Give My Heart A Break

Blaine's Mom

The rest of the day went by slowly and after the bell went Kurt practically jumped out of his seat in class and ran to Blaine's class. Blaine saw him and grabbed his jacked and stood up. "Blaine Anderson, I know the bell rang but i haven't finished!" said the Teacher, he didn't bother learning the name for.

"Do I look like i care?" he smirked as he walked out to see Kurt. He shut the door and smiled seeing those beautiful green, blue eyes again. "Hi baby."

"Hey" he smiled. "I gotta go to the mall to pick up Britt's present, do you want to come?"

"Anything to kiss you..." he winked and Kurt blushed, making Blaine want to kiss him even more... he was so freaking cute!

"Hmm, I'll have to think about that."

"Oh no you don't." Blaine laughed leaning in for a sweet kiss. He never wanted it to stop, but Kurt pulled apart and gave him a cheeky grin.

"That's all until later..."

"Really?" Blaine pouted, it was so cute that Kurt had to lean in and kiss it.

"Okay, now we have to go." And with that he held Blaine's hand and dragged him to his car. They got in quickly and Kurt pulled out of the school parking lot and started the drive to the mall. Blaine put on his sunglasses, turned the radio on and smiled at the song that came on. He loved it and just had to sing along to the chorus...

You make me feelLike I'm livin' aTeenage dreamThe way you turn me onI can't sleepLet's run away andDon't ever look back,Don't ever look back

Kurt looked at him and watched Blaine sing along happily. God everything he did Kurt could feel himself falling for him harder and harder.

My heart stopsWhen you look at meJust one touchNow baby I believeThis is realSo take a chance andDon't ever look back,Don't ever look back

"You like Katy Perry?" Kurt chuckled.

"Yeah! She's amazing!" Blaine grinned. Kurt laughed at how cute he was and sang along with him until they got there. Blaine's phone vibrated, he got it out and read the text.

Mrs Anderson, We are accompanying your daughter, Aimee Anderson, back to your home. Your son assured us that you will be in the house when we drop off Aimee, But will be busy and will not answer the door. Blaine said that we are to just let Aimee in and shut the door.- Kath, Pre-school Leader.

Blaine had given Aimee's Pre-School his number as his mothers to ensure that he can know if anything has happened.

Kath, My son is completely right. Thank you for letting me know. Please feel free to leave when you have let my daughter in.- Mrs Anderson.

After about 15 minutes they had got the present and was on their way back. "Where should I drop you off Blaine?" Kurt asked.

Blaine froze.

"Err, It's okay. I can walk from your place." He said.

Kurt looked at him suspiciously. "I can drop you off at yours if you want... i just don't know where you live."

"Kurt, it's fine."

"Blaine..." he sighed

"Kurt." said Blaine avoiding eye contact.

"I'm driving you home, where do you live?"


"Blaine. Please?"

Blaine just let out a huge sigh and gave him his address. They drove in silence for the rest of the way. Kurt pulled over in front of the small house. It didn't look too bad but it was small, and the garden looked like shit. Kurt suddenly felt sorry for him. Blaine got out of the car not saying anything. Kurt got out and started walking after him. They stopped in front of the garden. "What are you doing?" Blaine said cautiously.

Kurt frowned a little "Just coming to give you a kiss goodbye... is that okay?" Blaine smiled and nodded. and Kurt leaned in and gave him a sweet chaste kiss on the lips. It was only small but it made Blaine feel amazing. He almost whimpered when Kurt pulled away.

"Mmm." smiled Blaine. Kurt chuckled, put his arms around the shorter boys shoulders and leaned into give Blaine another kiss. Blaine smiled into it and wrapped his arms around Kurt's sides. This kiss was 10 times better then the last one... it was passionate and b-e-a-utiful. They finally pulled apart staring into each others eyes. Blaine stared deep into those amazing eyes and saw something... not what he usually see's. It wasn't lust, it wasn't anything he had ever seen in his past 'relationships' before... but it seemed familiar. It was the way his mother and father used to look at each other. It was special and it was in Kurt's eyes... he just didn't know what it meant. But he did know it gave him a warm, fuzzy feeling in his stomach and chest. It touched something in him, Kurt touched something in him... he made him melt.

Then Kurt got a text making i'm snap out of his deep thought...

Hey Kurt, Burt wants to know where you are. so where are you? :S- Finn

Kurt just put it back in his pocket and smiled "I have to go, I'll see you later Blaine." with that he got in his car and drove home. Smiling at Blaine as he left.

"Aimee?" Blaine called as he opened the door to his house. "Aimee?"

"Blaineeyy!" she smiled running to him with open arms. Blaine chuckled, picked her up and spun her around making her giggle.

"Hello there Little Darlin'! Who brought you home?" asked Blaine putting her down.

"Errmm..." she did that thing were she taps her chin to show she's thinking. "Kath did!"

"Are you okay?"

Aimee nodded.

"Good. You hungry?"


"Alright well let's get you some food," Blaine chuckled. "Get your coat on, we're going shopping." Aimee smiled and did as she was told. "Wait at the door, I'll be right back Little Darlin." And with that Blaine ran upstairs and knocked on his mothers bedroom door...

"I'm home!" Kurt shouted as he walked through the front door.

"Hi little brother!" shouted Finn from inside the living room. "Burt's in the shop and mom's out grocery shopping."

"Okay." Said Kurt, walking into the room and sitting on the sofa. He glanced over at Finn who was watching him with a cautious and confused expression on his face. Kurt's eyebrows furrowed. "What?"

"Are you and Blaine like, dating now?"

Kurt's eyebrows raised. "Yeah..."


"Well Finn, when you like someone... like you like Rachel. And they feel the same way, you tend to start dating."

"Well yeah... But Blaine doesn't date..."

Kurt didn't know what to say to that... "Well... he's dating me."

"Kurt," Finn paused. "I just don't want you to get hurt... he's such a player. I heard he had sex with every guy in his old school... and even a few girls... -"

"But he's not like that now!" Kurt practically screamed.

"Okay, okay. But, seriously, just please be careful Little Brother."

"I... okay, fine. I'll be careful Finn."

Finn did one of his adorable side smiles and hugged Kurt. Kurt smiled at how much he cared, it was good to have such a good brother. He stood up and said "I'm going to the kitchen, iv'e still got to finish Britt's cake."

"Alright Little Bro."

"And Finn?" He said as he reached the door.

"Mm?" Finn looked up at him.

"You know i'm older then you, right?"

Finn just rolled his eyes and laughed lightly as Kurt left the room.

"Mom?" Blaine said cautiously. He heard a huge groan as he walked further into the room over to the bed his mother was lying on, half empty vodka bottle in hand. The room was pretty big, the curtains were drawn, there was empty vodka bottles everywhere and empty packs of anti-depressants lying around but Blaine just walked over her. She was actually a really pretty woman, if she sorted out her hair, got a shower and got dressed that is.

"What do you want?!" She moaned, not even looking up at him.

Blaine bit his lip nervously. "I... err... we." He sighed at himself and took a deep breath. "Aimee and I need to go shopping for food."


"'Cos the cupboards are empty and we... have no food."

She looked up at him and then to her bottle. She then raised it to her lips and downed the rest of the drink as if it was a shot. "My bottles empty. Get me some more and go to the pharmacist for some more anti-depressants. seeing your face just made me feel even worse." She threw her purse at his head and buried her own in her pillow.

"Thanks Mom."

"Fuck off, dick head." she screamed throwing a bottle at him. Blaine dodged it and felt a huge pain in is chest at the harsh words coming out of her mouth and practically ran out of the room.

"Lets go Aimee." Blaine said quietly once he got to the kitchen were Aimee was waiting.

Aimee knew something was wrong, there always was when he came from Mom's room. He told Aimee she wasn't allowed in there anymore. "Are you okay Blainey?"

"I'm fine, don't worry Little Darlin." He took her hand and lead her outside to his car. She jumped into the back and did her seat belt. Blaine got in and started driving to the grocery store.

After what seemed like forever in the car Blaine parked it, got out and got Aimee out too. She looked up at her older brother suspiciously, she didn't like it when Blainey was upset. Blaine grabbed a shopping cart and Aimee held onto the side of it like normal and said. "Blaine...?"

"Yeah?" he smiled.

"Why can't i go into Mom's room to see her?"

Blaine's eyes went a little wider and his smile faded a little. He bit his lip nervously. "'Cos... she... err." He paused and bit his lip even harder. "She's really sick Aimee."

Aimee frowned. "But she's been sick for ages... i only saw her the last week when she came downstairs with a person but i didn't know who. And you were talking to them in the kitchen and wouldn't let me come. I was going to shout 'HI!' but i didn't 'cos a man started shouting at you... And the man said bad words so i did what you told me..." She showed him what she meant by putting her hands over her ears. "...and then i just heard some really big bangs." She rambled.

Blaine let out a huge sigh and closed his eyes tightly and couldn't stop replaying what happened in his head.


Blaine and Aimee were sat in the tiny living room watching cartoons. Blaine stood up and picked up clothes for Aimee into. "Here You go Aimee..." He smiled passing her the clothes. "I'm going too get you breakfast okay? Get dressed."

"Okay Blainey!" She smiled.

Blaine walked into the room next to the living room. The Kitchen, He got Aimee's 'Lucky Charms' out and grabbed a bowl. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard footsteps from upstairs. They were walking down the stairs. He froze when he heard the kitchen door open. He turned around to see his mom and her last night's date stood at the door. He was a really big guy. And he was really scary to be honest. Mom had a glass full of her usual Vodka. She was drunk as usual and so was he.

"Oh look it's your son..." smirked the scary man. Blaine didn't even dare to breathe. "...are you the fag?" Blaine looked down at the floor and clenched his fists. The man walked a little closer and started shouting anything homophobic that came to mind. And his mum just stood there and laughed the hole time. Blaine kept his eyes on the floor and the man got angrier and angrier and he got closer and closer until Blaine could smell the alcohol on his breath. This guy was drunk and he was pissed off at something. He needed to take his anger out on something. "Why are you such a fag anyway? Dickhead."

Blaine just wanted to scream and run as fr way as possible but if he had learnt anything about his past and with his mum's 'boyfriends' it was that you had to stay strong. "Fuck you."

And that is what set it off... Blaine suddenly felt a huge, cold fist against his face he winced at the pain. But he kept going. Blaine fought back as much as he could. He could beat anyone's ass, But not grown men. He got thrown everywhere. Against walls, fridges, sinks. anything. But he didn't give up until he physically couldn't carry on. The men always end up getting bored anyway. This man beat him until he thought he was dead. His Mom stood there laughing and waved the man off. She looked at her son on the floor and kicked him in the stomach, making him cry out in pain. "That was for making your father leave. Fag."


"Blainey?!" Aimee shouted tugging his arm.

He snapped out of his flashback and blinked back the tears that were forming in his eyes. "Huh? What? Yeah?"

"Are you okay?"

"Err, yeah."

"You sureee?"

"Positive. Don't worry about me Little Darlin'! Now go get some candy for later." He smiled gesturing to the candy shelf.

"Okay..." She started to walk over to them when she suddenly turned to face his brother. She ran up to him and have him a huge hug.

"wow... you okay?" he chuckled hugging her back.

"I just... Your the bestest and strongest brother i could ever have." she let a few tears drop down her cheeks. "Thank you. I love you so much Blainey."

Blaine frowned a little but smiled brightly. "Awh, I love you to my Little Darlin'."

Finn walked into the kitchen and breathed in the amazing smell of Kurt's baking. "Wow... that smells good."

"Well yeah... I made it." Kurt smirked.

Finn chuckled and rolled his eyes at him. He walked over to the cake to look at it. He did his signature side smile when he saw it. It was really pretty. It was covered in pink icing, it had 'Happy Birthday Brittany!ox' wrote on it and i was covered in unicorns and rainbows. It was stunning. "It's amazing! Brittany's gonna love it Little Brother!"

"Good... Do you wanna see her present?" Kurt smiled. Finn's face lit up at the word presents. He nodded making Kurt laugh lightly. "Come on Finn..."

"Are we done yet Blainey?" asked Aimee as they walked towards the last isle in the store.

"Nearly... We have to get cereal." He smiled. They walked to the end to pick out Aimee's favorite cereal, 'Lucky Charms.' Her eye's lit up when Blaine put it in the cart. They now had enough food to last a month but Blaine still needed to get his mom her anti-depressants and vodka. He hated himself for not doing anything about her drinking but he couldn't, she hated him and although he would never admit it, she scared him... not as much as the guys she brings home or his father, but she did. He knew exactly what he was doing so he got the vodka easily, he even grabbed a pack of cigarettes quickly. He made sure Aimee couldn't see what he was doing but he didn't realize that Mr Schue had watched him. "Blaine." He said. Blaine spun around nearly dropping what he had successfully hidden. "What are you doing?"

"I don't know what your talking about." Blaine said.

"Blainey, who is this man?" Aimee asked sweetly.

Mr Schue looked down and saw the adorable little girl and smiled at her. "I'm Mr Schue, Blaine's teacher. Who are you?" He really liked this little girl she seemed really sweet.

"I'm Blainey's little sister. My name is Aimee." She smiled. Aimee decided she liked him when he told her to go pick a milkshake from the milk shelf.

"Blaine..." Mr Schue looked at him urging him to open up a little. "Why are you trying to steal vodka?"

"It's not what you think..."

"I don't think anything... i'm not judging you anymore remember?"

Blaine sighed. "It's for my mom..."

"Your mom wants that much vodka?" Mr Schue frowned.

"She's having some friends over." He lied. "She was too busy to come shopping so me and Aimee are doing it for her."

"Aimee and I." Mr Schue chuckled.

"Whatever..." Blaine smirked.

"Wait Blaine your 17... You cant buy Vodka." Sighed Mr Schue. Blaine bit his lip and Mr Schue looked into his eyes. He knew there was more. He knew he was lying. But he needed help. "You cant tell anyone about this..." Blaine looked confused and frowned as Mr Schue took the bottles and put them with his stuff. Then he reached into Blaine's jacket pocket and pulled out the cigarette pack. "And these are bad for your health."

"What are you doing?"

"Meet me outside my car." said Mr Schue. He gave Blaine $1 and said "It's for your sister."

Blaine nodded and smiled slightly. Mr Schue is a pretty good guy. And then as if on que Aimee came running back with a chocolate milkshake. They payed for what they bought and Blaine grabbed a few packs of Anti-depressants. They got outside and they filled Blaine's car with all of the bags of shopping. There was hardly any room left. He shut the door and walked over to were Mr Schue was waiting. Aimee followed quickly behind.

"Hi!" She smiled when she saw Mr Schue.

"Errmm... What do you say for the milkshake?" Blaine smiled.

"Thank you!" She grinned giving him a hug.

"Your welcome." Chuckled Mr Schue hugging her back.

"Here you go Blaine..." Mr Schue smiled handing over two bags full of Vodka. "And hey, give me your phone." Blaine did as he said and watched Mr Schue type in his number. "If you ever need to talk or you need someone to listen to you or just if you need anything really... Call me." He handed him the phone back and smiled sympathetically. Blaine looked up at him and searched his face for a reason not to believe him. But he couldn't find one. He looked into his eyes and Blinked back tears that were coming to his eyes, trying to hide them. But Mr Schue saw them anyway. "Come here..." He sighed. Pulling the boy into a hug. Aimee joined into hugging each man's waists. Blaine couldn't stop the tear that dropped onto the mans shoulder, Mr Schue noticed and squeezed him a little. The hug felt right and both Blaine and Aimee felt safe in his arms. Mr Schue couldn't help but feel responsible for them now. He wanted them safe. He needed to know they were okay.

"Thank you Will."

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