Landlord of the West

Chapter 8

Sesshomaru had started off to village Kyoda, to inspect the administration of the village (Ahem…. Another diplomatic excuse to seek Rin out), as it was under his father’s dominion. Jaken obviously knew that this sudden concern for village Kyoda’s administration is due to Rin.

On his way to the village Sesshomaru saw a horse tied to a tree. He left Jaken behind and looked around, as his intuition prompted him to do so. He found Rin and the young man of his ‘dreams’ together. He could only see them. But as they were sitting in the middle of the plain, he couldn’t near them enough within his earshot. Else he’ll get caught.

Sesshomaru felt….. failure. As if he lost in a challenge…. Reason? He knows not. One thing he was sure of himself was that he was seriously displeased. Displeasure evolved into rage. His inner voice roared, How dare she do this to me!

“SILENCE!” Sesshomaru bellowed to shut that voice up.

She has proven that she’s one amongst WOMEN! Deceptive creatures! He resolved never to see her again. And that is her punishment! An angry mind hid his common sense. His common sense finally recuperated from the pressure of his angry mind and cut in: and why would she care?

Good question. Why would she care about not seeing him again? Just because she invited him to her mansion for a revisit? Sesshomaru scoffed at his insensible thoughts; at himself. What am I thinking?... What has she done to me?.... Sesshomaru was filled with foreign feelings. They have contaminated his mind. He was able to deduce only that much.

He slowly retreated where Jaken was waiting. The imp had only saw Rin and Kohaku riding on horseback. His beak fell open in shock. Lady Rin has been with a young man! …Must be her friend…. Then realization hit him. What in world was she doing with him all alone, in the forest?!? *GASP*…….. Don’t tell me they were doing something….INAPPROPRIATE!! OH NO!! LADY RIN!!

Jaken studied his master’s stony face to guess what the couple must have done together. He could only suppose that Sesshomaru was in great displeasure and rage. Ohhhh! This is baaad! What must have they done?!?..... Forget about what they must have done together! Lord Sesshomaru seeing Lady Rin alone with another man is enough to cause this effect on him…..

Jaken knew better than asking his lord anything about anything. He maintained silence.

Sesshomaru had already decided to retreat to village Edo. But when he was about to start, his pride pricked him. His excuse to visit village Kyoda, was for administration. If he retreats, he’s only confirming the fact that the true reason is only Rin. He changed his mind and decided to proceed with the ‘inspection’ as originally intended.

“Lord Sesshomaru!..... It… is indeed a surprise to see you” said the village Kyoda’s head Mazi. The head is a demon.

'Surprise'….?” Sesshomaru dragged venomously.

Eh!..... Lord Sesshomaru seems to be in a very bad mood! He picking with Master Mazi… Jaken panicked.

The confused Mazi stuttered in fear, “of-of-of course, a ‘pleasant’ surprise, milord”

Sesshomaru didn’t respond.

Sesshomaru told him the purpose of his visit and that he will not remain for more than a day. His original intent was to stay for about two days, though. Mazi promised his co-operation for Sesshomaru’s task.

Later that day, Sesshomaru was wandering alone in the village field. He held back Jaken by giving him some sub-tasks to complete. The dog demon wanted some time off from…. from everything…. He wanted to divert his mind from her and his inspection was not helping at all. Then he stopped walking and touched the hilt of his sword, as a thought occurred to him. He can practice his new and intense fencing techniques. He took off his armour and haori and tossed them aside. He normally wears them while practicing but, since the techniques were both new and intense, he chose not to wear them till he gets accustomed to the practice. Then he unsheathed the sword and readied himself in the fighting trance.


Without thinking, Sesshomaru instinctively dashed towards the source of the voice. What occurred in the next moment was unbelievable. Within very few seconds, Sesshomaru saw a big crow demon; it’s claws deadly close to the victim; his sword penetrating into the demon’s body from the back.

The demon screeched in pain before it died. The noise was too much for Sesshomaru. Good thing he was already in a fighting trance. He was also not wearing his armour and haori which might have slowed him down infinitesimally. Delay by one nano second would have ended it all!

“*GASP* Lord Sesshomaru!!!”

Familiar voice!

Sesshomaru looked down only to find Rin. His eyes momentarily widened in shock. Rin….

To his horror, tears started falling from her pretty eyes. Unconsciously he knelt in front of her and sat. He knew he wanted to console her for whatever reason she was crying, but he had no idea how to. He had never consoled or comforted anyone before. Rin’s crying became more severe. Before both knew what was happening, she instantly jumped at Sesshomaru, wrapping her arms around his waist. Sesshomaru froze. She buried her face into his chest. But didn’t cease her weeping.

The feeling of her frail arms, soft face and petite torso held tightly against his bare trunk stirred unknown but all the more delightful emotions in him; Sesshomaru mildly shuddered at the feeling her wet lips against his skin. Pleasure throbbed his body, not to mention his dazed out mind; he truly enjoyed the moment and had wished it to lasts longer. All the fury he had held against her that day vapourized at the heating touch. Sesshomaru felt his mind and body weakening at her intimate touch and that both were calling her for more. His hands began trembling slightly as they were slowly lifted to return her embrace.

But the wetness on his chest shook Sesshomaru from his daze. He needed to do something to make her stop crying.

“Rin….” He didn’t know how to ask what had become of her.

But she responded, “I… I-I was so scared! (sobbing) that demon was so close! (sobbing) it’s claws!.....”

The demon could be fearsome for humans. But why has Rin been so terrified, beyond what is….. normal?..... Then the fact hit him. Her case is NOT normal. She had been attacked by stray demons at a very young age; to make things worse, her mother got brutally injured who has not yet recovered from the misfortune till now. She had been traumatized by the incident. Sesshomaru truly pitied the girl.

“It’s dead, Rin” Sesshomaru managed to try giving a consolation.


“you’re…… alright now” Good! He’s getting better. But he struggled very hard to hide his fluster.

Rin slowly looked up and met his eyes.

Somehow she felt only warmth in those golden eyes. Several moments passed as the two pairs of eyes held each other; one enjoying the sight of another. She made an unconscious smile, that which swirled his soul. Rin felt his eyes smiling back at her.

“Thank you….. Lord Sesshomaru….” Rin said almost in a whisper.

Although he did not answer, Sesshomaru eyes kept smiling, which was a satisfactory reply for her.

Then gradually Rin’s eyes fell from his eyes to his chest; bare chest, mind you. Now it’s her turn to freeze. Few seconds passed. Her eyes went up to meet his again. His eyes were blank; showing nothing which she could understand.

She slowly released his imprisoned body and backed away. * “AH! FINALLY!” The readers letting out the breathe they were holding*

“I’m sorry, milord” she said wearing a blank face.

Sesshomaru blinked blankly in return.

The very next moment, Rin began bowing to him multiple times saying, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m so-”

“Rin. Enough!”

Rin immediately stopped her agitated gesture and stared at him, with a worried expression, not to mention her overly reddened face.

“I’m very sorry, Lord Sesshomaru…. I didn’t know- I hadn’t thought- I mean-”

“Rin. You were frightened. That explains it. There is no need to tell me what I already know”

It was Sesshomaru’s way of telling you were so frightened that you took the liberty of embracing me. You don’t have to explain yourself. I can understand.

Rin stopped there; didn’t and wouldn’t dare to go further. She was still sad though. She was not only scared of that demon that had attacked her; she was so close to death; death was the last thing she wanted ever since the misfortune. The only reason had been that, if she dies who would look after her mother? But lately one more reason got added to the list. If she dies……. She can never see him again. Yes. Sesshomaru has become one of her two fundamental reasons to live, unbeknownst to herself. At that vital moment when she knew her life was to end, she also knew she’ll never see him again. But she got saved…. By him! She got to see him again! So partly out of fear for that demon and mostly out of seeing him again, she hugged him, without thinking.

“Are you hurt?”

“Huh!?” Rin popped out of her thoughts and said, “No, Milord”

Without answering Sesshomaru got up and began walking. Rin automatically followed him. He wore his haori and armour. Then they began walking towards the village, Rin behind him.

“What are you doing here, all alone? Which fool let you astray?” Sesshomaru said with contempt. By ‘fool’ he referred to none other than Kohaku.

Rin misunderstood it as his reprimand at her and flinched. She gulped and said, “I…. I just wanted to have a stroll across the fields”

“alone?” PROMPT!

Rin peeked at him through her bangs, then weakly said, “….yes….”

“Why? Don’t you have your…. companion?” Sesshomaru refrained from using the word, ‘lover’, because, to him, it very recently turned out to be the most despicable word in the literature.

“Huh!?! Do you mean Kohaku?.... He doesn’t know…..” then Rin said slowly with guilt-struck face and tone, “I didn’t tell him”

“How irresponsible!” Sesshomaru’s attack was directed toward Kohaku. But it knocked down Rin instead. She flinched again misunderstanding his attack.

Rin became depressed. Two reasons again; 1) The fate close to death, 2) Sesshomaru’s stinging words.

Sesshomaru noted this. He couldn’t bear the sad face, drooped shoulders and dispirited walk. He wanted to cheer her up. But how? He’s never good at words of comfort. In fact he’s never good at words at all!...... Only actions are his forte. He raked up his mind for some idea to pop up…. And it did.

Sesshomaru stopped walking, “Rin. Come with me….. if you so choose”

Rin resisted the urge of asking him ‘Where to, milord?’ and said, “Yes, milord”

He paused and looked around, as if trying to recall something. “There is a place…. But for that, I must carry you”
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