Give My Heart A Break


Kurt leaned against his car while Chandler was talking to him. He knew the boy had a crush on him and he's not that bad looking. He's cute... not Blaine Anderson cute... but cute. He was rambling on about something he did, normally he would listen, but he wasn't. Kurt didn't care about what chandler did, all he knew was he made him feel good. But that kiss made him feel better then good. Chandler was okay but did he want to date him after that kiss? Ha, no... the answer was no he didn't. He knew he wanted Blaine... but will he break his heart?

"Kurt?" asked Chandler

"Mm?" Kurt suddenly snapped back to reality.

"Are you listening to me?"

"Oh... yeah sorry."

"You okay?" Chandler frowned and put his hand on the boys shoulder.

"Yeah." Kurt smiled at him.

"See ya tomorrow White boy!" shouted Mercedes when she was walking past.

"Bye!" shouted Kurt looking over to were she was. At the school entrance was Blaine talking to Brittany, they were both smiling and talking, Kurt loved how nice Blaine was to Brittany. Blaine looked over to Kurt and Chandler. Kurt just looked away and smiled at Chandler.

"What's he doing here?" Asked Blaine with his eyes fixed on the blonde elf.

"There going to the Lima Bean i think... why do you care so much?" Brittany asked with a smile.

"I don't..." Blaine couldn't help the pang of jealousy when he found out they were going somewhere... together...but that doesn't mean their dating though... right? "Are they dating?"

"Kurt says their just friends..."

"Chester obviously wants more..." Blaine still had his eyes fixed on them. Chandler suddenly gave Kurt a hug... but not a normal hug like how Kurt hugs Brittany... it was a hug that showed Chandler really did wanted more and it lasted way too long. And with that Blaine forgot about everything else apart from Kurt... he wanted that boy and he wanted him now. Blaine's jealousy had taken over his whole freaking body and before he knew it... he was walking over to Kurt, Brittany following behind him.

"Err... hey Blai-" Kurt started to say awkwardly. But got interrupted with Blaine's lips on his own. Blaine was kissing him again. Kurt's suddenly snapped out of his shock and began responding to it. There were fireworks again... they had something. And both boys knew it. At first it was because of jealousy but after a few seconds it was passionate and sweet just like before. Chandler gasped and stood there in shook while Brittany was jumping up and down, smiling and clapping excitedly. They finally pulled away for air staring into each others eyes. Kurt was speechless and both boys' hearts were beating so hard they was pretty sure everyone could hear them.

"Can we need to talk... please?" asked Blaine staring deep into the other boys soft beautiful eyes.

"I... err... okay." was all Kurt could get out. He looked at Chandler "I... errm... can we do this another time?"

"Mmm... sure" said Chandler his eyes jumping from Kurt to Blaine. "I'll text you later, Kurt."

"Bye..." With that Chandler walked away. And both Kurt and Blaine turned to Brittany who had a sweet, innocent smile.

"Can we just have some privacy?" asked Blaine kindly.

"Oh yeah, sure." Smiled Brittany. She looked away... but didn't move.


She looked back "Yeah?"

"Were gonna go... bye Britt." said Kurt.

"See you tomorrow Britt, Britt." winked Blaine.

"Okay... Bye!" smiled Brittany, she waved and walked away, leaving Kurt and Blaine together alone. They stood there in an awkward silence for the next few moments.

"So..." said Blaine "I...err-"

"What is this?" asked Kurt "What does all this make us?"

"I... don't know."

"Look Blaine, I don't wanna be one of those people you just fool around with and hurt the next day... I want a real relationship." Kurt sighed. "I want somebody who will be there for me, who will lo-like me for who I am. I need someone who won't hurt me..."

"I... we..." Blaine took the boys hand "All I know is that I want you Kurt. Your most beautiful guy i have ever seen, inside and out. Your special... I mean kissing you is way better then all the stupid, worthless sex I've had in my life. Kissing you is freaking magic Kurt. I... really like you. I always have... ever since i first saw you. I mean, this whole dating thing is new for me, but we have something... and I wanna give it a try. Do you?"

Kurt had no idea how to respond to that... but Kurt knew he wanted the boy. But the words wouldn't come out... he was freaking speechless. "I... we... I..." Kurt looked into the boys beautiful, hazel eyes again and knew "I wanna try this too." both boys smiled and Kurt gave Blaine a chaste kiss on the lips. Blaine took his hand and kissed it. "So i guess were dating now..."

"I guess we are." Smiled Blaine.

"Like boyfriends..."

"Mm, Like boyfriends."

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