Landlord of the West

Chapter 3

Rin’s eyes widened. She suppressed the gasp that threatened to erupt. She nodded shyly.

“Um-well-…..” What am I saying??? Why in the world am I stuttering like this? Sesshomaru was raking his mind.


Rin stiffened at the Owl’s hoot. She said, “Is it…. urgent, Milord?”

Before thinking Sesshomaru nodded immediately; then he slowly shook his head; contradictory reactions.

Rin was totally confused. She quickly faced downwards to hide her smile from him. But she didn’t hide it well enough to escape Sesshomaru’s keen eyesight.

What. am. I. doing? Sesshomaru was desperate. Sesshomaru thought out her words after committing the irrelevant actions. She must be feeling, it’s too late to discuss anything and that she may oblige tomorrow.

Sesshomaru was too impatient for tomorrow.

“Let me make it short-”

Rin swiftly looked up; her eyes shining eagerly.

Sesshomaru paused to admire those eyes. How do they sparkle so much, even in the dark?


Sesshomaru snapped out of his trance at her blink, expressing confusion.

It is because of those eyes. He tore away his eyes from hers, diverted them above her head and began, “What I was about to say-”

“Mmhmm?” sounded a sweet eager voice.

Sesshomaru eyes fell on hers automatically.

Eyes gleaming; eyebrows raised in anticipation; smiling glossy lips; smooth cheeks that promised softness upon touch; long smooth and silky dark hair that danced in line with the rhythmic breeze; what were most striking were the kindness and warmth that her eyes and smile emanated. Sesshomaru was indeed captivated, unbeknownst to himself.

“………that I forgot” he mumbled unconsciously, without realizing that he was voicing out his thoughts.

Rin immediately shut her mouth with her hand, which was close to erupt with fits of ringles. (A/N:- Ringle means Rin's giggling)

*INHALE-EXHALE* Rin took a deep breathe and let it out.

“It’s okay, Milord! You may tell me once you recollect”, with that she swiftly bowed, turned, walked for few moments, then started running towards her own quarters.

From the moment he mumbled such foolish words till several moments after her disappearance, Sesshomaru was standing such that anyone man or animal would have mistook him for a statue part of the garden.

He couldn’t move himself as embarrassment overwhelmed his body. He was wrong again. Only THIS was the MOST EMBARRASSING moment of his life!!!

He wanted to tear himself apart for his absurdity. He was so shocked at himself. He was never like this before. NEVER EVER EVER!

He became even more insomniac than before he went to the garden. He was half-asleep only for a while. He slipped in and out of consciousness. The episodes of the whole day with Rin kept playing in mind when conscious. Even during those little moments of sleep those episodes re-ran.

Grrrr! What has become of me?! Sesshomaru sat up on his bed.


Sesshomaru’s eyebrows knitted together. Then he shook his head. Light inside the room. Birds chirped. It’s morning already? “Come in”

Jaken entered the room with a worried look on his face.

“Lord Sesshomaru. Please forgive this fool to bother you, but it is time, Milord” Jaken said, which meant that it was way past time to get up.

Sesshomaru swiftly sprang from the bed and got ready in an instant.

Jaken gulped.

Sesshomaru noticed and then explained what happened between him and Kenji.

“Whew! ….And I had almost thought we won’t make it, Milord! That girl is clever and able! It is not a surprise that she is Master Kenji’s ‘best advisor’ ”

Sesshomaru’s silence was an agreement to the statement by itself. Jaken knew it.

“It seems as though she has not revealed anything about what happened earlier yesterday, to her father”

Silence. i.e. agreement.

The documents were produced. Both parties affirmed and sealed. Successful mission. Till then there was no Rin to be found. Sesshomaru tried to hide his disappointment from himself, but in vain.

“Lord Sesshomaru. I request you to stay here for a few more days…. If your time permits” Kenji said.

Sesshomaru pondered. The first thing that came to his mind was obviously Rin. He wouldn’t really mind staying back, as long as she was there. But he would never admit it. It would seem too selfish to stay till the intended task is done and leave right way by declining their request. I must accept for the sake of the demons of this Village. His intelligent mind conceived a diplomatic excuse to accept the request to stay. Truthfully, he had never cared about seeming selfish with anyone, up until now. Besides, I haven’t yet thanked her and apologized to her. Truthfully, this was the first and foremost reason to stay.

“Very well then. We shall stay…. For two days” Sesshomaru said.

Kenji and Jaken were surprised at Sesshomaru’s assent. Normally he never does that. Which must mean, he is acting abnormal….. I shall investigate and unearth the truth Jaken pondered.

“Thank you, Milord”, Kenji said and gave instructions to his servants.

They headed to the dining hall for breakfast.

All men took their respective seats. Moments passed. Food was served. Sesshomaru grew impatient. His eyes wandered about the hall; ears eager for the familiar sound; any sound!

Jaken noted this and asked, “Master Kenji, where is your clever daughter?”

Sesshomaru was sipping the soup nonchalantly but his ears were keenly upon Kenji’s mouth.

“Oh! She’s on a visit. She left early morning to a close friend’s Village-”

Sesshomaru’s breathe hitched; consequently the soup entered his nostrils and he began coughing.

“Drink water, Milord” the surprised Jaken gave a stupid statement.

Sesshomaru momentarily glared at Jaken which meant As if I do not know!

Jaken gulped. He mentally shook it off and came to the main part. When will she be back? Jaken knew Sesshomaru wanted to know; but he also knew he would never ask. That left with himself. So how will Jaken ask such a sensitive question without invoking suspicion?

To Jaken’s relief, Kenji went on by himself “as I was saying, she’s away…… she’ll be back in two days”

Sesshomaru glanced at Kenji.

“…..Or a day longer” Kenji added.

For some unknown reason Sesshomaru felt betrayed. She’ll be back only when or after he leaves. He gritted his teeth in anger.

Jaken noted that his master was maddened at the news. But he had no idea why or how to rectify the situation.

Sesshomaru quickly finished his breakfast and was followed by his companions.

What am I doing here? Sesshomaru asked himself, as he conveniently forgot the political excuse to stay. Does she really have to visit her friend NOW? Of all other days in the year?

*THUD-THUD-THUD-THUD* (A/N: sound of footsteps)

“Father, I’m back!”, Rin came and held her father’s hands. She stole a glance at Sesshomaru who was looking at her in perplexity. His face was still stoic. Even that was enough for the girl to blush.

Rin bowed to Sesshomaru and Jaken and greeted them. They both nodded. But Sesshomaru fixed his gaze on her.

Jaken noted the twosome. He inwardly cackled. Hoo-hoo-hoo! (A/N: it was Jaken’s laughter) So my Master has an eye for this girl, is it? And this girl’s response is also positive! Personally Jaken being a demon himself, does not encourage demon-human relationship, as humans belong to the inferior class. But Sesshomaru despises female, be it demoness or human. So if he takes the slightest interest in a female, irrespective of the class she belongs to, Jaken better persuade his master.

“Why have you returned, sweetheart?”

In anyone else’s case, Sesshomaru would have scoffed at the word ‘sweetheart’.

“The trip is cancelled”

“Whew! And I had thought that I had to miss you for two whole days!”, Kenji was relieved.

Jaken was relieved even more than Sesshomaru as the former was anxious about calming down the latter’s anger, which was possible only with the girl’s presence.

“But why?”, Kenji voiced the curiosity of Sesshomaru and Jaken.

“Kohaku said that he’s on an urgent trip which spans for a week or ten days. So he sent a messenger to inform me, who caught us, on the way”

‘Kohaku’? A boy….. as a ‘close’ friend? Sesshomaru was shocked. He presumed it to be a girl to be a ‘close’ friend for Rin. A girl going out of her way to visit a ‘close’ boy friend….. (A/N. here a friend who is a boy) Sesshomaru felt uneasy.

Jaken saw his Master’s stoic face, but still managed to read his disappointment. He slightly shivered.

“So what? You can visit him in two weeks!” Kenji encouraged. This encouragement invoked Sesshomaru’s suspicion.

“That’s what he said in his message” Rin said.

So she’s going in two weeks, if not now. Sesshomaru’s fists clenched momentarily. Face hardened. Lips in straight line. Those who are used to him for years, like Jaken, would notice that they are sullen. The loyal servant also noted Sesshomaru’s sigh.

Now Jaken was really shivering. He barely knew her for a day, and he’s already possessive! Jaken was taken aback.

Later that day, Sesshomaru entered the garden.

So this is where I got brutally embarrassed, I see. He was standing near the same tree when he faced Rin last night. As last night’s events replayed in his mind, his eyes were shut and one of his hands covered his nose and mouth; his cheeks pinked.

“Greetings, Milord!”

He swiftly turned to meet the big brown eyes. His cheeks still tainted pink.

“Oh! I’m sorry, Milord! Did I startle you?”

Sesshomaru scoffed and mumbled under his breathe “Startling this Sesshomaru?....” But truthfully he was a bit startled. His cheeks still betrayed the pink stains.

He then recovered his composure. But Rin was blushing the whole time. She actually came to show him her presence, so it will remind him to recollect what had he failed to remember.

This time I will not fail (A/N:- which means he has unconsciously admitted his defeat in the previous time)

“..….. about what I had said last night-”

“Do you remember it now, Lord Sesshomaru?” Rin’s eagerness got the better of her intellect and the words slipped right through her wet tongue. She immediately cursed herself for embarrassing him again.

Sesshomaru fought hard from blushing, but in vain. He quickly turned around for two reasons:- 1) hide his blushing face, 2) to avoid her mesmerizing eyes.

“Thank you….. the Negotiation is successful……”

“Oh that! Please do not mention it, Milord”

“…………..and for adding the new clause………”

Rin looked up confused.

Sesshomaru glanced at her from the farthest corner of his sharp eyes.

“……….. it will be favorable for my community…..”

“It is mutually beneficial, Milord. So there is no need to thank me”, Rin said with her usual smile.

Accept it, girl! It is not often that I thank anyone Sesshomaru mused.

And as if she read his mind, “But I’m honoured at your words, Lord Sesshomaru”

“………………..and one more thing”

Rin looked at Sesshomaru expectantly.

“I…… haven’t yet apologized…….. for yesterday’s mistake” Sesshomaru managed to choke out.

It means, I apologize TO YOU for the mistake I COMMITTED yesterday. I AM SORRY. (A/N:- the hidden and implied words are in bold, capitalized, italicized and underlined)

“………. There is no need to apologize, Milord. It was an unintended mistake, after all” Rin said cheerfully. She was content with his implied apologies.

Sesshomaru involuntarily turned around to witness a smile that was brighter than the sun above them.

“Have you not told anything about it to your father?” Sesshomaru asked without thinking.

“Of course, not!” she said promptly.

“Why not?” Sesshomaru was also prompt.

“…………it was not significant enough and……. I felt it might affect the negotiation process”

She’s cheerful; Kind-hearted; intelligent; empathizing. (and beautiful said his inner voice) All such traits in one place! Sesshomaru was taken aback. He was actually content that he ended up thanking and apologizing to a human girl like her.

Both their eyes were bolted together. While Sesshomaru was adoring her sparkling brown eyes, Rin was enjoying Sesshomaru’s glowing golden ones. Rin didn’t want to break away from such a beautiful pair of eyes – his golden orbs within perfectly figured eyelids; thick long eyelashes; the whole beauty summed up by the pink outline on the eyelids and the ideally shaped eyebrows above them…. Rin felt as if she’s getting hypnotized.

Sesshomaru slowly closed the distance between them.

Rin’s breathe hitched. She backed off till she was blocked by the tree behind.

Sesshomaru leaned forward. Their lips were only an inch apart.

Rin’s eyes were fast shut. Sesshomaru parted his lips by a centimeter.
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