Landlord of the West


For some anomalous reason, the palace of the Western Lords is currently plagued with internal feuds and disputes. All these years, the Inu brothers competed with each other in order to prove their might in strength and power. Inu father had hoped that someday, their respective mates will come and change them for the better. But his hopes only met its end. Now, the brothers are competing as to whose mate is better and superior.

Sesshomaru boasted about Rin’s good cooking which was better than Kagome. Inuyasha bragged about Kagome’s house-keeping skills, her ability to drive the servants to keep the palace up. Sesshomaru was proud about Rin’s beautiful voice and ability to sing beautifully. Inuyasha was pompous about Kagome’s expertise in archery. The competition was cut-throat. If Rin surpassed Kagome on one region, Kagome surpassed Rin on another.

Inu father let out a sigh finally admitted defeat. Those boys are incorrigible! He reprimanded inwardly.

The brothers were battling for petty issues too often that Inu father and Inu wives began ignoring them and were on with their routine.

One day, the brother were battling over whose mate had the most artistic sense. But don’t ask them how their physical battling is connected in any way, in proving their respective mates’ artistic sense.

Sesshomaru had Inuyasha pinned to the ground. Sesshomaru was about to scorch Inuyasha’s face with his poison claws but his concentration was interrupted by the giggling sounds from the garden. Not just any giggling but those of the respective wives of the Inu brothers.

The brothers gave in to their overpowering curiosity, paused their battling and sought the sources of the giggles.

Rin and Kagome were in their gardening kimono; they were down on their knees as they tended to a new plant together. Rin was setting the young plant into the earth and Kagome was covering the roots up with soil. In front of them was Inu father, standing with his hands on his hips and his attention was focused on the new plant. He was giving instructions to his daughters-in-law on gardening. Jaken was also there, who was painfully carrying a pail of water and pouring it on the soil in order to tend to the plant.

“*chuckles* I’d never thought gardening can be so much fun!” Kagome said excitedly.

Rin beamed up in response and said, “Oh, yes it is! I have always done it back at home!”

“*panting- panting- panting*” the only response, the prespiring Jaken could muster at the moment.

“It is indeed a healthy practice. It will not only revive your senses, but will also rejuvenate your body. Horticulture is an art. Nurturing different species of plant, has different impact in your environment…..(and so on and so on...)”

Inu father went on with his lecture on Horticulture while the daughters-in-law and a goggling servant toad were listening attentively. If only there were papyrus and quill at hand, Jaken would have taken notes!

*BLINK* The Inu brothers blinked in tandem.

They had finally realized how futile their battling had been, whenever they were fighting over the superiority of their respective mates. Having these girls celebrating close friendship with each other and completely oblivious to the quarrels of the Inu brothers about the Inu wives’ superiority, there is really no point in fighting, is there…?

On the other hand, Inu father seemed to have gotten along with Rin and Kagome very well. It was obvious to the Inu brothers and the servants at the palace that Inu father has grown fond of his daughters-in-law. He seemed closer to these girls than to those boys. Perhaps, Inu father would have made an ideal father for daughters rather than sons!

“Izayoi! Oh Izayoi! Please forgive me!” Inu father who was down on his knees, pleaded like never before.

“Dearest! There is nothing for you to apologize” the beautiful Izayoi consoled her mate in her sweetest tone.

“I love you, Izayoi…. I always have and I will continue to….” Inu father declared in a soft voice, he never thought he had possessed before.

“I have always known that, my love…. From your actions, if not from your words…..” Izayoi uttered the golden words.

“…….” Inu father’s breathe got caught at how understanding she was.

“I beg of you to cease your resentment as there is nothing to resent for. Those in love may die…. But love never dies” Izayoi said as the images of SesshomaruXRin and InuyashaXKagome together, faintly appeared before Inu father’s eyes.

Izayoi pointed to those images as she went on, “We have loved each other more than our own lives. Now, our love is surviving in the form of our children and their mates.”

Inu father mentally nodded in contentment, having his gaze fixed on the images of his now happy sons and daughters-in-law.

“I may not be by your side physically….But my spirit always lingers around you and our family….” Izayoi uttered in a gentle tone which caressed Inu father like a feather.

Inu father turned his attention to his deceased mate, as warmth spurred from his chest and spread across his body.

“I love you my dearest….! As how you love me…..FAREWELL!” Izayoi pronounced as her image faded away.

“IZAYOI!” Inu father snapped open his eyes, in his dark chamber. It was past midnight….way past his slumber time.

It was all a dream after all.

It might be just a dream, but somehow, Inu father knew that it was as good as reality. The feeling of resentment and regret he was docking within himself all these years finally heaved out. He felt relieved than never before.

He was thrilled at the new feeling of relief that he had lost his sleep. He exited his quarters to have a walk around his palace.

It was only during the week that he was at the peak of joy at the news of the ensuing Heir of the West, who is dwelling in Rin’s womb. Yes. Rin was carrying Sesshomaru’s pup; Inu father’s grandpup; Inuyasha’s neice/ nephew; the Heir of the West.

A queer but all the more remarkable scene caught Inu father’s attention. Way up in the balcony of the Eastern wing of the palace, supposedly the quarters of Sesshomaru and Rin, were the couple sitting, wide awake.

Rin was comfortably seated on Sesshomaru’s lap, Rin all cuddled up into Sesshomaru’s strong form, as demon lord had his arms wrapped around her. Rin was wearing a soft, sweet smile of satisfaction. Sesshomaru head was tilted in such a way that his right cheek was resting on top of Rin’s head. The white, fluffy, mokomoko of Sesshomaru was wrapped around her, giving Rin extra warmth from the cold. It was clear as crystal that the dog demon was pampering his mate like a new-born baby.

How could Inu father suppress the small smile of gratification that spread across his lips at the adorable sight?

Sesshomaru’s face although stoic as ever, seemed too soft and gentle to the well-trained eyes of Inu father. Sesshomaru’s lips were muttering something to Rin, to which the girl made a bigger, brighter smile, not to mention her blushing. Inu father could not hear a thing but he could have sworn that Sesshomaru was muttering few words of endearments to Rin, whatever those words were.

Inu father should have walked away, in an attempt to give them the privacy they deserved, but Rin’s actions got him too curious to move a muscle away from the spot.

Rin craned her head upwards to look at her mate’s face. Sesshomaru understood the cue without any verbal request from her. He looked down at her, as she wanted. She lifted her hand to his forehead. Sesshomaru only leaned an inch forward with eagerness. Her thumb traced the cool blue crescent moon on his forehead. Then Rin turned her hand towards the sky, having her thumb held out pointing at the huge, white, bright crescent moon.

Inu father squinted his eyes to get a better view of what Rin was about to do.

Rin traced the white crescent moon of the night sky, with the same thumb in the air. Sesshomaru observed this all with great interest.

Then Rin’s face immediately scowled at the crescent moon in the sky; eyebrows knitted together; lips pouted; in other words, her face was clearly expressing disapproval.

Rin brought her thumb again to Sesshomaru’s crescent moon, then to the sky’s crescent moon. She shook the thumb, with eyes winking, nose scrunching, head shaking at the sky’s moon. Sesshomaru raised his eyebrows by few millimeters, as he comprehended the meaning of his mate’s wordless play.

Interpretation to Rin’s actions: Without having to utter a word, Rin had vividly expressed that the sky’s white crescent moon is no match to her Lord’s blue crescent moon, for crescent moon of her Lord was for more brilliant and magnificent.

Rin ringled at Sesshomaru’s broken stoic mask. Well, he had raise his eyebrows visibly, expressing his surprise and delight, had he not?

Sesshomaru smiled!!! It was only a 3 millimetre upward twitch of lips though. But that was more than enough to excite Rin.

Inu father covered his widened smile with his index and middle fingers as his own thumb held his chin.

This girl….!! No wonder she is the perfect match for my son….! Inu father thought proudly. On the other hand, he could actually see himself and Izayoi, in place of Sesshomaru and Rin. After all, Sesshomaru is so much like himself, while Rin is so much like Izayoi in both looks and character.

Sesshomaru’s clawed hand sought Rin’s jawline; his lips sought hers.

Inu father knew that it was high time he gave the couple the privacy they deserved. He returned towards chambers with satisfaction and sleepiness.

Our Sesshomaru then carried Rin to his own chambers with her mouth in his….
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