Landlord of the West

Chapter 27


Rin’s eyes fell on a parchment that Sesshomaru held out to her without a word; without even facing her; not even a glance at her….he was on with his grim gaze at the sky.

Uh-oh! This doesn’t look good…. Rin mused as she blinked at the parchment, as if it can give some rational explanation to Sesshomaru’s odd behavior.

The demon lord’s impatience darted his eyes to her face for a short glance.

“Take this” Sesshomaru’s impatience only grew.

Rin obeyed his command in an instant. “What is it, Lord Sesshomaru…?” Rin asked him tentatively.

A second passed in silence.

“You will know when you read it”

“Oh….okay!” Rin smiled and began unfolding the parchment. Whatever disaster Sesshomaru has in store for her, she better know it sooner than later.

“NOT NOW!” Sesshomaru shot. Then he cleared his throat and used the buffer time to gather his shattered composure back in place.

Rin was indeed puzzled.

“Read when you are… leisure….”


Sesshomaru took off without another word.

Anxiety was the word that could describe Rin’s current state of mind. Besides, she was not ‘at leisure’ at the moment. She had to take her mother for a walk, then have dinner, then prepare documents for the assembly of her father with the co-village heads that is due the morrow, do the nightly chores for her mother before going to bed…. She could not wait to read Sesshomaru’s communication, but she could not defy his commands either.

Night came, which seemed to have taken a small eternity for Rin to wait for. Having safely settled in her chambers, Rin started praying that the matter should be of minimum criticality and that she should be strong enough to stand up to it. She hastily opened the parchment and read:

“My endeared soul! Will you ever pardon me?

My secret companion, Answer me.

The night without you is breezeless

If you desert me, my moon will wane

The blue in the sky will fade, all due to the flame of your fury

I am tormented, having lost my sanity,

My thoughts about you wither me,

Without you, I find no flavor in music and poetry

Beauty of all senses! My endeared soul!

Will you ever pardon me?

My secret companion, answer me.

The guarding thorn has bruised the rose,

I, your protector, have offended you

Will this silent war ever end between us?

It is blissful to live without falling in love, however

It is distressful to live when in love but devoid of lover

My desiring demon pounces upon you

Albeit by non-violence you have killed me

The night without you is breezeless

My endeared soul! Will you ever pardon me?

My secret companion, answer me….

- Sesshomaru”

Rin blinked a blank blink.


She turned the parchment over to find any clue. Nothing.

What is this…? Who wrote this…?


“ - Sesshomaru”

Well… He has written his name at the end….which means, only he has written this…..but WHY?!? Rin asked herself dumbly.

She recalled their meeting earlier that day, when Sesshomaru handed the parchment to her.

“Take this”

“You will know when you read it”


“Read when you are… leisure….”

He wanted me to read it at spare time….


A second passed.


He….He hasn’t written this by himself, has he!!

Rin read the whole sonnet again in haste.

It was not enough.

She took a long breathe and let it out to pacify her pounding heart. She shut her eyes and calmed her mind.

Then she read the sonnet again in tranquility.

Her eyes were like a pair of saucers. He must have written the sonnet during the period when Rin and Sesshomaru were apart after Rin’s resurrection, but before Sesshomaru’s proposal. The pain of parting with her and the short but terrorizing instant of Rin’s temporary demise must have caused a gigantic whirlpool in the calmest ocean of Sesshomaru’s emotions. He must have been tormented so much from the inside that he had to pour his heart out in writing, if not orally, to calm the storm down. No wonder, they say that poetry flows like a river from those in love! If you say that Sesshomaru writing a sonnet, especially a love sonnet on his own emotions and feelings is ‘most surprising’, then what do you call his act of swallowing his pride and revealing the same to the woman who is the primordial cause and effect of the sonnet itself??

Rin was awestruck, however the word ‘awestruck’ did not do justice to describe the momentum of her surprise. Slowly, her mouth stretched in the widest smile. Face burning with blush. Eyes brimming with happy-tears. Rin’s hands covered her whimpering lips to avoid the explosion of ringles from her mouth.

*SPARK* *Rin turns around in an instant*

“*GASP* LORD SESSHOMARU!” Rin cried gleefully as she hastened her way to her balcony.

Ideally Sesshomaru who was floating above the balcony, should have departed after seeing the LONG-AWAITED reaction of the girl to his present of a sonnet. But having met her adorable eyes with his golden ones, he could not move a muscle away from her. His eyes were glued to hers as he elegantly landed on her balcony.

Sesshomaru was alarmed to see his fiancée running towards him for an embrace. No. That will not do….

Sesshomaru swiftly lifted his hand and held up his palm towards her in protest.

Rin halted immediately.

Hands dropped to her sides in defeat; shoulders drooped in frustration; ruby lips pouted in disappointment; eyebrows knitted together in anger; the sunny face eclipsed by darkness.

Sesshomaru was able to read the multiple emotions Rin was displaying without the support of verbal communication. He immediately regretted for protesting. A secretive part of him regretted having bestowed this ‘self-punishment’ of keeping physical distance from Rin till their wedding.

His mouth had a mind of its own. “You may hold my hand, if you wish” Sesshomaru offered as he held his hand to her.

Rin’s pout only expanded.

A second passed and Sesshomaru was beginning to feel the fear of rejection.

But Rin didn’t disappoint him. She recovered her bright mood in an instant. She grabbed his hand and hugged his arm lovingly like a pet dog adoring its master. ‘Hugging the arm’ was beyond the realm Sesshomaru could permit Rin to trespass. So he opened his mouth to utter an objection. But only carbon dioxide came out. Sesshomaru seemed to have lost the ability to speak at the moment.

“You are pardoned, Lord Sesshomaru….” Rin said in a gentle tone.

What…? It took Sesshomaru a fraction of a second to understand.

“Will you ever pardon me?”

Sesshomaru smiled in mind and he eyes crept to Rin’s face. Her lovely face was brimming with love for him. Sesshomaru’s breathe got caught for a nanosecond.

Several seconds passed.

The demon’s and the human’s faces were acting like opposite poles of magnet…..or more like their lips rather than their faces. Rin’s hands sought his cheeks. Her mouth met his. She started bequeathing him with all pardons her soft lips could muster. Her kiss was assuring him her forgiveness; loyalty; love….


Sesshomaru’s eyes snapped open and his hands forced Rin away from him.

Rin stared at him in puzzlement.

“How dare you….?”

“……” More puzzlement.

“You deceived me”

Rin’s eyes were half-closed in boredom when she finally comprehended Sesshomaru’s thought process. But did not utter a word of complaint. Perhaps she has ‘deceived’ him.... So what? He’s her fiancé after all.

When Rin moved a centimeter, Sesshomaru made a sudden flinch, which was almost invisible for Rin to notice. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. She made a step towards him and the demon lord took a step back right away.

It took a moment for Rin to understand how anxious and desperate Sesshomaru was in her very presence. Her head tilted sideward cockily as she made a mischievous smile. Sesshomaru began to worry that this was no good sign.

Rin wantonly advanced towards Sesshomaru as he backed off.

“Rin. Stop”

She did not.

She disobeyed me!

It was not often that you can have a demon lord such as Sesshomaru, flinching and cowering from anyone or anything for that matter. So Rin found the quirk of fate amusing and entertaining.

“I caution you. Do not dare to do anything that would make me do anything deplorable” Sesshomaru warned. Both noticed the slightest strain in his voice and tremor in his tone when he uttered those words. It confirmed both that Sesshomaru was losing mental balance.

It’s payback time! Rin smirked as she closed the distance between them.

Ironically it was Sesshomaru who was cornered by a wall behind him.

(A/N:- Law of karma: You get what you have given, manifolds over * AUTHOR’S WINK*)

“Rin. NO.” Sesshomaru said in a tone that was feebler than the last time. He began to realize that his steadfastness was getting powdered to dust.

The best Rin could do was to tiptoe up to his neck. She balanced her figure, by clasping at his chest. She leaned forward targeting his neck.

“Rin. Quit toying with me” Sesshomaru murmered in the huskiest voice Rin ever heard of him. But only God knew why the demon lord shut his eyes as he tilted his head upward to permit entry to Rin’s exploration of his neck.

Rin planted a gentle kiss on his sensitive spot. Sesshomaru shuddered in delight. Mildly though. Rin smiled against his skin at his instant and affirmative reaction. She wanted him shivering in her service to please him. Her mouth became greedy as her tongue and teeth joined the competition with lips, as to who is able to shudder Sesshomaru better.

Sesshomaru’s chest was drumming and his mouth was gently panting wanting more of Rin’s attention. A groan inadvertently slipped Sesshomaru’s lips. But the demon lord head was pounding so hard that he failed to hear himself. But how would Rin have missed the noise? Rin’s fear and dare were battling with each other.

Sesshomaru finally came back to his senses when he realized that Rin’s soft fingers have become greedier. They had sneaked under his haori and were surveying the peaks and valleys the clothing was covering.

This insidious minx! Sesshomaru shot an admiring rebuke in mind.


Rin lost balance and heaved her hands on the wall in front of her. She opened her eyes only to find herself standing alone. She looked around. But there was no Sesshomaru.

All that could be seen was the bright moon outside and the beautiful maiden inside.

Several moments passed. Rin blinked her disappointment away.

*RINGLES- RINGLES- RINGLES* How funny! Rin was ringling at Sesshomaru’s actions and reactions.

Then she laid on her bed, but there was not a speck of sleepiness in her.

Her eyes automatically darted towards the balcony and stiffened. She saw a floating Sesshomaru shooting accusing glare at her. But there was something in that glare that told Rin it was contaminated with amusement…..a large degree of amusement.

“You will pay for the offense….” Sesshomaru threatened in the most menacing tone he could muster against Rin.

Uh-Oh….. Rin began to worry as she could understand what was coming.

“On our wedding night” Sesshomaru concluded his verdict and disappeared.

It was Rin’s turn to shudder in delight.

News of Inuyasha’s engagement with his childhood human friend, Kagome spread across the territory of western lands and beyond. People were surprised but not as much as they should. The younger lord has only followed the footsteps of his father and elder brother.

A combined wedding-cum-mating ceremony was planned to have the couples wedded and mated on the same day at Sesshomaru’s palace. It was indeed a ‘double’ delight to the Inu sire. Both his sons, who once had only known the term ‘love’ in literature (although, Inuyasha was very bad in academics), have experienced the same and have also found eternal happiness with their respective human girls. Inu father was not as anxious in Inuyasha’s case as he was in Sesshomaru’s. Inuyasha was a half-demon. No matter how cold and insensitive he acts, he is still half-human. He has inherited his mother’s kind heart and self-less nature. Inuyasha would never admit that he has, but his efforts in saving people, both humans and demons alike, out of his way, heedless of his own life quite often proves the fact. Inu father was confident that someday, he will surely find love and he would not hesitate to admit at least to himself. He would also fight to claim the woman he loves.

It was the first son, who had the Inu father worried most of the time. Sesshomaru was a full-fledged demon and was naturally proud and obstinate. And he has inherited his own mother’s cold, unfeeling demeanor. With an attitude like that, no woman, who is not after his fine looks, strength and status alone, would love him. But thank goodness, he has inherited his father’s compassion! That trait of his would win many gentle hearts of beautiful women. But the question that bothered Inu father was, ‘WOULD HE LOVE ANY WOMAN AT ALL….?’

Thanks to the heaven above, Sesshomaru happened to meet a lovely girl like Rin and has fallen in love over a period of time. Not only that, but Sesshomaru has acknowledged his love for her and has also made his marriage proposal to her. Now he is engaged. Despite all odds, the couple managed to unite in the eternal bond of wedding.

The inu sons are finally to settle down. After Sesshomaru’s mating, Inu father can step down from his throne, so that his title as ‘Landlord of the West’ will pass on to Sesshomaru.
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