Landlord of the West

Chapter 30

Mm….Huh…..?!.... Such brightness…!

Rin forced her eyes open to see what was so bright that woke her up. It was……sunlight…?

It’s morning already…?!

Rin sprang up on her bed. The blanket that was covering her bare torso piled up on her lap. Her eyes widened upon realization of the last night reality, she quickly covered her up wholly with the blanket. Memories of the previous night flashed in her head and she was blushing from head to toe. She wanted to crawl under the blanket and shut herself with the limits of that fabric.

Hey….where’s Lord Sesshomaru…?

Rin scanned her surroundings to find the primal cause of her present disoriented state.

“….Uh….Lord Sesshomaru…?” She called tentatively. No answer.

He left….?....Is it that late….?

It took few moments for Rin to comprehend that it was not exactly morning but somewhat…..early noon….

Had she slept that much…?!?!

Oh my goodness.…!! Rin leapt from her bed and hurried to get ready.

“Ouch..!” Rin’s joints were not very co-operative and she also felt drained out. Perhaps, due to the previous night’s physical and mental….exercise…?


Rin was amused at her own choice of words that she chuckled.

After taking a quick bath and getting ready, Rin exited her room…. in search of her lord, of course.

“Lady, Rin!”

Rin turned around to find a young, human maid beaming at her.

Rin smiled warmly at her.

“I am Yuri and I am your main-in-charge! Er…..Lord Sesshomaru has ordered me to provide you with brunch the moment you’re ready!”

‘Oh!” All Rin could do was exclaim an ‘Oh!’ and blush furiously. The term ‘brunch’ confirmed the fact that she was late.

“He said you must have it properly, no matter what” Yuri concluded in affirmative.

Rin’s head dropped and gaze touched the floor as she nodded her red face in agreement, “Alright…”

Rin never mistook Sesshomaru for leaving her behind, the morning after. She was sleeping like the dead, so he must have decided not to wake her up….especially after what happened between them, last night. Some important errand must have come up that he might have to leave her behind. Still he was considerate enough to arrange a maid to look after her requirements; to make sure that she is well fed.

Rin fought the urge to smile in front of Yuri. She wanted to see her lord more than anything at that moment. She gulped down the contents of her plate, which was carrying more than her small stomach can hold. But she forced herself to empty the plate, just because Sesshomaru has given specific instructions to eat ‘properly’.

The moment Yuri noticed that Rin was done with her breakfast, she held out a small, closed platter.

“Lord Sesshomaru wanted me to give you this, once you’re done” Yuri explained.

Yuri dismissed herself right after Rin received it.

Must be one of his instructions too.… Rin mused as she stared at the retreating maid.

Rin’s attention went to the small platter.

???..... What could it be…??? Rin was definitely curios. She opened it. There was a small folded note. Her curiosity became stronger, so she quickly took it out and unfolded it:

“In study”

It was Sesshomaru who wrote it, no doubt. The message is very short but is crystal-clear. Rin made a small ringle as her hand covered her mouth. The blushing girl tucked the tiny note under the fold of her obi.

Although Sesshomaru’s note was not exactly an invitation but only an information, Rin could not help herself from making her way to her destination. She was so happy that she wanted to hug the life out her husband.


“Enter” said a voice.

Rin slid the door open without deliberating about the voice or its owner and made her entrance by a few feet.

Actually….the assumption that Sesshomaru must be on an important errand should have struck her that it must involve an important person in her family. Well, Rin should have known that Sesshomaru might not be alone in the study but with Inu No Taisho.

“L-Lord Inu No Taisho!” Rin exclaimed…..then blushed…..then bowed.

The father and son were seated face to face. They were on some important discussion. That much was clear. Poor Sesshomaru’s back was facing the entrance, so he could not see his mate without consciously turning head around.

Inu No Taisho was not surprised at Rin’s interruption. In fact he was expecting her. He fought the urge to smirk at the sight of his daughter-in-law.

“Rin….” responded the great dog demon with a sharp but small nod off approval.

Rin gulped.

Sesshomaru, on the other hand, was having his gaze fixed on the scrolls from the moment Rin entered. He was not expecting her in the least, for he had assumed that she would have guessed that he would be with Inu father. So much for a very ‘short’ message for his sweet mate. The first thing he should have done is to mention in the message, the fact that he would be with his father. Anyhow, it was too late to regret. The hard-headed demon lord did not even glance at his mate and confirm his father that he was distracted by the interruption….or more like the ‘interrupter’.

Inu father was not satisfied with Sesshomaru’s stiff conduct.

“Uh-Rin….” Inu father started.

Still Sesshomaru did not glance at Rin. However his gaze unconsciously shifted to Inu father’s chest. All his senses were keen on what his father had to say to Rin.

“You…..” Inu father dragged.

Sesshomaru’s gaze flashed to Inu father’s face. His face was as serious Sesshomaru’s. But the young dog demon failed to infer that the older dog demon was dragging on purpose and was faking a grim visage.

Rin was standing uncertainly. On the inside she was agitated.

A short moment ticked away in grave silence.

“You are welcome to join us. You may be seated beside Sesshomaru” said Inu father, as if that was what he had to say at all.

Rin let out the breathe she had not known, she was holding and let her physique relax.

Sesshomaru snapped his head towards Rin as she said, ‘Yes, milord”

Rin caught Sesshomaru staring at her. She shyly dropped her gaze to the floor as she made her way towards them and sat next to Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru had to force his gaze elsewhere.

It was not very hard for someone as wise and discreet as Inu father to notice how flustered the couple was in his presence. Rin was both embarrassed and guilty that Inu father must have guessed that she has woken up late; that she has disrupted the father-son discussion. On the other hand, Sesshomaru was feeling embarrassed that Inu father has caught him staring at his mate few seconds ago.

“Our General will make sure that the soldiers are informed. I presume that our discussion ends here. I shall take my leave now….” uttered Inu father. He did not wait for the couple to respond, he immediately left, effectively hiding his smirk from Sesshomaru and Rin.

The couple was thankful for the privacy they so desperately needed.

Rin had her eyes fixed on her fingers knotted on her lap. She was blushing, no doubt. Sesshomaru was watching her from the corner of his eyes.

He boldly lifted his hand and held Rin’s. Rin snapped up and turned her head towards Sesshomaru. He was not looking at her but was staring at the emptiness in front of him.

“I trust, you had sufficient slumber” uttered Sesshomaru, which sounded gentler to Rin’s ears.

“Huh…?” Rin started from her trance and smiled a warm smile at her lord, “Yes, Lord Sesshomaru….”

Few seconds passed in awkward silence. Sesshomaru was still holding Rin’s hand, though.

“Er….I must apologize for departing without prior notice. I had not intended to. The criticality of the issue which was required to be attended to was such that I had to….” Sesshomaru paused not knowing how to make his apologize sound convincing.

Is he apologizing…? Rin was stunned at how thoughtful her husband has become.

She made a bright smile before she answered, “You don’t have to apologize, milord. I am neither angry nor disappointed in the least. In fact, I had deduced that a significant task must have called upon your attention. Besides, I do not dispute over such petty issues”

It was Sesshomaru’s turn to be stunned. He swiftly turned his head to see his lovely mate. Rin was so considerate that he even began doubting whether he deserved such luxury.

“Hn” was all he said before he pulled his mate for a long, warm embrace.

As for the mission of developing a convivial association between demons and humans, so far, the schemes that were implemented for the mission were taking effect gradually at a steady pace. Now, the weddings of the house of the Western Lords have augmented it, due to obvious reasons. Since the house of the great dog demons is now conquered by the human brides, the humans’ confidence in the Lords of the West has been reinforced. On the other hand, the demons were induced to co-operate with humans, now that they are ruled by demon and half-demon lords and human ladies. Also, the fact that Sesshomaru had killed his own uncle because he had threatened to kill his human girl and that he had plotted to destroy human-demon liaison, served as an evidence as to how much the dog demon treasured the life his human lover and how much he had valued the human-demon liaison. The humans and demons have begun to understand that designs of the Lords of the west are bona fide and are always in the best interest of both the communities alike, giving no special treatment to any particular race.

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