Landlord of the West

Chapter 29

Sesshomaru did not turn around immediately. His face was still focused towards the moon, not letting Rin have even a glimpse of his face. He was actually taking few moments to make sure that his stoic mask was in place and it would not betray any of those emotions he was feeling and also those he was about to feel the moment he beholds Rin.

The rustling sound behind him informed him that his mate was making her way, slightly in haste, across the huge chamber of his towards him. She seemed to have stopped abruptly at a good distant from him. She must be unsure as how and when to proceed.

Although Sesshomaru was having his back to her, he had not failed to notice how flustered his mate was. Rin’s hands were literally trembling; as if she was in Arctic pole. She was afraid….‘terrified’!.....AND EXCITED!! She was in an even worse state than Sesshomaru…. He had to suppress the smirk of satisfaction that was about to spread across his lips.

He swiftly turned to catch her red-handed…. Or more like red-faced.


Rin’s breathe got caught at how the long silver mane of her Lord swayed as he turned.

Sesshomaru himself was breath taken at the sight if his beautiful mate. But his stoic face showed nothing. However, his glowing golden eyes displayed every sensation he was feeling for his Rin.

Rin was stunned to see his striking form standing majestically at a distance. His face was as handsome as the first day she saw him.


The memory of their first meeting made Rin ringle even before she could think. Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed. Owing to his demonic speed he was in front of her in an instant. Rin stopped ringling abruptly, as she noted how huge and intimidating her mate’s form was, which was standing at less than a feet distance before her.

“What are you laughing about?” asked Sesshomaru in his usual rich, baritone voice which pulled at Rin’s heart-strings.

“Oh!…er….nothing!” Rin lied without prudence, as if he would ever buy her lie.

He bore her with his stare, wordlessly accusing her for lying.

“Was just reminiscing over the first time we met! *CHUCKLES*” Rin surrendered.

Faint pinkness tainted his cheeks, not visible to Rin in the dark chamber which was dimly lighted by not many lamps. Till date, their embarrassing encounter did not fail to make Sesshomaru blush, even though he does it for a fraction of nanosecond, every time.

You will pay for all the mysterious emotions you stirred in me, Rin…. Sesshomaru swore in his mind.

Sesshomaru’s long silence told Rin that she is going to face the consequences for giggling and confessing to him, a moment ago. She gulped.

Sesshomaru’s right hand lifted and started caressing her soft, heated cheeks. That was enough to Rin’s heart racing. She blushed.

Rin’s gaze fell on the floor, for she no longer had the courage to look into her Lord’s eyes which glistened in a way, like never before. Within a couple of seconds, a pair of clawed fingers caught her chin, lifted her head and the demon’s lips met the human’s. The human gasped. Indeed, the demon was too fast for the human. Not that the human was complaining.

Sesshomaru’s lips brushed against hers during the initial moments; then they began sucking hers hungrily.

“*GASP* Lord Sess….Sess*MOAN*Sesshomaru!!” Rin could only moan and gasp at his mouth’s ministrations. If Sesshomaru was of that type, he would have smiled at her weird pronunciation of his name. Rin’s lips were quivering as her mate licked and fangs bit her luscious lips. Rin let out helpless moans, unable to cope up with the overwhelming pleasure. She was never used to such feelings after all.

His demonic tongue plunged into her mouth to investigate the soft tongue dwelling inside. “*MOAN* Lord Sessho-*MOANS*”

His mouth responded to her ecstatic whimperings by emitting gentle growls, expressing his appetite for the woman in his arms. Rin shivered in excitement at the noise.

Sesshomaru’s mouth held Rin’s for so long that, the girl had completely lost her sense. Perhaps, that was why she had not realized yet that her obi was already discarded.

Rin did not want to be submissive, having nothing to do throughout. She wanted to be an active participant at least once in a while. Although she was in an intoxicated state, she had enough sanity to disrobe Sesshomaru off his haori.

Treacherous wench! Sesshomaru cursed. But don’t ask him why, he eagerly obliged with Rin in the process of undressing him.

Rin…. Rin….. I love you…. Sesshomaru pronounced in his mind as he released her lips to let her catch her breath. Her lips were bruised and swollen so much that they deserved the respite.

To Rin’s surprise, Sesshomaru went down on his knees wrapping his strong arms around her slim waist; he tightened his hold on her possessively as he snuggled his head into her belly. Rin ringled at the tickling sensation. Sesshomaru did not seem to mind her ringles.

No matter how dominating he was with her, only she seemed to have the upper hand over him. She addresses him as her ‘Lord’ but truthfully, only she is the ‘Master’ while he is her ‘servant’. She has him wrapped around her little finger; she can have him do every whim of hers….as if he was her slave. Yes. ‘Slave’ is the right word to describe his current status….. a status of absolute vulnerability; complete submission. Sesshomaru knew it. But he had not felt defeated or crushed in the least. He loved it, in fact.

“Lord Sesshomaru” Rin uttered in her soft, sweet, childlike tone, as she lovingly stroked his silver mane.

The pronouncement of his name by Rin was filled with so much love and adoration that Sesshomaru could not help from withdrawing his hands and looking up at her. Rin was looking down at him. Her warm gaze drummed at his chest and his clawed hands clutched her sleeves. The tiny exercise made the kimono slowly slide from her shoulders….and from the whole of her form.

Rin immediately shut her eyes, not having the guts to eye how he eyed her now bare figure. Several moments passed like hours for Rin as she felt Sesshomaru blistering gaze across every inch of her naked form. As her eyes were closed, she could not see his reaction. Not that his reaction would ever be perceptible. But she could not help wondering, or more like worrying if Sesshomaru was pleased with what he saw.

A low, slow, menacing but all the more seductive growl emanated from the demon. Yup. He was more than pleased with what he saw. Or at least, that was how he sounded when he made the growl. Rin shuddered reflexively and her knees began to shake. She knew not, when her legs will give her away to the hard surface of the floor. Not that Sesshomaru would ever let her hit the ground.

Perhaps, Sesshomaru sensed the sudden weakness in Rin’s legs. Because, she felt herself being lifted from floor and carried by her mate. In a moment her skin came in contact with a soft bed on one side and Sesshomaru’s skin on the other side. Only then she had realized that Sesshomaru was completely bare as well.

“I presume, you have readied yourself for all chastisements I have decreed for you” Sesshomaru threatened Rin in a husky tone that which he knew too well, will stab lightning down her spine.

“*Gasp*Lord Sesshomaru! Why do you always make your affectionate acts sound like a punishment?!” Rin complained.

“Because only you have had the audacity to rupture my undaunted façade; make me feel the way I had sworn never to feel in my demon life…...” Sesshomaru made a counter-complaint.

Rin only ringled at his heavy charges at her.


But her ringling ceased with a gasp as his hands, lips and tongue started to commit most appropriate acts befitting the wedding night, against all the most inappropriate regions in Rin’s feeble figure.

Sesshomaru could see Rin’s face contorted and her delicate body quivering in the pleasure of love-making. Rin’s constant moans and groans only fueled his carnal instincts, not to mention the effect of her invariable utterances of his name. He had no idea till then, that communicating his love to his mate would be so delightful.

“mm….Ngh-*GROAN*” a groan of pleasure inadvertently slipped Sesshomaru’s lips, when his thought flows got him disarmed, unbeknownst to himself. But he had not regretted it as much as he would have. He had already sensed the deliberate departure of his sanity from him. Surprisingly, he did not seem to mind. At least, not tonight….Not now….

Sesshomaru managed to spot Rin’s weaknesses. How would he miss exploiting them to his best advantage? Rin began to realize how adverse the consequences of mating with a demon will be for a human girl, such as her.

“*MOANS* NO! LORD!! Why do you-AHHH!!!-Why do you torture me like this!?!” Rin protested which sounded more like an encouragement to Sesshomaru.

Smirking in his mind, Sesshomaru only went on with his play at an increased pace.

*GASP* Rin gasped and gently slapped his arm in protest as well as support.

Sesshomaru paused abruptly.

She immediately regretted her act. Out of anxiety, her teeth bit the forefinger of the hand that just slapped his arm.

“I’m sorry” Rin squeaked out weakly.

“I had expected better from you Rin. Not such a simple act of objection” Sesshomaru reprimanded her indirectly approving of her act of slap. Rin smiled with gratitude. How considerate her husband was with her! She mentally resolved to express her gratitude by observing maximum co-operation during their intercourse.

Then Sesshomaru resumed his torturous acts aiming to beat Rin’s state of consciousness off the track. It worked. Several moments passed.


Rin groaned in protest.

Sesshomaru quickly withdrew and filled a space of distance between them.

It was Rin who growled this time. But it was a growl of frustration. Sesshomaru could not help the tiniest smirk that tugged at his lips at how the human has transformed into a demon overnight. And it was all for him and because of him. His chest puffed up with pride.

“LORD!!” Rin snarled, partly commanding, partly begging, as she grabbed his shoulders with both of her hands.

“No” Sesshomaru stated as he tactfully hid the amusement from tainting his cold tone.

“*GROAN* Not again!” Rin whined.

“……..” If Sesshomaru was of that type, he would have chuckled.

“Now what!?” Rin inquired, having lost her patience.

“Another punishment” Sesshomaru uttered coolly.

“Ugh!....” Rin sighed with aversion. Then she went on with a soft tone, “I know that, lord Sesshomaru…. But for what am I being subjected to this persecution!?”

Good question…. Sesshomaru paused for a second before answering.

“This punishment is a summation for all the offences you have committed so far” Sesshomaru gave his verdict.

But don’t ask him what those offences were, because he himself doesn’t know the answer to the question.

How cruel! Rin thought.

“Ah! I give up!!” Rin plopped on her bed in frustration. Neither her mind nor her body was in a state that would permit her to defend herself against her mate’s charges, at the moment of complete exhaustion.

Sesshomaru stifled the smirk of satisfaction as he proceeded with what he had just ceased to do with Rin, bestowing her with a new form of torture.

Rin started squealing her pleasure out, in her half-conscious state, as if seeking her beloved lord for shelter. Sesshomaru’s protective instincts awoke and blended with his carnal instincts. He hastened to cover her mouth with her, gulping down the wails of delight, his mate’s mouth released. His lips, tongue and fangs took turns in pacifying her. It worked. How protective he is, even at the moment of ecstasy! But look at the irony. During love-making, the dog demon is both the villain AND the hero to the human girl!

“*GROAN* Is that *PANTING* all, milord?” she asked in a dazed state as she struggled to breathe.

For a moment, Sesshomaru wondered whether she was referring to his ministrations. Then his common sense reasoned that she was never pointing out his current actions as “is that all” for he has already set Rin’s body on fire by now. She could not possibly be asking for more…at least not now…. She was actually asking about his explanation.

Sesshomaru was in no mood to answer; he was in no mood talk at all. His senses and sanity had already drowned in the ocean of pleasure. But he could not help his impulse to respond to his Rin.

“No*PANTING* Only you have made me protective of you; made me fall for you *GRUNT* made me obsessed about you; made me *GROAN* made me crave for your love; lust for your *PANTING* your body; made me *GRUNT**MOANS* made me make all these mystical resonations….” Sesshomaru stated in a voice which became raspy during love-making. Even a strong demon such as him has lost his breathe in the process. No word can describe the state of bliss he was experiencing at the moment. How would such physical intimacy with his Rin fail to bestow contentment and delight to his body and soul?

Even with the intoxicated state of mind, Rin managed to drink in his words and make some sense out of it; she was even able to spill a small ringle at his continuous complaints.

“*PANTING* As if it was only *GASP* only I, who is responsible for *MOANS* Oh Lord Sesshomaru!!” Rin lost trace of her thoughts as her mind was too busy processing Sesshomaru’s love-making to her.

Sesshomaru was smirked a small smirk at the weakness he has caused in her. Yes. He wanted to drive the sanity out of her…. like how she drove his sanity out of him….

“*PANTING* Yes…. Only you are responsible! And *GRUNT* naturally, you must face the consequences *GROANS*”

Silence filled the room. Except for the sounds of moans, groans and panting the couple was emitting during their love-making.
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