Give My Heart A Break

Brittany's Birthday

Kurt drove into the school parking lot and found a space. Before they got out of the car Kurt wanted to ask Blaine the questions that were going around in his head earlier but he just didn't know what to say. Blaine turned to look at Kurt and knew he was thinking about something...

"Kurt, are you okay?" asked Blaine putting his hand onto Kurt's. Kurt smiled as he looked at their hands and then to Blaine.

"Yeah... i guess." Said Kurt. "I just... err" Kurt thought he should start off with the question that wasn't really anything to do with them. "Have you noticed Santana's attitude towards Britt... and then toward everybody else."

"Yeah, I have actually I mean she's always really sweet and caring when it comes to Brittany but if it's anybody else she is a complete bitch."

"Yeah... anyway... It's Brittany's birthday!" Kurt grinned.

"Yeah I know." Blaine smiled. "Did you get her anything?"

"I have to go pick it up after school... what about you?"

"I got her this..." Blaine passed Kurt the little box he had in his pocket. Kurt opened the box and inside it was a cute silver necklace with a rainbow charm on it. "Do you think she'll like it?"

Kurt's face it up at the sweet little gift. "She is gonna love it! It's so cute!" Blaine smiled as Kurt handed him the box back. "Hey, it's her surprise birthday party tonight!"

"Really? Cool."

"Are you coming?"

"I..." Blaine froze, he had to make sure Aimee was okay.

"Blaine...? Can you come with me? Please?"

"Sure." Blaine made a mental note to tuck Aimee in, get her to sleep then go to the party with Kurt. It was gonna be okay. Kurt smiled and gave him a little chaste kiss on the lips. They got out of the car and Blaine took Kurt's hand into his own. Everyone stopped and stared with their mouths in an 'o' at what they saw... the really hot badass new boy and the 'freak' from glee club. Together. Holding hands.

"Why is everyone looking at us?" asked Kurt quietly so that only Blaine could hear him.

"'Cos you look absolutely stunning." gushed Blaine pulling their intertwined hands up to his lips to kiss Kurt's soft porcelain skin. Kurt blushed and Blaine's heart skipped a beat. Blaine grabbed his pink sunglasses from his jeans and put them on as he gave Kurt a charming smile which made the boy's blush even brighter and made Blaine's heart practically beat out of his chest... What is this boy doing to me? He asked himself as they walked hand in hand into school.

Kurt went to put a book in his locker when Blaine came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his wast and kissed his neck. "Hello beautiful." He smiled.

Kurt turned round to face him and said "Hello." He gave him a sweet chaste kiss on the lips. Blaine smiled into another kiss this one was deeper and more passionate after a few seconds they pulled away for air.

"Hey Kurtie!" Brittany smiled coming up behind Kurt and Blaine. "Hi Blaine!"

"Hey Britt!" Kurt grinned and pulled the girl into a hug. "Happy Birthday!"


"Hi Britt, Britt." Blaine smiled "Happy birthday."

"Thank you."

"I got you something..." Blaine grinned as he pulled out the little box in his pocket. "I told you I would!"

"What is it?" Brittany smiled innocently. Blaine opened the box for her and handed her it. Her face lit up and her smile turned into a huge grin. "It's a rainbow!"

"Yeah... do you like it?"

"I love it!" Brittany squealed giving Blaine a huge hug. "It's amazing!"

"DO you wanna wear it?" Asked Kurt Brittany just nodded. Blaine took the box from her hand and got the necklace out of it. He gave her the empty box and put the necklace on.

"Thanks Blaine!" Brittany giggled and watched as the boys took each others hand. Her smile turned even brighter. "Aww." Blaine smiled as Kurt blushed scarlet. "I think iv'e got a name for you!"

"What?" Asked Blaine.

"A couple name!" She paused for effect. "Klaine" Brittany looked at them as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"But Kurt only has one letter..." Said Blaine.

"I don't mind... 'Klaine' It just rolls of the tongue!" Kurt smiled.

"Okay... 'Klaine' it is then!" Blaine grinned.

"Yay!" Brittany smiled. The bell went and they walked down the hall to Mr Schue's Spanish class.

Kurt, Blaine and Brittany walked into Spanish and sat in their usual seats at the back with Mercedes, Puck, Santana, Finn and Rachel.

"Good morning everybody." said Mr Schue as he put his bag down onto his desk. As he sat down Blaine took out his phone and started listening to music. "Okay lets do this... Artie Abrams?"

"Here." smiled Artie.

Mr Schue looked back down at his sheet and let out an irritated sigh at the next name. "Is there any chance that Blaine Anderson is here yet...?"

"Blaine..." said Kurt nudging him.

Blaine pulled out an ear phone and looked up at him. "yes baby?"

Kurt smiled and nodded his head over to Mr Schue.

Blaine looked over "I'm here." he smirked.

Mr Schue looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "Oh really... and why did you decide to actually show up on time today?"

"I was with Kurt." Blaine paused to wink at Kurt making him blush. "And the bell went... so I decided to walk with him."

"Right..." He raised an eyebrow. "well maybe you should stay near Kurt more..."

"Oh I will be!" Smirked Blaine putting an arm around Kurt.

"Wanky." smirked Santana.

"Thank you Santana! Okay... lets just get on with the lesson..." Mr Schue carried on saying names and writing who is and isn't here. "Okay... first of all your going to do these worksheets..." said Mr Schue. He handed the sheets to Mike at the front. "Hand them out for me please." Mike did as he was told and everyone looked down at the work... "okay everyone... translate the words on the sheet. And after that translate the sentences. And no talking..." Everyone, except Blaine, got their pens out and began the work.

Blaine turned to Kurt "Can I borrow a pen baby?"

Kurt looked up at him and got him a pen "Sure." he smiled. Santana, Mercedes and Brittany all turned to Kurt and Blaine.

"So... are you too dating now?" asked Mercedes. Puck, Finn and Rachel heard what Mercedes said and They turned to face them tool.

Kurt just bit his lip and Blaine said "Yeah we are."

"aww." smiled Mercedes. Kurt blushed as Blaine started nibbling on his neck.

"and again... wanky." said Santana a little too loud, making everyone laugh.

Mr Schue looked up at her and said "No talking Santana."

"sorry." smirked Santana.

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