Give My Heart A Break

Love, The Party

Kurt walked up to is room after dinner and looked through his wardrobe for different outfits. He couldn't decide whether to wear his red skinny jeans or his black ones. Ughh, it's so stressful... err... these ones, no these... no... Oh screw it. He put them down, sat an his bed, grabbed his laptop and started watching 'Aladdin' to kill time. Then he remembered he forgot to ask Blaine when he wanted him to pick him up... and he just wanted an excuse to hear his voice.

"Okay, what do you want for dinner?" Asked Blaine as he threw his jacket onto the sofa in the tiny living room.

Aimee sat down and thought about it... "beans on toast!"

Blaine rolled his eyes slightly "Okay." He smiled sweetly. Aimee grinned and turned on her cartoons. She was sat comfortably on the sofa watching when Blaine's phone started vibrating in his jacket pocket. She picked it up and answered it without hesitation.

"Hello?" Said Aimee.

"Hi... it's Kurt." Kurt frowned. "Who's this?"

"It's Aimee... Blaine's little sister." Kurt's eyes went wide. Blaine has a sister? Since when?! There were so many questions going around in his head. "hello? helloo?" said Aimee. But Kurt couldn't hear her because his brain was too loud. After another minute of silence Aimee ended the call. Kurt, laid down on his back and stared at the ceiling. Oh my god... mind blow. Why didn't Blaine tell me he had a sister? and why was he acting all weird at his place? Oh god, he could have a billion brothers and sisters for all i know! Then when Kurt actually thought about it... he didn't actually know anything about Blaine's family. He had kept it all bottled up inside. I wish he would just let me in. Now Kurt was determined to find out what's going on, he decided to find out tonight. He grabbed his phone and began typing...

Hey Blaine, what time do you want me to pick you up tonight?-Kurt xx

there was a reply almost instantly.

Is 8:30 okay, baby?-Blaine xx

Okay:)-Kurt xx

Well that's that done... now clothes.

"Can I have a hot chocolate, pleaseeee?" Aimee begged for the billionth time.

Blaine rolled his eyes and looked at his little sister. She gave him the puppy dog eyes that only Aimee and himself can pull off. He couldn't help but give in when he saw them. "Fine! You can have hot chocolate... just please go and get your pj's on!"

"Yes big brother." she grinned, kissed him on the cheek and skipped to get her tiger onsie. Blaine had a bigger one for himself that he got for Christmas from their grandma, but he never really wore it unless he was staying up with Aimee and watching Disney movies. But that was just their little secret. Blaine got up and walked into the kitchen to make the hot chocolate. He even added some whipped cream and marshmallows. It was nearly Aimee's bedtime but he didn't have to leave for another hour until Kurt came to pick him up. He walked back into the living room, put the drinks down and grabbed the little mermaid. And as if on que Aimee walked back into the room and smiled as Blaine put in the disc, pressed play and sat down on the sofa. She grabbed a blanket and plopped down on the sofa huddled up next to Blaine with the blanket wrapped around them. Blaine smiled sweetly and pressed a kiss to her cute little head. About half way through the movie both Aimee and Blaine had drank their hot chocolates. Blaine looked down at Aimee and smiled when she yawned. She looked sleepy but she had something on her mind... Blaine could tell. Aimee looked at the screen, it was the part were Ariel and Eric were about to kiss, then she looked up at Blaine suspiciously.

"What's up Little Darlin'?" asked Blaine.

Before Aimee started talking she grabbed the remote and paused the movie. "Who's Kurt?" She asked. "'Cos i answered your phone and it was a boy named Kurt." Aimee looked up at her brother, his eyebrows shot up and his face lightened up at the mention of the boys name. Then sudden realization came to her. "... is he your boyfriend?"

Blaine blushed, yes blushed. Blaine never blushed... "He, we, yeah..."

"Aww, that's so cute!" she gushed. "Was he the boy you were kissing outside?"

Blaine's eyes went wide and his blush got brighter. "Were you spying on me?!"

"Yep!" They both burst out laughing and Blaine hit his face lightly with the palm of his hand. Aimee looked back at the screen that was paused on Ariel and Eric staring into each others eyes. "Blainey?"


"They remind me of you and Kurt outside when you were staring into each others eyes." She smiled. Blaine smiled at the thought and couldn't help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. "Are they in love?" she pointed at the screen.

"I guess... if you can call it that." he sighed.

"What are you talking about?"

"Loves just on movies, it's not real Aimee."

Aimee's eyes went wide and her mouth made a 'o' shape. "How can you say that?" Blaine's eyebrows shot up. "Before Dad left Mom told me about it. She said that you can tell by peoples eyes and the way they look at each other. And if you look close enough you can see through the defenses some people put up, there is a part of everyone that want's to be loved, that wants to be in love. Everyone has a solemate, someone their destined to be with... You just have to look for that person and when you find them, never let them go. "

"Wow..." He didn't know what to say... how could a 4 year old remember all of that? And why does what shes saying have such an effect on me? "Aimee, Why do you care about love so much?"

"'Cos its the closest thing we have to magic." she smiled sweetly. After a couple of minuets of comfortable silence Aimee said. "You do know he's in love with you..."

"How do you know?" Blaine bit his lip.

"I saw the way he looked at you... it was the way Mom used to look at dad... And i know you love him back." Explained Aimee as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Kurt?! Are you giving me a ride or not?" Shouted Finn.

"Calm down, i'm coming." said Kurt walking down the stairs. He was wearing is red skinny jeans and had his hair looking as perfect as always. He went into the kitchen to grab the cake. "Finn will you grab Britt's birthday present for me?"

Finn did as he was asked as Kurt grabbed his keys. "Bye!" Finn shouted as he ran for the car. Kurt smirked and went to the car. "Hurry up Kurt!"

"Okay, okay." Kurt opened the car and both boys got in. Finn put Brittany's present onto the back seat, Kurt passed him the cake and began to drive. Around 10 minuets later Kurt pulled up outside Blaine's house.

Finn looked at the house and then back to Kurt. "Is this where Blaine lives?"

Kurt nodded. "I'll be back in a sec. Get in the back." Finn nodded and got into the back still holding the cake. Kurt got out of the car and made his way to Blaine's front door. He knocked and smiled when Blaine answered it.

"Hello Beautiful." Smiled Blaine.

Kurt blushed. "Hi."

"Just give me a sec?" Blaine waited for Kurt to nod then he practically ran into the living room. Aimee had already fallen asleep he kissed her forehead and carried her to her bed. He tucked her in and then he checked on his mom. He peeked into her bedroom to see her fast asleep with her TV on and a bottle in her hand. He silently walked over to her and put a blanket over her. He held back tears as he looked at her and quickly and quietly walked downstairs. "Let's go." he smiled as he locked his front door. He held Kurt's hand and led them to the car. They got in and Kurt started the drive to Brittany's party. After a really awkward drive they finally got there. Finn practically threw the cake to Kurt and ran inside. Blaine smiled slightly and grabbed Kurt's present for Brittany.

"Thanks." Kurt smiled. Both boys walked inside and Blaine watched as Kurt's eyes widened at the amount of alcohol there was. Blaine smirked as he looked at the table covered in wine coolers. But couldn't stop the pain in his stomach when he saw and smelt the vodka. "Blaine are you okay?" asked Kurt.

"huh? Oh yeah... I'm fine." Blaine smiled but Kurt could see straight through it.



"Blaine why didn't you tell me about Aimee? What's going on?"

"Just shut up, i don't wanna talk about it." he snapped. Kurt's face fell and his eyes looked sad. Blaine looked up at him and realized what he had said. "Kurt, I'm sorry. I..."

"It's fine... you just don't trust me. I understand." Kurt faked a smile, turned around and walked over to talk to Mercedes. Blaine watched him leave and felt instant tears fill his eyes. He blinked them away and tried to ignore the pain in his chest when he thought about how sad Kurt's eyes were.

And before he knew it everyone had shouted "Surprise!" and Brittany was at the door grinning from ear to ear. Santana was the first person to run up to her and give her a huge hug, then Kurt, then Finn.

"Blaine!" Giggled Brittany running up to him and giving him a hug.

"Hi Britt." smiled Blaine.

"How come your not with Kurt?"

"He... I... We." he sighed "i dont know..."

Santana walked over to them with a bitchy smile on her face. "Hey Gel Boy why aren't you with your boyfriend?" She paused looking over at him and some guy. "Who's that guy?" She asked Brittany.


"I thought Elves had to make toys all year in Santa's workshop...?" Brittany looked adorably confused.

Santana smiled at her sweetness and Blaine asked "Who even invited him?"

"I think it was Mercedes." Brittany smiled sweetly at him, trying to lighten the mood.

"Well, They're flirting..." Said Santana, aiming a smirk at Blaine. "looks like that guy actually wants Lady Hummel..."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Blaine snapped.

"Oh... just that, this Chandler guy wants Lady Lips and since your here and letting them flirt you obviously don't want him like he does." she gestured over to chandler obviously flirting with Kurt. "I mean... do you even care Blaine?" With that said, Blaine pushed passed her and went outside. He shoved his hand in his pocket and grabbed a cigarette.

"And then I said...Kurt?"

"Huh?" Kurt's brain jumped back to normal. He had just been listening to Chandler go on and on about himself and to be honest it's quite boring.

"Are you even listening to me?" Chandler asked.

"Yeah, of course." Kurt put on an assuring fake smile.

"Alright... well enough about me." Thank god. Kurt thought to himself. "Hows your life going? How's the boyfriend?"

"I'd rather not talk about it." he muttered looking at the floor.

"Ooh, boyfriend troubles?" Chandler smiled. "Well, if... and by if i mean when you get bored of him, you have my number." he winked.

Kurt's eyebrows shot up. "I need some air." he sighed as he rushed outside.

Blaine was stood in the garden awkwardly smoking. He looked around and saw a hammock he smiled slightly, walked over and just about managed to get onto it. He laid back and looked up at the stars. There was one in particular, one that shinned the brightest and reminded him of Kurt. He closed his eyes and thought about how Kurt's eyes shinned and his porcelain skin and his amazingly angelic voice. The star was nearly as beautiful as him. He took a large drag from the cigarette and closed his eyes as he exhaled it.

"You know you should seriously quit smoking." said Kurt from behind him.

Blaine jumped when he heard him and fell off the hammock and onto the floor. "Ow." he mumbled into the grass.

"Are you okay?" Kurt chuckled helping him get back onto his feet. Blaine was surprisingly still holding his cigarette. Kurt raised his eyebrows and looked from the cigarette to Blaine. "It's bad for your health."

"Okay, okay." He smiled throwing it to the floor and stamping on it. "I'll try."

"Thank you."

There was a silence as they both thought about what to say.

"Blaine, I'm-" Kurt started.

"You have nothing to apologize for." Blaine sighed.

"Yes I do. I should have never made you feel like you had to tell me everything." He paused. "I mean, I'm pretty sure you will tell me when or if your ready. I trust and respect you Blaine, even if others don't. I really do like you Blaine."

Blaine had a warm feeling inside. "You are so amazing." he finally smiled. Kurt wrapped his arms around his neck and hugged him sweetly. Blaine hugged him back by wrapping his arms around his waist. They started to pull apart but ended up still holding each other and staring into their eyes. Blaine smiled as Kurt blushed and lent in for a kiss. Kurt smiled into the amazingly passionate kiss. When they pulled apart both boy's were blushing and had dopey smiles plastered onto their faces. As Blaine looked into the boy's beautiful blue-green eyes he knew he was starting to let his guards down and that kinda scared him.

"White boy!?" shouted a happy-drunk Mercedes "Kur-woa."

"Oh hey Mercedes." smiled Kurt pulling away from Blaine and intertwining his hand in his.

"Britt's gonna start opening her...her." She looked as if she was going to fall over as Kurt walked towards her, keeping her stable.

"Presents?" he smiled.

"yes, presents." she giggled.

"Okay come on then, lets go see." Kurt smiled turning them towards the house. "Are you coming Blaine?"

"I'm just gonna stay out here for a bit... you guys go." Smiled Blaine. Kurt gave him a worried look as Mercedes dragged him into the house.

"Kurtie!" smiled Brittany who was sat on the couch with no shirt on.

"Hi." Kurt smiled.

"Ooh, this ones from you!" Brittany picked up the present and opened the box to reveal a cute fat cat all the girls who were watching awed and Brittany's eyes lit up as she saw it. "Oh my god I love it! I'm gonna call him Lord Tubbington. Thank you so much Kurt! I love you so much."

"Aw, I love you too." Brittany gave Kurt a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then the door suddenly slammed and everyone turned to look.

Kurt's face fell as he saw Azimio Adams, some of the football team and Dave Karofsky at the door. Azimio walked up to the speakers and pulled out the plug. "Hello ladies." He mocked. Karofsky was looking around the room but couldn't seem to find what he was looking for. "There he is." said Azimio. Karofsky walked over and looked out the window to see who he was looking for.

Blaine looked back up to the star and smiled slightly. Kurt is so freaking perfect... how is a guy like him in love with me...? Wow... Aimee's so weird. And why do I care so much... and why is Kurt so freaking special. Blaine thought to himself and before he knew it he was rambling in his head. I really do like him. But If I tell him will he hate me? Will he be embarrassed by me... and what if he doesn't like me when I tell him about Aimee, My mom, Cooper and My father. Why the hell would he want to be with someone who is only loved by his 4 year old sister...?

"Blaine... right?" Said Finn from behind him.

Blaine spun around and nodded slightly. "Yeah and your Finn Kurt's stepbrother."

Finn nodded and walked so he was next to the small boy. They stood there in a really awkward silence until Blaine finally spoke up. "Look Blaine... this is really awkward so... all i really wanted to say was that Kurt has been through a lot and I haven't seen him this happy in a long time. And that's because of you... he really likes you Blaine and whatever it is that your hiding from him or anyone really..." Finn suddenly looked a little confused with what he was trying to say. "Wait what was I saying...?"

"I get what your trying to say Finn... but what if he hates me." He mumbled looking at the ground.

"Did you cheat on him?"


"Did you do anything that will hurt him."

"I don't think so..."

"Well then he's not gonna hate you bro."

"Thanks Finn." He smiled slightly when Finn put up his fist and they fist bumped.

"It's cool... Just don't break his heart."

Blaine nodded and then all the music they could her from inside the house suddenly stopped and all they heard a some glass get smashed and someone scream. Both boys turned around to see Dave Karofsky, Azimio Adams and some of the other football team members. Karofsky had a stupid smug grin on his face, Finn just stood there confused and Blaine was smirking to himself. They walked further towards them followed by the glee kids that were mostly drunk. Kurt was holding onto Mercedes and Brittany. Nobody could really tell by his face but Blaine could tell how scared he was by looking into his eyes. The fact that Kurt was so intimidated by this douche bag made Blaine hate Karofsky even more.

"Hey Karofsky what are you guys doing here?" asked Finn.

Karofsky looked from Blaine to Finn to answer his question. "Were here for him." He gestured over to Blaine making Finn frown slightly. "I never got the chance to finish what you started hobbit." He turned to Blaine.

Blaine just chuckled to himself making Karofsky even more angry. "You wanna beat me up...? Go right ahead."

Karofsky knew he wasn't bluffing. He had to have a weakness... then it hit him. He turned to face Azimio "Get the fairy." he smirked. Azimio then grabbed Kurt and dragged him over to Karofsky. As they grabbed him and pushed him about Blaine felt himself get even more pissed off. He knew he could explode at any moment.

"Ow, Get off me." Said Kurt trying to get out of Azimio.

Karofsky looked over to Blaine to see his reaction, he could tell he was pissed off. He grabbed Kurt's neck and watched as he whimpered slightly. Blaine clenched his fists. "Fag." he smirked

"Get off of him." Warned Blaine through gritted teeth.

Dave looked back over to Blaine and walked up to him. "And what are you gonna do about it buck-boy?" Blaine just threw a punch at him nearly making Karofsky fall over. Everyone was shocked even Puck had wide eyes. The other football players took a step back and Azimio threw Kurt to the floor.

Blaine knelled down next to him. "Are you okay?" Kurt nodded and sat up. Karofsky came up behind Blaine and grabbed his neck pulling him backwards and throwing him to the floor. He got over him and hit him in the face as hard as he could. His knuckles were bleeding more and more as he smacked him. After a few hits from Karofsky, Blaine looked over at Kurt who was crying into Mercedes's shoulder. He suddenly got a huge boost of energy and pushed Karofsky off of him and onto the floor. Both boys stood up and looked at each other. "Get out of here." Blaine shouted through gritted teeth. He turned around and began to walk over to Kurt when he felt a rough hand pull him back. He turned as Karofsky began to tighten his grip on his shoulder. Blaine threw the hardest punch ever and making Karofsky fall to the floor. "Get out." sighed Blaine.

Karofsky slowly stood up and walked towards the football players who were on their way out. "This isn't over."

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