Give My Heart A Break


Kurt woke up to his phone vibrating. He grabbed it and grinned like a Cheshire cat at the name that came on the screen.

Good morning babe;)-Blaine xxxx

Kurt rolled his eyes at the fact he put babe, he wasn't annoyed, he kinda liked it now.

Good morning:)-Kurt xxx

Can you drive me to school?-Blaine xxxx

Yeah, I'll pick you up, were do you live?-Kurt xxx

No. It's fine... I'll come over to yours and then we can drive to school. Thanks baby:)-Blaine xxxx

Okay then.-Kurt xxx

Kurt smiled but couldn't help but wonder why Blaine didn't want Kurt to come round to his house. I mean were dating now... Kurt's phone started vibrating and playing his 'heart attack' ringtone, it reminded him of Blaine. He grabbed it and answered the phone, it was Santana.

"Hi Lady lips. Remember its Britt's birthday today! Are you still coming to her surprise party?" asked Santana.

"Yeah definitely!"

"Okay. You have baked the cake right?"

"Yeah! It's all taken care of."

"It better be. This has to be awesome."

Kurt suddenly wondered why she was putting so much pressure on herself... I mean it's like Britt is the only thing she cares about... "Santana..."

"Yes, Lady Hummel?"

"How come you care about Brittany so much? I mean your really nice and kind to her... but not to anybody else."

"I... she..." she paused. "Look that doesn't matter! Just make sure your there!" Then she just hung up. He had so many questions going round in his head... Why doesn't Blaine want me over...? What am i gonna do about the cake?! Whats going on with Santana and Brittany...? he made a mental note to ask Blaine about everything when he comes over. He got up to get a quick shower and do his skin moisturizing routine.

Blaine looked in the kitchen for something to eat, there wasn't really anything left apart from 2 juice boxes and a scrap of cereal and milk. Blaine grabbed them, put everything on the small table and began pouring the cereal and milk into a bowl and grabbed a spoon. As he put the spoon down next to the bowl a little girl with beautiful hazel eyes and long dark curly hair came in and gave him a hug. The girl was wearing a cute little pink dress that Blaine had bought for her the day before.

"Come on Aimee." smiled Blaine lifting his 4 year old little sister onto a chair. He pushed the bowl towards her and handed her a spoon... there wasn't enough for both Aimee and himself so he gave her it. "Eat your cereal."

"Why don't you eat any Blainey?" askedthe adorable little girl quirking her head to the side; she must of got that off he older brother.

"'Cos I'm not hungry little darling." he sat down next to her and smiled. Aimee ate her cereal and kissed her big brothers cheek.

"What are we doing today Blainey?"

"Your going to preschool to draw me an amazing rainbow... and i'm going to school to get smart." he lifted Aimee off the chair, grabbed a hair brush and began brushing her hair carefully, making sure he didn't hurt her.

"I'm gonna draw a rainbow with a unicorn on it!"

Blaine smiled and put her hair into sweet little pigtails on the sides of her head; Blaine had always made sure she looked good. "Have you brushed you teeth?"

"Yeahhh..." Blaine raised an eyebrow at her making her burst out laughing. "No..."

"Mmm... go brush them."



"I don't wanna!"

"I'll do anything..."

"Hmm..." she tapped her finger on her chin to show that she was thinking. "Sing to me then i'll brush my teeth!"

"Pinkie swear?" He held out his pinkie and smiled when Aimee wrapped her own around it.

"Pinkie swear."

"Alright... what should I sing?" Blaine picked up his guitar and sat Aimee on the table so she was a bit higher up.

"Sun!" she clapped her hands excitedly.

"Hmm..." Blaine knew which song she meant, it was her favorite. "Okay but we have to be quiet so that mum doesn't wake up."

Aimee nodded. Blaine kissed her on the cheek and began to play his guitar quietly.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sunAnd I say it's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winterLittle darling, it feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, here comes the sunAnd I say it's all right

Aimee smiled and started swaying along to the music.

Little darling, the smiles returning to the facesLittle darling, it seems like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, here comes the sunAnd I say it's all right

"You gonna sing with me at this part Little Darling?" asked Blaine causing a huge nod from Aimee.

Sun, sun, sun, here it comesSun, sun, sun, here it comesSun, sun, sun, here it comesSun, sun, sun, here it comesSun, sun, sun, here it comes

Aimee stopped singing because that was the only part she knew.

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly meltingLittle darling, it seems like years since it's been clear

Here comes the sun, here comes the sunAnd I say it's all right

Blaine leaned closer to he and touched his forehead against hers and giving her a little Eskimo kiss.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun

Blaine felt tears come to his eyes as he finished the last song.

It's all right, it's all right.

As soon as he finished he got a huge hug from Aimee. "Thank you Blainey. I'll go brush my teeth now." Blaine put her down and she ran to brush her teeth. He put his guitar down and wiped the tears away from is eyes as he didn't want his 'Little Darling' to see him crying. Especially when she wouldn't now why yet... she was too young. It brought tears to his eyes every time but he still sung it for her because that song meant a lot to him, his mum and Aimee. His mum used to sing it to Blaine but stopped because it just brought back too many bad memories and she's hardly ever awake or out of bed anyway.

"Done!" Aimee beamed from the doorway she had her bag and her shoes on so she was ready to go.

"Good girl." He smiled "Now lets get you to preschool." Blaine put his jacket on and grabbed Brittany's birthday present. They walked out of the house, Blaine locked the door behind him and they walked hand in hand to preschool.

Kurt was dressed and ready to go he had finished Brittany's cake and but he still had to go get her present. He decided he would go straight after school. He realized he hadn't wished Brittany a happy birthday yet so he grabbed his phone found her name and called her.

After a few rings she answered. "Hello Kurtie!"

"Hey Brittany!" Kurt smiled "Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Brittany, Happy Birthday to You!"

"Awh! thank you Kurt!"

"Your welcome!"



"Are you and Blaine going out now?!" Brittany was practically screaming now. "I mean saw the kiss! MY DOLPHINS ARE FINALLY DATING! AWH! YOUR GONNA GET MARRIED! YA-"

"Wow! Calm it Britt!"

"Are you though?!"

"Okay..." Kurt paused for effect. "YES! We are. I'm dating him."

Brittany screamed down the phone... yes SCREAMED. Kurt pulled the phone away from his ear to make sure she didn't burst his ear drum. When she finished he said "Calm down Brittany."

"How can I?! My Dolphins are dating!"

"Yes... and I'm happy. But I'm not putting all my future happiness on it."

"Oh... well how did it happen anyway?! I saw the kiss then i left..."

"Well... I told him i want a real relationship and he took my hand and said all he knew was that he wanted to be with me and that i'm the most beautiful guy he has ever seen. inside and out."


"He said that im special and kissing me is magic and is way better then all the sex he has ever had. Then he said that 'dating' is new for him but he wants to give it a try with me because we have something."

"Awhh! I'm so happy!" then she paused, obviously thinking about something. "Is this what having a stroke feels like? Because i like it!"

Kurt laughed to himself and Burt walked into the room. Burt said "Hey Kiddo, can I talk to you?"

"Sure dad." Kurt smiled "I gotta go Britt... yeah... yep... okay... bye... I love you too!" Kurt put his phone down and looked up at his dad. "Hey dad."

"Hi Kurt."

"Whats up?"

"I was walking past and I heard something about you dating?"

"Oh..." Kurt blushed "I... yeah. It's Blaine Anderson..."

"The guy who came over to do that school project with you?"

"Yeah him."

"Okay... Just be careful. Okay?" Burt said seriously "And use protection."

"Wow...Dad! We haven't done anything! And i'm not ready yet."

"Well... alright. Just make sure your okay. And I'm here if you need me."

"Thanks Dad. I love you."

"I love you too Kiddo... Tell Brittany I say Happy Birthday."

"I will."

Burt walked out of the room leaving Kurt blushing thinking about the conversation they just had. Then there was a knock at the door. Kurt grabbed his stuff and ran down the stairs. He opened the door to see Blaine stood there with his charming smile looking amazingly sexy in his tight skinny jeans.

"Hey beautiful." said Blaine.

"Hi." Kurt smiled blushing crimson. "Come on... Lets go."

Kurt shut the door behind him and walked passed Blaine and over to his car. Blaine followed him and couldn't help but stare and think about how freaking sexy Kurt's ass looked in his really tight red skinny jeans. They got into the car and Blaine was was still practically drooling over the boy sat next to him.

"You okay?" Kurt asked.

Blaine suddenly realized that Kurt was talking to him and looked back up to him. "Definitely. But holy crap..."


"You look so freaking sexy in those jeans."

Kurt blushed staring into Blaine's eyes. Blaine still loved it when he did that... he loved it even more every time it happened. "You really think so?"

Blaine nodded looking at the boys beautiful lips Kurt noticed and licked his lips. Kurt pressed his lips against Blaine's. Blaine ran his tongue along Kurt's lip wanting to explore. Kurt happy opened his mouth and let out a groan when Blaine's tongue was feeling every inch of the boys mouth. They finally pulled apart when Blaine's phone vibrated, he grabbed it and read the text.

Hey Blaine!;)-Britt x

Blaine smiled and replied as Kurt smiled and started the car and started to drive to school.

Hi Britt. Happy Birthday:)-Blaine x

Thank you:)-Britt x

Blaine put his phone away and looked back to Kurt... he still couldn't believe he was his.

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