Landlord of the West

Chapter 6

Jaken was afraid this day had to come. They entered the Inu father’s study.

Inu father sat and forced Jaken in doing the same.

“So Jaken…. Tell me about her”

“W-who, milord?”

“You know who. That girl, ‘Rin’ ”

“Huh?!?... well-duh-um…. I do not know-”

“I know you are lying. Tell me the truth”


“If you wish to live” Being a demon lord, he threatens sometimes. But he’d never really kill Jaken.

Jaken gulped. Then he told everything of what he knew from the moment Sesshomaru met Rin, till the moment they departed. Jaken also told about Rin’s mother and how Rin takes care of her. He got to know about it from the gossiping servants.

Jaken prostrated and touched the Inu father’s feet, “Please, Milord! Please do not let Lord Sesshomaru know that I disclosed all these. Else he’ll have me killed!”

“You have been truthful to me. I will not give you away. Do not fret”

“OH!!! Thank you very much, Lord Inu No Taisho! I am grateful for your generosity!”

Inu father nodded and said, “You may leave now”

“Yes, Milord” Jaken scampered away.

The Inu father smiled a very small smile of victory. So he has feelings for her, is it? Just as I thought!.... It’s about time he takes a mate….. But Sesshomaru’s one who doesn’t express emotions. He only suppresses them. How and when will he realize his feelings for her?.... The worst part is, the girl is human. Even if he happens to grasp those feelings he’ll only restrain them, for the sake of disproving my words, if not for the sake of demon community…. He’s too proud and arrogant to yield…. What shall I do?

……..His feelings are only at the budding stage…. they must flower and grow so big and overwhelming that he will have no other choice but to accept them…. Before she slips out of hand…..

Inu father paced up and down his study, lost in deep thoughts.

………………AND I HAVE A PLAN……..

Rin was gazing at the crescent moon.

“I gave you something, to remind you of me. And what did you give me? Nothing!” Rin said in a teasing tone; eyebrows knitted together; lips pouting; face scowling. Aw! Such a cute sight she was! Sesshomaru should have seen that.

Then her face softened and she smiled warmly. She asked in a low but a dreamy tone with a blush, “Is it because you’re always on my mind that you needn’t give me anything to remind me of you?”

She let out a sigh of defeat. She has feelings for him; she knows she has; she also admits that. But it’s hopeless. He’s a demon; a proud and arrogant one they say. They also say he despises women. He’ll never love and even if he does, he’ll never mate with one of inferior class…. Also, demonesses are really powerful…. very beautiful…. like Kagura…. Probably he’s engaged to that Kagura considering her status, power, beauty and already existing relationship and familiarity with Lord Sesshomaru…..

Rin snapped out of her thoughts when reality struck her. Even if Sesshomaru falls in love with her and offers to take her hand in marriage, she’ll only deny him. She cannot get married and leave her mother like that!

Rin felt tears wetting her face incessantly. She silently cried for while.

Then she splashed her face with water and made a resolution. To dump her feelings for Sesshomaru in garbage and get on with her life as before…..

The evening sky was golden. The huge orange ball called ‘sun’ was sparkling like a jem studded on the golden sky. Rin was sitting under a tree admiring the beautiful sight of Mother Nature.

“It’s breathtaking, isn’t it?”

“hmm”, Rin agreed unconsciously. Then she instantly turned to see who it was.

“*GASP*! Kohaku!”

A young man, around twenty or twenty one; A handsome face; tanned complexion; long black hair let down loosely; sturdy and manly frame; shoulders broad, unlike Sesshomaru. The man was smiling warmly at Rin, “How are you, Rin?”

Rin smiled big at the joy of seeing her close friend, all of a sudden, “I’m great! So how are you?”


As she prepared to get up she saw a hand held out in front of her. Kohaku’s.

She looked at the hand and then at him. He was still wearing that smile.

Her smile widened. She took his hand. When she was about to get up, he pulled her with a force. The couple broke into laughter at once. Without a word, Kohaku started running with Rin in his hand. Rin couldn’t help but run after him. They were blissfully laughing, as they were running. Then they reached the stream.

They stopped. Both were panting after the exercise; face reddened, “just (panting) just like (panting) the old days…..” Rin said, “when we were kids (panting)”

“(panting) yes (panting)”, kohaku said, “look”

Rin looked at the direction he was pointing to. The setting sun’s reflection on the water body has etched countless diamonds on the stream.

Rin gasped and breathed out, “It’s beautiful!”

“like you” PROMPT!

Rin blushed and looked at Kohaku, in surprise. He was blushing himself.

Rin didn’t know what to say. Then she thought of changing the topic, “Um…… oh yeah! Kohaku! How was the trip?”

“It went well, Rin.... except that….”, he paused. Rin’s eyebrows raised in confusion.

“…….except that, you were not with me” he said, as his cheeks coloured.

Rin’s breathe hitched. He tightened his hold on her hand. Rin placed her other hand on her chest, as if his gesture stirred odd feelings inside. Then he boldly lifted his other hand and caressed her cheek; Rin was staring at him wide-eyed. He was unmindful of that. He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips on hers. Rin was shocked beyond words. Rin couldn’t break away as his hand that held hers, slipped behind her back, while his other was holding the nape of her neck.

Rin shivered at the intimate contact. She placed her hand on his which was holding her nape, to break away. But the man only deepened his kiss. Rin seemed to be melting at the immense heat that her hands wrapped around his neck for support. The boy was so persistent, he wouldn’t break away that soon. Rin gave in to his domination and combed her fingers across his scalp, as if forcing down his lips on hers, not letting him cease the kiss. Having been encouraged by her gesture, Kohaku reluctantly withdrew and said, “Rin…..”

Rin took few moments to recover, “huh?!?”. She was still dazed out though.

“Will you marry me?”

Rin seemed astonished; but not as much as she should have.

Slowly her lips spread a smile; eyes sparkling; Kohaku returned the warm smile, which was full of delight.

Suddenly she pulled him forward for another kiss.

Sesshomaru instantly got up. He was sitting like a stone; crimson red eyes wide open; he didn’t even blink for several moments, after getting up from bed. It…..was just….. a dream? It seemed so real!........ Yes it was a dream. From the moment Rin was sitting under the tree till she pulled the boy for another…… Sesshomaru stopped thinking and tried hard to divert his mind. Sesshomaru couldn’t recall Kohaku’s face at all, after waking up, although he remembered Rin’s face.

Only then he realized that the time when Rin had planned to visit Kohaku’s place had already came. She will be going there any day….. or she may even be there by now….

Sesshomaru grew restless. The scenes of his dream or rather his nightmare, played in his mind. How could she!..... Sesshomaru’s mind roared although his common sense told him it was only a dream….

So what? His mind argued How could she do such a thing, even in dreams!

Sesshomaru paused and studied his line of thoughts. How absurd! He was infuriated with himself for entertaining such silly thoughts.

He got up from bed and went to the training quarters.

Even after returning to his palace from Rin’s village, Sesshomaru was never once able to drive Rin away from his mind. When alone, he was thinking of her consciously. When occupied in other activities, he ended up thinking about her sub-consciously. He started spending time in the training quarters, longer than usual. Being a lover of fights and battles, he was able to divert his mind from her to a reasonable extent. You only know her for few days! You have hardly been with her for a couple of days!.... these feelings…. These are only temporary. They will fleet very soon. You’ll get over her in no time…. were the consolations he gave himself.

Jaken, Inu father and even Inuyasha noticed the change in Sesshomaru’s activities. Jaken avoided Sesshomaru to the best extent possible, for he was in a sour mood the whole time. Inu father had his ‘plan’ at hand, which he could have implemented sooner. But he wanted Sesshomaru to go through this phase of frustration.

Sesshomaru was practicing his swordsmanship – his special moves, reflexes and techniques. He was satisfied with the outcome. He has greatly improved. He wanted to elevate to the next level, for which he needed to ask his father to teach him.

Sesshomaru inwardly smirked, yes! I will excel-

Like how Kohaku did? His inner voice interrupted to mock at him.

Sesshomaru’s hand immediately tossed his sword in anger and frustration. He sat; his fingers rubbing his forehead as the memory of his nightmare replayed in his mind. He began to realize he was getting nowhere with this training of his. But his pride prevented him from admitting it.

The agreement….. I must know how effectively it is being observed in the village. I better go there just for scrutiny. A diplomatic excuse to visit Rin’s village. Normally he would rather have such a task done by his sub-ordinate. His presence is not required unless there is a problem necessitating his presence.

Sesshomaru resolved inwardly, ONLY for the scrutiny…. (LIAR! MAKING A RESOLUTION WHICH HE KNOWS TOO WELL, HE WILL DEFY.)

“Sesshomaru!” Inu father ran into Sesshomaru and both demons were surprised. Inu father was the last person in the palace, Sesshomaru wanted to bump into at that moment. He had been avoiding his father from the day his father teased him with ‘naming’ of the demon peacock. He knew his father has some sort of suspicion when the latter heard a girl’s name from Sesshomaru’s lips. He wanted avoid uncomfortable questions.

Predicting his father’s inquiry, Sesshomaru said without meeting his eyes, “I will be away for a few days”

……..So the ‘feelings’ have finally taken effect, I see… Inu father smirked to himself, “……… Where are you going? Starting at such an early hour?”


Which means he is going to her village… Inu father deduced. Sesshomaru is not giving a direct answer because he doesn’t want to tell the truth.

Inu father wanted to tease his son a bit, “But I have a mission for you to accomplish”

Sesshomaru lightly stiffened which was noted by the father. He glanced at his father and the turned his eyes away again. “……….. I will commence it, when I return”

“But I want you to commence without delay” father persisted.
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