Landlord of the West

Chapter 5

Kenji had come to check upon his wife and daughter.


Even Kenji was able to understand Sesshomaru’s silence, he went on, “Ten years ago, when we were travelling to a nearby village, we were attacked by stray demons on the way. In attempting to save Rin, Misao received a wretched demon’s blow. It was a serious head injury……. Thank God, she survived!.... But her nervous system got impaired….”, Kenji sighed, “Her right arm and legs are entirely disabled; her head shakes constantly……”, Kenji swallowed the pain, “she became mute”

“………….”Such a misfortune for this girl…. Sesshomaru had never anticipated such a history behind the sparkling eyes and sunshine smile. Wife of the village head, attacked by demons…. No wonder humans and demons of this village suffer a sour association.

“Rin blamed herself for the tragedy. She took the responsibility of taking care of her mother since then….. She never left Misao’s side. Even yesterday she fed her mother and had herself fed privately….. She rarely leaves her and goes on a visit, for few days. She’ll be back with Misao right away….”

“…………” So that’s why she didn’t show up yesterday… Sesshomaru couldn’t help the feeling of relief that washed over his mind when he realized that she was not actually avoiding him. He glanced at the girl who was tucking her mother’s sleeping form in with a fresh blanket.

Kenji had so much agony inside him, that when he opened up a little to Sesshomaru, he couldn’t stop himself from pouring it all out. “I….. I had planned to marry her off when she was fifteen….. But she insisted that she’d never leave her mother behind and refused”

From childhood Sesshomaru was deprived of a mother’s care. And here is a girl who is taking care of her mother, instead of being taken care of, from eight till now and intends to continue in future. She has even refused to marry for this.

Even demons are not capable of displaying such affections.Sesshomaru’s opinion about humans elevated. Despite ALL this, she smiles as though she’s the happiest girl on Earth….

“Father…..”, Rin saw Sesshomaru and stifled a gasp, “Lord Sesshomaru”. She bowed in respect. Involuntarily, Sesshomaru’s frame lightly tilted forward while giving a nod, as if he began to bow.

“Master Kenji”, a servant just entered.

As if he understood the prompt, Kenji nodded, “I will join you in a while, Lord Sesshomaru”. With that he followed the servant.

Sesshomaru was walking slowly, to let Rin catch up. Silence for few moments.

“Can you not have the servants take care of her?” in your stead…. Sesshomaru couldn’t really find the difference.

Prompt reply: “No, Milord. No servant can take care of a mother as how a daughter can. If she’s cared of by servants....”, Rin went on as her voice trembled and broke, “…..I am sure she would not have survived a decade after the misfortune. It is MY love and care that keeps her breathing. She desires to live only for this. I cannot deny her those”

Such deep love! “How do you know? She cannot talk”

Rin chucked instantly at that. Sesshomaru looked at her in confusion.

“Oh! I’m sorry if I offended you, milord. I didn’t mean to…… There are many things which do not require verbal communication…… say for example, ‘LOVE’ ”


“She cannot speak only by words of mouth. But her Eyes, smile, facial expressions and body language speak volumes…. Even those that cannot be expressed verbally”


“She wants me to be with her…. desperately…. I am certain that she’ll be devastated without me….. Besides, the joy and satisfaction I get by expressing my love for her and serving her are those which I can never get elsewhere” Rin said in a low voice.

“……………” It was the first time Sesshomaru even saw and heard of an intense love, such as that. All these were new to him.

“You must hate demons for this” Sesshomaru said as if it was a fact. But it was actually a question, and he was a bit anxious to know the answer.

“huh?!...... No, milord….. I cannot misjudge the whole of demon community, just because they….”, Rin swallowed hard, “just for this”

Sesshomaru looked at Rin in surprise. His face revealed nothing though.

“…….not all demons are bad… like how not all humans good….. good or bad depends not on the class they belong to, but only on the individual”

“………..”, Sesshomaru’s eyes widened, for a moment.

Rin got curious with Sesshomaru’s silence, that she turned her head towards him, only to be met with a pair of admiring molten gold eyes. Rin’s breathe hitched. She blushed, dropping her gaze to the floor.

“Lord Sesshomaru! Lady Rin!”, Jaken entered the scene. Rin bowed, “Master Jaken”

Jaken glanced at Sesshomaru, then began, “You have been busy for a while, I deduce, lady Rin. Will you be joining us for lunch?”. Jaken did his best not to make it sound as a request.

“Er……. N-”

Sesshomaru noted Rin’s hesitation and rushed, “Uh-Jaken, we will be leaving by evening. Prepare yourself”

The cue was not for Jaken but for Rin. Both understood it very clearly.

“Yes I will!” she said as she smiled brightly.

Sesshomaru caught that she recovered from the gloom. Or is she pretending to…?

Lunch time came. All were seated. Jaken was relieved only after Rin came. He won’t be affected by his master’s aura of anger, at least for a while.

Sesshomaru noted that Rin was cheerful as always. Sesshomaru inwardly enjoyed the melodious ringles of Rin. He couldn’t help himself from it, because they were energetic, sincere and pure. It was as if, the place where she is, is being purified and energized with her smiles and ringles.

After lunch, Kenji asked, “You will be leaving by late evening, is it, Lord Sesshomaru?”


“You might as well have dinner here before leaving, rather than having any on the way” Kenji suggested.

“No need-” “YES!”. Simultaneously, Sesshomaru declined while Jaken eagerly agreed.

Sesshomaru shot a scorching glare at Jaken who was trembling, “N-n-n-no! I actually meant to say ‘no need, thank you’. Sorry, Master Kenji!”

Rin smiled, stifling a ringle, while Kenji chuckled. “Seems like Master Jaken enjoys our food” said Kenji.

Sesshomaru knew he was cornered. He let out an irritated sigh and said with his indifferent face, “fine”.

Dinner had Rin. So it went well.

Sesshomaru went to his room to fetch his parchment. Then it caught him. Her picture gift. He studied it, as if it was the first time he saw it. It was the same picture. But it looked a bit different to him. He hadn’t known that his perception of the dog and the teen girl….. or more like of himself and Rin…… has changed……

He took the picture with him as he left. He found Rin waiting for him alone, in the corridor. He stood in front of her silently. She was smiling.

“Have a good journey, milord. Please visit again, soon” she said.

Sesshomaru nodded. Rin noticed that his eyes were smiling at her.

As he departed he saw Rin waving at him. He only looked at her but did not respond. But she didn’t seem to mind that. He somewhat felt uneasy inside. Sesshomaru heaved a sigh to relieve that odd feeling. Poor guy hadn’t realized that it was pain of parting with her. But Jaken had.

Her words kept echoing in his mind, on his way back to his palace.

“…….not all demons are bad… like how not all humans good….. good or bad depends not on the class they belong to, but only on the individual”


And Sesshomaru despised his father just because he mated with a human. To sum up that hatred, the half-breed Inuyasha was born. Such disgrace to the demon community! He had thought that it was solely desire that took over the Inu father to mate with a human. Sesshomaru scorned that such a superior demon lord like his father was not even able to control his carnal cravings. That was the main reason why he hated women and why he swore never to follow his father’s footsteps and yearn for any female. The women entice the males and make them do anything they want. Such selfish, deceitful creatures! Sesshomaru cursed.

But after meeting Rin, all his pre-conceived notions went for a toss. It was as if, she had done nothing but disproving all his theories.

Sesshomaru never experienced a mother’s love; or any woman’s love for that matter. Therefore he never knew how vital a woman’s love is for a male.

Perhaps, my father’s human mate, Izayoi, was like Rin…. If that be the case, Sesshomaru felt that it was not so surprising for his father to mate with Izayoi. His father always had a soft-spot for humans. He once told Sesshomaru, “Never underestimate the humans, my son. They may be physically weaker than us, but their strength at heart is beyond ours”. Sesshomaru scoffed at that. He didn’t believe one word of it then.

But now…… Whether all others humans are so or not, at least Rin seemed to fit what his father had said. He began to comprehend his father a little, no matter how much he hated to admit it.

He entered his palace. His legs automatically went to his father’s study.

“Father, I have returned”

Inu father looked at him, surprise clear in his eyes.

Sesshomaru ignored and went on, “the negotiation was successful... But a clause is added to the agreement, as they requested. I felt it was mutually beneficial. So I agreed”

Then Sesshomaru began elaborating on added clause, the reason why they had requested and the reason why he had agreed.

Inu father seemed to be impressed, “Wise decision-making. You did a fine job”

Sesshomaru stood as a stone for a couple of seconds. Then he left without answering.

What has gotten into this boy? He doesn’t seem like usual. He has definitely changed. I am sure of it….

Normally Sesshomaru never seeks his father upon return. Inu father will come to know of his return only from the servants and the father had to send for Sesshomaru and inquire him to know about the outcome of the son’s quests. Sesshomaru wouldn’t tell his father, unless being asked. This time, Sesshomaru came to his father by himself, right after return. He has informed him of his return; of the outcome of his quest; even the elaborations of the new terms; all without having the father ask him.

“Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Inu No Taisho has captured a powerful demon peacock and demon peahen yesterday and has brought them to the palace! They look magnificent, milord!” Jaken said, being filled with thrill and excitement.

Powerful, you say… Sesshomaru mused. “Where are they?”

“This way” Jaken said as he guided his master.

They went to that part of palace where pets were maintained. The place was full of greenery, to suit the pets. Inu father was standing there in front of those demons he had caught, with his hands held behind him.

Sesshomaru came and stood beside the father. They look powerful indeed…. and magnificent as Jaken said. His eyes were drawn to the peahen’s. They looked familiar….. too familiar to ignore…. Rin’s brown eyes….

“We should name them, Milord!” Jaken told Inu father animatedly.

“……. What name can we give them?” asked Inu father. He glanced at Sesshomaru. Something strange…. He turned his head to study Sesshomaru’s expressions. Face was as hard as rock, no doubt. But those eyes….. What usually seemed as cold amber seems to be hot molten gold now. His eyes are smiling…. at what?

The father followed Sesshomaru’s gaze to the peahen. What is so intriguing in a peahen? In fact, it is the peacock which is more powerful and looks so eye-catching, than-

“Rin” Sesshomaru said unconsciously.

Inu father’s eyebrows slightly knitted together in confusion. Then those eyebrows were raised, when he saw slightest pink on his son’s cheek. It immediately vanished though. Did…. did he just blush!?

Inu father and Jaken stared at Sesshomaru who stood like statue. Then both (Inu father and Jaken) looked at each other in tandem. Inu father’s eyes seemed to have a mischievous glint. Jaken gulped nervously.

“You….. wish to name the peahen, ‘Rin’, is it?”, Inu father said.

“………….” From the moment he uttered her name, Sesshomaru was regretting and cursing himself for voicing out his thoughts so carelessly.

“Fine…. Then so be it”


“What about the peacock? Shall I name him, ‘Sesshomaru’?” Inu father asked nonchalantly. It was obvious he was teasing him.

Sesshomaru glared and Jaken gaped at the Inu father. The momentary slight pink on Sesshomaru’s cheeks did not escape the father’s eyes. But he pretended as if he noticed nothing.

Sesshomaru “Huff”ed and left to avoid being asked any questions. Jaken also scurried after his Master for the same reason.

Inu father smirked mischievously.


Jaken flinched. He turned and bowed, “L-L-Lord Inu No Taisho!”

“Follow me”

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