Think Again (BTS ff)


It was him, it was really him. The expression had changed but the eyes were the same. It was your TaeTae. Little TaeTae was your best friend when you were eight years old. He was the cutest most innocent looking kid and being a bit of a video game nerd, he was picked on a lot. But you were always there to defend him. However that changed when he moved away and you could no longer keep him safe from bullies. He use to message you all the time that the bullies were worse in Seoul, especially when he went into an all boys boarding high school. Then you never heard from him again. It worried you every day and eventually you couldn't take it anymore. It was a rescue mission. All boys school? No problem. You were practically a guy anyways after being raised around five brothers. You would blend in, find Taehyung and protect him. That was the plan but... when you finally arrive, things aren't as you expected and now you can't leave.

Romance / Humor
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Rescue Mission

"Y/N!" Taehyung ran to you bawling once again. "They hurt me." He clenched onto you tightly as you looked him over. Broken glasses and a bruised lip. Yup, they were gonna get it.

"Point them out TaeTae. I'll take care of it." You brushed his wild hair out of his face and he sniffled in response. Carefully he took your hand and directed you to a group of three boys laughing to themselves. You clenched your fists and headed in without hesitation. Even though you were only eight years old, having five older brothers made you stronger than an ox.

No one messed with your TaeTae! He had been your best friend since you were four years old and you just may have had a slight crush on him. So whenever someone hurt your precious boy, they were going to be in pain.

"Hey!" You called out to the three jerks. "Did you hurt my friend?"

The trio looked at you curiously and then at the broken Taehyung hiding behind you. They began to laugh hysterically.

"Little boy needs a body guard!" One cackled.

"And it's a girl too!" Another chimed in. "If you even are a girl."

True you weren't the most feminine little lady. You never knew your mom so she couldn't give you any female influence. It was just you, your dad and your brothers. When ever you asked about your mom, your brothers had convinced you that you were hatched from an egg they found on the side of the road. So you were a wild little girl. A nice girl, but a wild one.

Short cut hair, dirty cheeks, hand-me-down boy clothes and a furious scowl made up who you were. As for your best friend? Shorter than you, braces and glasses, old clothes and an unhealthy obsession with video games. That explained Taehyung and you loved every bit of him.

"I'll kill all of you if you dare touch him again." You growled at the boys and they just smirked.

"Bring it on." One taunted and that was when you let loose on them. It took your oldest brother Seojun who was already sixteen to pry you off the whimpering boys. It was their lucky day that he just happened to be passing the park at the time.

"You two little brats!" Seojun scolded as he flung both you and Taehyung over his shoulders. "Always causing problems."

Eventually you were brought home and thrown onto the couch beside your second oldest brother Jaibong who was playing a gory slasher video game. "What she do now?" He asked without actually looking away from the tv.

"She was fighting again. I think we've had a bad influence on her." Seojun groaned.

Jaibong paused his game and looked you dead in the eyes. "Did you win?" He asked with a straight laced face.

You huffed as if that was even a question. "Of course. Anything for TaeTae."

Jaibong ruffled your hair. "Atta girl!" Seojun just mumbled to himself as he left the living room. Soon you and Taehyung had joined Jaibong in his intensely violent video game and you both loved every minute of it.

That was eight years ago. A few months after then, Taehyung moved to Seoul with his family, leaving you both in tears to be apart from each other.

To stop you from crying yourself to death, your brothers pitched in and got you your very first cell phone and they gave a matching one to Taehyung before he left. Just cheap ones mind you, but they were cellphones that would help you stay in touch with each other. And you did stay in touch for almost the whole eight years, even though you never saw each other again.

Taehyung would sometimes message you or call you crying about bullies being way worse in his new schools and it hurt that you couldn't protect him anymore. Then the worst thing imaginable happened, he stopped talking to you about two months ago and it was killing you. Never ever had he not talked to you but he wasn't answering your calls or responding to your texts and it was driving you insane! Was he okay? Did a big bully kill him?

"You are fucking nuts, you know that?" Kiyoung, the brother closest to your age was leaning in the bathroom door way, watching you as you carefully examined how you would look with short hair again. You had wanted to become more of a girl as you got older and you had become quite the beauty on the outside, but still a beast on the inside. So even though you were a little more feminine it wasn't by much. Your long hair was the most different thing other than your well grown in chest.

"Should I cut it or wear a wig?" You asked your brother through the mirror.

"You can't be serious Y/N. Going to Seoul to a boarding school and an all boys school at that! You may not be much of a girl but you still are one."

You glared at him and continued examining your features. You could totally pass as a boy. "Dad said it was okay." Which was true. You felt like your father even forgot you were a girl most of the time. So when you brought up the idea, he just looked at you and said 'Interesting. Well be careful.' And the Father of the year award goes to...

"Dad isn't all there, haven't you noticed by now?" Kiyoung continued to argue with you and you just snorted in reply.

This was happening wether they liked it or not. Surprisingly it wasn't hard to get accepted into the school. They just needed a photo I.D now so you were preparing your look to go along with your new name.

You let go of your hair and sighed. "What ever, I'll ask Minhyuk Oppa and Jihoon Oppa." Minhyuk And Jihoon were twins and the next brothers in the line who were always on your side. They had many talents, one of Jihoon's was hacking and forgery. They were the main reason for your acceptance into the high school Taehyung goes to.

Kiyoung just sighed and watched as you headed to the twins' room. There was no stopping you now.

'I will find you TaeTae. Don't worry, I'm coming.' You had drifted off on the train with thoughts of Taehyung in mind. When you finally arrived to Seoul, your eldest brother Seojun picked you up in his car.

"You look ridiculous." Was the first thing he said to you.

"I missed you to Oppa!" You clenched onto him tightly and he gasped in your tight grasp. He had moved to Seoul a few years ago for college and now, he had a job and everything. He was like a real grown up.

"I was hopping you'd be more of a girl by now." Seojun sighed as he headed toward your new school. "Did you cut your hair?"

"Nah. I opted for the wig route but it's awfully itchy." You complained as you scratched at your forehead. Truth be told, you wanted to be a bit more of a girl as well so if you could at least keep your hair, that would be great.

Seojun let out a deep sigh. "I can't believe you are going through with this. I know you can take care of yourself but still..."

"Yeah yeah I know. Kiyoung Oppa already gave me the speech." You slouched back into the car seat.

Seojun just chuckled. "I'm quite shocked you don't call us hyung to be honest."

You tapped your lip in thought. "Well I guess now you are my hyung."

That earned a frown. "Is this really necessary Y/N? I know you love Taehyung but this is overkill. It's not like he begged you to come protect him."

"You remember what Taehyung is like!" You retorted. "He is lost without me and I'm so worried about him. He's never stopped talking to me with the cell phones you got us. Why would he just stop?"

"I like the kid too Y/N but what you are doing-"

"Oh there it is!" You shouted cutting off your brother. You pointed vigorously in the direction he should turn and he just scoffed as he pulled into the boarding schools front gates.

"I can't believe I'm letting my little sister pretend to be a guy." Seojun slammed his head on the steering wheel and you patted his back in condolence.

"I feel for you." You comforted and then quickly got out of the car and banged on the trunk for him to release your luggage.

Finally he left you on the front steps of the massive school. You clenched your luggage and smiled brightly. "I am Yoon Wonsik. Sixteen year old boy looking for his best bud Kim Taehyung." You sucked in a deep breath and entered.

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