Spirited Away: The Return Home

Chapter | 2

"Chihiro, we’re moving."

The words made their way to my one ear and left just as quickly through the other one, not stopping to be registered by what was between them. Then again, at this moment there was the possibility of the thing that used to be a brain was short-circuiting or something.

Sentences started to form in my mouth- long sentences- some of which contained words that my parents most likely didn't even know existed.

How could they to this?

Move where exactly?

I also didn't understand why they thought that this was the best solution to a problem that wasn't even really a problem according to me. I mean, it wasn’t hard to recall what happened the last time my parents decided to up and go.

All these thoughts ran around in my head, but the only one that seemed to get past the iron defence that was my mouth was, "What?!"

It took me a few moments to realize that I had yelled it rather than just said it like I had planned to, but it seemed that I underestimated myself in the state that can normally be classified a shock or anything in that line.

"You want to do what?!" I tried again, standing up from the piano bench, which seemed to have gotten as hot as if my parents had made a fire underneath it.

"Calm down, Chihiro," my mother said, "This is going to be for the best, you might not see it now, but things will all work out."

All the anger that couldn't seem to have formed a few minutes ago started to bubble its way out from the deepest corners of my heart.

"What is going work out for the better, mom? Don't tell me you guys think that moving away is going to turn us back into the picture perfect family we used to be?

“You’ll still be working all day long, and then barely pay attention to me when you’re home. Have you ever thought that maybe if you guys where home more often, then maybe things would never even have turned out this way?!" I screamed at them.

They seemed to be shell shocked by my sudden outburst. It took my father a few seconds to form a response, which were still a few years before my mom could even blink her eyes.

"Of course we realized that something was wrong sweetheart, that's why we decided that moving was the best thing at this moment. Nothing else seems to be getting through to you" my dad said, trying to keep his cool when my mom was still trying to figure out how blinking worked.

"Listen, we'll leave you alone for the night and talk about this in the morning. Your mom seems to have stopped functioning," my dad said, taking my mom by the arm and gently pulling her out of my room.

Once they were out I threw myself onto my bed and started to cry.

Years of holding back seemed to have built a dam behind my eyes, because when the tears started they didn't stop until almost an hour later.

I wiped my face dry on the sleeve of my shirt and sat up, trying to think of ways to convince my parents that there were about to make the biggest mistake of their life.

Taking me away from the one thing that kept me going each days was only going to make everything worse than they already were.

I needed to get away from there.

I just needed some time away from my parents, so that I could focus my thoughts and figure out what my next move was going to be.

Obviously reasoning with my parents was a very bad idea since we weren't at the same level with this situation.

That left me with only one option.

Pulling my closet doors open, I grabbed the nearest backpack I could find.

Now the hard part was deciding what I would take and what I would leave behind.

I didn't plan on going away for a very long time, just long enough to scare my parents. Then when I returned they wouldn’t try to move anymore, because they know I'll just run again. It was a simple plan, but it made sense at the time.

In my backpack I stuffed my phone, phone charger, my headphones, two pairs of clean underwear, a pair of denim shorts and a matching shirt, a cotton jersey, and finally my sneakers.

After I had placed my backpack, now almost over flowing, onto my bed, I went back to my closet to put on a pair of khaki jeans, dark brown combat boots and a black knitted sweater that I bought at this boutique and I felt was perfect for just this occasion.

I sat there contemplating if what I was doing was the best idea, but when the clock stroke twelve I snapped into action, pulling the backpack securely over my shoulder until it sat comfortably between my shoulder blades.

The next step was getting out of the house.

Climbing over my bed, I peered out of the window to see if it could be a possible escape. It seemed that some force had to approve of my plans since there was a ladder just next to my window- my dad must have left it there when he had cleaned the windows the weekend before.

Then came the tricky part.

I had to get myself onto the ladder, which meant I had to hang out of the window and move my body sideways until I felt the first step of the ladder under my boot.

Shifting my body so that I had one hand and one foot on the ledge of my window, I brought my hand up to hold onto the gutter that was a bit above my head.

Once it felt save enough, I brought my other hand up next to where my left hand currently was and then got my feet together on the step of the ladder.

Luckily, now the hardest part was over and getting down the ladder was easy.

As my feet hit the ground I took off in a silent run, the cold air whipping through my free hair and sending strands of it into my face.

I wasn't exactly sure where it was I was going, but it also didn't seem to matter since my feet where moving of their own accord.

I slowed down a bit once I hit the hill next to our house, not wanting to fall and break something now; it would be pretty embarrassing to have my parents open the front door and find me there.

Still, I made quick work of the hill and before I realized it I was standing in the road that led to the old amusement park building.

I hadn’t planned on going there, but in a way it sort of made sense that I would. On the other hand, it was the first place my parents would go looking for me once they noticed that I wasn't there anymore.

If they noticed.

I was about to turn around when something caught my attention.

There was a light at the edge of the woods, a light that hadn't been there the last time I visited.

I walked over to the edge of the woods just to find the light was further down the road then I had originally thought.

Following the light, I started moving down the road, but every time I thought that I had reached the light, it seemed to move further away from me. Almost as if it had legs...

Still I kept walking, listening to the sounds of the earth and my boots crushing things beneath me. After another ten minutes I reached the entrance to the old amusement park and once again the light had moved to the inside.

It was then that I realized that the light had to have feet, because there was no way that I could have seen it from the road outside the woods.

Still I moved on, my steps echoing around me as I walked through the narrow passage that I knew led to nothing.

I was nearing the end of the long passage when my heart started to race and my palms started to sweat.

Fortunately all this went away when my brain kicked in and reminded me that this wasn't the first time I was trying to get back into the Spirit World, and it most likely wouldn't be the last time.

The main room looked exactly like it did the last time; abandoned and cold- but not dark, this was because what appeared to be a black coat rack with a lamp hanging on it that stood in the middle of the room.

Something inside my head stirred, something that I was supposed to remember but couldn't for some odd reason.

I walked up to it and touched the black metal, but to my surprise it wasn't cold.

I was starting to get a little freaked out when a gust of wind suddenly blew through the room, coming from where I had entered and slamming into the door in front of me.

I knew this door all too well; this was the door that for some reason denied me the pleasure of going back the world I wanted to be in.

Taking a deep breath, I walked up to the door, put my hand on the knob and closed my eyes.

Something felt different this time, almost as if this time I would open the door to find fields of green grass that stretched as far as the eye could see, with the occasional creepy rock statue peering over the edge of the grass.

Slowly my hand turned the knob and the door opened when I pulled it to me.

Collecting myself I hesitantly opened one eye and then another.

I almost started to cry, because in front of me was not the world that I had hoped there to be. No, in front of me was a path that led deeper into the woods.

Out of frustration I slammed the door and stalked over to the nearest bench.

It was already one o'clock in the morning I realized with a start when I checked my watch. My parents wouldn't realize I was gone for a few hours and since I had nowhere else to go, I cuddle up onto the bench I was sitting on, using my bag as a pillow.

It seemed pointless to try and go somewhere else and here I at least felt safe since the chance of another person wondering this deep into the woods were almost zero.

Thinking about what could have happened, I closed my eyes and slowly fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Sunshine filtering through the window above my bench caused me to stir from my restless sleep. Throwing and arm over my head, I tried to block it out. But, because my legs were cramping from being in the same position all night, I had no choice other than to get up.

The first few steps where hard; my whole body was so stiff, but after pacing a while I started to loosen up again.

Looking at my watch I saw to my amazement that it was already around two in the afternoon, how was that even possible?

I had never slept so late in my entire life, but then again, I haven't had this much problems that kept bugging me before.

And it was good that I got up when I did, because it was only then that I heard the thing that had woken my up wasn't the light, but it was two male voices that sounded like they were coming from the entrance.

"The parents said that she use to come down here when she was younger, maybe it's worth taking a look at it then," the one man said.

The other man agreed and I heard their feet moving towards me.

Obviously my parents had phoned the police and if they found me now then I wouldn't have been away long enough to get them to listen to me.

Turning in circles, I searched for an escape route, but there seems to be only two ways into the building and since the people I was avoiding was in the one entrance I was left with only the other way out.

Pulling my bag onto my back, I ran to the door. I opened the door without thinking, without bothering to look what lay ahead of me.

My eyes were trained over my shoulder, making sure the police men wouldn’t see my slip out the back.

Once outside I closed my eyes and leaned back against the wooden door, feeling as if my heart was about to explode from my chest.

I wondered what Orihime would say about me running from the police. I actually made a grunting noise as I imagined her telling my parents that she knew this day would arrive sooner or later.

A cool breeze played across my skin and the rays of the sun felt as if it was heating me from the outside in.


I was in die middle of the woods; the sun's rays couldn't possibly reach me under the canopy of lush trees overhead.

I opened my eyes and sucked in a breath.

In front of me was the most beautiful grass field I had ever seen, the occasional creepy rock sicking out from between the waves of green.

My knees buckled and I sat down right there in the dusty road, not caring that my pants were getting dirty.

It was a miracle, a wonderful miracle.

I was finally back in die Spirit World.

I was finally back home.

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