Landlord of the West

Chapter 9

Rin’s mouth fell open and she blushed.

Sesshomaru was not happy about her hesitation, particularly because she never seemed this reluctant when she was alone with Kohaku.

“You may refuse outright” he said in his firm, icy tone. But he was hoping she won’t.

“Let’s go, milord” PROMPT!

Sesshomaru let out the breathe he was holding; his eyes were smiling, particularly at the girl’s pinked cheeks. He lifted her bridal style and took off in a direction he was already familiar with. While Rin was a bit flustered at their closeness, the demon lord was trying to keep his mind away from the same.

Sesshomaru let Rin down when they reached the destination.

Rin loudly gasped at the sight before her.

In front of her was a huge waterfall, spraying countless water droplets around it. The reverberation of waterfall was incessant. The sound was like music to her ears. The water flowed along the river. A part of the river was shallow with bed made of stone. To consolidate the beauty, there was a rainbow against the waterfall. Rin gasped again at that.

“Look, Lord Sesshomaru! Rainbow!” Rin said excitedly.

“……..” Sesshomaru had already seen it, but he looked at it again as if he saw it for the first time, just because she asked him to.

Rin was awe-struck at the beauty of Mother Nature. She fell in love with this place.

‘love’….. ‘LOVE’…..

The reminder of the vital word tugged at Rin’s chest. Eyes burnt, as tears were getting secreted. Lord Sesshomaru….. You’re being too kind to me…. You’re just making things more difficult for me….. to FORGET YOU….

“This place displeases you” Sesshomaru said; supposedly it was a question.

Rin’s head shot up at his words. She looked at him and shook her head as she said, “No, milord!”

“This place is spectacular! I love it!”

Sesshomaru was a bit surprised at her frankness. He was glad that she liked-no, ‘love’d it. But her depression confused him.

Rin was filled with so much emotions: great joy at his kindness towards her, large pain due to her hopeless feelings for him. She just wanted to pour her heart out, in some way or form.

She went and sat at the edge of the river bank and saw her reflection. She saw a tear-eyed sad face looking back at her.

She began singing. It was a slow, melancholic song. She was singing very earnestly.


Oh my love! My lovely beloved!

What else have you in store for me?

Although you knew that I’m an artist (here she refers to the artist who draws and paints)

You are asking for my eyes as price

(Rin took a deep breathe and went on. Even though Sesshomaru likes to listen to her singing, he was perplexed at her sad song and tone)

Out of free wings and dark prison

What do you have for me? (Sesshomaru who was behind her at a distant, slowly came to stand by her side)

After wounding me, as you please,

You stand and stare with coldness

(At this very moment, Rin sees Sesshomaru’s reflection on water that was looking at her)

Oh my love! If you hurl your sword

Any mountain will collapse

Oh my love! If you toss a stone,

Any ocean will rupture (Rin is praising about Sesshomaru’s strength and power)

Should I recover or fall?

Should I subsist or depart? (i.e. live or die)

What must I do?

Are you a heavenly nectar or deadly venom?

Or a combination of both?

(Even Sesshomaru began to feel depressed at the sadness)

Oh my beloved! I touched your feet and worshipped you (Rin couldn’t believe her own obsession for Sesshomaru, when she sang this line)

But when you shut your eyes with derision

I broke into weeps of desolation (Rin only imagined all these, that she has been rejected by him)

Is this just a change…. Or a failure? (Rin means her feelings for Sesshomaru)

Why are my mind and heart foggy?

Are you a companion or an opponent?

Or are you a fusion of them?

Am I to struggle everyday? (Rin’s voice broke at the last line)


This girl seems to have a discrepancy with her lov- with that Kohaku (Sesshomaru avoided using the word ‘lover’ to refer to Kohaku)….. That explains why she wanted to be alone in the fields without him; she deliberately kept it from him…. That also explains why she’s depressed now…. Sesshomaru’s flow of thoughts halted when he realized something. Is that why she cried when she embraced me like that? (Sesshomaru became furious) For the first time in his life, he had the feeling of being used…. Or more like ‘misused’….

He coldly turned his back to her.

Then he recalled the resolution he comfortably forgot: that he’ll never see her again. Sesshomaru hated himself for his sudden inconsistency. He could not bear it any longer. He wanted to be away from her…. far away from her…. but he simply cannot leave her there and disappear.

"It is time to leave" Sesshomaru said in a freezing cold tone that even Rin felt offended.

"Huh!?! Already?!" PROMPT! She really shouldn't have said that, especially when his tone was colder than usual.

Sesshomaru turned his head towards Rin; his eyes showed uncertainty. But the icy glare he shot her sent shivers down her spine.

"", Rin quickly bowed, "I'm very sorry for wasting your time with my silly songs". Her eyes pleading for forgiveness.

"We shall leave immediately" she said.

Sesshomaru wanted to say that his time was not wasted and he didn't feel so. But he'll never say it. So instead, he managed to say, "You...were....unhappy".

"NO, MILORD! I'm completely fine with this place! This place...... it looks like..... a gateway to heaven....." because this is the first place you have taken me to.... She blushed at that and went on, "Please, do not mistake my sad song. I just got a bit.... a bit nostalgic. That's all!". She said so with her bright smile.

Sesshomaru was thrilled at her declaration that it was ‘a gateway to heaven’. But the poor demon didn't know that only he was the reason for her depression, her blushing and her nostalgia; he mistook that it was Kohaku. His pride was already hurt because she was close with a human man and not with him. Her explanation did no good to ease his hurt pride.

“ ‘Nostalgic’…? ” Sesshomaru’s couldn’t help asking the question, the answer of which he thought he had already known.

“…..Erm….” Rin is cornered now. She has to say something before things get messy. “….was just reminiscing about this song. It is about a woman’s unrequited love…. Singing this song makes me cry, every time….”

“ ‘unrequited love’….?” Sesshomaru pondered Did he reject her….?

Rin’s eyes widened; then she swiftly shook her head. “It’s not about me!” Rin lied as she gave a nervous chuckle, waving her right hand in denial.

Sesshomaru finally sighed in contentment that Rin became depressed only due the song. His facial muscles and physique visibly relaxed. If only Rin noticed it.

Then he turned facing her. It was his consent for her to remain and enjoy the place a bit longer.

Rin couldn’t understand his reaction. She asked, “Milord?”

“………… may enjoy, as you please.... if you wish….” Sesshomaru assented.

Rin smiled at him sincerely and nodded; then turned towards the stream. She took off her sandals and socks in an instant. Then she lifted the hem of her kimono as she got into the shallow part of the river. She ringled at the feeling of cold water at her feet. She began trotting about the shallow part of the stream, as her feet splashed. She was constantly ringling at that.

Sesshomaru seemed to be observing the nature’s beauty from the outside, but only God knew, besides Sesshomaru, that the latter was studying only the playing beauty. This girl is making me do and feel things that I have never done and felt before….. Why do I wish to comfort her? Why do I try to please her? What is happening to me?...... Sesshomaru couldn’t get over with the feeling of bitterness that lingered in his heart. And what am I doing alone with a human’s lover? Sesshomaru felt even angrier and bitter at the last word.

*SQEALS* *SPLASH* Rin accidentally fell into the deeper part of the river.

Sesshomaru panicked for a moment. Before he could react, Rin’s smiling head surfaced, “I’M OKAY, LORD SESSHOMARU!”. The very next moment, she started ringling her best ringles with her palms cupping her mouth. She was back in her cheery form.

Sesshomaru’s whole being was smiling at her words and actions, and his lips shifted upward by 1°. Humans are eccentric creatures….

After she played in the water for a while with her Kimono on, she came towards the river bank.

The wet Rin in her drenched kimono was quite a sight for Sesshomaru. Her fair exposed skin shone in the sunshine and her wet kimono clutched her body too much, that Sesshomaru was beginning to feel….. aroused. Not knowing what he was doing, he approached her.

Rin saw him drawing closer to her. She was choked when her eyes met his. They looked….odd…. His eyes shone in a way they never had before. Her gaze immediately fell to the ground. She didn’t dare to meet his eyes again. Else she’ll be choked to death.

Her eyes were grazing the forest floor with such a reddened face that Sesshomaru was puzzled as well as amused. He began to realize that he who never had any need to control his self, is on the verge of losing his self-control. He knew, he has to do something, before he ends up doing something, he knew, he’ll regret forever.

Quickly Sesshomaru removed his armour; and then his haori!!!

Rin felt thrilled at his actions and her eyes turned into two big saucers; but for some reason she wasn’t afraid of his next move; she truly trusted him….

Without meeting her eyes, Sesshomaru held out his haori to her. Rin was puzzled.

“Wear this. It is cold”. He was actually right. Rin’s body did get very cold; but her had hormones generated so much heat in her mind and body, that she hadn’t realized the severity of the cold yet.

That’s it….? Rin was disappointed at his simple action. He wasn’t trying to play with her and tease her as he did earlier.

“Why, thank you, milord” she said as she accepted it. The next moment he was at a good distant from her; he had his back to her giving her the privacy.

Rin smiled at the perfect gentleman, as she changed. The Haori was well below her hips, although it was above her knees. The cloth that was clinging to Sesshomaru’s stature the whole time, is now warmly wrapped around her own. The thought made her blush. Then, she approached him.

Sesshomaru finally came back to his senses. But the wet Rin was constantly plaguing his mind. “You may tell me when you need to start”

“……We shall start now, milord” I don’t want to waste your valuable time with my company….

Sesshomaru glanced at her. Do you wish to leave my company that soon….? His pride was only getting more and more injured.

“Where is your place? Or….that of your lover?” Sesshomaru immediately regretted his choice of words. That word ‘lover’ kept lingering in his mind too much that it slipped right through his tongue at an unguarded moment.

“……?!?!?”, Rin was puzzled, “ ‘lover’!?!?”
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