Give My Heart A Break

Maybe There's a Reason

While Kurt, Mercedes, Finn and Santana attempted the work Mr Schue had set for them, Puck was asleep on his desk, Brittany was drawing in crayon and Blaine was watching Kurt. He couldn't get over how god damn sexy the boy was. Kurt felt Blaine's eyes staring at him and looked up from his paper. "You okay Blaine?" He smiled sweetly.

"Mmm..." Blaine winked "Your just so god damn sexy I cant keep my eyes off you."

Kurt blushed deep scarlet and looked at the floor, grinning like a mad man. Blaine's heart raced as Kurt's blush got deeper as he complimented the beautiful boy. Brittany looked up from her drawing and smiled as she watched her two dolphins flirt and stare at each other. "Your such cuties." she smiled. Kurt and Blaine turned to her and smiled at her innocence. Brittany grinned at them and started drawing again.

"We are aren't we." Blaine whispered into Kurt's ear making him shiver in delight. Kurt nodded sweetly and looked back down at his work. Blaine just sat there staring at him for the rest of the lesson. Just before he dismissed the class, Mr Schue walked around and collected the work. He smiled until he got to Blaine who hadn't done anything.

"Why haven't you done the work Anderson?" He glared. Everyone turned to watch them.

Blaine looked up at him and smirked "Donno."

"Well what have you been doing all lesson?"

Blaine pretended to think about it and then answered "Well... I've been chatting, flirting with Kurt..." everyone smiled and lots of 'awhh's were gushed as Kurt blushed again.

Mr Schue sighed "Detention... and you will be doing this work for homework."

"No I wont..." smirked Blaine sinking further into his chair.

"Yes you will."

"Look Will, There's no point in giving me homework 'cos I just don't do it." Blaine crossed his arms and gave him a bitchy glare.

"Well then looks like you'll be in detention a lot then..." Mr Schue turned to the class and dismissed them. "Oh and Blaine wait..." he waited until Blaine looked back up at him everyone had gone now so it was just him and the boy he really couldn't deal with. "Here... you better show up." He handed him a slip of paper that said...

Lunchtime Detention-S11.

-Mr Schuster.

"Do you really think I'm going to listen to you?" he smirked standing up.

"Alright that's enough Blaine." Said Mr Schue stepping forward.

"Your the one that got me kicked out of my old school 'cos you just didn't know what to do with me. I mean you cant even do your job right! Your not very good at Spanish and I mean seriously... I heard what happened with your ex-wife Terri... were you really that naïve to believe that she was actually pregnant? And now aren't you dating that guidance councillor with OCD? Big step up there Will!" he said sarcastically.

"Shut it Blaine." Mr Schue warned clenching his fists.

"Oh, did I hit a nerve there? What you going to do? Hit me!?" Blaine chuckled. Mr Schue just turned around and left the room he was pissed.

"oh my god... I hate him!" Mr Schue practically screamed walking into Emma Pillsbury, the guidance councillor (and his girlfriends) office.

Emma looked up at him surprised "Who?"

"Blaine Devon Anderson..." he ran his fingers through his curly hair and continued "I hate him... I know it's not right to say that about a student but seriously. Oh my god. He just knows exactly what to say to push me." He let put a huge sigh an. Sat down on the chair in front of her desk.

emma looked at him for a moment and took hold of his hand. "You don't hate him Will..." Mr Shue looked up at her as if she was crazy. She noticed and carried on. " you hate that he knows how to push you... And your worried that one day he will push you over the edge. And I mean maybe he has a reason for being like this...maybe he needs someone to be there for him."

Will thought about what Emma was saying carefully, he knew she was right. "Your right... I... I need to figure this out. I need to make peace, or at least try to. and I need him to know i will be there for him from now on." He gave her hand a quick squeeze and smiled. "why are you so smart...?" emma smiled as he stood up and kissed her on the forehead. "thank you, I love you." He whispered into her ear.

"your very welcome and I love you too." She grinned.

The rest of the morning went by quickly and consisted of Kurt and Blaine staring and smiling at each other in class. The bell went for lunch and it was time for Blaine's detention. Kurt was at his locker when Blaine walked over and hugged him from behind. "Hi."

"Hey." Kurt relaxed into the hug and sighed. "Your going to be late for detention sweetie."

"Yeah...but I don't care." He stated brushing his lips over Kurt's neck making the boy's heart practically jump out of his chest.

Kurt didn't want him to go, but he had too... or he would get into way more trouble. "Blaine," he sighed turning to face him. "You have to go."

"Aw, but what about you?"

"I'll be fine... I'm meeting Britt and were going to go eat lunch. It's gonna be okay."Blaine pouted making Kurt smile."Blaine your going... now."

"Fine." Blaine agreed leaning in for a sweet chaste kiss. "Bye."

"See you later." Kurt smiled and watched Blaine walk away. What is this boy doing to me...?

Blaine walked to S11 and leaned in the doorway. "I'm actually surprised you showed up... even though your 10 minutes late..." said Mr Schue looking up at him from his desk.

"I'm here aren't I." Blaine looked around and noticed there was nobody else there.

Mr Schue stood and began leading him out of the room and down the hall. "Come on..." Blaine followed as Mr Schue took him to his office were the graffiti was still there. Mr Schue walked inside and carried out a bucket and two sponges. He put them on the floor and looked back to Blaine. He looked him straight into the eyes and said. "Look, Blaine. I don't get what your trying to do... but being like this isn't going to get you anywhere." Blaine was pretending not to listen but he was really... like really listening to him. "And if you trying to get yourself kicked out, then... your out of luck. Because I've decided your not getting kicked out anytime soon. I may got rid of you last time because I couldn't handle you... but this is different now. This time your not going anywhere. And I'm going to be there for you." Blaine scanned his face for any signs of hate, anger or lying but all he could see was how sorry and truthful it was... he really meant it, he didn't know what to say. "Now here..." Mr Schue said seriously tossing Blaine a sponge. "Help me clean this up." Blaine shrugged and began helping him. And he began to think that maybe Mr Schue wasn't that bad.

Kurt walked to the back of his Biology class and sat next to Brittany. "Hey Britt."

"Hi Kurt." smiled the blonde cheerleader. She reached for something in her backpack and pulled out a folded piece of paper. "Do you like it?" She asked giving it to Kurt.

He opened the piece of paper and on it there was the whole Glee club (Including Blaine and Mr Schue) drawn in crayon, under a rainbow. Kurt smiled and gave her a hug. "Awh, Brittany. Its amazing."

"Thanks, it's for you."

"Thanks Brittany."he smiled putting the drawing into his bag.

A small blonde teacher walked into the classroom and sat at her desk. "Hello class..." she began to go on and on and on about whatever they were learning... but Kurt didn't care and Brittany was busy drawing something. So he decided to sit back, relax and think about Blaine. That's all he could do now... Blaine was just always on his mind. He was so amazing and charming and sexy. And just freaking b-e-a-utiful. He couldn't stop think about how much he lo-Liked him. Not love, liked, I don't 'Love' him... do I? No, maybe... probably... yes. Yes he does... Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is in love with Blaine Devon Anderson. Oh god...

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