Landlord of the West

Chapter 28

The day of wedding-cum-mating ceremony dawned. The family of Rin and Kagome arrived in punctuality. Sesshomaru and his family made their arrival. All three families met and greeted each other. Or apparently, the parents of the brides greeted each other and then greeted Inu No Taisho and his sons warmly, while the Inu men returned them a less warm greetings. Guess that is the best you could get from the demon lords.

However, much to the dismay of the Inu grooms, the Inu brides were kept away from their respective sights up until the wedding moment came.

“Master Inu No Taisho!” Rins’s excited voice played music in the father-in-law’s ears.

The Inu father turned around to find to the bride hastening towards his side. She looked breathtakingly beautiful in her wedding kimono. He inwardly congratulated himself for having blessed with the fortune of beholding the beauty in her wedding attire before his son could. He was unable to judge whether the beauty of her virtues surpassed her outer appearance or the other way around. But he managed to judge one truth. She was the ONE AND ONLY IDEAL WOMAN for his son.

Rin…. My daughter-in-law….The future Lady of the West…. He was….PROUD….

“I’m so glad to see you, master! I was hoping to meet you here….” Rin said enthusiastically which brought the Inu father out of reverie.

“…….” He smirked. A glint of mischief in his eyes.

“I see. To what do I owe this honour, Milady?” Inu father said with absolute reverence to the Lady in front of him. His torso tilted forward by few inches, which was one-fourth of a conventional bow, to display his submission to her Supremacy. Well, Inu father had never had to bow to anyone in his life. He had so, only to his grandsire, but the number of instances could be counted with fingers. So we can hardly expect perfection in posture and timings in his bow, can we…?

On the other hand he cannot bow to her, considering his superiority and disposition once his identity is revealed to her. This is probably the last time he could ever show such reverence and submission to her, in such a way, as if he is inferior to her by status. So he chose to exploit this opportunity to exhibit how humble he became at her purity and virtue; to demonstrate his regard and admiration he has been cherishing for her.

Rin blushed at the elderly demon’s humble choice of words and gesture.

“Um…I wish to thank you, master…”

“……” is that so…?

“Thank you so very much, master. Your guidance, the other night is the fundamental reason for my happiness…. It gave me courage to face the reality and strive to get what I love. And that has made all the difference…..” Rin said as she gestured at herself, pointing to her bridal state.

Inu father nodded. His eyes, molten gold in joy. Rin could tell that, although his lips were not smiling, his eyes were.

Rin could not stop herself. So she went on as her eyes glistened and voice cracked, “If it wasn’t for you, I…..I cannot imagine what would have happened-”

“Then do not imagine, milady” Inu father interrupted, unable to bear Rin’s sadness.

Rin paused for a second. Then nodded with her usual bright smile which lightened up the inu father’s mood.

“My best prayers and blessings for your wedded life, Lady Rin” Inu father stated formally. However Rin noted the warmth and sincerity in his wish.

“Thank you, master Inu no Taisho! Thank you!” Rin’s smile widened, if that was ever possible.

Inu father made a sharp nod, expressing his acknowledgement.

“Father” Sesshomaru entered the scene, “The guests are awaiting your-”

“Yes” Inu father uttered and he speeded towards the common hall.

It was only then, that Sesshomaru’s eyes caught the sight of the stunning goddess. His eyes widened; mouth fell open by 0.50 centimetre; nostrils refused to take in more oxygen, while the lungs tightly held the already inhaled gas. He blushed for a split second. After the internal war between pride and desire Sesshomaru managed to recover his composure. But his adoring gaze was attached to Rin’s angelic form.

Rin was too preoccupied with Sesshomaru’s utterance of ‘father’ at Inu No Taisho to notice the drama.

“F-f-father!!” Rin choked out.

“……”, Sesshomaru’s face was stone-hard and emotionless as ever. But he was riddled at Rin’s reaction.

“Master Inu No Taisho is your….FATHER!” Rin was gaping like an idiot, her eyes staring at the direction in which Inu father had gone. But she looked cuter that way, in the eyes of Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru followed Rin’s eyes and made a glance; then he turned again to face her.

“Do you have to ask the obvious?” Sesshomaru stated coldly.

Well, Rin had already known that the name of Sesshomaru’s father was ‘Inu No Taisho’. But she never even dreamt that Master Inu No Taisho would happen to be Sesshomaru’s father.

“You’re not Lord Sesshomaru.....”

“No, I am not”

“You look a lot like him, sir….”

Rin recalled her first meeting with Inu father. In the darkness of that night she had mistook him for Sesshomaru, initially.

“What is your name, girl?”

“Rin….and may I know yours?”

“…….Inu No Taisho”

“Oh! That….. sounds like the name of the Landlord of West”

“….. I am also a dog demon, which you have already noticed…. We have same names often…..”

He gave an answer neither accepting nor denying my statement…..

“…..I am also associated with the family of the rulers of Western Lands”

…….OF COURSE! ‘Cause he IS the Landlord! How could I be so clueless!

“Really?!....... So you must have known Lord Sesshomaru”


‘Cause HE IS LORD SESSHOMARU’S FATHER..!! No wonder he resembles Lord Sesshomaru so much!

Then it all became clear to Rin.

He had come out of his way to guide me… motivate me to pursue his own son… unite me with Lord Sesshomaru!

“Rin” Sesshomaru’s baritone voice pulled Rin back to Earth.

“Huh!?!....Uh…Lord Sesshomaru….” Rin’s lips uttered, her mind still loitering around her father-in-law.

“To what do I owe this honour, Milady?”

“Then do not imagine, Milady”

“My best prayers and blessing for your wedded life, Lady Rin”

Rin gawked; her face flushed red.


“What are you brooding over …?” Sesshomaru was curious as to what made his mate-to-be get lost in thoughts, while speaking of his father.

“Er….Um….well, Lord Sesshomaru……” Rin stuttered and put Sesshomaru’s patience to test. “I was just wondering how fortunate I am to have Master-Uh-Lord Inu No Taisho as my father-in-law”

Sesshomaru seemed surprised for a moment. Then he made a small but sharp nod, holding his head high, as he broke eye contact, which told Rin that the dog demon’s pride was inflated on the inside at the praise of Rin about his father.

The wedding went well. Both the couple had the best moment of their lives as their dream of marital union finally materialized.

The parents of Rin and Kagome got along well. But not better than how Rin and Kagome got along together. The personality of both the women were a lot similar, they became friends the first time they met each other. It was only the Inu brothers who were still on with their war.

It is the wedding night. Sesshomaru was in his bed chambers. His eyes ran across his chamber, mentally recording how it has transformed into one accommodating another occupant with all the belongings of his mate neatly kept. He was never one to enjoy sharing any of his possessions, from needle to title. But now, he is in a position to share with Rin, his chambers, palace, status as the landlord and…….his life……

It is the night of the wedding…. The first night I would be spending with my Rin. The night when-


Sesshomaru eyes widened. His palm sought the source of the mutiny.


His palm felt that his heart was rebelling and his chest was in riot. All these years, he has faced hundreds of battles, many of them, so treacherous that his very life was endangered. But he has surfed through most them all with ease, although some of them truly tested his resoluteness. However, he has never felt anything that goes by causing ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’ up until now…. How is he going to do this….!?! This is his first time after all….!!

His eyes focused on the moon as if it would make him feel any better.


Sesshomaru was alarmed at the noise. He swiftly exited his room to seek the sound-maker out.

He was surprised to find the silhouette of his father, lingering in the darkest corner. It was only him who shoved the vessel making the noise, but whether by accident or on purpose, Sesshomaru knew not….

“It is time to show your mate how much you love her” uttered Inu father without turning around and face his son.

Inu father’s statement got Sesshomaru off guard. Before he could react, father walked away in his graceful stride. The father made the noise on purpose alright. Sesshomaru was embarrassed when he realized that his father, who was lurking nearby sensed his son’s anxiety, came for calming Sesshomaru’s stormy mood. He made a minute pout and his father’s counseling and said, “How ridilculous!”


Again! Sesshomaru’s sharp ears caught the same noise.

Sesshomaru made an evil smirk in his mind that Inu father has gone to Inuyasha’a quarters. He was satisfied that even Inuyasha was going through the same phase of ‘fear’ and anxiety’ as him. Or even worse.... That half-breed of a half-brother must be quavering his bones out, this moment…… Sesshomaru pondered in victory as he re-entered his chamber.

Sesshomaru is smart, that one statement by father was enough to instill some self-confidence in the newly wedded dog demon. But for someone as dumb-witted as Inuyasha, Inu father would have to make a long monologue to inculcate some sense into his head. If Sesshomaru was of that type, he would have snickered. “Huff! Foolish half-breed!”, His disposition permitted him to only scoff at the humour.


Before thought process could commence, Sesshomaru’s lips uttered “Enter”.

The knocker made her entrance.

Rin….. The same person whom he had both hoped and hoped not to be at that very moment.
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