Give My Heart A Break

Defying Gravity

Kurt wanted to find Brittany, he needed to be friends with her again, he walked down the hall to see Brittany and Santana, at Brittany's locker. "What do you want lady lips?" asked Santana as he walked towards them.

"I want to talk to Britt." Kurt smiled at Brittany. "Alone."

Santana looked at Brittany to see if it was okay, she nodded and Santana walked down the hall, leaving Brittany and Kurt alone.

"Hi." Said Kurt.

"Hey" said Brittany avoiding eye contact.`

"Did you get my messages?"


"Oh... okay. A... are you still pissed at me?" he stuttered.

"No, not anymore... I'm just sad and disappointed in you." she sighed.

Kurt suddenly felt really guilty, he felt guilty before, but this was worse because Brittany was disappointed in him... the feeling just made him want to die right there and then. "Britt, I'm really sorry, you're not stupid."

Brittany started tearing up. "Yeah I am... everyone calls me it… I just didn't want you to call me it… it's bullying and I won't tolerate that."

"I know Britt, I agree… and I really wish I didn't say that! You're not stupid… you're a freaking genius… Remember?" Kurt reassured her, Brittany looked up at him with a slight smile. "Brittany, you're the one who knows everything about… Britney Spears, Dinosaurs, Crayons, Unicorns, Dolphi-"

"I know but, people don't care about that kinda stuff…"

"I do… and you didn't let me finish…" Brittany looked up at him again "You're the one who knows the most about dancing too! You're better then anyone I kno-"

"What about Mike?"

"Okay well he's pretty good too..."


"But, you didn't let me finish again!" Kurt grabbed her hand "You know the most about me… you're the one who I know I can trust, you're the first one I told about my mum… and most importantly you're the one I do and always will love the most. You're an amazing singer and dancer... You're beautiful, sexy, loving, sweet and caring... AND you're the smartest person i know, you're a freaking genius!"

Brittany smiled at him "Can you ever forgive me for being such a bitch?" Kurt asked before she could respond.

"You're really sorry? And you won't call me stupid again?" asked Brittany.

"Never… I promise… I need you Brittany."

"Okay... I forgive you, I've missed you!"

"Awh! I've missed you so much… I love you Britt."

"I love you too my happy happy unicorn!" Brittany gave Kurt a hug, kissed him on the cheek, took his hand and walked down hallway.

"Wait, why were you so pissed at me anyway?" asked Kurt

Brittany looked away from the boy, she didn't want this conversation. "'Cos I don't like the elf…"

Kurt thought about it realized she meant Chandler… "Oh…"

"Are you dating him?" Brittany stopped them and leaned against the lockers.


"Are you going to date him?" She raised her eyebrows.

"What has he got to do with anything Britt?" Kurt tilted his head to the side.

"He's ruining everything!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Okay well number one, he should be at the north pole helping Santa, 'cos without his elves there wont be enough toys!" Kurt smiled at her innocence. "And number three or four? You're supposed to be with Blaine…"

"Oh Brittany…" Kurt sighed.

"What? I mean you two are amazing together... why aren't you gonna start dating and then get married?" she frowned.

"Because, he's not the type of guy I need..."

"What do you mean?" Brittany had a confused look on her face.

"I mean... that Blaine is a heartbreaking asshole."

Brittany didn't know what to say to that, so she just kept her mouth shut and they began walking down the hall to their next class.

Blaine strutted to his locker and shoved some books into it, he looked up to see Brittany, Santana, Mercedes and Kurt at Britt's locker. They were all giggling at something that Mercedes had said, he couldn't help but stare at the boy in front of him.

He didn't understand anything that he was thinking about him, Why have I not even looked at any other guy since i met him? Why can't I get him out of my head? thought Blaine.

He didn't understand why he didn't want to break the boys heart, that's what he usually did, but Kurt was different... Blaine didn't want anyone or anything to hurt him. EVER. Blaine watched as Kurt walked away from his friends, Blaine put his books into is bag and walked down the hall on the way to the cafeteria.

He was walking past the auditorium when he heard music, it was the intro to 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked. Blaine loved Broadway too, he didn't tell anyone though. He wanted food but he couldn't help but poke his head through the door. He walked through and sat down at the back, there was a guy on the stage, the guy was turned around so Blaine couldn't make out who it was.

Something has changed within me

Something is not the same

I'm through with playing by the rules

Of someone else's game

The boy turned round and Blaine definitely recognized the stunning porcelain skin and amazing. sparkly eyes. Blaine couldn't believe how freaking beautiful Kurt's voice was.

Too late for second-guessing

Too late to go back to sleep

It's time to trust my instincts

Close my eyes: and leap!

It's time to try defying gravity

I think I'll try defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity

And you wont bring me down!

Blaine couldn't keep his eyes of of the boy, he got all warm and fuzzy inside. His heart fluttered at the sound of the amazing voice.

I'm through accepting limits

cause someone says they're so

Some things I cannot change

But till I try, I'll never know!

Too long I've been afraid of

Losing love I guess I've lost

Well, if that's love

It comes at much too high a cost!

I'd sooner buy defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye

I'm defying gravity

I think I'll try defying gravity

And you wont bring me down!

I'd sooner buy defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye

I'm defying gravity

I think I'll try defying gravity

And you won't bring me down!

bring me down!

ohh ohhh ohhhh!

Kurt finished the song and walked off the stage, Blaine sat there in his seat thinking. He was mesmerized by Kurt's performance, he new he was falling for him... he was falling fast and hard. But he couldn't help it... and that scared the shit out of him!

Blaine walked into Spanish 15 minuets late, he just ignored the looks he got from people and went to sit next to Brittany at the back of the class. He noticed that Kurt was sat next to her... He pulled out his phone to text Brittany.

Hey Britt.-Blaine x

Brittany got her phone out smiled at Blaine and started typing.

Hi!;)-Brittany x

Blaine smiled and replied instantly...

Are you and Kurt friends again?-Blaine x

Yepp!;)-Brittany x

Good!(: Britt, who's 'Chandler'?-Blaine x

Ughh, Don't even talk about the Elf... maybe I would like him if he stopped flirting with Kurt all the time!-Britt x

Blaine froze... i didn't want Kurt to think about dating this guy... Blaine's phone suddenly buzzed again.

Why do care Blaine? You jealous?;)-Brittany x

Maybe... a little bit...Ha, no...-Blaine x

Okay then... but all i know is that Kurt might date him. Oh look Kurt just got a text from the elf himself. It says...'Can you sing into my voicemail? i want to make your voice my ringtone.;)-Chandler xoxo' ugh, cheesy right!? -Brittany x

You have gotta be shitting me...-Blaine x

Blaine looked passed Brittany and over to Kurt, he was on his phone and he was blushing deep scarlet. Blaine could feel the jealousy building up inside of him, his stomach hurt and he couldn't help but think about if he does date 'The Elf' Blaine would be all alone, and he would have no chance with him... god he really was falling for this boy... Blaine grabbed his bag and walked out of the classroom. Ignoring the looks he got from people, Mr Schue's voice shouting for him to stop and sit back down. He ignored Brittany shouting "Blaine? Where you going?" He didn't want to talk to anyone... he just wanted to get away.

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