage proposal to me” Rin said, still not clear about her friend’s intentions.

This time Kohaku turned his back to her, to hide his scowling, reddened face, “you have NO IDEA, how embarrassing it would be to propose to a life-long friend!!” he said with his hand covering his mouth.

Rin only ringled a long ringle at that. Kohaku flinched upon it.

“alright! Alright already!” Kohaku turned around and waved his hand at her to stop her teasing ringles; his lips cutely pouting in annoyance.

“Sorry, Kohaku” Rin said as she finally controlled her impulse to burst into fits of ringles.

Then Kohaku’s facial expression became serious and earnest, “Rin…. You’re my best friend….and you will always remain so…. There is no need for the intimacy of a husband-wife relationship to nurture our friendship ‘cause…. our friendship is intimate in its OWN WAY!..... In a way, that even a husband-wife relationship cannot cater to it…. Lord Sesshomaru will always be your beloved and I will always be your friend….. Like how I cannot replace you lord’s place in your heart, even he cannot replace my place in your heart….. we both have our own exclusive places in your heart and soul….. I love my place the best; I’m all too comfortable with it; I’d rather not have anything more….anything less….”

Rin was shedding tears of joy.

“Be my friend…..always….”

Rin wrapped her arms around her adorable friend. “I have no words to express how grateful I am to you Kohaku….I’m sorry about that.”

Kohaku returned her hug.

“idiot…. There is no need” he uttered in a soft tone.

Rin squeezed Kohaku’s in her arms. “I love you, Kohaku…. As a friend, I always love you….”

“I love you too, Rin” Kohaku said in his gentlest tone.


The friends turned their attention to the source of the sound. They would never have dreamt in the million years, who the visitor would have been.


The friends froze while it was already high time they let go of each other. Their current posture and Kohaku’s recent most words would only have given the demon lord the wrong idea.

And Sesshomaru’s displeased face was a confirmation to the facts of the case. He was glowering at Kohaku. If only Sesshomaru had poison-dripping eyes!!

Both friends broke from their embrace, blushing furiously and were chuckling nervously.

Their reaction did not improve the dog demon’s mood nor did it ease his displeasure.

“Lord Sesshomaru! Greetings! Rin and I… well, we have only been sharing few friendship moments. Nothing beyond that…..I SWEAR!” he said as he was scratching his head with a nervous smile.

Rin bowed to her lord and uttered, “Kohaku’s right, lord Sesshomaru….” She tried to fake a straight face, but her eyes twitched twice in nervousness.

“Perhaps…. But too much of ‘sharing’ will do you no good, boy….” was the message that Sesshomaru’s glare conveyed to Kohaku.

Both friends were perspiring at the tension in the atmosphere.

“Disappear….before I kill you” Kohaku has become familiar enough with Sesshomaru’s glare to interpret the message behind it.

Kohaku hurriedly dismissed himself, as his heart was filled with excitement. He was anticipating some good turn of events at Sesshomaru’s sudden emergence.

Dim silence. Both demon and human were not facing each other wholly.

“Thank you. lord Sesshomaru….. for bringing me back to life…..” Rin said, her eyes fixed on the ground. She was blushing though.


“…….However, such simple verbal expression is insufficient to express my gratitude….” She added.

“……..” If so, then become my mate instead, Rin…. That will suffice…..

If only Rin had read Sesshomaru’s mind she would have fainted in joy.

Sesshomaru had wanted to answer her that She had not needed to thank him so. But he did not voice it out, because the selfish demon side of him wanted to use her gratitude to his best advantage.

There is an old saying, “Running into the God himself, on the way to His temple”. Rin understood the true meaning of it now. Only minutes ago, she was convinced to pay him a visit in order to pursue him. And this dog demon has brought himself to her, not giving her the trouble of travelling to his palace.

Sesshomaru’s silence intrigued Rin. She lifted her eyes to meet his.

Rin and Sesshomaru. Standing at two-feet distance. Gaze fixed. Pregnant silence.

Rin snapped out of her trance and looked around in confusion. She had actually visited the shrine with Kohaku. What has Sesshomaru come here for….?

Then she asked, “What….what has brought you here, Lord Sesshomaru?”

“I know nobody else here, Rin” Sesshomaru returned the indirect reply to Rin, the same one she, once gave him, when she had visited his palace.

Rin was a bit flustered at how clearly he remembered her words and at the fact that he has come for her.

“Come…..if I may have a word with you” Sesshomaru said, which means “May I have a word with you?” Oh Well! Only Sesshomaru is capable of making a request seem and sound like a command.

Rin saw the hidden request through his words. “Yes!” PROMPT!
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